5 StarsSo much beauty October 31, 2018

Reviewer: Howard hillery
This is a must do excursion. You won’t be disappointed.

5 StarsAmazing experienceOctober 23, 2018

Our pilot was amazing - Super friendly and informative. We landed in a lake, and he gave us plenty of time to get out on the plane's floats to take in the breath taking views and take photos. It was just the four of us and one other couple on the plane and on the lake, so it was private and enchanting. Highly recommend and thanks so much.

5 StarsMust see flightseeing experienceOctober 10, 2018

Reviewer: Gail L Meredith
There's a feeling of freedom and awe when you fly and view Misty Fjords. The excursion was amazing and the pilot phenomenal.

5 StarsGreat TripSeptember 22, 2018

Reviewer: Gail Blundell
Wonderful flight, great people to deal with. Excellent adventure, beautiful views.

5 StarsMisty fjords seaplaneSeptember 10, 2018

Reviewer: Bev
Excellent excursion. The pilot was informative and very personable. After landing on the lake; the pilot suggested we get out for a couple of minutes and stand on the floats. It was a great time.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingSeptember 10, 2018

Reviewer: John and Gisele PARKER
Our pilot was Ken and he has had a lot of experience taking people through the fjords, and we appreciated his professionalism and knowledge of the area. Great pilot. Relaxed and unhurried. Beautiful scenery. Smooth landings. Lots of time spent at the fjords on what was a very cloudy day. Definitely recommended as a unique Alaska experience.

5 StarsExcellent Scenery, Great PilotSeptember 10, 2018

Reviewer: Sharen
We had a great time on this excursion. It was our first of the cruise and it was amazing! Views were spectacular, it was a great day for flying. The plane was a bit tight but that's expected. My husband got to sit in the co-pilot seat and he loved that. There was just 1 other guest besides the two of us. We landed on a lake and saw some seals. Overall, this was a great tour to take to see the landscape and one of the most affordable for what you get. I highly recommend this.

4 StarsUnique ExperienceSeptember 03, 2018

Reviewer: Kristin Schuett
This was our first experience in a float plane. The pilot was experienced and the plane felt safe. Getting to see the scenery and marine wildlife at low altitude was spectacular. Everyone had a window seat. The only drawbacks were the old sound system did not allow us to understand what the pilot was saying most of the time, and mild motion sickness came easily. But we recommend this trip for those who want a unique view of the fjords. The highlight was landing in a fjord and enjoying the peaceful silence from our perch on the plane's pontoons.

5 StarsAlaskaSeptember 02, 2018

Reviewer: Stuart becker
Wonderful excursion. The pilot was extremely knowledgeable.

5 StarsIncredible viewsSeptember 01, 2018

Reviewer: Dewey Johns
We had such an excellent flight! First time on a float plane ad it was fabulous! We could not have had a more beautiful day for sightseeing, clear skies and perfection. The pilot was very knowledgeable about the area and we landed on one of the lakes that was his favorite. Needless to say, the views were awesome. In my opinion, it's an experience not to be missed.

5 StarsFantastic experience August 27, 2018

Reviewer: Stephanie D
This excursion was worth every penny. So glad my husband and I took advantage of this opportunity. Our pilot was wonderful- he made us feel very comfortable and ensured that we had a great time.

5 StarsFabulous FlightAugust 20, 2018

Reviewer: Jane
We were fortunate to have a beautiful clear day after a week of cold and rain on our cruise. Our pilot Kevin did a fantastic job of showing us the beauty of his majestic area, including some close fly-bys of mountain sheep. He landed the plane on a fjord and allowed us to get out onto the floats to enjoy the view. The take-off and landing right by the cruise ships was thrilling. This was the high-light of our trip.

5 StarsBeautiful sightseeing.August 20, 2018

Reviewer: Diane Barnes
We did see wild Mountain goats, and also a mother otter and her babies when we stopped at the dock. Very pretty scenery. The pilot gave some interesting information.

4 StarsFjords flightseeingAugust 20, 2018

Reviewer: toni hays
Being up in the air provided a beautiful vantage point of the fjords. Landing on the serene lake was great.

5 StarsIt was worth the moneyAugust 13, 2018

Reviewer: kalpana
Beautiful views. First time for us in a float plane. The captain is knowledgeable and has a lot of flight experience,.

4 StarsAmazing Views of Beautiful Country August 06, 2018

Reviewer: Deanna Carman
The pilot was courteous and professional. This was my first flight in a sea plane and was impressed with the ease of take off and landing. The pilot looked for wildlife as he flew and we did see mountain goats. He landed on the fjord and helped us step onto the pontoons to take pictures. The scenery was spectacular and the area so remote and quiet. This excursion was well worth our time.

5 StarsexcellentAugust 06, 2018

Reviewer: Beatrice Foreman
This trip was amazingly beautiful. Will never see anything so beautiful again. The mother bear cooperated too by showing off her cubs. The pilot was a very knowlegeable fellow.

5 StarsBreathe Taking -- Photos don't do justiceJuly 30, 2018

Reviewer: Elaine Garley
One of our top excursions. The different scenery and beauty was breath taking. Words can not explain the beauty and size of the area. Just do it! Our pilot was very knowledgeable.

5 StarsBucket list day!July 30, 2018

Reviewer: David Hoover
I knew it would be a thrill to fly in a float plane, but I had no idea what was in store going to the Misty Fjords. At every turn, my wife and I sitting on opposite sides, kept tapping each other, saying " look at this", " look this way"! Then the pilot circled down and landed on one of the pristine, uninhabited lakes and landed. With the engine off, we opened the doors and stood on the pontoons(?) taking the majesty of the beauty all in. Absolutely, the best part of our trip to Alaska! I would do it again in a heartbeat...

5 StarsWhat an awesome experienceJuly 30, 2018

Reviewer: Merle and Cindy Sweitzer
We thoroughly enjoyed our float plane flight. The scenery was awesome and our pilot was very generous, experienced and knowledgeable about what he does.

5 StarsClear skies!July 30, 2018

Reviewer: Lehr
Seeing Alaska from up above was spectacular! Landed on a lake and glided over mountain tops. Beautiful!

