Salmon fishing
July 25, 2019
The crew of 2 of the ship were great guys! Chatty, knowledgeable and So much fun to fish with! they did their best to navigate the waters so our trip was successful! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone and Would do it all over again in a Heartbeat!
Reviewer: Julie Wetter-Briel
5 Stars
Salmon fishing
July 06, 2019
The captain and her deck hand were very friendly and tried 3 different spots to catch salmon. unfortunately we only caught 2 rock fish. I would have rated to trip higher if we were able to catch salmon. The crew was great.
Reviewer: Robert Edgren
3 Stars
Great ride
September 18, 2018
Salmon fishing with my grand daughter turned out to be a great ride, with whales, sea lions and porpoises, but no salmon. The captain and mate made the trip memorable. Would be 5 star if the fish co-operated.
Reviewer: John E Hoey
4 Stars
First Time Salmon Fishing
August 06, 2018
My son is senior in high school and was awed by the fishing ability of this young crew. That goes for some of us older participants. They worked hard and were very knowledgeable about the area and shared good and interesting information. Their energy and talents rewarded us with some good size fish. Put this on your bucket list.
Reviewer: Roger Ritter
5 Stars
Such a Fun Day
September 14, 2017
If you are looking to get away from the crowds of the ship this is a great excursion. It was just my daughter and I along with one other family. There are no guarantees in fishing, but we were lucky and caught one. We were able to ship our fish home and enjoy fresh salmon on our own grill. The guides were great and we had an awesome day.
Reviewer: Scott McCarty
5 Stars
Coho Salmon Fishing in Alaska - Aug 28 2017
September 13, 2017
My wife and another gentleman from Colorado ventured out of Juneau with Captain Kevin and Deck Hand Matthew. I caught a nice 20 inch or so Coho minutes after we put reels in the water. Had a bit of a dry spell after that, so Captain moved to a new position over a school of silvers. Our new Colorado friend caught his Coho. Then my wife - who was skittish about fishing - caught her first ever salmon. She was giggly and ecstatic. We stayed out for a bit longer and lost a couple of fish but had an overall wonderful time. The weather was more cooperative than the fish.
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
Fun, even with less than ideal weather
January 29, 2017
Our crew was professional and friendly. The weather wasn't very cooperative but the guys tried really hard to give us a good time out. We will be booking again.
Reviewer: Kate Zimmermann
4 Stars
November 21, 2016
Our guide was pleasant, knowledgible, witty and completely driven for our group to catch fish and have a good time. His crew was helpful to insure we had the best chance to land our catch. Our party of 4 was perfect so that everyone had an opportunity to catch fish, actually caught 10 salmon. The 4 hour trip passed to quickly. On top of all that the weather was perfect.
Reviewer: clarence Cookson
5 Stars
September 28, 2016
It was a beautiful day. The boat ride was great! The fish were not biting, just too late in the season. The hosts were fine. We enjoyed the time on the water, we live in Arizona where the ocean is far away so we love being on the water.
Reviewer: Diane Sauer
4 Stars
Great time
July 15, 2015
Ben from Moore charters was very knowledgeable and so was his Deckard, their was probably around twenty boats trolling for salmon in the same area and we were the only ones catching fish. Highly recommended, will book again if in Juneau
Reviewer: Ren
5 Stars
Lots of fun but no salmon!
June 17, 2015
We took the trip in mid-May which is really too early to expect to catch Salmon-they don't really start running till June. ""Salmon Fishing"" really means the guides hook up everything and everyone watches until something bites. Then the person assigned to the pole gets to reel it in. That was fun. It is not the kind of fishing we usually do, but that's salmon fishing! We had a bald eagle try to steal a fish as we were catching it and that was exciting. The most amazing part of the excursion was the whale show we saw! Whales breaching, flapping the water, just amazing! Far more exciting that our whale watching tour but then, this is nature and some days are more exciting than others. We did have a great time and our captain was very knowledgeable about the area, salmon fishing and just about anything we asked.Probably this would be great fun in June and July when the salmon are running.
Reviewer: Janet
4 Stars
Fun Day
August 25, 2014
Our captain and mate were great. They were courteous and skilled. The boat was clean and we had a wonderful time overall. I was informed that I was going to have a private charter and when I got there there was another two people. The captain informed us that we were going to take a number to see who who would fish first and so on. I got number six. I was glad that my family all had the chance to fish but unfortunately there were only four fish caught on the boat. So I never had a chance to even hold the pole. This was disappointing. I do understand that you can not always catch fish otherwise we would call the sport catching instead of fishing. but maybe if there were not surprise guests added to our trip I would have an opportunity to fish. We were also picked up 1/2 an hour late sue to a bus mixup. The captain did extend our time at sea by 15 minutes to try to accommodate us.
Reviewer: Lorie
4 Stars
Best Excursion we took
June 10, 2014
Our captain Wyatt & mate Katie were very nice & competent. I caught the ONLY fish (a king salmon) and was thrilled. Best excursion we took.
Reviewer: Cape Cod Babe
5 Stars
So much fun!
July 25, 2012
Very fun tour. I'm not much of a fisherman but still had a fabulous time! Catching the salmon is so exciting!
Reviewer: ShelBob
5 Stars
Alaskan Adventure
July 24, 2012
The captain and his ""crew"" were very nice, accommodating and definitely experienced. We had a good time even though we didn't catch any fish and it was raining. The lack of fish wasn't due to not trying. The capt and crew tried every lure, depth and location but nothing was biting. It definitely would have been more fun if we had caught some fish, but we can't control the weather or the fish.
Reviewer: Jan
4 Stars