4 StarsBest of JaneauJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Dana Jones
The whale watch was very good. We were a little late to the Salmon Bake which was my fault but food was dried out and just ok. Setting was gorgeous. Would do whale watch again but eat on the ship they had salmon that night and it was better. Good experience overall and reasonably priced.

5 StarsThe Best Shore Excursion of the CruiseJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Larry Lerner
Best of Juneau as fantastic. The Menenhall Glacier as impressive, however the whale watching was incredible. We saw Humpback Whales breaching like a Nat Geo special. The naturalist on board was even impressed. Afterwards, the salmon dinner was very satisying before we got on board our cruise ship.

5 StarsSpectacular! Awe-Inspiring!July 02, 2018

Reviewer: Betty Johnson
Loved this excursion...went to Mendenhall Glacier (first time to see a glacier) and learned all about it. Saw bears. Then onto the boat for whale watching; saw whales and sea lions and birds. WONDERFUL. Well worth the investment of time and money. Bus drivers were good. I recommend this.

3 StarsTour in JuneauJune 21, 2018

Reviewer: Patricia Wilson
The salmon bake was a very nice an unexpected. The Glacier was nice, but did not have enough time needed at least 15 more minutes. The whale watching was ok, we did not see an whales close up, but we did see the tales of whales as they were diving back down

4 StarsHappy for the most part.June 11, 2018

Reviewer: Renee Farnell
We went to Mendanhall Galcier first. Despite the rain, it was pretty spectacular. From there we went to catch our boat to see the Whales. I was a little disappointed on this. We did see some Whales, but not very many. We were told that it was pretty early in the season for their track back to Alaska.They did take us to see some Sea Lions that were perched on some rocks, that was pretty cool, but hold your nose. We were there on May 16, 2018. We then, went to the Alaskan Bake, I was very pleased on the set up and the food was pretty good!!

5 StarsIt is the Best!June 11, 2018

Reviewer: Bubba Javier
Captain Ed, Bre, and Sammy were awesome! They got us on whales, were very attentive to all and passionate about whale conservation. The bus drivers, Matt and Darlinda were pleasant, funny, and great hosts. The salmon bake was more than what I expected! All you can eat salmon and other BBQ and drinks. Live entertainment was perfect for the ambiance. I recommend doing this tour (cheaper with Costco Travel). The ship came in a few hours late but, they (the guide service) were accommodating and got us to the cruise ship on time, with smiles and full bellies...

5 StarsWhale WatchingJune 11, 2018

Reviewer: Randell Adams
This was one of my favorite excursions ever! We got to see such amazing sites of whales in sync. One whale even came straight up out of the water, it was like watching National Geographic. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to see the beautiful humpback whale!

4 StarsBest of Juneau October 23, 2017

Reviewer: Amy Kadell
Amazing tour! Would be five stars if the salmon bake was better! You can take off the salmon bake all together and it would be then top notch! Everything you want to see and do!

4 StarsBest of JuneauOctober 09, 2017

Reviewer: Bob Landman
we got to the first stop was the Glacier, we were late getting there and did not have enough time to hike to the water fall , the whale watching was great, the crew on the boat was really good. The last stop was the salmon dinner we all did not like

5 StarsIf you want to see JuneauOctober 02, 2017

Reviewer: Ed Springer
Great whale watching experience. Saw both humpbacks and orcas. Nice tour of the Mendenhall Glacier, although a little more time there might have nee a bonus. The meal was quite good. Highly recommended.

4 StarsSaw whales, Glaciers and fire grilled Salmon, in 1October 02, 2017

Reviewer: Bob Wood
Other then the van driver who drove us around, this day trip is a must see - driver could have been a bit more polished and communicative. Saw multiple Humpback whales, sea lions, Eagles. Visited M. (can't spell!) Glacier - nice but Tracy Arm was better. The Salmon bake was a great way to end the day - grilled over open fire while a really good acoustic guitarist played classic folk rock .