5 StarsMisty Fjords WondersJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Barbara
We recently did a Misty Fjords Flightseeing trip in Alaska and it was amazing. We flew over mountains and water tributaries and saw such beautiful scenery. Our pilot was very interesting, capable, and lots of fun. We landed in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the area....what an experience. I would recommend it to anyone. The ride was smooth and delightful.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Steve Falkum
Would highly recommend this excursion. Very nice plane and the pilot was outstanding and very informative and the scenery was fantastic.

5 StarsPilot and tourJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Angie
Loved our pilot. Humorous and skilled. Obviously loved his job and was proud of the state and what he could share with others.

4 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Cheryl Russell
This was just as easy, and more economical, than the same tours offered by our cruiseline. First, there was an easy 5 minute walk to the tour operator. Next, the seaplane adventure was beautiful. We stopped on a private lake for a bit, and I was able to climb out. I'm a 54 year old, overweight female, and if I could do this anyone can. The only reason for four stars instead of five is that I would have liked more information/narration about the sites we were seeing from our pilot.

5 StarsMisty Fjords was breathtakingJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Bolandis Ngiraingas
Weather was nice, sunny and clear day for a flight over Ketchikan. Breathtaking and spectacular views at Misty Fjords. I highly recommend this excursion for everyone.

5 StarsJust WOW!!!July 23, 2018

Reviewer: Mike Beckman
Incredible sites, incredible views and our landing spot was beautiful. Great information on the area and some really magnificent pictures.

5 StarsFantastic mystic majesticJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: pradnya
The excursion was at 7.30.Pretty easy to locate the office.we waited for another 10/15 min. we were taken to the actual plane location through a Van. We were a party of 9 and we all could fit in the van plus 3 additional people. The drive was few mins. After we were out of van we met our float plane pilot. He was a very nice guy. We were told to keep any heavy backpacks ta the office since the float plane has minimum space. We just took our camera and binoculars and hopped into the plane. The sitting arrangement is decide by the pilot based on weight of each person. The scenery was amazing!! the total flight time must be around 1 hr. after 30 min of fly time we landed on water where they have build a wooden platform for tourist to enjoy yhe fjords and scenery surrounding it. We must have spent 15/20 min there.we saw 3/4 seals resting on the nearby rocks. The weather was perfect!The pilot gave us few information about the area! he was a nice guy! we saw a bear during our flight too!!

4 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Carolyn Barnes
Great experience. Great pilot with a lot of information. Scenery was beautiful. As with other excursions, just not long enough.

5 StarsGreat tourJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Kiinani K Mulvihill
Pilot was great. Loved landing next to the "middle of nowhere" dock and hanging out for a bit. Awesome views. Highly recommend for the views only to be seen from the air.

5 StarsThe best!July 16, 2018

Reviewer: Kathy Huie
This was the highlight of our trip! Enough said!

5 StarsStunning Scenery – Excellent TripJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Phil Binding
Booked this trip with Shore Excursions Group after being let down by another firm offering a similar trip. We only wished we had used this company for the other trips we did too as the other company let us down yet again on the day with another trip which we only found out about when we turned up. The reason being there were not enough people to go on the trip! However, this was an incredible trip booked outside of the cruise ship excursions and one of the highlights of our visit to Alaska. We would not only highly recommend this trip but also more importantly, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff at the company too. Thank you.

4 StarsFun tripJuly 16, 2018

Reviewer: Diana Stout
Wish we had seen more wildlife and maybe a whale or two. I think we were there at the wrong time. The trip was fun. Great adventure and the staff/pilot was knowledgeable. A great way to see a lot in a short amount of time. Would definitely recommend.

5 StarsBeautiful July 09, 2018

Reviewer: Jack
What a fantastic experience to takeoff and land upon water while surrounded by breathtaking beauty. This excursion is one I would highly recommend and given the opportunity would do again.

5 StarsExcellent! July 09, 2018

Reviewer: Heather
This was by far my favorite excursion. Our pilot, Solomon, was fantastic!

5 StarsWonderfulJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Pat from Maine
Jimmy our seaplane pilot was experienced and you felt very safe with him. Misty Fjords was a beautiful sight and you really cannot appreciate its beauty unless you do it by seaplane. The seaplane experience alone is a fun experience. The vast beauty is awesome! Carlin Air has the friendliest staff and will do what is needed to make this a great experience for you. I would ask for that company for this experience They worked with me when I lost an envelope of money in the seaplane. They called me as soon as it was found and all of the money in my envelope was intact. Such trusting and accountable employees and boss. Jeff Carlin actually gave us a bottle of red wine that he wanted to give us. What a great group!! Worth every penny and it is wonderful to support such a trusting company as tourists. 😃

5 StarsExcellentJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Bonnie Dellatorre
I was worried about not booking through Princess but everything was perfect!

5 StarsThe #1 to see the FjordsJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Susan
If you have the opportunity, this is hands-down the best way to visit the Misty Fjords National Monument! The view is stunning, and the pilots are very experienced.

5 StarsWhat Can I SayJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Sarah Rands
AMAZING! The view from the float plane was awesome. You can't see what we saw from a boat or land. I highly recommend this excursion. My pictures does not do it justice (and my pictures were great.) This is a must do!

5 StarsBeautiful day to fly!July 09, 2018

Reviewer: Shelda Truelove
Awesome scenery! Really enjoyed landing on the lake at a beautiful water fall.

5 StarsProfessional and BeautifulJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Fred Meeks
The flight into the Misty Fjords was exhilarating. Seeing the fjords from the air gave a much better view of them than a boat trip. Also, the pilot was very informative and courteous.

4 StarsWorthwhileJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Ghia D-Bohl
Unique way of sightseeing at the mountain peak level up close and personal! A must excursion. Only wish it lasted longer since weather complied that day

5 StarsAmazingJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Stacey Berardi
Staff was friendly. Pilot was incredible. Flying so close to the mountain was exhilarating. Landing in a lake and taking photos was a great break. Great way to see the Alaskan wilderness

5 StarsMisty FjordsJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Lynn M Hauger
This sight seeing excursion was phenomenal. The pilot was a wonderful pilot and tour guide. Only God can create the picture we were so blessed to see. It was quite the treat to land in one of the fjord areas and enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature up close.

5 StarsAmazing FlightJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Tom Hodge
Our group of 6 was amazed with the scenery and felt safe and secure throughout the flight. We loved the lake landing and enjoyed observing a bear strolling on the shore near our location. Our pilot was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Definitely highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsAmazingJune 25, 2018

Reviewer: Overby Dana
This was the best excursion we did! A friendly staff and amazing views.! If we only did one excursion we would do this one!

