Best Boat Adventure
September 30, 2019
Fabulous excursion. The two guides were amazing, their knowledge and descriptions of the history of the island past and present were so enjoyable. The glass bottom had less obstructions than the boat we took the night before on a twilight cruise of the same area.
Reviewer: Jody Lannoo
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
September 06, 2019
Really liked how “not rushed” this excursion was. The crew was friendly, super knowledgeable and professional. They took the time to answer all the questions with patience and a down to earth attitude. Shipwreck was awesome to look at. Glad it wasn’t ours...
Reviewer: Karen Montgomery
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
June 27, 2019
It was fun feeding the fish and seeing the ship wreck. It's also nice to see the ocean and the beautiful coral from the bottom of the boat.
Reviewer: Omosupe Jackson
3 Stars
Glass bottom boat
October 31, 2018
Very informational and fun with beautiful views and sights
Reviewer: Carl RACKLIFF
5 Stars
glass bottom boat
June 11, 2018
NICE TRIP and small group which made it good.
Reviewer: Charlie Gunning
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
May 24, 2018
Ed and Zoe from Captain Kirk"s were awesome!
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat Ride
June 23, 2017
Very enjoyable experience with a great tour guide. We especially enjoyed hovering over a shipwreck and watching the fish.
Reviewer: Edward Hoge
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
December 08, 2016
The tour guide was very informative and knew the island very well. The boat captain seemed very experienced and do a great job going to the wreck where fish were.
Reviewer: Lyn Liesch
5 Stars
glass bottom
December 03, 2016
beautiful time
Reviewer: sandra lowman
5 Stars
Couldn't have been happier
October 07, 2016
The tour went off without a hitch. The guide and captain were tremendous. We saw so much scenery and learned so much history during our tour.
Reviewer: Steve Knisely
5 Stars
Great excursion!!
November 10, 2015
The captain and the tour guide were fantastic! This was a must see tour. It was amazing to see the coral and fish.
Reviewer: LG
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
November 03, 2015
The excursion was very informational and the crew was great!!
Reviewer: MzCC
5 Stars