5 StarsGreat tourJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Kiinani K Mulvihill
The young ladies were very knowledgeable, snacks were provided which were nice. Saw humpback whales and got some great pictures. Would recommend this excursion.

5 StarsAwesomeJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Kathy Huie
We loved our whale watching your! The crew was awesome and they made sure we saw whales! The boat was clean and we felt very safe!

4 StarsThe experience was greatJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Diana Stout
We did not get to see as many whales as I had hoped but the staff was friendly and fun. They were informative and helpful. I think our timing was just off a little. Would definitely recommend.

5 StarsAwesome day on the water!July 09, 2018

Reviewer: Shelda Truelove
We saw hump back whales, orca, eagles, sea lions, and beautiful scenery. Great crew! Thank you.

5 StarsWhale WatchingJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Lynn M Hauger
Excellent Naturalist/Tour Guide and Boat Captain. Both work well together and kept the tour exciting with the pointing out whale activity and sharing about whales. AMAZING TRIP!!!

5 StarsWhale Watching Tour July 02, 2018

Reviewer: Joseph Rodriguez
We had a great time on this whale watching cruise. At least 4 whales were sighted as well as some seals.

5 StarsIncredible!June 25, 2018

Reviewer: Suzanne Ferris
In addition to seeing multiple whales, so close we could smell them, the naturalists who lead the tour were very informative. Having snacks on board (bagel with lox and hot cocoa and coffee) was also a nice bonus, esp for my kids.

5 StarsWhale WatchingJune 11, 2018

Reviewer: Stacy W
We went on the boat called Raven's Journey. It was clean, fast & the crew was exceptionally friendly & knowledgeable of the wild life that we saw, that of course, included humpback whales. We even got lucky enough to see a mother & her calf. We even captured a photo of a whale tail!

4 StarsWhale Watching in JuneauOctober 23, 2017

The captain and crew member were great! We did see Humpbacks and Orcas. However, the boat was flat bottomed and the trip back was a real spine breaker.

5 StarsBeyond our Expectations!September 28, 2017

Reviewer: Joyce Percey
We had a wonderful time on our tour! Right from the bus driver who was humorous, knowledgeable, and kept us entertained the whole way to the boat, the tour was great. The boat was clean and comfortable and the hot beverages were a nice touch. Our tour guides were friendly and gave us a lovely tour of 3 whales that we were able to see in plain view. Our group was small and not crowded so we easily all moved around for our pictures, etc. The bagel with smoked salmon and hot chocolate on the way home was a great perk! Thank you!!

5 StarsWhale Watching September 20, 2017

Reviewer: Bill Doering
Firm was recommended by our Travel Agent and she never lets us down. Crew was very courteous throughout the trip. Was pleased with the amount of wildlife we were able to see. Size of ship and number of passengers was a good ratio.

5 StarsWhale watchingAugust 30, 2017

Reviewer: Andy Capobianco
We were able to see a group of about 12 whales bubble feeding. It was awesome. Weather was perfect and the crew was informative.

5 StarsWhale Crash !August 22, 2017

Reviewer: Nathan Shim
It was super fun experience with friendly crews and captain. The boat was wide and comfortable as well. we have encountered Humpback whales and Orcas. Highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsBest Excursion of Our CruiseAugust 21, 2017

Reviewer: Laura Bauer
Best excursion of our cruise! We saw 10 whales... feeding on fish, diving and even 1 breaching!

4 StarsExcellent treat, informative and organizedAugust 16, 2017

Reviewer: Jesús Torres
Good boats, have all information about the whales so anybody could understand. Very well organized to manage all the people received.

5 StarsUnexpect funAugust 14, 2017

Reviewer: Niven
well organized excursion, the bus ride to the boats the driver was friendly and educated us on that part of Alaska. The boat crew made sure that we got to see whales and they gave us coffee and hot chocolate with bagels salmon sandwich, Super trip.

5 StarsMore Than ExpectedAugust 14, 2017

Reviewer: Niven
Well organized and friendly staff from beginning to the finish.

4 StarsWhale Watching CruiseAugust 01, 2017

Reviewer: Marcia Williams
Due to the weather visibility wasn't good, but did see a few whales.