5 StarsGreat excursion September 25, 2017

Reviewer: Tamara Mumford
We had a blast! Loved everything about this trip. The whale watching group was incredible. Had a lot of fun

4 StarsBest of Juneau September 09, 2017

Reviewer: Frank Yao
This is the first time we joined the Costco excursion. Before we usually joined the cruise line excursions. Overall, we enjoy the excursion and the friendly driver/tour guide. One of our friends joined the same excursion left her bag in the bus on the way back to the Red Dog Saloon. After contacting the bus driver, it has already been returned to the Princess even before she is back tpo the ship. It was very nice.

5 StarsJuneau tourSeptember 08, 2017

Reviewer: Barb
Awesome trip, saw whales, jumping salmon, and sea lions. Then had an outdoor salmon bake where you could walk a short distance and see majestic water fall. Salmon eww spawning in the little pools right by the walkway. Spectacular Alaska trip.

5 StarsEpic ExcursionAugust 29, 2017

Reviewer: Chris Daharsh
We were a bit spoiled because the weather that day was epic. We could see for miles, and the few clouds that day merely served as accents in the beautiful photos we took along the way. We were also spoiled to see a group of several humpback whales bubble net feeding, and even say a youth breach a couple times. The glacier viewing was excellent, and salmon bake was a perfect topper to a perfect day. All the people driving and guiding throughout the day were great.

5 StarsBest of Juneau August 28, 2017

Reviewer: Stephanie
This was a fabulous excursion. The boat captain and crew were so knowledgeable and helpful. We saw so many awesome whales and bald eagles. The glacier was fantastic and the salmon bake delicious. I highly recommend this excursion.

4 StarsBest of JuneauAugust 28, 2017

Reviewer: Pam Somer
Forgot to do the stars!

5 StarsBest of JuneauAugust 23, 2017

Reviewer: Karen Sirgany
The tour guides were very knowledgeable and worked hard to ensure we had a successful excursion. They took us to see the sea lions in addition to the whales and showed us porpoise as well.

5 StarsTons of FunAugust 21, 2017

Reviewer: Christian F Newcomb
Great whale watching! Our captain did a wonderful job of finding several different whales. The glacier was beautiful and we spent just enough time there before we were off to the salmon bake. The bus drivers were informative and fun. My 16 year old had a great time and it kept us busy all day.

5 Stars3 nice things to doAugust 10, 2017

Reviewer: Rich Hansen
Glacier is amazing Whales were breaching near the boat The salmon bake was a great finish

5 StarsBy far the best....July 29, 2017

Reviewer: Rachel Gildea
We took several tours on our Alaskan cruise, but by far the best was Best of Juneau. Each section was amazing. We were able to get up close and personal to whales and even watched one breach. The salmon bake was delicious, relaxed. The glacier was incredible. This was all pulled together in neat order. If you want 3 great experiences, I highly recommend this tour!

5 StarsBest tourJuly 28, 2017

Reviewer: Kim Kerr
Not to be missed.Best tour of the trip.Saw lots of whales and the salmon bake was fantastic.Also great time at the glacier.Do not miss going to the Red Dog Saloon

5 StarsGreat Way to Do and See a lot of JuneauJuly 24, 2017

Reviewer: Cynthia
My family group of 8 booked this trip for the day that our cruise ship arrived in Juneau. Everyone in the group was impressed with the 3 events and felt it was a very good value. The first stop on the excursion was the Mendenhall Glacier. Next we enjoyed a whale watch where we were delighted by the sight of a large pod of Orca Whales. We concluded the Best of Juneau event with an outdoor salmon bake. I recommend this excursion.

5 StarsGreat Way to See Juneau!July 22, 2017

Reviewer: Cass Griffin
We booked the Best of Juneau through Holland America. We had a little more than an hour at Mendenhall Glacier which wasn't enough time to do the hike to the waterfalls but it was ample time to see the glacier. Orca Point was nice. My friends and I felt the dinner was rushed. We had right at an hour at Orca Point. The actual Whale Watching Excursion was FANTASTIC. The captain and boat crew were Phenomenal with watching for the whales, circling back and being very patient waiting for the whales to resurface. I was glad that dinner was rushed- because the time on the water was WELL WORTH IT! We saw Sasha, the humpback whale, also known as AK and was able to follow her for several miles through the inlet. It was a great excursion and certainly a highlight of our trip through the inside passage! FIVE STARS for the captain of the boat and the lady who assisted him looking for whales. :) Their enthusiasm matched the guests!