5 StarsGreat excursion!June 25, 2018

Reviewer: Suzanne Ferris
It was a typical Misty day when we went, and really beautiful! The waterfall cascading from a mountain lake was breathtaking, and landing on the water in a seaplane is a bucket list kind of experience

5 StarsFantastic excursion!!June 25, 2018

Reviewer: Arlene McCarthy
Great service & great pilot along with stunning weather made our float plane trip very memorable. Would highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsFlying HighJune 11, 2018

Reviewer: Renee Farnell
This by far was the BEST excursion! We had an absolutely beautiful day. NO RAIN, pure sunshine. Because of that, our Pilot was able to take us to the top of the mountains and to other places that he would not have been able to do. The sites were all breath taking. Hope you get a beautiful day like we did to enjoy Gods beautiful creation.

5 StarsGreat Adventure - Many WaterfallsJune 04, 2018

Reviewer: Pam
Flight originally postponed due to foggy condition BUT the air carrier worked and cell phoned us when conditions cleared. We then had fantastic flight which included the sighting of numerous wildlife, waterfalls, and abundant scenery.

4 StarsFlightseeing in Misty FjordsOctober 23, 2017

We saw a Grizzly clamming on shore as we landed on the fjord! Great flight, but after the helicopter, we realized how much greater visibility there is in a helicopter.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingOctober 13, 2017

Reviewer: Alejandro Laucirica
This was a wonderful experience. The pilot was very professional, we had a perfectly clear day for flying, and we were very safe. It was difficult to hear the pilot through the head phones but everything else was spectacular.

5 StarsGreat GiftOctober 11, 2017

Reviewer: Ray suter
We bought this excursion for our 22 year old grandson that was on an Alaskan cruise with us. He had not been to Alaska previously and never on a seaplane. We bought this excursion through Costco as it was longer and less expensive than one offered by the cruise line. Our grandson flew in the co-pilot's seat and thoroughly enjoyed the trip, although his headset had some problems and it was difficult to listen to the pilot. They didn't see a lot of wildlife but he thought the scenery was awesome. They did land during the trip and each passenger got out of the plane on a pontoon for a photo. Very happy we purchased this excursion.

5 StarsMisty Fjords Floatplane October 04, 2017

Reviewer: Ruby Weitzell
We loved it! Our pilot was very experienced and showed us everything he could find. We made a silken landing on Rudyard Bay and took off again just as smoothly. It was fabulous!

5 StarsGreat ExperienceSeptember 28, 2017

Reviewer: Joyce Seidle
Every aspect of this excursion was great. I have to totally agree with all of the positive comments in the previous reviews. Friendly, professional staff and pilot made the experience fun and worry-free (female, traveling solo, first flight like this - no problem). The scenery is spectacular, especially the aerial views of the waterfalls. The undisturbed quiet of the remote lake was a peaceful experience like no other. A great way to learn about explore this part of Alaska!

5 StarsSunny Misty FjordsSeptember 25, 2017

Reviewer: Rossana Bertani
Fantastic! Breathtaking views. Everything was perfect including the weather!! Great pilot and flight.

5 StarsWonderful flight-great pilotSeptember 23, 2017

Reviewer: Albert, Kopp - South Africa
We loved our Misty Fjords flight. My wife was very apprehensive of flying in this plane then absolutely loved it/ And our pilot had a wonderful personality, very relaxed and made the flight the experience it was. Can recommend it to everybody!!!

5 StarsFloat plane trip to Misty FjordSeptember 21, 2017

Reviewer: DanSales
Highlight of all our excursions! Beautiful, remote and intensely educational. Great plane and great pilot.

5 StarsThe bestSeptember 20, 2017

Reviewer: Susan
I booked this shore excursion for my husband. He loved it. He can't stop bragging about it once he was back. On that day he was very lucky. The rain city showed us the sun. So he shot some beautiful videos that he shared with many friends. He said that was the best part of his cruise vacation.

5 StarsMisty Fjord flightseeingSeptember 19, 2017

Reviewer: Bruce Dunn
Float plane was remarkably smooth. It was misty but the scenery was outstanding. My wife does not like small aircraft but she loved this tour. Landed midway thru the flight and spoke with other passangers from other planes. Pilot Luke was extremely knowledgable.

5 StarsFantastic flight!September 18, 2017

Reviewer: Gail Saukas
Loved this excursion! Our pilot was great and gave us lots of information in addition to flying where we would possibly see sea lions. We landed briefly where the shore was covered with sea lions and an otter swam nearby. I highly recommend this excursion!

5 StarsFjordAugust 30, 2017

Reviewer: Andy Capobianco
Perfect weather. Our pilot was able to take us close to the tops of the mountains because it was so clear. We even landed on a mountain lake and we were able to get out of the plane and stand on the pontoons. That was my highlight of the trip. Loved this!

5 Starswonderful experienceAugust 24, 2017

Reviewer: Jerome Gardner
Great adventure........Pilot was informative and very respectful.

5 StarsMisty Fjord flightseeing in AlaskaAugust 23, 2017

Reviewer: Karen Sirgany
Our tour guide went out of his way to make our experience memorable. When one of the people in the group spotted goats on a mountain, he flew around the area to ensure everyone was able to see. He explained how the area was formed, etc. thus giving us a better understanding of the region. He was very knowledgeable.

5 StarsAn experience way far from what expected!!!August 16, 2017

Reviewer: Jesús Torres
Considering that was the first time I and my family was on this kind of plane, this experience was amazing, the people, the environment, everything was amazing. To see all the mountains from a different perspective was great. The most marvelous experience on Alaska!!!

5 StarsFloatplane excursionAugust 16, 2017

Reviewer: Sheila Goethel
The floatplane excursion was breathtaking. We did see a see lion, but I understand you may see even more wild life while in the air. The scenery and the views from the plane are second to none - landed shortly so we could change seats and step out on the pontoons. Amazing trip - I would recommend to anyone!

5 StarsBreathtaking August 14, 2017

Reviewer: Niven
The best excursion I've ever taken. Getting to the airfield was easy, the ground crew was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the entire experience. Flying in a helicopter through the mountains and over the glacier was breathtaking, the pilot educated us throughout the flight. I would advise taking this excursion above anything else.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingAugust 12, 2017

Reviewer: Harish Patel

4 StarsNice tripAugust 08, 2017

Reviewer: honjovi
A must see but on the pricey side.

