5 StarsFantastic excursion!March 05, 2020

Reviewer: John michalovic
Hi, My wife and I had a great time on this excursion. Very well organized, and crew onboard were great! Our ship (Carnival Horizon) was due to arrive at 9:15 (local time), and the trip was departing at 9:30, but we were able to debark by 8:30 and grabbed a taxi right away to the Hyatt. All good!

5 StarsGreat day!February 22, 2020

Reviewer: Pam Chambers
This catamaran your was a lot of fun. The shipwreck was just ok. Couldn't get too near because of the depth of the wreck. We then sailed to another spot further down the coast and smokeled in shallower waters. I liked this place better. On the boat we were served rum punch and other coctails. Also, we had sliced fruits and great chicken wraps. When we returned to the shore and collected our shoes, we were given free t-shirts. The captain and his first mate were very friendly and helpful...also, very cute! I would recommend this tour to everyone.

5 StarsShipwreck and snorkel tripFebruary 18, 2020

Reviewer: Korrina Turkenburg
We enjoyed very much this excursion. The snorkelling was amazing, loved the sunken ship! The staff was friendly and very helpful! Would definitely recommend!!

5 StarsGreat timeFebruary 16, 2020

Reviewer: Barbara Gross
Our first time in Aruba and we took this tour. So happy we did. Our tour was wonderful. The crew took care of us and always asking us we we needed a drink or anything. The boat was clean and easy to walk around. Yes, I would definitely do this snorkeling adventure again with this crew.

4 StarsCostco tour review December 16, 2019

Reviewer: joe gaskill
The shipwreck was amazing however the boat was too crowded. Still a great experience

5 StarsTime well spent on the IslandDecember 04, 2019

Reviewer: Mark Fisher
I honestly didn’t know exactly what to expect, as we have had some pretty negative experiences with party cruises in Mexico, but we decided to give this one a try. It was everything we expected it to be. A friendly group of ship staff and they took really good care of us. Nice shallow shipwreck to explore and some developing reefs as well. We saw lots of marine life and had unlimited drinks and nice tropical snacks.

5 StarsOLGA - Customer ServiceNovember 29, 2019

Reviewer: Alison Price
October 24, 2019. My group booked this excursion prior to arrival, but I had not. The day before we arrived in Aruba, I wanted to join this excursion, so I booked it, but found out that my e-ticket would take 3 days by email. I panicked that I would miss out, plus I had now paid for it. At the Hyatt, Olga, who was running the excursion was so kind, that even though she was crowded with people asking questions, she made calls and waited for return phone calls to make sure that I would get on the boat. Thanks only to Olga, I had the best experience of my entire trip, which included four islands and eight days on a cruise ship, so that's saying something. I can't praise Olga enough for going above and beyond for me. I will definitely take this excursion again because of her, but also because the crew on the catamaran were a lot of fun and made the whole experience amazing. I couldn't believe how many fish and coral there were, plus the lunch and music were incredibly good too!

5 StarsGreat ExcursionNovember 10, 2019

Reviewer: George Foltak
Great time.

5 StarsAntilla ship wreck sailAugust 14, 2019

Reviewer: Robert Miller
Fantastic trip!! Lots of fun!!

5 StarsGreat TimeJune 19, 2019

Reviewer: Michael Karl
This was by far the best snorkle adventure I have been on. Crew was great looking out for everyone's safety while ensuring our drink were always full. :)

5 StarsAntilla shipwreck sail and snorkel June 17, 2019

Reviewer: Janice Cassel
Excellent day ,water and wreck better then I expected ,great visibility .

5 StarsWonderful and super fun tripMay 16, 2019

Reviewer: Kyle Washburn
This excursion was a blast, partly because of the shipwreck and snorkeling but largely because of the crew and how enthusiastic and fun they were. They were slinging jokes and free drinks at you left and right, and were also professional about the whole thing as well. Loved this tour, 5 stars.

5 StarsGreat excursion!May 02, 2019

Reviewer: Kaycie Lipetz
The tour guides were great! We stopped at 2 locations. The 1st being the Antilla Shipwreck, and the 2nd was a reef close to shore. The amount of fish we saw at each location was incredible! And, the snacks, sandwiches, and drinks served were also delicious and refreshing. Thank you for a great day in Aruba!!!!!!!!!