5 StarsBest of JuneauJuly 20, 2017

Reviewer: Bari Colleen Creager
Efficient, on time, decent vans/buses, good narratives on the drives. Best was the whale watching: captain and the naturalist were informative and fun.

5 Starsbest timeJuly 04, 2017

Reviewer: Teri Cadieux
Whale watching was great, saw 21 different sitings, 4 tales and 2 heads. Time went fast, caption was great at spotting them. Got some great photos. Food was great at the salmon bake, and the live bear encounter made the day even for exciting. There was not enough time at the glacier to walk to the water falls and back, didnt get a chance to go into the building.

4 StarsGood tourJune 27, 2017

Reviewer: Kevin
This is a great tour. The boat captain took the time to make sure we saw at least a few whales. The mini bus driver is relatively new to the job and I wish she was a bit more talkative. She did try though.

5 StarsMost Amazing Excursion Ever! June 14, 2017

Reviewer: Katherine Spearing
The tour guides on juneu tours for the wale watching were extremely helpful and you could tell they really enjoyed their work. Not only did we get to see wales but we learned a lot about them and that always makes it enjoyable!

4 StarsWhale Watch/Salmon BakeDecember 13, 2016

Reviewer: Larisa Weathersby
This excursion did not disappoint. I saw a hump back whale, killer whale and sea lions on first part of this excursion. The crew was very nice and very determined to make the excursion something to remember. Dress warm and be prepared to get a little wet. This excursion included a bus ride to a park where I saw a beautiful glacier up close. I went at the end of the season and got to see a few salmon going up stream. A second bus took me to experience a wonderful outdoor sit down salmon meal. Enjoy a short walk after your meal to see a beautiful water fall. A third bus took me back to the town of Juneau. The bus driver pointed out 2 eagles sitting on light post. The bus drivers were fun. Great experience!

4 StarsBest of JuneuDecember 05, 2016

Reviewer: Cheryl
We enjoyed this excursion for the most part. We had a great day whale watching and observed both mom and baby orca's as well as Gray whales. We then moved on to the glacier which I did not feel we had enough time at,, we only had a little over an hour and would have liked to get to the falls and back. The last part of our day was the Salmon bake which I was REALLY looking forward to and it was horrible. The food was very disappointing. For the price you pay you should get a free soda or water.

5 StarsReviewDecember 02, 2016

Reviewer: Karen Patterson
This was more bang for your buck. I had a great time , made some new friends and had the best salmon Iv'e ever had. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

5 StarsWhale Watching!December 01, 2016

Reviewer: Jason Will
The whale watching was fabulous! We were on a boat with two young guides who were so excited about their job and the captain of the ship was bold enough to seek out the best places to whale watch! Great Experience!!!!!

5 StarsWorthwhile and Very Enjoyable!November 30, 2016

Reviewer: Catomoose
This was a nice mini-bus ride to Mendenhall glacier w a very knowledgeable guide who had lived in Juneau all her life, and who provided wonderful insights and good service picking up and dropping off our very small group between outings- after the glacier, we took a fantastic mid-sized charter boat ride with a captain who was quite a character and fun- We were so close to the water, and saw numerous whales breaching the water- some close enough to be awe inspiring. We had enough time, and he drove us further than we originally scheduled for, to see a colony of sea lions- again, extremely close up, and you could hear their loud barking. At the end of the day, we had a nice meal, cooked outside near an area by a pretty waterfall- the food was good, and my kids were happy. This trip was very worthwhile.

