Great experience
January 21, 2020
This was a fun day. We took an express boat ride to the Koala Sanctuary. The views from the river were stunning. there were a lot of nice homes and properties that we passed along the way. At the sanctuary we got to see many animals. We got to see up close and cuddle a koala. We feed the kangaroos. A great tip from the captain of the boat told us to pour water into our hands as a cup and let the kangaroos drink from our hands. They get so many people to feed them but they get thirsty because the food is dry. We were a hit with all of the kangaroos. They loved it. We also got some great action photos of them drinking from our hands. We got to see a falcon show also. The time allotted was perfect. It was quite a hot day so we had time to rest in the shade. Please allow time for you to get to the pickup point. our cruise docked at 8am and we had an 11am start it was tight but we made it. It took time for the Australian gov't to process us into the country. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Deneen
5 Stars