4 StarsFun in the SunMay 02, 2019

Crew was wonderful and accommodating. First scuba site of the Shipwreck water was too ruff, Most people were in and out second site was much more calmer

4 StarsAntilla shipwreck Sail and snorkeling March 27, 2019

Reviewer: Donna Jacobs
It was to ruff to snorkel at the shipwreck. The second spot closer in was nice. The staff were extremely nice.

4 StarsSnorkel tripMarch 24, 2019

Reviewer: Frank van Gisbergen
Very enjoyable ship and crew were excellent. Bit choppy that day and sea was murky so hard to spot the shipwreck....enjoyed snorkel but to no ones fault fish were not as colourful we have experienced in other locations...had a great day

5 StarsFun for AllMarch 08, 2019

Reviewer: Jay
We had a good time. The crew made our trip extra fun. It is around 3 hours for the entire excursion. From start to finish, with two dives. There was free drinks, and a sandwich and fruit. We had to take a bus both ways from the cruise ship terminal. So that took a little time, but was very inexpensive. I would highly recommend it. It was my first time in Aruba, I can't wait to go back.

5 Starssnorkel tripMarch 05, 2019

Reviewer: Gordon Franko
it was a great trip included drinks and sandwich our crew was great and looked after all our needs

5 StarsHistoric swim for everybody!January 07, 2019

Reviewer: William Kosoris
A scenic sail to the wreck sight, you swim over the Antilla wreck, seeing all the fish and the ship structure! You will find scuba divers deep by the wreck. After, we sailed closer to shore for an easy swim near a reef. The Rum Punches added to this trip! Must see!

5 StarsexperienceDecember 06, 2018

Reviewer: Claire Law
This was a very enjoyable trip. I'm a novice at snorkeling but it was easy to see the wreck because the boat moored right above it. There were lots of colorful schools of fish. After snorkeling we went down the slide, and then they have a rope that allows you to swing off the side of the boat and jump into the water. That was a lot of fun too. The people on the boat were friendly and helpful. They gave us treats like juice, drinks and a sandwich on our way back. You need to know how to swim, obviously. The water was calm and clear. Remember to lather your back with sunblock. I spent lots of time peering down into the water and got sunburned on my upper back and shoulders -nothing major mind you. Overall I'm really glad I went on this sail tour.

4 StarsNice ride and snorkel.December 05, 2018

Reviewer: KA
Very nice time! Crew was excellent. Recommended.

4 StarsSnorkel in ArubaNovember 07, 2018

Reviewer: Judy Ashurst
Loved the trip. The second site over a coral reef was the highlight. It felt very safe and there were so many gorgeous fish! It would be important to emphasize that is isn’t a trip for those with mobility issues because of needed transfers from shore into Zodiak, then the large step into the catamaran.

5 StarsSuperb adventure November 07, 2018

Reviewer: Elizabeth Haggar
Aruba was our favorite port because of this excursion...so much so, we decided to purchase an additional excursion! We were allowed to move at our own pace. The water is GORGEOUS. The sail was fantastic! We were offered drinks and a sandwich during our sail which lasted about 15-20 minutes. The shipwreck itself was AMAZING! Completely fascinating. We chose to free dive because we didn’t have scuba gear- some parts of the wreck are deeper than others. Tons, I mean TONS of fish! We loved every second of this excursion. *Tip* There is a bus terminal directly across the street from the port. It cost us $5 round trip to take the bus. You get to see the sites along the way and the people are very friendly and helpful. The bus ride is only 15-20 minutes long. Just an option for you, should you want to save your money. I read in another review, the taxis want to charge additional money if you are wet. Have fun on your adventure!!!

5 StarsWonderful Excursion in ArubaMay 31, 2018

Reviewer: Nichole Belleavoine
We did a snorkeling excursion on the dolphin, it was amazing. They took us to the shipwreck to snorkel and then to the reef. The snorkeling was awesome, we saw so many beautiful fish, the guys were very nice, had sandwiches and free drinks for us. The rope swing off the boat and water slide was icing on the cake. Thank you for a great day.