5 StarsBest of JuneauNovember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Bob and Peggy Lang
One of the best tours we've had. Best part was Captain Alex and Brendan on the whale watching tour--their enthusiasm and knowledge of whaling was outstanding. Bonus was all the whales we saw and also the Orcas. Salmon bake was thoroughly enjoyed--location was rustic. Bob and Peggy Lang, Canada

5 StarsBest of JuneauNovember 22, 2016

Reviewer: Kim wright
AWESOME, AWESOME AWESOME....everything was great. Glaciers, Whale watching and Delicious salmon bake.......

5 StarsPerfect day!November 20, 2016

Reviewer: Penny McLaughlin
On this day, we saw salmon, bears, sea lions, orcas, humpbacks, and bald eagles. The visit to Mendenhall glacier was highlighted by seeing a mama black bear and her three cubs. We had adequate time at the glacier to see what we wanted to see. Whale watching was phenomenal. An orca was right by the boat, and we were able to watch humpbacks bubble net feeding. Our guides were the best!

5 StarsBest of Juneau November 17, 2016

Reviewer: Randy Reaflebg
The whale watching on this excursion was THE BEST. seen 5/6 whales breaching 2 separate times seen whales ""BUBBLING"" 10/12 whales spouting. Capitan of boat said it was a great day to see all we had seen. Whales, eagles & seals, was a good day. Enjoyed

5 StarsSuper excursion November 14, 2016

Reviewer: Marc
The glacier and waterfall on the first leg was breathtaking the whale watching ride was great awesome tour guides and we saw 13 whales and the salmon bake was better than any of the meals I had on the ship Definitely a must do would do again

4 StarsBest of JuneauNovember 13, 2016

Reviewer: Richard Steinhelper
The whale watching was superior. Excellent crew who enjoyed their work. Great enthusiasm. Visit to Mendenhall Glacier and salmon bake completed the experience.

5 StarsGreat excursionNovember 07, 2016

Reviewer: Kris Dobesh
We sure enjoyed the whale watching (saw LOTS of whales - both humpback and fin whales! The Mendenhall Glacier outing was SPECTACULAR... I highly recommend the hike to the waterfall. And the salmon bake couldn't be better or more tasty. thanks!

4 StarsReview Best of JuneauSeptember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Ron M
The Glacier park was very good, could have spent more time, Whale Watching tour was outstanding, could have been more subtle when asking to Like on Facebook. Salmon bake was really very good. Took our time, viewed the falls, nothing better than fresh salmon off the grill.

5 StarsOutstanding excursion experienceAugust 11, 2016

Reviewer: Chuck Heimerdinger
This excursion exceeded our expectations. The whale watching was amazing. The captain of our boat along with the guide/narrator were very experienced and made sure that we had an excellent trip. The glacier and the salmon bake were also great activities. When you put all of this together, we have an amazing day!

5 StarsWe are glad that we chose this excusionJune 10, 2016

Reviewer: Tay
Both my wife and myself were very excited about the whale watching and indeed the guide (Nick) and the caption did a very good job. We were well educated about hunchback whale and the caption did his best to ensure that we get the see the whale at the best view point possible.

4 StarsGreatJune 08, 2016

Reviewer: PierreBlues
Great experience

5 StarsGreat Excursion !!,May 23, 2016

Reviewer: Al the wanderer
I was amazed at the number of eagles I saw in one place. Although we weren't able to stop and take pictures, we realize it best to leave them in their environment. The glacier trip was awesome, very informative and at the same time very conscious of the effects of global warming. The glacier blue color is now my favorite. The salmon bake was what I expected. Food was good and the entertainment was too. The rain put a damper on things but for me I could sit there, eat and listen to music sic all day. Very relaxing camping atmosphere.