5 StarsMisty FjordsAugust 07, 2017

Breathtaking; the pilot was very friendly and accomodating. One of the best experiences of my life

5 StarsMisty Fjords Flightseeing ReviewAugust 07, 2017

Reviewer: Tom McAndrew
We used Shore Excursions because the price was better than the Princess Cruise offering and are so glad we did. We were very pleased from our booking experience to the actual flight. We were disappointed when we got scheduled for a later flight, but when we told you we were with other family members you were able put us all together on the earlier flight making it comfortable to get back to the ship on time. Everyone from the van driver to the office staff was delightful. Our pilot, Fred, was friendly and attended to every detail necessary to provide us with a safe, informative and enjoyable experience. We had beautiful flying weather and were able to see amazing views. When we landed on the water in the fjord, he took some group photos for us. He was constantly on the lookout for wildlife and even double-backed when he saw some mountain goats. We were a group of 6 ranging in age from 10 to 77 and everyone had a great time.

5 StarsBeautifulAugust 01, 2017

Reviewer: lynn
Our pilot was awesome, the sights were amazing. Best excursion of the entire trip. WE did it on the first day and nothing compared.

5 StarsMisty Fjords Flightseeing July 21, 2017

Reviewer: Bill S
Plane ride and views were spectacular! Pilot was excellent. Did not want the ride to end.

5 StarsHelicopter to GlacierJuly 19, 2017

Reviewer: William Stephens
This was a blast. The views from the Helicopter were amazing and the pilot was fun. The people on the Glazier giving the tour as you walked the Glazier were excellent and being on the Glazier was amazing. Strongly recommend.

5 StarsSea PlaneJuly 19, 2017

Reviewer: William Stephens
Wrote the wrong review before the Sea plane was awesome. We had amazing views of the entire area, our pilot was great at explaining all the mountains and Glaziers. He made an awesome landing on one of the lakes in the mountains. The weather was perfect very high visibility. Great tour and highly recommend as the Plane ride was extremely safe and fun.

5 Starsmisty fjords flightseeingJuly 05, 2017

not to me missed. it was great and fun

4 StarsNice Plane RideJune 29, 2017

Reviewer: Matt B. Cincinnati
My wife and I, along with three others boarded a single engine pontoon type plane, and took off from the harbor. Our pilot was very personable, and would check with us regularly to make sure everyone was OK. One passenger had a bout of motion sickness, but that did not detract from a lovely experience. WE saw great scenery, made a stop on one of the fjiord, to get out and stretch our legs (10 minutes). Our pilot took pictures for us, so we didn't need selfies. We boarded the aircraft again, took off and flew back to the harbor. Nice experience.

5 StarsMust Do!June 26, 2017

Reviewer: Melissa Pace
This was an amazing experience. Our pilot Kevin was great, he made everyone feel at ease and pointed out and gave information along the way. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and we had a short landing in a lake and got off the plane. The plane ride itself is incredibly smooth in take off, landings as well as in air. Totally recommended. Loved it!

5 StarsSpectacular sceneryJune 26, 2017

Reviewer: Palolo Girl
Our pilot was excellent and knowledgeable. Landing on the water was amazing. Highly recommended.

5 StarsKetchikan Flightseeing AdventureJune 21, 2017

Reviewer: Barbara Winter
Our flightseeing trip through the Misty Fjords was truly a highlight on our recent Alaskan vacation. The flight was smooth and our pilot was exceedingly knowledgeable. The views were spectacular and we felt safe at all times. I can definitely recommend this excursion.

5 StarsBreathtaking!June 19, 2017

Reviewer: Karen Briggs
The floatplane excursion was awesome! Our pilot, Kevin, was excellent. He's been flying in Alaska for 30+ years and loves what he does. We met our pilot, were given our seats on the aircraft - I got to sit in the co-pilots seat- given our safety brief and we were off. The takeoff was so smooth and unlike any conventional plane I've been on. Once in the air the scenery just kept getting more and more beautiful. We had perfect weather - bright blue skies with no wind. The Misty Fjords weren't misty but were so amazing! We saw waterfalls hundreds of feet tall, mountains dropping into the sea and plenty of snow capped mountains. We landed on a remote lake somewhere in the Misty Fjords and the sound of nothing but waterfalls was unreal. The beauty of this lake was remarkable. We were able to get out onto the floats to snap some pictures. If I ever return to Alaska, I will definitely do this excursion again! I highly recommend it!

5 StarsFantastic ExcursionJune 19, 2017

The team that took us on the flight were absolutely great. We were met promptly, and the driver was extremely courteous. The instructions for our flight were provided upon our arrival, and quite clear. The flight was GREAT! the pilot was informative, and provided us great views and photo opportunities. The flight and team were the highlight of our trip, and we saw and did a great amount. I highly recommend them.

5 StarsA real eye openerJune 19, 2017

Reviewer: Tom Sutherin
This was possibly the best excursion of our trip. It was a great way to see first hand the beautiful wilderness and fjords. The extremes of snow capped mountains, vast green forests, and the beautiful city of Ketchikan was exciting. It was also fun to take off and land on water rather than the typical airport runways. The pilot was very skilled, competent, and informative. We would definitely recommend this excursion.

5 StarsAWESOME VIEWSJune 16, 2017

Reviewer: Norma Hernandez
We loved, loved, loved this flightseeing excursion!!! Our pilot was AWESOME! Our pilot showed us the different sights off the beaten path, his description and the landing on one of the many lakes found in Alaska. It was amazing! We would definitely do this again!

5 Stars Awesome excursion June 15, 2017

Reviewer: Jorge
What a great experience, really friendly and knowledgeable tour guide and pilot. I would highly recommend it.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingJune 14, 2017

Reviewer: Liman Lievens
It was a wonderful experience. The pilot Ralph was friendly and willing to share with us his knowledge. We saw the white-caped mountain , glaciers, cradle lakes and waterfalls.

5 StarsI forgot I have a fear of flyingJune 09, 2017

Reviewer: Maria V. Kilzi
It was the most amazing experience that I have ever had. It felt as if you were at peace with the world and the views were spectacular. The pilot was very imformative and gave us a beautiful experience. If I had the opportunity to do this again I would do it in a heartbeat.