5 StarsWorthwhile Experience!May 01, 2018

Reviewer: Edwin Peck
The trip was very good because the ship crew was attentive, responsive, and considerate of each and every person aboard. They ensured that the ride was comfortable and safe, from embarking to disembarking. The only negative was the long cab ride from the cruise terminal to the Hyatt complex. Cab fares varied too...

4 StarsFun TripApril 23, 2018

Reviewer: Krista Munsie
Directions to hotel were good. Check in was easy. boat was nice and snorkelling gear was good. the first site was a bit murkey but interesting. second site was very nice. The rope swing and slide were a hit with some people and they served drinks the entire time.

5 StarsfantasticApril 16, 2018

Reviewer: John F. Steciw
Gave a fantastic rating for the sail and snorkel, but had to pay for a cab to get to the Hilton hotel - did not object, but driver wanted to charge $75 if we were still wet (we were not). BUT ALL ABOARD WAS 4:30 AND WE WERE NOT ABLE TO GET BACK UNTIL 5:15!!! THANK YOU NCL FOR HOLDING! Pls adjust your timing to accommodate ships correct departure time and all aboard!

5 StarsGreat crew and sailingApril 16, 2018

Reviewer: Emma
The crew was fun and informative. We were able to snorkel to 2 different locations. Then we had the opportunity to go on a swing and jump out of the boat, which was a bonus since we did not know anything about it till we were about to head back to shore. They provided drinks, fruits and sandwich on this tour.

5 StarsSail and Snorkel....FantasticMarch 21, 2018

Reviewer: Joanne Purzycki
We had a great time on this excursion. The captain and crew were helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. It was great fun and a relaxing time. We did this exact trip 31 years ago for our honeymoon and would do it again in a heart beat. Preferably, sooner than 31 years from now!

5 StarsFabulous snorkelingMarch 15, 2018

Reviewer: Penny Kuzyszyn
The catamaran was beautiful and the ride quite smooth. The "snacks" were quite tasty and filling. We have snorkeled a number of times, and this was one of our best experiences. First, we were extremely lucky as the water was very calm, which made for easy and clear snorkeling. I hated to leave both locations! The shipwreck was one of the the most fascinating things I have ever seen....I followed the line of the shipwreck back and forth - from below our catamaran all the way to the back boat, where a deck with railings was quite visible. There were plenty fish of varied sizes and colors. Our second stop was in a lovely cove with an abundance of fish and some coral. Here, the waters were extremely clear. Snorkeling at both sites was easy, even for me as a 70 year old female. The younger crowd had fun on the slide and swing - I had fun observing :-)!

5 StarsVery Nice MorningMarch 03, 2018

Reviewer: Cheryl Gouchoe
Other than having to take a taxi to and from the tour headquarters this was one of our best adventures. There was only one other couple with us on the boat but they took us anyway. The first stop was a sunken boat, lots of other tours there but interesting snorkeling. Then we were taken to a reef which was very interesting with lots of fish and corals and more room to roam. Lunch was nothing special, a white bread sandwich and but the drinks were good! We were allowed to spend some time on the beach at the resort where the tour is headquartered which was very nice. We were surprised with a free T shirt back on the beach. We'd do this again, definitely!

5 StarsBest day of our cruise!February 26, 2018

Reviewer: Vanessa Clements
We were worried when we saw there was only 7 people total on our excursion that it would be cancelled, but nope! We had a blast and the boat all to ourselves! Loved the rope swing as well!

5 StarsOhhh Roberto’s February 08, 2018

Reviewer: Kimberly Powell
Roberto’s is awesome! We got in late to port and they waited for us. They also let us go at our own pace, fed us a light lunch and fruit and bottomless drinks. The two guys that we’re our guides were hilarious as well. Can’t wait to go back to Aruba with more friends and party on the boat with these guys for a day of snorkeling!

5 StarsA Great Experience...BUTJanuary 23, 2018

Reviewer: Brian Harms
I've been on this tour on 2 separate occasions and it has been my favourite both times. The guys on the catamaran are great and guests are well looked after. However, the 12:30 adventure, which lasted 3 hours, should have gotten me back in plenty of time for my cab back to the ship. I made it by only 5 minutes, because the 12:30 is really 1:00, which is clearly posted when you get there.