4 StarsJuneau at it's best!!!September 07, 2015

Reviewer: Rideontwo
The Adventure started out a bit disorganized. We went to the Tram station and the Representative was not there with 15 minutes to go before the start. We did find out that she was around and hung out until she showed up. We were dispatched to a local van and waited for another 15 minutes and then went back to the ship as five additional people never showed up at the Tram. The five were at the dock and did not understand they needed to go to the Tram in Town. The adventure itself was really great and what you made of it. We did walk to the Waterfall and Glacier. I highly recommend it, however it is a two mile hike and there is only one hour to get back to the van. You have to move to make it back on time. The next was the Whale watching and that piece was highly organized and the Captain and boat were top shelf!!! The Whale watching boat was very fast with three 500 HP CAT Engines and designed for the excursion. The Captain knew exactly where the whales were and how to get a great view without being on top of them. That took about three hours. The last piece was the only part that was not up to expectations. The Salmon Bake was kind of generic and the music was mediocre at best. The bus transportation was chaotic and the lines were not controlled. We had to run for each bus as it arrived as they did not stop at the parking area where the line formed. Overall it was a great experience, but had much room for improvement.

5 StarsThe most bang for your buckJuly 07, 2015

Reviewer: klmbean
I was trying to find an excursion that gave a good sampling of activities so I chose this one. I had read reviews that time at the glacier was short so was anticipating the same but we had an hour which gave us time to walk to the falls and enjoy a splash in the water. The whale watching was incredible. We saw about 9 Humpbacks as they were bubble feeding together. It was incredible. We also saw sea lions and bald eagles. My family was on a different tour including the glacier and salmon bake so at the end we ended up meeting up with them and ate together. The bake was awesome. Cornbread was delicious and I feasted on black olives as well as the fish. I am a camper so really enjoyed roasting the marshmallows by the fire. The setting for the bake was very laid back and I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this tour. We also had plenty of time in town after to explore and hang out at the Red Dog Saloon.

5 StarsBest of Juneau was truly the Best!June 28, 2015

Reviewer: JoJo
This excursion surpassed all of my expectations! We saw so many whales on the whale watching part of the trip! The captain made sure we had ample opportunities to take pictures and it was great to have a marine biologist on board to educate us about the animals we saw. The Mendenhall Glacier was gorgeous! We did not have quite enough time to try all the trails there, but I enjoyed it. The salmon bake was GREAT! The food variety and quantity were perfect! The setting was gorgeous, especially the location next to a stream and waterfall. Personnel there and the guides we had were top notch. The only problem I had was there just weren't enough hours in the day to linger and enjoy each venue longer. Well done!!

4 StarsFabulous package!!June 15, 2015

Reviewer: Tracy
Great excursion for a mixture of what Juneau has to offer! Mendenhall Glacier views & areas around it are beautiful...whale watching tour was outstanding!! Randy and Jay were our captains & they were awesome!!! Talked to us the whole time, were extremely knowledgable about the area & whale info, didn't follow the crowd so our whale viewing was like a private show. Salmon bake was great food & lots of it and provided a fun, relaxing time to eat & rest before going back to the ship. The only suggestions I would make would be for a little more time at the glacier stop and for the transport driver to be more chatty with the customers & perhaps tell a little bit about the area during the drives to and from the excursion areas. All may not be this way but our girl was very quiet and didn't seem very open to conversation.

5 StarsCovers All BasesJune 11, 2015

Reviewer: BigEd
The Best of Juneau tour is a great way to experience some of Juneau's best attractions in one trip. From the moment Tommy Lee (our driver) picked us up we were made comfortable and well informed. Our tour started with the whale watching component and did not disappoint, we only had 12 passengers on our boat which meant lots of elbow room (camera room) for all. We saw a number of Humpback Whales although not as close as I would have liked. Our captain tried hard to get us to great viewing points however the whales often changed direction and surfaced between other boats. We saw sea lions, harbour seals & sea otter as well. The next stop was the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier, we walked down to the shore line to witness the glacier and water fall up close but had to hustle to get back to the car par in time for our next shuttle (not a great deal of time to explore and take photos). Lastly we were taken by Tommy to the Salmon Bake (great way to end the day), we ate freshly cooked and well prepared Salmon (it was amazing), roasted some marshmallows and took a stroll along the river to a nice little waterfall.. All in all a fantastic day, well organised and run tour (well done to all specially Tommy Lee)

5 StarsBreathtaking adventure!September 28, 2014

Reviewer: Mark and Di
All aspects of the tour were great and the glacier and waterfall were breathtaking. The Mendenhall nature center was informative. The whale watching tour was fantastic. We saw at least a dozen humpback whales and at the start of the tour we saw at least a dozen eagles looking for salmon at the Marina. The salmon bake meal was very delicious and the setting was fun and relaxing. We took a walk to up the creek to the waterfalls where the abandoned gold mine was. We loved the entertainment.