5 StarsSeaplaneJune 02, 2017

Reviewer: Ann Keene
Oh my gosh, was this ever exciting. Flying over the mountains and then landing on a lake way up in the mountains. It was a fabulous experience!

5 StarsBreathtaking!December 15, 2016

Reviewer: Maureen Carson
This outing, in a small plane with only 4 passengers, was the highlight of our stop in Ketchikan. We saw pristine areas up close and landed on a secluded lake. Highly recommend! We still had plenty of time to explore the town before getting back on our cruise ship.

5 StarsFlying highDecember 07, 2016

Reviewer: Patricia Nelson
We had a awesome seaplane trip thru the Misty Fjords. We flew thru a cut between the mountains and landed on a calm water lake, then took back off and even saw seal island with a group of them sunning themselves.

5 StarsMisty Fjiords flightDecember 06, 2016

Reviewer: ED LILLEY
Fantastic informative flight. Pilot Mike made everybody feel at ease right away and commentary made it obvious obvious he was totally at home doing what he loved. The lake landing was a highlight and will be remembered for a long tome.

5 StarsMisty Fjiords flightDecember 06, 2016

Reviewer: ED LILLEY
Sent a 5 star review a few minutes ago but gust remembered the name of the pilot was Kevin not Mike.

4 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingDecember 06, 2016

Reviewer: John
Wonderful! The only way to see fjords and the unbelievable landscape around Ketchikan. The pilot was very seasoned and the weather was very cooperative. We landed on a secluded lake and the whole trip was very scenic, interesting and breathtaking! Not to be missed.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingDecember 01, 2016

Reviewer: Terry Newkirk
The greatest experience ever. The weather we were told was exceptional. A trip that will never be forgotten.

5 StarsPontoon float planeNovember 29, 2016

Reviewer: Robert O'Brien
Words can not describe how beautiful this was. Very smooth ride both on the water, take off, and landing! The pilot went out of his way when he spotted whales bubble feeding; what a sight to see from the air!

5 StarsFlightseeingNovember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Charlotte Reddish
A spectacular experience. The pilot was capable and eager to provide us with the maximum sight seeing opportunities.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingNovember 27, 2016

Reviewer: Pamela
This was the highlight of our trip flying in the pristine country of Alaska with a highly experienced pilot. Saw wildlife on the hills, made a landing on a lake that was like silk, and the small plane experience was awesome for my husband in the front seat with pilot.

5 StarsMisty fjords flightseeingNovember 26, 2016

Reviewer: Scott
This was by far our favorite excursion. We were blessed with beautiful weather which allowed us to reach area our pilot said he hadn't seen in months. We landed on a remote lake and stepped out on the pontoon. The whole operation was very warm and friendly. Made us feel like family.

5 StarsFloating Over the WaterNovember 19, 2016

Reviewer: Sally Ryan
It was so much fun flying low over the trees and water. The weather wasn't good on the main route, so we flew in the other direction, and Kevin did a super job finding beautiful places to see. Then we landed on the water and stepped out on the pontoons to take pictures. WOW!

5 StarsMisty Fjords Flightseeing November 18, 2016

Reviewer: Schreiber
Excellent scenery, knowledgeable guide.

5 StarsAmazing experience and great pilot!!November 18, 2016

Reviewer: Michael Ray
We really enjoyed this!! What an amazing experience. Our pilot at Southeast Aviation (Kevin) was excellent.

5 StarsAwesome!!!November 17, 2016

Reviewer: Mary McMullen
I absolutely recommend flying with this company. Our pilot, Kevin was excellent and the views were to die for. We were promptly shuttled to the check in and welcomed back after our fight by Gus the black Lqb. Do not miss this experience.

5 StarsAmazing!November 15, 2016

Reviewer: jennie
This was one of the most amazing excursions that we took. The wilderness seen from the sky was so beautiful. The pilot even doubled back to show us a bear.

5 StarsGreat pilot and incredible viewsNovember 14, 2016

Reviewer: Cindy Miller
Our pilot Fred had 30 years flying experience and was an extremely knowledgeable guide. He took us up for some amazing views of the fjords and even landed on a mountain top lake. Flying in a small plane allows for an up close and personal experience! This excursion is once-in-a-lifetime experience and not to be missed.

5 StarsMisty FijordsNovember 12, 2016

Reviewer: Sharon London
A wonderful way to see the total majesty of Alaska. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

5 Starsgreat adventureNovember 12, 2016

Reviewer: Bob
wonderful excursion, really enjoyed the flight and tour, seals were awesome

4 StarsFlight seeing in Ketchikan November 11, 2016

Reviewer: Bahman seidy
The experience would have been better had there been a rep to meet us at the dock. As we waited a long time for the rep/van to show up to take us to the plane. Once there it was ok. There were six passengers and 4 of us were large built. It was a little cramp to say the least. The overcast conditions was no fault of the excursion. The capitain was great and landed in one the fjords. The flight was not smooth and my wife was getting air sick. Overall we enjoyed the sights and the experience. It would have been better if I got AAdvantage miles for the money I spent.

5 StarsGreat Flight!November 09, 2016

Reviewer: Nancy Iler

4 StarsBeautiful viewsNovember 09, 2016

Reviewer: Pwhite
I was a little nervous about flying in such a small plane as I get motion sickness but this was the smoothest take off and landing ever, you cannot feel when you are in the air. Our pilot was passionate about the region and was able to tell us a lot about the area. The views were spectacular and the only way to appreciate the size and splendor of the area.

5 StarsBeautiful SceneryNovember 04, 2016

Reviewer: Fabio Y
Great staff and pilot. He wanted to show us the best and he did... just the bears didn't cooperate in showing themselves. Great views - well worth it.

5 StarsOUR FAVORITE EXCURSIONNovember 03, 2016

Reviewer: George
Without a doubt this was our favorite excursion. The whole team was great, but our pilot Keith went the extra mile to give us a great experience. We were blessed with spectacular weather and the scenery was breathtaking. Would recommend this as a must.

5 StarsWhat a great tripNovember 03, 2016

Reviewer: Anonymous
On my goodness, this was really wonderful. We saw a side of Alaska we would have never seen any other way. The staff and pilot were wonderful.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingNovember 03, 2016

Reviewer: Don
This is fun trip. We like it very much.