5 StarsAntilla shipwreck and sail tourDecember 18, 2017

Reviewer: Rick Birrenkott
Very enjoyable experience! Very generous with food and alcohol.

5 StarsArubaNovember 20, 2017

Reviewer: Anna Bowen
Great day snorkeling with a fantastic crew. This is a more intimate excursion, maybe 20 people. Thanks!

5 StarsCool snorkeling and Fun Ride on CatamaranAugust 08, 2017

Reviewer: Barbara
Both sites for snorkeling were great. Large quantity of fish and decent variety. It was fun to see the scuba divers at the shipwreck site. Crew was nice and boat ride was fun aspect to the trip.

5 StarsWhat a wonderful time!!June 27, 2017

Reviewer: Shawn Xu
Excellent time!! Made a lot of friends with the crew members and other passengers. The snorkeling is great, the old sunk ship down there was very clear to see and quite awesome! They also offer all kinds of food on the boat and great music and people!! Love it!!

5 StarsSO much fun!May 30, 2017

Reviewer: MICHELLE
We really enjoyed this snorkel trip. The boat was super fun with a water slide and rope swing. The snorkel sites are really cool too. I would definitely do this again. We read other reviews to skip the island tour and just go snorkeling- we are glad we did!

5 StarsBest snorkelling trip ever!May 03, 2017

Reviewer: Hilary Lynne Allardice
This trip was extremely well organized. It was very easy to find the group's tent on the beach and we were taken out to the catamaran on inflatables. On board the crew were really friendly and helpful and the equipment was of good quality. They provided life vests for the more nervous snorkelers which was a nice touch out at the wreck as the water was a little choppy. The first stop was over the wreck and it was particularly interesting to be snorkelling on the surface while there were scuba divers below us. The second stop was at a reef and there was a really good variety of fish to be seen, plus a number of squid. There was an open bar throughout the whole trip and we were also given a very tasty lunch. With the music, the yummy rum punch and the really fun rope swing that the younger swimmers could use to cannonball into the water, there was a real party atmosphere. A great excursion, good value for money and I would thoroughly recommend it.

5 StarsBucket List Snorkel to ShipwreckMay 02, 2017

Reviewer: Robert Ryan
This was a great excursion! The team of the Arusun catamaran were very friendly and worked hard to ensure that everyone had a good time. Gathering for the tour was a little slow since nobody at the hotel was sure where to direct us. Not a big deal to us. Once we found the Aruba Watersports Center on the beach it was handled very well. You have to take a small boat to get to the catamaran. It was a little bumpy so hold on and follow directions. We stopped at both the wreck and a spot closer to the shore that had plenty of fish and coral.The wreck is clearly visible and just out of reach when diving. On the catamaran, the crew provided complimentary fresh fruit, wraps and drinks. We would certainly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsAntilla Shipwreck Sail and Snorkel TripApril 27, 2017

Reviewer: S Noble
Great experience. Hotel property where we departed from for the excursion was great property, The actual trip was a lot of fun, the boat trip was great fun, the guides attentive to the guests and a fun surprise-- there was a swinging rope on the back of the boat -- a challenge and true fun.

5 StarsSnorkel tripMarch 30, 2017

Reviewer: Carmen haydel
Nice trip, friendly and helpful staff. Water was choppy and the crew was very caring and gave us great instructions

5 StarsAntilles Shipwreck SnorkelMarch 17, 2017

Reviewer: Toni Green
It was a great experience and a lot of fun! My 66 yr old husband was the only old geezer who swung off the boat! Great time.

5 StarsGreat timeFebruary 15, 2017

Reviewer: Scott Valdez
The Capt and crew of this boat were awesome. Very well organized. Beautiful snorkling spots. Would definitely recommend this.

5 StarsFun in the sunJanuary 22, 2017

Reviewer: Monica
Fun crew. Beautiful sights. Shipwreck was a bit murky on our day out.