4 StarsWhale watchingJuly 19, 2017

Reviewer: William Stephens
I've whale watching several times so it not fair to review but we did get to see Orca and Humpback whales and also saw sea otters hanging out on a boowie playing. You get to see a lot and the crew was excellent.

5 Starswhale watchingJuly 05, 2017

it was fantastic and exciting.

5 StarsOrca and Humpback WhalesJune 30, 2017

Reviewer: Billie Miller
We had a fabulous time. We had a morning excursion and we had a wonderful time. The scenery alone would have been worth the money. We got to see a Pod of ORCA with a baby!!! We stayed a safe (for the orca) distance away and followed them for a good 20 minutes. The male was huge. We then saw a Humpback and after he dove dive we went to visit the seals. My girls went inside to drink hot coco when the chill became to much (we are from Florida). The staff was wonderful! The boat was fabulous and the knowledgeable. Thank you for a wonderful and lifetime experience

4 StarsWhale Watching CruiseJune 24, 2017

Reviewer: David
The boat ride was fun and enjoyable. We did see several whales and got some good pictures. The guide was interesting and knowledgeable.

4 StarsGreat crew, good excursionJanuary 08, 2017

Reviewer: Fara Anzures
The crew were very knowledgeable and friendly. The boat was pretty small, only a few spots in front and in back for viewing. We saw a lot of whales but at a distance. There were many other boats out and they seemed to be closer. N

5 StarsWhale watching frenzy!December 24, 2016

Reviewer: Robin Stearns
We truly enjoyed this whale watching adventure. I have been on many whale watching trips but this one was more intimate, warm (enclosed) and got up close to many whales for a wonderful memory. We even got to see some bubble net feeding. Very cool!

5 StarsWhale watching December 07, 2016

Reviewer: Patricia Nelson
The crew was excellent and very knowledgeable. They went out of their way to locate the whales and orca's. We got some truly once in a lifetime pictures!

5 StarsGreat Whale Watching OpportunityDecember 02, 2016

Reviewer: Ana L
My three kids enjoyed this excursion the most from of all the things we did in Alaska. It was a great opportunity to watch humpback Whales breaching. The crew a the boat were very professional and knowledgeable about the whales

5 StarsWhale watching JuneauNovember 26, 2016

Reviewer: Scott
Very organized and friendly. We saw a number of humpback whales and some playful sea lions.

5 StarsWhale watching up close November 22, 2016

Reviewer: Warren McPherson
We were lucky and got to see a pod of orcas, as well as a mess of humpbacks. We were quite close to both, and the guys running the boat really knew what they were doing.

5 StarsWhale Watching Cruise in JuneauNovember 18, 2016

Reviewer: Schreiber
Saw tons of whales.

5 StarsAwesome whale sighting!November 14, 2016

Reviewer: Cindy Miller
Our boat captain knew just where to go for some great sightings. Whales were surfacing all around the boat and we even saw one breach. We got some fantastic photos. Highly recommend this excursion!

5 Starsexcellent excursionNovember 12, 2016

Reviewer: Bob
we really enjoyed the whale watching cruise, great guide and captain; amazing boat

5 StarsWhale Watching CruiseNovember 11, 2016

Reviewer: Sharon London
Amazing! We were so fortunate to see Bubble Net Feeding. What an experience. The guide and pilot of the boat were both fantastic.

4 StarsWhale watchingNovember 09, 2016

Reviewer: Pwhite
The staff was helpful, provided a snack and drink, the boat was clean and the captain was safe and amusing. We did see a lot of whales several pods grouped together. Lots of views of whale tail and blows but no breeching. Apparently July is not the tie to see whales beech since it is more common in Hawaii during their mating time, wish I had known that.

5 StarsExcellent and New Speed Boat November 04, 2016

Reviewer: Fabio Y
Great jet boat - loved the experience. Great guide and skipper. Knowledgeable and friendly - they did what they could for us to see all species of whales. Amazing day.

5 StarsWhale watchng cruiseNovember 03, 2016

Reviewer: Diane
The entire experience was fantastic. From our bus driver, Tom, and his wonderful knowledge of the area to the naturalist and crew of the boat, it was great. Saw several cows and calves with lots of calf tails and fins. Tom's mustache was too cool. Would highly recommend.