5 StarsFlightseeing adventureOctober 07, 2016

Reviewer: Bruce Loughlin
Tour was excellent. I was never in a small plane before but the takeoff and landings were smooth as silk. The scenery was breathtaking. We landed in the middle of a lake in the middle of a mountain and when the plane door opened there was nothing but silence. Kevin our pilot was personable and reassuring. This is a must do and reasonably priced especially if you combine it with the whale watching in Juneau and helicopter excursion in Skagway.

5 StarsFlightseeingOctober 03, 2016

Reviewer: Peter Cistaro
Great experience and great pilot

5 StarsAwesome Views wonderful experienceSeptember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Mary
We booked our excursion through shoreexcursions.com without any issues. Arriving at the visitors center we were promptly greeted and shuttled to the aviation hanger. The office manager/owner? kindly greeted us and introduced us to Kevin, our pilot, who immediately put us at ease (think Chuck Yeager). We had a beautiful week of weather cruising Alaska and our stop in Ketchikan was yet another spectacular day. The flight was so breathtaking. Even on a sunny day the Misty Fjords remain misty. Kevin pointed out several interesting features and found some wildlife too, (seals basking in the sun). We shared our Beaver airplane with two couples who spoke Spanish. Kevin translated for them also. Returning we were were welcomed back by Gus the black Lab special for us as we were missing our black lab back at home. Hubby was so pleased he purchased a tee shirt! I can't say enough about this excursion and the professionalism of Southeast Aviation. Highly recommend

5 StarsWorth the moneyAugust 29, 2016

Reviewer: Fred Cholick
The pilot was great and very informative. great views of the mountains. Also enjoyed landing in the lake.

5 StarsBeautifulAugust 29, 2016

Reviewer: Jennifer Triptow
This was an amazing experience - to be able to fly over untouched wilderness and see the majestic beauty of the Alaskan mountains. This was a top notch experience.

5 StarsAwesome ExperienceAugust 27, 2016

Reviewer: Maggie Hucko
This was a great excursion for our family. The pilot was friendly, knowledgeable and put forth great effort to make this a memorable trip for us. He pointed out different things to us and encouraged us to ask questions. This was our first time on a float plane and we will definitely do this again in the future. Highly recommend!

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingAugust 27, 2016

Reviewer: Richard Steinhelper
Completely enjoyed the experience, from the ground personnel to the pilot--all were very friendly. A float plane experience is not to be missed in Alaska.

5 StarsMisty Fjords Flightseeing August 25, 2016

Reviewer: D Henzel
Spectacular - do not miss this!

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightAugust 25, 2016

Reviewer: Gordon Belling
The view from the float plane was beautiful. It is amazing to fly over all that wilderness and touch down on a secluded mirror like lake. The elevated lakes and waterfalls were a sight that no one should miss.The crew and ground staff were so friendly, we felt that we'd known them for years

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingAugust 24, 2016

Reviewer: Sheldon Weinrib
All great. Spectacular. All went off smoothly!

5 StarsExcellent experience. Great pilot!August 24, 2016

Reviewer: Esti Escalona
Great service beautiful scenery great pilot

5 StarsHighlight of our tripAugust 19, 2016

Reviewer: Jeff Miner
Really a fantastic way to see the scenery - I'd have gladly flown around for hours and hours - it was so beautiful. Our pilot was a great guy - friendly, funny, knowledgeable. I was apprehensive about the plane, not having flown in a small plane before, but I never once felt unsafe - mostly it was exhilerating

5 StarsFloat Plane to Misty FjordsAugust 18, 2016

Reviewer: Liz Kaese
Breathtaking, amazing trip. The pilot was very informative and helpful. Loved the landing at the floating pier to view the seals. Great trip. I would definitely recommend it!

5 StarsVery scenicAugust 10, 2016

Reviewer: Dawn Henchey
Had beautiful scenery. Pilot was great. Less expensive then cruise lines. Had two 13 year old with us, would recommend this more for adults. They were unimpressed and I wouldn't waste the money on kids.

5 StarsWow!August 10, 2016

Reviewer: Steve Ashmore
We were fortunate to have a very clear day to experience the Misty Fjords. Our very experienced pilot was very knowledgable and entertaining. We landed on a fresh water lake (Goat Lake) and got out an explored a small island. Absolutely breathtaking beauty!

5 StarsFlightAugust 04, 2016

Reviewer: Eugene VanKanegan
Very nice. Well organised. Felt safe. Fun.

5 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingAugust 03, 2016

Reviewer: Brenda Nicoski
This was the first for us in this type of aircraft and the pilot was very honed in on making sure everyone of having a good experience. The fight was beautiful and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.

5 StarsBeautiful viewsAugust 02, 2016

Reviewer: Stephanie
A wonderful experience seeing the fjords from above.

5 StarsFun FlightJune 08, 2016

Reviewer: World roadie
This was a fun excurstion,although the weather did not cooperate. Beautiful flight thru the Fjords and the pilot was personable and informative. This is a great way to see parts of Alaska that you probably would not see otherwise.

4 StarsEnjoyed the flightJune 05, 2016

Reviewer: Matt
Although I thought the Misty Fjords flight was a little pricey, l felt like we had good flight time with amazing views of frozen lakes, beautiful waterfalls, breath taking views of the fjords and mountain goats.

5 StarsGreat Floatplane Experience!August 14, 2015

Reviewer: Erin
Our pilot had been flying floatplanes in Alaska for 30+ years so I felt super comfortable with him. The floatplane takes off from the water in Ketchikan, flying through Misty Fjords and landing on a random, peaceful lake. If you wish, you can get out and stand on the pontoons, which we did. What a once in a lifetime experience. Very expensive but worth every penny for us.

5 StarsAwesome Awesome Awesome must do it!!!August 06, 2015

Reviewer: Kevin gave us a ride of a lifetime!
Kevin the pilot has excellent flying skills.

5 StarsMisty fjords flightseeingJuly 30, 2015

Reviewer: Martmullen
Pilot was knowledgeable and accommodating. This is a great value as compared to the cruise ship price. We were picked up and dropped off right at the dock. Staff was friendly and wonderful to work with. Our best excursion on our Alaska cruise! Highly recommend this

5 StarsWonderfulJuly 22, 2015

Reviewer: DebusChicks
This was the best ecursion we did. Great customer service, plane in top condition.

