4 StarsNot 4x4August 28, 2017

Reviewer: Eddie
This was a good tour, based on the description we thought it would be some 4x4. Hours of driving a regular road, but we saw great views and our guide was excellent.

4 StarsGood, but not what we expectedAugust 14, 2017

Reviewer: Mary Sue
The scenery was beautiful and our guide was great and very knowledgeable about the locations we drove though. With that said we were expecting an off-road experience which this is not. This was driving for 5+ hours and stopping at a few locations for pictures and breaks. The description should state it is driving on a road and no off-road, boring at times even though the scenery was beautiful.

5 StarsYukon Sightseeing Adventure by Hummer August 04, 2017

Reviewer: Rose and Dave Goodrich
Great time even though the weather was terrible. Great stops. Love the way we could all talk on the radios. Great salmon spread. Tour guide was very informative. Vehicles were in great shape.

5 StarsGreat EXPERIENCE!!!!!!November 25, 2016

Reviewer: Liz
Beautiful, educational and extremely FUN!!!!! Tour guide very knowledgable, good story teller, and he recited poetry, This was one the best memories I will take from my vacation.!!!!!!!! Can't say enough nice things about the guide or excursion.

4 StarsJeepOctober 07, 2016

Reviewer: Mary
Great ride

5 StarsYukon Jeep Klondike AdventureOctober 03, 2016

Reviewer: Treena Nordmark
This was one of the best choices we made for our whole trip!!!! Our guide was knowledgeable, funny, entertaining and very likable. We were able to see amazing wonderful scenery that was absolutely breathtaking!!! This is a must adventure, there is no comparison to what you see in a book to what our naked eye can reveal!!! God's creation is remarkable!!!!

4 StarsJeep Yukon TourSeptember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Mary Ann
We did not get to go off-roading but this excursion was well worth the money. It was informative, beautiful (even in the rain) interesting and fun. We loved this. In our jeep was my husband, myself my adult son and daughter in law. Bring your cameras. All of us took pictures during the whole trip! Highly recommend!

4 StarsGot a little hairy!!July 15, 2016

Reviewer: Anonymous
Fun but only criticism is with 11 jeeps, there were too many.

5 StarsGreat Views fun adventure!August 10, 2015

Reviewer: Scott
Vanessa the guide was in our Jeep she was very knowledgeable about the area. Funny and experienced driver. Both her and Scott were excellent guides. You get off the beaten path!

5 StarsBeautiful drive back into the Yukon territoryAugust 06, 2015

Reviewer: Vanessa & Scott are excellent guides
Had a wonderful experience. Make sure to take passport. No problems at Canadian Border. Jeeps were in great condition.

4 StarsNice drive. Interesting history. Some off-roading.June 18, 2015

Reviewer: Jamie
We had never been to Alaska and had a difficult time deciding what excursions to take. We booked this one because we thought it would be exciting. It was extremely easy to book. I booked it from the airport on the way to Alaska. If you happen to do this and do not print the tickets, go to a local library at one of the earlier stops and use their internet connection and printer. Pros: The Jeeps were in great shape, and our guide did a very good job of highlighting the history of the area. My son has told people many of the stories he heard on this trip. The scenery in the Yukon is beautiful and a bit different from what you see at the normal cruise stops. The caribou sausage and cheese were great snacks,and it didn't really seem like a 5-6 hour roundtrip drive. We also saw a bear on the side of the road, which was pretty cool. Cons: This isn't really a con. It is just something of which you should be aware when considering this excursion. As some other reviews have said, you are not offroad very much. What we did was great and gave us some great views, but we really only DROVE offroad for about thirty minutes total. As I said, this is not a negative. It was just different from what we expected. Note to parents: The explanation of what you need to cross into Canada and back into Alaska says you need two ID's and a letter from a parent saying it is okay to take the child out of the coutnry. I took my son with me and only needed his passport.

5 StarsGreat tourJuly 03, 2014

Reviewer: Bucket list trip traveler
Great tour with expert guide of Scott. We were on a cruise and stopped one day in Skagway and took this tour. It was a great way to see the Yukon and have a little adventure. Our family of 4 had our own jeep and loved the CB radio connection to all 10 jeeps in our caravan. Scott did a great job ensuring our safety and making sure the group stayed together. We had dense fog when crossing into Canada, but no difficulty traveling through it thanks to the expert leadership! It was a nice change from typical shore tours and a small enough expedition to not feel crowded. My son and husband loved driving through the mud and rock beds on top of Montana Mountain near CarCross, Yukon. I would do this again!

4 StarsGreat fun, beautiful scenery, informativSeptember 04, 2013

Reviewer: Connie
This jeep adventure was very well organized. The jeep's were in excellent condition. Our guide, Scott, was very knowledgeable, very personable, and made sure all of us experienced what we anticipated the tour would provide. The off roading was fun. Each group had their own jeep, but we got to know each other via the radio and stops. We all ended up having lunch together after the tour at a local restaurant. The bus driver was very knowledgeable about Skagway, and gave us good info on the town.

5 StarsThis Excursion Made the TripAugust 19, 2013

Reviewer: GMKLAW
This was the best excursion of our trip. The guides were great, the scenery was breathtaking, the offroading was crazy. All in all, a great experience. Not to be missed at any cost. If you only have enough $ for one excursion, this is the one. 2 countries, 1 state, 1 province and 1 territory.

5 StarsAwesome drive and fun!July 06, 2013

Reviewer: Alaska cruisers
The jeeps were practically brand new and fun to drive, The scenery was awe inspiring. And the guide was knowledgable and fun at the same time. We would highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsExcellent way to spend shore timeApril 13, 2013

Reviewer: Pat
Took the morning trip, guide was very informative and articulate. Early fall foliage was fantastic. The Yukon was full of mountain scenery and lakes. Just enough off road experince for the amature. Jeeps confortable

4 StarsGood ExcursionAugust 27, 2012

Reviewer: Hans
Good fun in general, but a bit to much highway driving.

5 StarsTons of funJuly 12, 2012

Reviewer: thars2
What a great way to see the Yukon! From the bus driver to our guide the staff was incredible. Very friendly and knowledgeable. The views were great and our guide was awesome at spotting wildlife and pulling over for us to have photo opportunities. Saw two bears on our trip. The off-roading was fantastic!

5 StarsFUN! FUN! FUN!October 05, 2011

Reviewer: Alice
The Yukon Jeep Adventure gave us opportunity to see some of the most spectacular views of the Yukon Territority. We took the trip in Mid September and the colors were breathtaking. We appreciated the opportunity to get out and take pictures. Our tour guide was very informed and told many interesting stories. I suggest this adventure for everyone!

5 StarsWild CountrySeptember 29, 2011

Reviewer: Shirley
Off the beaten path is great.

5 StarsFantastic--a must doSeptember 29, 2011

Reviewer: Don
Enjoyed the freedom to drive my own jeep. The guide was informative.

4 StarsVery informative and scenic.July 01, 2011

Reviewer: David
This jeep ride was a great way to get a glimpse of Canada and a little more interior Alaska. I would have enjoyed a little more off-roading along with the drive, but overall the trip was very fun and taught me a lot about the culture and history of Alaska as well. Would recommend.