5 StarsWhat a great experienceNovember 03, 2016

Reviewer: George
We had a wonderful trip. The crew was informative and helpful. We saw 10 different whales and had a great view of sea lions.

5 Starswhale watchingOctober 07, 2016

Reviewer: Marie Drenkhan
had a very good time. Crew were very knowledgeable and did a nice job of taking care and helping guests. Saw whales and sea lions.

4 StarsWhale watching in the fogOctober 07, 2016

Reviewer: Bruce
Jet boat with good crew. Unfortunately, our trip was delayed by heavy fog. Two hours later, we went out and heavy fog returned. Did see numerous sea lions, a seal and the tail of one whale. The ship was equipped with radar but I was still a little nervous because of zero viability. We went in early September. Made it back to the ship in plenty of time.

4 StarsWhale Watching Tour Juneau AlaskaSeptember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Lin
This company was vey nice to deal with. Unfortunately the seas were too rough for us to do the tour. Our money was quickly refunded. Although I can't comment on the quality of the tour, price is considerably less than the cruise sponsored tour.

5 StarsMost Amazing ExperienceAugust 29, 2016

Reviewer: Jennifer Triptow
Amazing doesn't even cover it - the boat was comfortable, the crew was knowledgeable - and we saw tons of whales! We saw a mother with her calf, and the calf fully breached! Then we saw a group of whales bubble net feeding - we got within 15 feet of them! I will never forget this amazing experience, and I recommend it to everyone!

5 StarsWhale Watching CruiseAugust 25, 2016

Reviewer: D Henzel
Unbelievable! A MUST!

5 StarsWonderful whale watching cruiseAugust 25, 2016

Reviewer: Gordon Belling
The whale watching cruise at Juneau was as good as it gets. The crew were friendly but the whales were incredible. We witnessed frenzied feeding by a pod of eight to ten whales, with about one third of their bodies above water, all together. We saw a mother and calf, with the calf doing a full body breech beside our boat.

4 StarsWhale WatchingAugust 24, 2016

Reviewer: Brenda Nicoski
We enjoyed the excursion and would recommend to others. We were able to see and photograph whales and sea otters. Staff took good care of us.

5 StarsGreatAugust 21, 2016

Reviewer: Lynn and Charlotte Willhite
We were able to see many whales.

5 StarsWhale WatchingAugust 18, 2016

Reviewer: Elizabeth Kaese
Amazing! We saw Orca and Humpback Whales. We saw whale ""bubble net feeding"". Had plenty of time for pictures and boat was reasonably close. The guides explained clearly and were very informative. I would definitely recommend this trip.

5 StarsMost Awesome!August 18, 2016

Reviewer: Jenny Webb
In spite of the dreary weather, this trip was so cool! Saw lots of whales, more than I expected. Capt. Kim and Mike were fabulous, passed on lots of info, too. They provided coffee, hot cocoa and salmon bagels. What's not to like? Recommend these guys with 5 Stars or more!

5 Starswhale watchingAugust 11, 2016

Reviewer: tj
Great experience. Nice crew, saw a lot of whales, sea lions, and bald eagles.

5 StarsGood excursionAugust 10, 2016

Reviewer: Dawn Henchey
Really enjoyed this one. Saw a lot of humpbacks. The captain was excellent. Highly recommend it.

5 StarsWonderful August 10, 2016

Reviewer: Steve Ashmore
We saw dozens of whales. We were fortunate to see a breaching whale as well as a group ""bubble feeding"". Very personable and knowledgeable crew.

5 StarsWhale WatchingAugust 05, 2016

Reviewer: Matt Limbaugh
We saw lots of whales on this excursion. It was exciting and fun!

5 StarsFriendly crewAugust 02, 2016

Reviewer: Stephanie
The crew was very welcoming and friendly.

4 StarsThere is a lot of water and some quick sightingsJuly 11, 2016

Reviewer: Bob the hopeful whale watcher
The caption and first mate did a good job of seeing whales but the few we saw were far off and quickly disappeared.

4 StarsGreat Excursion would do againJune 09, 2016

Reviewer: Gibby
Very well organized and staff were very informative about the whales and best places to see them. Would go again in a heartbeat.