5 StarsWonderful and breathtaking!July 02, 2015

Reviewer: BW
Wonderful and breathtaking!

5 StarsLoved Loved Loved!!!!June 15, 2015

Reviewer: Tracy
This excursion was amazing!! The staff that ran this was so friendly & our pilot, Randy, was awesome!! He talked the whole time, pointing out beautiful sights & information and the are was just breathtaking!!

5 StarsThrillingJune 10, 2015

Reviewer: AzbrdrRLA
Our pilot was challenged by the foggy weather. But because he was very experienced, he took an alternative route which was spectacular giving us more time and better views of the incredible scenery.

5 StarsWOW, What Wonderful ViewsJune 09, 2015

Reviewer: FC Comet
Great weather, great pilot who loves his job. Views were fantastic! Would do this again in a heartbeat!!

4 StarsExciting and InterestingOctober 10, 2014

Reviewer: Pontoon Patti
The pilot was very informative in noting areas of history and land formations. It was especially exciting to land on a lake and be able to get out onto a pontoon for picture taking and enjoyment of the scenery and solitude of location. Also indicating the mainland location and the channels.

5 Starsi'd do this againOctober 01, 2014

Reviewer: Alaska believer
pilot was coutreus and showed us what Misty foeds had to offer

4 StarsMisty Fjords FlightseeingSeptember 22, 2014

Reviewer: Mary
First time we ever did a flight gliding plane ride. Was really neat! When we landed in the water, it was so smooth! We saw seals playing on the bank going in and out of the water!

4 StarsBeautiful viewsAugust 28, 2014

Reviewer: Tom
Great views of Misty Fijord and smooth landings.

5 Starsfantastic 2 hour flightAugust 11, 2014

Reviewer: lrunaway
don't miss seeing the fjord from the air. you will never regret it. this excursion was beath taking. wow!

4 StarsBreath taking viewsOctober 20, 2013

Reviewer: Zots69
Great trip for photos

5 Starsgreat daySeptember 29, 2013

Reviewer: floridians
the organisation was 1 a

5 StarsBest way to see the Misty Fjords.September 21, 2013

Reviewer: Dan
First time in Alaska. Won't be my last. We'll be back to do this excursion again. My girlfriend is afraid of heights and she sat in the front seat on the way up to the lake. She loved it! I was lucky enough to get the front seat on the way back. Gorgeous views all the time, beautiful land, and friendly people. Don't forget to say hi to Gus (the friendly black lab).

5 StarsFantastic experienceSeptember 18, 2013

Reviewer: Kenn the retiree
Very professional pilot who also provided a very educational experience.

5 StarsAn Honest Money Back Guarantee Policy!September 17, 2013

Reviewer: Dr. Angela P
Although the weather did not cooperate on the day of our excursion, the pilot tried his very best to fly into the Misty Fjords. Unfortunately on this particular day, the fjords were a little too misty and he couldn't, in spite of having tried different approaches. We still had an exciting, long seaplane ride over gorgeous scenery. And without us having to request it, we were given a 100% refund of the cost of the trip. It was like having our cake and eating it too!

4 StarsBeautifulSeptember 12, 2013

Reviewer: David
Great Excursion, beautiful country.

5 StarsWonderful Adventure!September 11, 2013

Reviewer: Stephen the Golf Pro
Guide was excellent, 25 years experience on a very enjoyable flight of the Misty Fjords. Views were beautiful. Saw a seal and beautiful scenery. Very enjoyable but not strenuous.

4 StarsNeat experienceSeptember 06, 2013

Reviewer: Leslie
A really neat experience, getting a bird's eye view of the area. The pilot does some narration but also plays a recording with music that really adds to the relaxing feel of flying through the clouds. He (Mark) immediately learned the names of all his passengers and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us. My teens loved it.

4 StarsGreat sights, not enough activitiesSeptember 03, 2013

Reviewer: Michaela
The views were spectacular, and the guide reasonably interesting. However, we landed in the middle of the lake on a dock with no shore access and no other activity, which was a let-down for our party (not to mention made for an uncomfortable ride back if you were in need of a washroom). Overall, I would still recommend the trip as a once in a lifetime (hydroplane flight seeing experience) and emphasize that this is all you get for this price.

5 StarsStunning scenery!August 14, 2013

Reviewer: 2 old biddies
Experience matters, and that's what we received!!!

4 StarsMust Fly to see AlaskaAugust 06, 2013

Reviewer: Mic
Excursion was great. Wish Jeff the pilot was more personable. He talked so fast you could barely understand him and he was very short and curt with answers and comments. No doubt he does this excursion many times a day, but needs to remember for the guests it is just once!

5 StarsFlightseeingAugust 01, 2013

Reviewer: 50states
This was an awesome trip with a great pilot, friendly and very informative. The whole family loved this trip, we would do it again in a minute!

5 StarsAwesome views and a great local pilotJuly 15, 2013

Reviewer: Ron & Annette
Our pilot Fred was a true pro. We had hoped for an unforgettable experience and he delivered! We had a super smooth lake landing and takeoff as well. The views and photo ops were outstanding. The vendor is very local to the pier and drives you to and from the plane. Great tour for anyone. Very accommodating for people with mobility issues. Best excursion in Ketchikan.

5 StarsUnbelieveable ExperienceJuly 10, 2013

Reviewer: CB
Once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsBeautiful viewsJuly 09, 2013

Reviewer: M & D
Loved it, pilot was very knowledgeable and friendly, recommend to everyone!

5 StarsA fantastic excursionJuly 03, 2013

Reviewer: Nev from South Africa
A first time fantastic experience flying over some amazing sights in the float plane.

5 StarsBreathtakingJuly 03, 2013

Reviewer: JC
Great plane and pilot. Once I photoshopped the wings out of my pictures there were fantastic.

5 StarsAmazingJune 27, 2013

Reviewer: Denise the retired
The most amazing journey on this trip Would go again and again Pilot was great Being handicapped - it was a pleasure to have an event that realizes people's special needs.

5 StarsMust do! Must see!June 24, 2013

Reviewer: Michele
Float plane experience itself is a must let alone the best way to see the incredible sights of the Misty Fjords - 1 of only 4 fjords in the world!!! We were fortunate to have a clear day with perfect viewing of mountain lakes, waterfalls, & mountain goats on top of snow covered peaks. Landing on the river allowed us to see if from all perspectives. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Excellent pilot (thanks Fred!) and tour was well organized & on time.

