Victoria Evening City Tour
October 22, 2019
This is a very beautiful city with Victorian era architecture throughout. Cabs are a bit pricey around here so having a bus that you can get on and off is worth the cost on its own. If you can definitely do this during the day to get maximum visibility.
Reviewer: Angel Guevara
3 Stars
Great tour!
September 12, 2019
We loved this tour. The audio provided us with so much information about Victoria. Very nice.
Reviewer: Diane Egan
5 Stars
Good overview tour of beautiful Victoria!
August 09, 2019
Enjoyed the evening tour of Beautiful Victoria! Got a glimpse of the city hotspots and learned many things about the city!
Reviewer: Angela Bristow
5 Stars
Couldnt take tour
June 27, 2019
The ship came in late and no one was there when we finally go off the ship. Dissappointed but I guess they couldn't wait for us. Had to try to make our own way around which wasn't easy. Our agent highly recommended this tour. Maybe next time!
Reviewer: Darlene
5 Stars
Victoria Evening Tour
June 21, 2019
Wasn’t fond of the open air bus. It was a chilly night but otherwise enjoyed the tour.
Reviewer: Marjorie Rienzie
3 Stars
victoria bus tour
June 19, 2019
With a limited few hours in Victoria on a Saturday night, tour was a good choice for a nice overview of the City.
Reviewer: Alan Harvey
4 Stars
Victoria evening tour
January 29, 2019
We went on the Victoria evening tour in September 2018. Even though we were the only ones that signed up, the tour company did not cancel. Viewing the downtown lights around the Parliament buildings and water front was great, However some of the tour included viewing things in a local park while it was too dark to see what was being described.. It was a bit awkward so we asked to return to the cruise ship early.
Reviewer: Dianne Barr
3 Stars
review for the evening tour
September 22, 2018
It was good, but we should wear more clothes
Reviewer: Yiwei Zhao
5 Stars
Victoria BC
September 20, 2018
Such a beautiful city! Although we were only in port for a brief period of time, this trip was one of the best excursions of our cruise. The evening bus tour convinced us that we need to return and spend more time here. Our guide showed us a great sample of the city, both its history and its present. We loved the whole experience.
Reviewer: Cathy Costello
5 Stars
city tour
July 04, 2018
The tour had pre-recorded information at each stop. It was interesting.
Reviewer: Cindy Hausman
3 Stars