4 StarsFun tripJune 08, 2016

Reviewer: World Roadie
Whale watch cruise was interesting. A naturalist is on board to explain things concerning the whales. We saw a few humpbacks, but not a many as I had hoped.

4 StarsI had a great timeJune 08, 2016

Reviewer: DesertDiva
Great guides. We saw whales. I really liked that it was a small boat without a huge crowd of people.

5 StarsProfessonal and very much worth the moneySeptember 09, 2015

Reviewer: Shadowrider
Great crew and very accomadating

4 StarsWhale Watching!August 14, 2015

Reviewer: Erin
This is a great tour if you want to see whales because you are basically guaranteed to see them. The boat was a really nice covered jetboat that can maneuver well and get pretty close to the whales. The driver and guide were extremely knowledgeable. We did see a lot of whales but be prepared for a lot of waiting, because its not Sea World after all. Also it rained the entire time we were there so be prepared with waterproof gear, although you can sit inside the whole time if you wish. I probably would not do this tour again because animal watching is not my thing, but I'm glad I got to experience it once.

4 Starsenjoyed the experienceAugust 06, 2015

Reviewer: Marsie
even the bus driver from ship to whale boating wharf was a great historian and fun. the boating staff were good as well had a lot of marine life knowledge. we did see whales but they refused to get excited and jump up for us. still very glad I went

5 StarsSo glad we went on this excersion.July 09, 2015

Reviewer: Linda lu
My first whale watch. We saw so many whales and were glad we went on this excursion. Our guide was great.

4 StarsGreat Experience!July 02, 2015

Reviewer: BW
Had great time watching whales.


Reviewer: DEANSO

5 StarsBrilliant tripJune 10, 2015

Reviewer: Sandie
We were a group of 13. The 2 experts with us were extremely knowledgeable and the boat, although small, was well equipped with binoculars, drinks and snacks. They went in 2 different directions to make sure that we saw as much wildlife as was possible, and even threw in a sighting of glaciers for us. We were very lucky that we saw a baby whale (still enormous) do a full breach and made such a splash that it soaked all the people in the nearest boat. We saw much more that people who went on the cruise ship excursion.

5 StarsHighlight of our trip to Alaska!June 08, 2015

Reviewer: EJ
The pilot of the boat was able to get us quite close to the whales. The two guides clearly explained what we were to look for and made sure everyone had many chances to see the whales. the excitement in the boat was clearly evident as we spotted whale after whale. The surroundings were absolutely beautiful! The hot chocolate was also appreciated. This was definitely the tour to take!

5 StarsWe saw whales!October 11, 2014

Reviewer: Joanne
Crew knew what they were doing. Visability was great that day (mid September) and they took us right out to where the whales were. Boat was quite stable, so very comfortable. An entirely beautiful day among the whales and sea lions.

4 StarsEnjoyable outingOctober 10, 2014

Reviewer: Whale Watcher
Very knowledgeable guide and interesting facts presented. We saw a number of whales from a distance....would have liked to have seen a few at a closer range,.

5 StarsAOctober 05, 2014

Reviewer: Kentucky Nana
An excellent adventure at sea looking for whales that everyone can enjoy! While there is no guarantee that you will see an orca or a humpback whale on the cruise, the chances are very good given the knowledge and experience of the boat captain and the naturalist aboard. Explaining what we are to look for, the naturalist brings us into their world as we cruised above the waters where orcas and humpbacks are known to be. Everyone on board looked for whale spouts and searched for orcas. We were lucky enough to have a pod of orcas play around our boat so we could observe and photograph them. Two ""teenage"" orcas even swam under the boat! Caution: KEEP YOUR CAMERAS AT THE READY!! No one aboard was ready when a humpback whale ""breeched""...shot straight up our of the water and flopped back with a huge splash...about 100 yards away. Exciting, a once in a life time chance to view sea mammals up close in their own environment...you can't pass this one up!

5 StarsGreatSeptember 25, 2014

Reviewer: Sue F
The tour guide was very interesting and the jet boat driver was great at finding the whales. All good:)

4 StarsWhale WatchingAugust 28, 2014

Reviewer: Tom
I would like to have seen more whales but the crew stated that we had a very good trip and the whales seen were better than average.

