5 StarsReady to go AgainMarch 07, 2018

Reviewer: Pat Kline
Wonderful day trip. We got off the ship and walked to the end of the pier. We met the person who gave us instructions. He took us to the taxi.We then were met at the resort and shown around and told the time we needed to be at the class. At that time, we were met by the chef and dance instructor who took us to the classroom along with the other 2 participants. We started laughing, drinking, cooking immediately. We made and sampled 3 different salsas. Then were also given more food to eat. Had the dance class. We had a photographer snapping away, as well as our own cameras. We laughed and enjoyed the whole class. After the class we were told to enjoy the park, the food, the drinks until a certain time. When we were ready, they got our taxi back to the pier. It was a fabulous day and we hope we can go back and do it again. the price was great. The cost of the taxi to and from was more than we paid for the whole day. I will definitely use Costco for more tours.

5 StarsExcursion March 03, 2018

Reviewer: Mark Lindsay
Had a great time. Good casual fun. Omar and staff were delightful. Nice facility. Good dressing accommodations.

5 StarsFun Beach DayMarch 01, 2018

Reviewer: Chris Page
Highly recommend this excursion! What a fun-filled day at a beautiful beach that included an open buffet meal, drinks, beach chairs and pools. Great class learning to make 3 kinds of salsa (while enjoying delicious peach margaritas). Then a salsa dancing lesson. Plenty of leisure time to enjoy the water and sunshine at this clean and safe beach. Transportation by taxi provided straight back to the ship whenever you were ready to leave.

5 StarsBEST EXCURSION EVER!!!February 11, 2018

Reviewer: Joy
This is by far the best excursion we have ever taken, and we have taken more than we want to admit.

5 StarsSalsa, Salsa and More!February 03, 2018

Reviewer: Darlene Beyer
This was one of the best excursions we have taken. It was so easy to find the tour representative at the end of the dock and he had us in a taxi right away. We arrived early so got to spend two hours on the beach. We were taken to a private area where a chef taught us to make two types of salsa and guacamole while we enjoyed unlimited margaritas. We then received quesadillas and torquitas to eat with our salsa before we had our salsa dance lesson. We then had more time on the beach and access to a lunch buffet and unlimited drinks. When we were ready to leave we were out in s taxi and headed back to port. Facility was clean, staff was friendly and helpful. A great day!

5 StarsSalsa Salsa more Salsa January 16, 2018

Reviewer: Sarah M McKee
Omg such an incredible experience and soooo much fun!! By far the best margaritas. Excellent salsas that we made. Our chef, assistant, bartender and photographer made our experience so entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommend.

5 StarsSalsa, salsa and more salsa!January 15, 2018

Reviewer: Tina Interdonato
This was the very best excursion! There were 6 in our group ranging in age from 14 to 54. The margaritas were delicious, the food was fabulous. Our host was funny and the class was engaging. I would do this excursion again tomorrow! Oh, the beach and pools were gorgeous! We needed more time to enjoy the amenities. Only suggestion is to be sure you check to see which port you dock at so you will go directly to the playa Mia booth ( we got a little lost trying to find the booth because we thought we were at another pier!)

5 StarsDancing and salsa makingDecember 11, 2017

Reviewer: Cathy Prince
Oh my gosh, we had a great time. After making salsa, drinking a few too many margaritas, and learning a new dance we were tired. A good tired! Our chef was great, and everyone working there were very kind.

5 StarsSo much fun!!December 11, 2017

Reviewer: Tanya
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had on a shore excursions. The chef and his team were delightful. We learned to make three different salsas with fresh ingredients. The music and drinks made the atmosphere more relaxed and got everyone in the group engaged. We laughed, taste tested and had a great time! The dance lesson afterwards made the event so much fun. On the plus, Carnival charged about the same for a similar event; however, the open bar and buffet and access to the resort with this excursion gave us so much more bang for the bucks. The local vendors offered parasailing, jet skis and other activities on the beach. The beach was clean with accessible restrooms and pools. Would highly recommend.

5 StarsFun, fun, fun.November 23, 2017

Reviewer: Joey and Heather Gambrell
Very friendly people all around. Enjoyed the Salsa making class. Even my wife discover the great taste of salsa's. Small class so, more personable. Got to learn the Salsa (dance). It was fun and I don't like to dance. Playa Mia was a beautiful place. Lots to do and so little time. I was even able to get my wife to go out to the water playground (she doesn't like swimming in deep water). Gorgeous beach. Open bar (even though we don't drink, they did have non-alcoholic drinks). The buffet was different types of food not just Mexican.

5 StarsFun, Fun, FunNovember 09, 2017

Reviewer: lori mccullough
We had a wonderful instructor and his assistant helping through out the entire time. made salsa's , drank plenty of yummy margaritas and then even learned how to do the salsa. Had an awesome time. would totally recommend this excursion

5 StarsFavorite Excursion October 16, 2017

Reviewer: Dan Ziegler
We enjoyed this excursion immensely. From start to finish, it was fulfilling and fun. The salsa making class was a blast and the three salsa varieties we learned to make were delicious. The salsa dancing part was fun and we were bummed it went by too quickly. The lunch they served was simple, but tasty. And the drinks? Oh, the drinks were stiff and plentiful...just how we like ‘em. Staff was friendly and engaging and made the whole experience that much better. The time at Playa Mia was enjoyable, as well. Free drinks, food and most recreational activities. What more could you ask for?

5 StarsFun Fun And FoodJuly 21, 2017

Reviewer: J. Carlock
Salsa and Salsa was fun and taste for the entire group. Our Chef was funny, talented and engaged the entire group. The drinks were free flowing and that added to the Salsa dancing at the end. This is not the first time we did this kind of tour and we will come back to this one again

5 StarscozumelJuly 20, 2017

Reviewer: melissa
Fantastic!!! Made salsa, danced the salsa, and drank margirita's (which made the salsa dancing easier hahaha)

5 StarsAMAZING Time with JOSE!!June 14, 2017

Reviewer: LaTanya Newell
Our group of 14 had an AMAZING time with Jose and his team. The salsa & Salsa dance was a perfect additional to our awesome trip!!