Haling bay
December 12, 2019
The tour was very good but the arrangements for meeting were ridiculous! We had to take a 20 minute taxi ride to get on a bus which brought us right back were we started from.!
Reviewer: Gayle dorn
5 Stars
Halong Bay
December 03, 2019
Enjoyed the boat ride and lunch. Everyone was nice. Really nice we were able to kayak through the arch to the inner area. It was beautiful. Lot’s of boats. We were not alone.
Reviewer: Susan Walk
5 Stars
halong bay cruise
April 04, 2019
Halong bay was a very unique environment with special memories. That said the organisation on the day was chaotic and stressful. However thanks to the hard work of the guide (David?) we managed to have a good time and see the sights around the bay. The meal served on the boat was really good.
Reviewer: david baxter
3 Stars
nice Afternoon
January 17, 2019
We left about 11am and it lasted until 4pm. It wasn't quite what we thought. On the way out we had about a 4 course local meal. It had rice, eggrolls, some seafood like calamari, and shrimp. They offered drinks and then later collected money for the drinks. Cokes were about $.75 and a small coffee $1.00. They also sold some gifts on the boat. The scenery was beautiful. The cave walk had some steps up and down, maybe 100? The cave was very pretty. After the cave we went to a cove where we got boat rides through a couple of arches. They used a local person to row you out. The boats held about 4 people. It was worth the time and money.
Reviewer: Eb Reilly
4 Stars
Halong Bay Cruise
February 19, 2018
Scenery was beautiful. Staff was very friendly. They fed us but it was not food that I was used to eating but others in our party really enjoyed the food. Only bad thing was the weather it was freezing cold that day. I would definitely recommend it worth the money.
Reviewer: Paul & Lee Cummins
5 Stars