5 StarsReviewJanuary 22, 2017

Reviewer: Francisco Fonseca
Great experience, shore staff very accommodative and efficient, boat captain an staff excellent

4 StarsFun Boat and amazing wreck snorkleJanuary 21, 2017

Reviewer: AnnMarie
The snorkling at the wreck was very cool! The boat was very fun and quite a party. Open bar and attentive crew. We were on a stopover on a cruise. We took a taxi to the beach where we met the boat. At first, no one was there at the beach to meet us (we were early). Once someone showed up, everything went smoothly, and we even got a t-shirt! I would highly recommend.

4 StarsArubaJanuary 07, 2017

Reviewer: Melinda Matthews
Good snorkeling, fun boat ride. Just seemed to go by so quickly.

5 StarsVery enjyableJanuary 04, 2017

Reviewer: Charles Ross
It was confusing at first. I waited at the booth as instructed but then they took me down the beach to another location where we rode in a rubber boat out to the catamaran, The crew was great, open bar, food and all the gear. Great snorkeling.

5 StarsSnorkel tour in ArubaDecember 29, 2016

Reviewer: Carlene Hurst
We were off to a slow start because some of the group was late arriving. The captain of the catamaran made up for the delay and we still had plenty of time in the water at both sites. The water was a bit rough at the shipwreck and some could not snorkel as well but then we went to a calmer area and it was very clear. The good and drinks were great. Rum was flowing and the blue margarita was so good. Many enjoyed the rope swing and slide in the water after snorkeling. The crew was very attentive and helpful. They had music but it was not over the top. I would recommend this trip for snorkeling in Aruba.

5 StarsShipwreck and snorkel tourDecember 29, 2016

Reviewer: Candace Chapman
Great snorkel sites - 2. The first is a ship wreck which is really neat because you get so close to it by just hovering over it while snorkeling. The second stop was fabulous too because of the amount of beautiful fish on the abundant reefs. Then it was open bar and sailing back, after they let you swing off a rope into the water from the catamaran, or use their slide on the back. Very fun experience!

5 StarsAwesomeDecember 15, 2016

Reviewer: Janette
The only confusion is local time versus ship time and we had to rush to get off ship to get there. We waited another 30 mins for other people to arrive from ship. The catamaran and crew were awesome, yummy drinks and snacks. The snorkeling was amazing and there was a rope swing and water slide.

5 StarsThe Antilla Shipwreck Sail and Snorkel Trip September 28, 2016

Reviewer: Tom
Very well worth while. Nice sail....Good crew...food and drink good. Very Pleasant day. Would highly recommend.

4 StarsA nice day snorkeling.August 24, 2016

Reviewer: James Kennedy
The catamaran was very nice and the crew was very welcoming. Snacks and drinks were great!

5 StarsHad a great time!April 02, 2016

Reviewer: Kdot
Very accommodating, enjoyed the swing and the snorkeling. Lots of beautiful fish.

5 StarsBest day of the cruiseMarch 29, 2016

Reviewer: Dave
Very well organized. Realized when we got to port that 8:00 was really 9:00 am which was when the tour was scheduled to leave. A phone call to the number given quickly relieved any anxiety we had (12 of us) and we were transported to the yacht via speed boat as soon as we arrived at the check in point, which was on the beach of a beautiful resort where we spent the rest of the afternoon when the tour finished. Saw lots of fish, drank lots of rum and had a wonderful day. Would do this excursion again in a heart beat.

5 StarsSo much fun!March 28, 2016

Reviewer: Michael
This shore excursion was a great way for us to spend a morning. The sailing was fun, the open bar was flowing and the crew made sure we had a great time and remained safe. The snorkeling was the best I've ever experienced.

5 StarsGreat Value and Great FunMarch 27, 2016

Reviewer: Sean
Easy to get to via taxi ($14 per five passenger van). Large boat with many places to sit and relax in the sun. Snorkeling at the ship wreck. All equipment included. Drinks and fruit snacks throughout the journey. Also, a rope swing to jump off the boat. Relaxing, fun and great for large groups.

4 StarsGreat sail and snorkel in arubaMarch 25, 2016

Reviewer: Scully
Sailed right from the beach, great crew, weather, crystal clear water, music on board, fun swing off the deck to jump in the water

4 Starswater was choppy but still a fun timeMarch 04, 2016

Reviewer: the cruiser
water was choppy, made snorkeling harder but water was so clear,you could see thousands of fish and many different kinds.