4 StarsGreat day out.August 29, 2014

Reviewer: fredo
It was a very great adventure. Mendenhall glacier is a truly fantastic place to visit with breathtaking scenery. The same can be said for the whales watching tour. Well organised with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide on the boat. Salmon bake was a perfect spot to finish this trip with nice pieces of salmon,buffet ….. all in all, a great day out.

5 StarsGreat Crew & CaptainAugust 27, 2014

Reviewer: Val
The boat was so clean and well cared for. Our Captain was experienced at getting us to where the whales were and we saw lots. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly. We had signed up for the Glacier and Salmon bake because it came with the whale watching but they turned out to be a lot of fun as well and the food was very good.

4 StarsGreat 3 in 1 Shore Excursion!August 23, 2014

Reviewer: Michaela
Picked this trip so we could hit 3 things in one day. There was time before the excursion to walk around town a bit before hopping into the van. Van driver, ""Utah,"" was very entertaining. Drove to the glacier. It would have be nice to have more time at the glacier, so we could tour the center and walk to the falls, but it was still pretty spectacular. Then we took the van to the whale watching boat, where we had to wait a bit for its return w/the previous group...maybe 20 min, but Utah said if we saw a good group of whales the captain would also give us a little extra time. Saw a lot of whales and sea lions, boat ride was nice. Salmon Bake was ok...the food was good, but just an outside buffet, nothing spectacular. Employees dressed in period costumes, but not really acting in character, beautiful setting by a stream. Still worth the money I think. Then a bus ride back to the ship. I think this would be a good excursion for the whole family.

5 StarsA great day of adventure!August 14, 2014

Reviewer: Purple Echo
We had a great adventurous day. We were initially disappointed to hear that our salmon bake would be first on the itinerary since we had just had a big breakfast on the ship. No way could we go eat and enjoy the salmon bake first. I called the office and they said there was nothing they could do. When the driver was dropping us off at the salmon bake I mentioned one more time that this schedule was not what we were expecting the driver looked at his schedule and told us he would change the order for us. He went out of his way to accommodate us. It really made the whole day for us. I wish I remembered his name, but he is from American Samoa and took us on Aug 7th. The trip to the glacier and waterfall was majestic, the whale watching was incredible with 6 whales surrounding our boat. Savannah and Randy were awesome on the boat and seemed to know exactly where to go. Food at the salmon bake was plentiful and delicious and we enjoyed the small waterfall and the marshmallow roasting afterward. All the people could not have been any nicer.

4 Stars2 out of 3 ain't badAugust 10, 2014

Reviewer: ookie Monster
Great concept, priced right. The salmon bake really is not equiped for bad weather (outside under tents). Everyone hurried through to get out of there, The glacier and whales were great.

5 StarsGreat as promised!July 03, 2014

Reviewer: TootMO49
Check in advance for the order of events. We departed the ship ""hungry"" (it can be done) so we would enjoy the salmon bake that was the first event. The salmon bake was wonderful.

4 StarsSalmon Bake,Glaciers and WhalesSeptember 30, 2013

Reviewer: Cruiser Folks
The excursion was Great! Well planned, well executed. Folks need to know the Salmon Bake is first. That was an unkown....

5 StarsAction plus!September 21, 2013

Reviewer: D+S
This excursion was the best of four excursions purchased on our cruise. Whale watching was exciting, Mendenhall Glacier was awesome, and the Salmon Bake was an excellent finale to a great morning. Tour guides were knowledgeable, and the guys on the Whale Watching boat went the extra mile to make the trip exciting.

4 StarsA good day of funSeptember 06, 2013

Reviewer: Leslie
Loved the whale watching! And the glacier was super cool. Be sure to go to the visitor's center, as well as the creek walk. That's where we saw bears and a porcupine. The Salmon Bake was pretty good but we didn't stay long. Wish we had done a little hiking around there but it was getting dark.