4 StarsWould do this againAugust 25, 2014

Reviewer: Pug Mom
Bus driver gave us a great commentary as we drove to and from the boat. The whale expert on board was quick to answer our questions and point out different things that would be of interest to us.

5 StarsWOW!August 19, 2014

Reviewer: Bobby from St Pete
They call it a whale watching cruise and that is certainly what they delivered. Well informed naturalist provided the commentary as the boat's captain delivered us to an area with ten hump back whales working together to gather fish and eat. Their repeated diving and surfacing was truly a thing of beauty and made for a simply outstanding experience.

5 StarsA great humpback whale watching tourAugust 11, 2014

Reviewer: lrunaway
we saw 6 whales together which is unusal. they were feeding the dominate female. the fin slapping a buble blowing was awesome. we aslo saw different groups of 2 whales together around the same area. probably saw 12 humpbacks all together. the noise they were making was echoing up the channel. great trip,

4 StarsWonderful time was had by allJune 16, 2014

Reviewer: weemic
Everything about this whale watching cruise was a blast except getting there on time. The cruiseliner was a bit late getting clearance at the dock, so we were 15 minutes late getting to the pick up point. Thankfully a phone call cleared things up and we were still able to get out to see the whales.

5 StarsGreat cruise!October 02, 2013

Reviewer: JoeNY
I liked our tour guide (she) as well as our captain. She was very knowledgeable of the types of wild life in the area. The captain was very quick to find the whales and we lucked out that the two we saw came up for air fairly close to our boat! We had a ""bonus"" that we were able to get close to a island where seals were ""lounging.""

5 Starsan unforgetable daySeptember 29, 2013

Reviewer: floridians
The wheather was far from perfect but the equipmentand the guides made our day.

5 StarsWhale watching is so cool.September 27, 2013

Reviewer: Colonel Bob
The most exciting excursion I have ever taken

4 StarsExciting rideSeptember 25, 2013

Reviewer: M & M
This was most enjoyable, and the crew were very good at handling the excursion. They did their best to help us see the whales and tell about them. I learned a lot. Thanks.

5 StarsA wonderful timeSeptember 18, 2013

Reviewer: Kenn the retiree
Very professional and knowledgable crew. Did a great job and delivered on their promises.

5 StarsGlorious Experience!September 17, 2013

Reviewer: Dr. Angela P
After three perfect excursions with Shore Excursions Group, it will be my first choice for all of my future cruises!

4 Starsgood impression.September 17, 2013

Reviewer: Patagona
We booked a Whale watching trip; unfortunately, the boat that was supposed to take us had mechanical trouble. We ended up stranded at Mendenhall Glacier park for three hours waiting for our tour to begin. I really commend the owner/operator for his efforts to resolve the issue. In spite of being confronted by 30 very angry tourists he kept his cool and made every effort to deliver as promised. He even provided everyone with sandwiches (good ones) when we boarded. He was insulted and abused by some, yet still kept his composure and got us our tour. I would book any tour he offers knowing that he will go above and beyond to deliver. I am sorry that I didn't get his name but please tell him that the woman from Patagonia thanks him.

5 StarsLoads of funSeptember 12, 2013

Reviewer: David
Had a great time saw lots of Whales.

4 StarsWhale Watching CruiseAugust 06, 2013

Reviewer: Kayce21
Great guide. Comfortable boat. We saw whales. Enjoyed the trip very much.

4 StarsBeautiful day to Whale WatchAugust 05, 2013

Reviewer: KFBlogger
Naturalists were good, trip seemed a bit rushed and before you know it, we were headed back in.

4 Starswhale watchingAugust 01, 2013

Reviewer: 50states
Great guide, not often to you get a guide who actually follows the migration of whales while doing tours and studys them in college in the off season.

5 StarsGreat ExperienceJuly 10, 2013

Reviewer: CB
Fantastic experience.

5 StarsWonderful ExperienceJune 24, 2013

Reviewer: M & D
Excursion was wonderful! We got to see a pod of Orca's playing. Staff was very knowledgeable and was quick to respond to sightings. Overall a great experience and would recommend to anyone.