4 StarsI would buy again.February 26, 2016

Reviewer: dna
Good excursion.

5 StarsBest Snorkel EverFebruary 24, 2016

Reviewer: Jo Loves Cruising
Initially, we were concerned about getting back to the ship on-time. The staff on land and on the catamaran put our minds at ease, even offering us a custom boat ride to get us back earlier (we didn't use that in the end, but their willingness to accommodate sure helped). The guide, captain and bartender on the cat were excellent - friendly and helpful. Our whole group enjoyed the shipwreck (some of it is only 10ft from the surface - wow)! We also enjoyed the rope swing off the cat. Highly recommend!

4 StarsEnjoyableDecember 17, 2015

Reviewer: Fremic
We enjoyed the snorkeling. I have to say that finding the facility was a bit daunting. The instructions said to look for a gray structure on the beach. First, the beach was huge and secondly, the structure was not gray. However, the snorkeling was great as were the drinks. Had fun with the rope swing. My wife was able to snorkel even though she had broken her arm two months earlier since getting on and off the boat was quite easy.

5 StarsRelaxing, uncrowded, tons of Rum PunchNovember 29, 2015

Reviewer: leithbones
Catamaran ""Dolphin"" was clean, in good shape, well maintained. Snorkel gear was decent quality, good shape, fit well, plenty of sizes to choose from. Loved the slide and rope swing. Did not use the head, so no comment there. EasyOn/EasyOff both with the tender from shore, and stairs for snorkeling.

4 StarsFirst timeAugust 12, 2015

Reviewer: First timer
Great excursion if you like to snorkel. The water was pretty choppy around the ship wreck. It would be more fun to dive around the wreck. But the snorkeling was good in the first location.

4 StarsOur Favorite Excursion!May 07, 2015

Reviewer: pfb600
Very nice agenda, although the ship wreck site was dangerously crowded with boats and snorkelers in the water. Liked the slide on board and the fact that our 9am trip was not crowded. Made for a much more relaxing excursion for us. Awesome trihaul boat! Great samdwiches & fruit & rum punch. Thank you for a wonderful time!

5 StarsOne of the Best and kind peopleApril 08, 2015

Reviewer: Cherie the old lady
The excursion was well organized... They were knowledgeable about their land, they cared about us and our safety, they served great food and unlimited drinks... The guys treated us like family I loved it!!!!

5 StarsToo much fun!March 27, 2015

Reviewer: AZ group
Enjoyed the whole trip/ great fun good snacks and drinks. Loved the shirt.

5 StarsGreat shipwreck snorkelMarch 25, 2015

Reviewer: Paul V
Suggest using local bus service, vice taxi from cruise terminal

4 StarsWay Better than what Cruise Lines offer!January 29, 2015

Reviewer: DaSwaGuy
The staff was very informative. Use this service over the cruise line because there was maybe 30 people on board. We saw the 2 snorkel boats that were used by the cruise line and they were PACKED with maybe 80 people! If you want the fish to swarm you, take a small box of rice krispies and open it underwater! Its a fun little surprise. But please don't litter and keep track of the bag! I will admit I was skeptical about using something not by the cruise line... but now I am happy that we did!

4 StarsBeautiful beaches and lots of fishDecember 30, 2014

Reviewer: Lady Di
The beaches,the sailing vessel and the staff who captained our tour were all first class.Different levels of skill were all accommodated by the staff.

5 StarsGreat excursionSeptember 25, 2014

Reviewer: Denise the Equestrian
The water was very rough the day of our excursion. The catamaran had a very easy water access, even my 80 yr old Aunt was able to get in and snorkle. The ship wreck was really cool and all the fish at the reef swam up close and were very colorful.

5 StarsAmazing Excursion in Aruba!August 08, 2014

Reviewer: Libby and family
We took our children on this snorkling trip in Aruba, ages 16-23, we really wanted them to see some of the sealife we have been able to see on past cruises. This did not disapoint! The sunken ship and story about it was interesting to look at and the amount of sealife we saw was unlike any snorkling trip we have ever taken (and that has been many). The crew was funny and very helpful and served great drinks and sandwiches! This was a great trip and one my children will NEVER forget!

