August 06, 2018
The gardens were beautiful and we enjoyed seeing them. The picture is a little deceptive because you mainly see them during daylight. But I would rather view the gorgeous flowers in the daylight anyway. It was well worth the money and would recommend it to others. The shops were fun too and we got some souvenirs.
Reviewer: Barbara Robinson
5 Stars
Butchart Gardens
July 30, 2018
Reviewer: Melody Melendez
5 Stars
September 22, 2017
It was an excellent experience after having seen the garden in day light. One problem with the tour was on return journey it should halt at the Assembly building for a while so that people can enjoy the view in night time and do some photography.Wifi in bus was wonderful
Reviewer: P S Grewal
4 Stars
Beautiful Gardens
August 10, 2017
Nice tour at your own pace
Reviewer: Rich Hansen
5 Stars
Butchart Gardens
August 05, 2017
Stunning and beautiful.
Reviewer: Robbie Cuyler
5 Stars
It is very good tour
July 18, 2017
The tour guide gave us very detailed review the city and the garden. The bus location is very easy to find. Thanks, Yidi
Reviewer: Yidi Xiao
5 Stars
Butchard Gardens
July 13, 2017
This was a beautiful tour. The grounds are absolutely amazing.
Reviewer: Marcia Cloud
5 Stars
Butchart Gardens Illumination
November 28, 2016
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL a must to go see.....
Reviewer: Kim wright
5 Stars
More time needed
November 28, 2016
The experience was great. My only comment would be that we wanted more time to explore the gardens. We wish the tour had started earlier and provided more time at the garden. We only had about an hour and in the dark it was hard to appreciate the flowers.
Reviewer: Gleda Edwards
5 Stars
November 20, 2016
So worth it. Gardens are amazing!
Reviewer: Jeana Geier
5 Stars
Butchart Gardens
September 28, 2016
A rainy night but still a beautiful tour. Bus driver very reliable and good with the info he imparted to us.
Reviewer: Patricia Fiedler
4 Stars
Gorgeous gardens and flowers
August 10, 2016
If you love flowers and beautiful gardens don't miss this trip. You will be blown away. Must see to really appreciate
Reviewer: Vernon John Waggy
5 Stars
July 30, 2015
The tour of Butchart Gardens is well organized and provides free time to explore the beautiful gardens. The bus tour gives a brief tour of Victoria. We had visited the gardens before and were looking forward to special illumination on the tour. However, it was still light outside so we could see the gardens quite well but we didn't see it all lit up. A visit to Victoria must include these gardens!
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Super tour
July 11, 2015
Wonderful driver and guide; timely pickup and return at pier.
Reviewer: Lulu the organizer
5 Stars
A must
June 19, 2015
This is a must. Absolutely beautiful. I read reviews where people felt rushed. I thought time was about right but we can walk fast. I wouldn't recommend for handicap or people with difficulty walking. Just amazing grounds and story. Our driver was so nice and had lots of great information. The cost was a great value.
Reviewer: a mom
5 Stars
Just Beautiful!
September 21, 2014
Was an evening onshore excursion. We have been to many gardens and this is a must see. The garden design is so incredible using the quarry, multiple levels, water features, sculptures, architectural pieces and many truly beautiful design elements. The plant specimens are so varied and numerous. There literally are flowers everywhere. We were there for the night illumination visit. It was breathtaking. We wish we had more time that evening to visit the garden and that we could have returned and saw it during the day.
Reviewer: Jane and her family
5 Stars
Illumination in the rain not good
September 04, 2014
The bus driver was very elderly. He was a very slow driver coming and going and on the way back to the ship made a detour drop off for some on board and even made a wrong turn which made for getting back late. He was the most boring bus driver I have ever had on a tour. This was a night tour and once at the Gardens you were on your own until pickup time. I was hoping for a positive experience with the illumination but it rained and that was not to be. Based on the driver I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Reviewer: Kencruiser
4 Stars
Most Amazing Gardens!!
August 14, 2014
The Butchart Gardens are a must see! They are Amazing! The excursion was a little confusing when we got off the cruise ship. We were loaded into a local taxi. The driver was not 100% sure what our next step was once he dropped us off. We were dropped off in the hub of Victoria, checked in at another vendor and had to wait on the bus. This did allow us a little time to check out Victoria, only ~30 minutes. Once we got to the gardens, we felt rushed to see them in the amount of time given. But we really loved the gardens. Not sure about the illumination part, we must have been missing that. We would have loved more time, but overall were happy we choose this excursion in Victoria.
Reviewer: Travellover2
4 Stars
September 02, 2013
The gardens are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The fireworks were the best I've ever seen. The bus driver was very informative on the way to the gardens and let us rest on the way back since it was so late. It was a perfect excursion. I would recommended it highly to anyone of any age. Thanks!
Reviewer: Annie
5 Stars
Beautiful gardens, a must see
June 29, 2013
The trip started out a little crazy, the bus driver didn't seem to know what they were doing. They need to tell everyone on the bus, that it is a long ways out, we kept driving and driving. Which is okay, if we know what to expect. Everyone kept wondering when we were going to get there. If the bus driver had told us, right up front, that is will take about an hour, everyone would have known. By the time we got to the gardens, we didn't have enough time to see everything. We had to hurry, hurry to see most of it. The gardens were beautiful and smelled so sweet. I want to go back when I can spend more time. If we wouldn't have taken so long at the Empress Hotel and sat on that darn bus so long waiting (for I don't know what) we would have had more time to see the gardens. I felt that we lost a good 45 minutes of our time that could have been spent at the gardens instead of sitting in front of the Empress Hotel.
Reviewer: Lois
5 Stars