5 StarsExcellent experience!August 08, 2013

Reviewer: Mel
The combined tours were great. The whale watching portion was incredible... the whales really put a show for us! Every part of the tour was as good as expected. They changed the order of the events, and wound up with the salmon bake at 11:00 am and thinking it would be at the end as advertised, we had a heavy breakfast. The guides were great. They made everything possible to accomodate us, and give us the experience of a lifetime.

4 StarsAwesome!August 02, 2013

Reviewer: Dallas girl
The guides were great and very knowledgable! I would like more excitement. Maybe different kinds of salmon or different flavors at the salmon bake. The whales were so far away which is understandable, but still disappointing since it wasn't expected. Also a little more time at Mendenhall glacier would be helpful for the hike down.

4 StarsFantastic!August 02, 2013

Reviewer: Ang
The food was great! The guides were great, especially the whaie watching boat captain. I expected to see the whales closer and it was hard to see with all the people crowding to see.

4 StarsBest Salmon Ever!July 08, 2013

Reviewer: Tim with a dot
Started with the Salmon bake which was the best we had ever eaten! the glacier was magnificent. On the whale watch we saw killer whales, humpback and other wildlife. saw the whales bubble feed which was spectacular!

4 StarsGo for the salmon and the glacierJune 26, 2013

Reviewer: macchubound
We decided to go on this excursion because it was a three in one, mendenhall glacier was great but there was not enough time to explore the hiking trails. The salmon at the bake was great, the rest of the food was adequate. We did not get to see any whales up close and too much time was spent hunting them down. But overall it it worth the money spent.

5 StarsBest of JuneauJune 08, 2013

Reviewer: Jamito
Great guide, great tour. Very personalized, virtually a private tour. This was the best excursion we had during our Alaskan cruise on Millenium.

5 StarsOur Guide Was First RateMay 29, 2013

Reviewer: Pete
Tom was our guide and he was top shelf!

5 StarsGreat Value!October 24, 2012

Reviewer: The Newly Weds
This was a great way to experience as much of Juneau as possible without breaking the bank. Each activity provided a different experience, with the whale watching providing some excitement and thrill, the glacier viewing providing some beautiful sight-seeing while allowing us to come down from the adrenaline of whale watching, and the salmon bake giving us a delicious meal to re-energize after all the fun. An overall great experience!

4 StarsIt was a good dayOctober 14, 2012

Reviewer: Cleo A
End of season lack a dasical attitudes prevailed at the Salmon Bake area. No one to greet you invite you to sit, help yourself, whatever. Some food had run out, not replenished. Glaicier interesting. Needed a little more time. Whale watching good. Didn't get very close to them.

4 StarsStunning.August 16, 2012

Reviewer: New to Alaska
Well organized. The guides were fun and knowledgable

4 Starsfun, thrillingAugust 08, 2012

Reviewer: connie
interesting , knowledgeable guides. good value. food quality just ok

5 StarsGreat Day!July 27, 2012

Reviewer: Buckeye Bob
Very enjoyable day. The salmon bake food was outstanding. Beautiful surroundings and scenery. The trip to glacier was just the right amount of time. The whale watching was super. Orcas, sea lions, and many, many whales up close. Could not have been a better day.

4 StarsWhale Watching and Mendenhall GlacierSeptember 26, 2011

Reviewer: DB
The whale watching portion of this tour was fabulous. The guides were very nice young men who knew their stuff, and we got lucky when we saw at least twenty humpbacks, including a mother and calf who surfaced right next to our boat. The glacier tour was excellent, with some greaqt photo ops and a beautiful park near the glacier itself.

4 StarsExcellent tour. Saw the beauty creationSeptember 26, 2011

Reviewer: cal
Excellent Trip that enabled us to see the beauty of God's creation unspoiled by Humans.