4 StarsBeautifulJune 17, 2013

Reviewer: Lisa
a beautiful trip. Went up to top of mountains and landed on a small lake. The sound of waterfalls around you were amazing.

5 StarsAwesome experience with local PilotJune 07, 2013

Reviewer: Jim
Float plane experience was incredible

5 StarsExcellent TimeOctober 25, 2012

Reviewer: Shaunt
Me and my girlfriend booked this trip prior to our cruise and we couldn't have been more happy. It turned out to be a great excursion. I have never been in a seaplane before and was a little worried when I saw the plane but it couldn't have been smoother or a better experience. Our pilot (I forget his name) was great and very informative. It takes a little while to actually get to the Fjords but when you do the views are breathtaking. We stopped and landed in one the Fjords and walked around a little and took some pictures. I highly recommend.

5 Starssimply stunningOctober 07, 2012

Reviewer: annie mac
this was our first float plane and what a ride!!! Simply stunning ariel views of the most spectaular scenery around, the pilot was knowlegeble and fun.Highty recommend.

5 StarsAMAZING!!October 07, 2012

Reviewer: Charlie
This was absolutely amazing! Highly recommended

5 StarsBeautiful!September 20, 2012

Reviewer: Jeremy
It was a very enlightening flight. A lot of photo ops, and we even got to land and sit on the skids! Pilot was a big Coldplay fan, which he played through the headsets for us to ""enjoy"". Very knowledgeable!

4 Starsgreat view!September 16, 2012

Reviewer: sherry
This trip is a little pricey for a pretty short excursion but I still reccommend it if you want to see the real Alaska. For miles in every direction there is mtns. covered with snow and lakes . Landing on one of them was pretty awesome. We even saw herds of the mtn. goats on top of a few mtns. no bears though. Great experience overall!

5 StarsAbsolutely Beautiful!!!!September 03, 2012

Reviewer: pam
Awesome experience!!! I would recommend this to everyone who is out for adventure

4 StarsGreat Outing!August 22, 2012

Reviewer: Lisa
Great tour. Our pilot was friendly, but I wish he had talked to us more about what we were seeing during the flight.

5 StarsWe had a wonderful Flightseeing tourAugust 15, 2012

Reviewer: Hunter 1
The flied was incredible and the crew and pilot were knowledgeable and just wonderful people. Thank You and God Bless.

5 StarsAbsolutely breath-taking!!July 20, 2012

Reviewer: Bonnie
This was a first for us. The experience couldn't have been better...even the weather was perfect, overcast and misty! The music was a plus and suited to all ages, accentuating the vistas perfectly. The pictures we have turned out great...able to relive again and again.

5 StarsBeautifulJuly 08, 2012

Reviewer: Niki
I was nervous about but it was great. It was a whole new way to see Alaska.

5 StarsBeyond descriptionJuly 05, 2012

Reviewer: Larry
Beautiful, unspoiled wilderness

4 StarsSea planeJune 20, 2012

Reviewer: Clarkgd
Loved it. My parents and inlaws did as well

5 StarsGreat AdventureJune 14, 2012

Reviewer: John Camera
I love to fly. I, also, love photography. This flight afforded both to a very high degree. Taking off and landing were especially fun. We were able to see much of the surrounding landscape right outside the window of the plane. We landed in a small, secluded lake with beautiful scenery that you have to see (and photograph) to believe. An adventure of a lifetime.

5 StarsFantastic viewsSeptember 28, 2011

Reviewer: RJBart
This was a spectacular trip to Misty Fjords via plane. The scenery was fantastic, a pristine wilderness.

5 Starsmust doSeptember 20, 2011

Reviewer: Tom
Great flight, very thrilling, smooth take off and landings.

5 StarsA great ExperienceSeptember 18, 2011

Reviewer: Carolyn
Going on this adventure brought me closer to the real Alaska. Couldn't have been better.

5 StarsperfectSeptember 18, 2011

Reviewer: barb
we used shore ex on sea plane..helicopter and whale watching..perfect..great guides..great tours

5 StarsPerfect weather for spectacular viewsSeptember 08, 2011

Reviewer: teacher jenny
This was a fabulous excursion.

4 StarsBeautiful excursion.August 28, 2011

Reviewer: Martine the Traveller
Be sure to bring a camera

5 StarsFabulous Aerial ViewsAugust 20, 2011

Reviewer: Cruise Vacation Lovers
This was a thrilling experience in a floatplane that provided us with spectacular aerial views over the Tongass National Forest and Misty Fjords National Monument. The pilot was terrific and gave us a beautiful view of the peaks and valleys in the Fjord. He spotted a Bear along the shore of one of the lakes and made two passes to allow everyone on the plane an opportunity to spot this rare site. We landed on one of the lakes deep in the Fjord and had several minutes to walk out onto the pontoons and view the landscape and listen to the quiet of nature. The was an experience that you should not miss and a unique and fun adventure. We would recommend this highly.

5 StarsMisty fjord flightseeingAugust 07, 2011

Reviewer: Sue
This Excursion was one the best we have done while on the cruise. The Fjords were magnificent and the lake in which the float plane landed was amazing. It was the most peaceful place in the world. It is a tour that can be done once in life time as the cost is steep, but definitely a must do.

5 StarsAwesomeAugust 06, 2011

Reviewer: CC
Our trip was wonderful. The floatplane ride was so peaceful & an awesome experience. The views were great.

5 StarsSpectacular sceneryJuly 21, 2011

Reviewer: Darrell
Beautiful scenery. I had no idea Alaska had rain forrests. Spectacular views. Excellent trip

5 StarsA flight back in timeJuly 19, 2011

Reviewer: Mike
The ground staff and our pilot were very professional and friendly. The 1955 De Haviland Beaver float plane was beautifully maintained. The trip into the Misty Fjords was like flying back in time to what the area must have looked like thousands of years ago before western exploration. Our pilot was very knowledgable and put us down on a mountain lake where we saw signs of brown bears. We didn't want the excursion to end.

5 StarsSpectacular!June 23, 2011

Reviewer: garoman
This was like being in an episode of National Geographic! Spectacular!

5 StarsUNBELIVABLESeptember 10, 2010

Reviewer: Alaska Joe
Everything from booking to the excursion was fantastic.