Our Guarantee

We Guarantee Our Excursion Quality

At Shore Excursions Group, we understand and appreciate the importance of your vacation. We also understand that when you book with us, you are entrusting our team to deliver an experience that meets your expectations. We commit that to the extent you are in any way dissatisfied, we will work hard to resolve your concerns, up to and including providing a full refund of your excursion price.

We Guarantee You Will Not Miss Your Ship

None of our customers has ever missed their ship. In fact, one of our tour developers worked onboard cruise ships for 16 years, and not once during his time onboard did a passenger on an independent tour miss their ship. We are so confident that we will get you back to the ship on time that, in the extremely unlikely event that you miss your ship due to the late arrival of one of our tours, we guarantee that we will arrange and pay for your accommodations, meals, and transportation to the next port of call, and we will pay you an additional $500 USD per customer for the inconvenience.

Do you offer a "lowest price guarantee"?

YES. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest you can find. If you find a lower price for a tour we offer, we will match it.

Thank you

Shore Excursions Group Management

We understand the importance of your vacation and we are committed to your satisfaction.
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