5 StarsThey delivered as advertisedJune 24, 2013

Reviewer: Michele
Can't put into words how exciting it is to see a whale! Like the size of the boat/group. Always able to see; visibility of wildlife never blocked. On time and well organized. Captain very competent and good at spotting whales. Naturalist quite knowledgeable. Even provided beverages/snacks - unexpected. Only con - a lot of other whale watching boats out at same time, same place.


Reviewer: LARRY

4 StarsOrcas were in townOctober 07, 2012

Reviewer: Charlie
Great trip

5 Starsfastastic!!!!!!October 07, 2012

Reviewer: annie mac
excellent excursion from the crew to the boat pilots who were working together in getting us to see the whales which we caught orcas feeding so they went out of thier way for us to see them.Just wonderful,

4 StarsWhat a blast!September 26, 2012

Reviewer: Dusty
The small group made it more fun. We could interact with each other. We could talk to the crew without overwhelming them.

5 StarsYou'll see whales!September 20, 2012

Reviewer: Jeremy
This trip was great. Not only did we see whales, but we got to see the whales bubble netting, don't know what that is? Then take this cruise. Make sure to set your watches for the local time, because we stood in the rain for an hour, thinking we missed the van, only to remember my watch wasn't set.

5 StarsFabulous!!September 06, 2012

Reviewer: vbahnasy
Guides should be available as you disembark the cruise ship to direct you where to meet up with your group. It's difficult being someplace you've never been and not knowing exactly where to go.

4 StarsGreat Outing!August 22, 2012

Reviewer: Lisa
Great outing from start to finish. Very well organized. Our guides, from the bus drivers, to the tour guides on the boat, were very friendly and knowledgeable. We saw & heard 15 humpback whales on our excursion!

5 Starsoutstanding experienceAugust 21, 2012

Reviewer: vmc
small group, easy to hear the tour host.

5 StarsLoved the whales!August 18, 2012

Reviewer: GB and GG
Everything cooperated to make this a good afternoon's outing for the whole family!

4 Starswhale watchingAugust 07, 2012

Reviewer: paula
Great trip. Very friendy staff.

4 StarsWhales whales whalesJuly 24, 2012

Reviewer: MGD
This was a good excursion. It did exactly what was promised which was that we were in fact able to see whales (both orca and humpback). When whales could be seen from inside the boat, we had no issue seeing them as everyone had a seat. However, when we had to go on the small deck to see the whales or seals, there was not enough space for everyone. Another minor issue was that they ran out of coffee and hot chocolate while we were on board. On the positive side, we did see lots of orcas and one humpback whale on this excurion. We also were able to see seals. An additional benefit was that our children, ages 5 and 9, LOVED the jetboat!

5 StarsExcellent viewing of marine life!July 20, 2012

Reviewer: Bonnie
This was an excellent value and choice for a way to see a vital part of Alaska. Monitoring of viewing deck usage could have been better...they were dominated by the 22 member family group on our cruise and the rest of us were not able to see as well.

4 StarsWhale watchingJune 20, 2012

Reviewer: Clarkgd
Everyone enjoyed the day. I had my parents, inlaws and wife with me too.

4 Stars""Thar she blows!""June 14, 2012

Reviewer: John Camera
Although we were early (May) in the whale viewing season, the seasoned guide managed to get us (legally) close to some whales. The excursion boat was not setup for serious photography. The time we were out was just right, especially since it was cold. The coffee was good and hot. Overall the experience was great; we would like to repeat it during a warmer time when the season for whale watching is better.

5 StarsThe best excursion of the cruise!July 07, 2011

Reviewer: NRook
I was very impressed with the whale watching tour. Our guide and boat driver were not only knowledgeable but had very good personalities as well. The boat ride was fun and beautiful. I probably would have been happy with that but...we saw so many whales! There were hump backs and Orcas. We were lucky enough to get into a group of about 20 Orcas who were very active. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience. We were so glad we booked this excursion!

5 StarsBest expericnce of the criuseJuly 05, 2011

Reviewer: Scuba Steve
The small Jet Boat was able to get us up close to the whales. The Boat Captin was friendly and knowledgable as was the guide. We saw a lot of whales thanks to the captin and guide. Very exciting.