5 StarsGREAT TRIP!September 25, 2011

Reviewer: emk
Loved that when we were whale watching we were on a small boat with only about 10-12 people. Shore excursions keeps groups small and you board transportation quickly and and feel in close contact with tourguide. Very well informed guides. Great trip.

5 StarsIncredible whale watching experience!August 21, 2011

Reviewer: ct
We saw 8 to 10 humpback whales bubble netting and then 2 orcas swam right past our small boat. It was breathtaking.

4 StarsOur favorite time on our cruiseAugust 14, 2011

Reviewer: Susan Spicker
The salmon bake was really the surprise - it was far more delicious then ever expected. All around perfect day!

5 StarsDolphin Tours are #1 !!!!!August 09, 2011

Reviewer: Fae, the savy traveler
Celebrity Infinity cruise ship would not let us off the boat at the designated time so we missed our tour but the Dolphin tour company bent over backwords to guarantee us a great tour and they came through with flying colors!!

5 StarsWe are ready to go againAugust 04, 2011

Reviewer: Flapjack
We expecially enjoyed the whale watching. Adding to our enjoyment was the dedication of Capt. Ben who was a very impresive boat driver for his age. Even thought we had perfect weather the tour the salmon bake was impressive and good. The Mendahall glacier portion was very educational. Pass on an extra atta-boy to Capt. Ben.

4 StarsSo much to see and do!July 11, 2011

Reviewer: Wes
There was a little confusion in the beginning about exactly where to meet. From there the tour was fast-paced, quickly proceeding, with great en-route driver narration, to Auke Bay for whale-watching, then to Mendenhall Glacier, and then to the evening salmon bake where I ate the best smoked salmon ever grilled and listened to music that took me back to the 60s and 70s. I wish there had been time to take the tram ride; if I were to make one recommendation, it would be to defy the laws of physics and compress time so that the tram ride could start the excursion for an initial visual orientation to Juneau! But it was great, and I would highly recommend this all-day excursion. Slept like a baby that night.

5 StarsWell worth it!June 23, 2011

Reviewer: Tim
The Best of Juneau name really does describe the excursion. Since it was our first time there we made the right choice selecting this company to do our excursion. The only small negative was the limited time (50 minutes) we had at Mendenhall Glacier, however I believe our time there was sacraficed because we were having a great time on the whale watching portion. Iwould have gladly sacraficed a little time at the Salmon Bake (Although delicious) to have more time at the glacier. The salmon bake was also wonderful. I waited until I was in Alaska to try my first ever piece of Salmon and I was not disappointed. I would recommend this excursion to everyone. GREAT JOB!

5 StarsFantastic Sights!June 12, 2011

Reviewer: Eddie Hint
You don't want to miss this!

5 StarsGreat AdventureJune 09, 2011

Reviewer: SusieQ
We loved having a small group (less than 10) on our three trips for the day: whale watching - great sites, made sure we saw several whales, great guide, very knowledgeable and very accommodating with drinks both hot and cold and snacks. Very moving experience. The guide to Mendenhall Glacier was very informative both going to and coming from the glacier and made sure we had enough time to experience all that was offered and finally the salmon bake was very, very nice. I would recommend this excursion to anyone going to Juneau, especially if you are on the elderly side and less capable of doing the more adventuresome activities. Best part was the small number in the party. Less wasted time waiting for people who aren't always on time and guides were open to going to out of the way places that the large tour buses were unable to go.

4 StarsThis was a great tour!!September 10, 2010

Reviewer: the Danes
We certainly got a taste of Juneau and even though the weather was cold and drizzly, we had a wonderful whale watching trip with a VERY interesting and entertaining naturalist, Ben. TWO THUMBS UP! Mendenhall Glacier was fascinating and the Salmon Bake was yummy! All in all a GREAT day!!

4 StarsGreate Small Group,Personal AttentionAugust 12, 2010

Reviewer: Retired and Having a Ball
AAA Travel Agent recommended we try Shore Excurison instead of the much larger cruise line arranged tours. I was leary so only booked one Shore Excursions run event in one of the three ports visited. Not leary anymore--will definately look at shore excursions for future travel, where available.