5 StarsAwesome excursion in Aruba!June 25, 2014

Reviewer: Kimberly
Staff was incredible. There to make sure YOU are having a GREAT time! Thank you for a fun afternoon!

4 StarsFun in the sun and seaMay 14, 2014

Reviewer: Big Tom
guides were very friendly, knew where to go and genuinely wanted all to have fun.

5 StarsIt was a PRICELESS experience!April 29, 2014

Reviewer: ijared
This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The crew at the beach was well organized and once we got out onto the catamaran it was a real blast! The crew once again had everything covered...fresh fruit, sandwiches and an open bar! They were not shy about anything either, we asked for the music up, we got it louder!! Believe it or not it seemed other boats were watching us cause we were all having a blast snorkeling and jumping of the deck on a rope swing. This excursion made our day in Aruba...I really hope we can come back again!

5 StarsAbove and beyond service!March 24, 2014

Reviewer: Lorin
I was a little nervous about participating in a non-ship sanctioned excursion but felt okay about it after reviewing their policy in regard to if we didn't get back to the ship in time. Lo and behold our ship was late arriving in port - we did all we could (got in line early to disembark the ship, flagged down the first taxi we saw and literally ran from taxi to the meeting area only to find.... They left on time - we were late. However, arrangements were made to power boat us to the catamaran where the snorkeling was just beginning. We didn't miss a thing! The crew was so very nice and the yummy tuna sandwiches were a surprise! We really enjoyed this excursion and with two cruises scheduled by next January, we will definitely be using you again!!

4 StarsGreat trip!February 14, 2014

Reviewer: Taradise
We had a great day. The boat was not a yacht, is was a catamaran instead which was still wonderful! We couldn't see the shipwreck since it was 15 ft below the water. However, the coral reefs and fish were beautiful! The drinks on board with tasty!

4 StarsGood snorkellingFebruary 11, 2014

Reviewer: CarolandMark
This was our first excursion day on a 2 week cruise, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We arrived 5 min. late, and missed our scheduled excursion, but they were able to accommodate us on the afternoon trip, and provided us with complimentary beach chairs for the morning while we waited, which was most appreciated.

5 StarsToo good to miss!!!January 09, 2014

Reviewer: the traveler
the snorkel equipment was top notch. drinks were a plus. good sandwiches!

5 StarsSo much fun even twerking occurred!December 12, 2013

Reviewer: Birdman
This was a fun trip and this was one of the better days! Choppy water around the Antilla that day but the reef we went to was awesome! Good drinks and music on board - a couple girls even started dancing & twerking lol!

4 StarsExtremely enjoyable excursionMay 30, 2013

Reviewer: bng
The wreck itself had several other boats of snorkelers and, in places, was somewhat crowded. After the wreck, though, we went to a more private/shallower reef that was very enjoyable. The rope swing off the boat and the quiet sailing was a very big plus. This is not a physically demanding dive. You just need to be able to put your face in the water & breathe out of the snorkel. They provide everything including life vests that you can use if you're not a good swimmer. The amount of time used in this excursion was about right -- any more and I would have become tired & bored. It still left time to enjoy other parts of Aruba before returning to the ship. My wife & I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion and recommend it to all.

5 StarsFantastic Time! Great value!March 13, 2013

Reviewer: Natalie
Guides were great. Very friendly and interesting. Atmosphere was perfect. A little more instruction for first time snorkelers would have been good but didn't detract from the overall experience. I will go again!

5 StarsShipwreckedNovember 26, 2012

Reviewer: Stacey
In November 2012 we went on the Aruba Antillia Shipwreck Sail and Snorkel Trip with Captain Ruben and first mate, Andrew. We had a WONDERFUL time! In fact, it was THE BEST excursion we have ever been on! It was everything the profile stated it would be plus more. We weren't expecting the party-like atmosphere & music, the boat's rope swing & water slide, or the souvenir T-shirts. The boat was clean and comfortable and easy to move around on, the crew was delightful and made sure everyone had fun as well as looked out for our safety. Of course, the shipwreck and snorkeling were phenomenal. I would recommend your company and, in particular, the Aruba excursion to anyone. Thanks!

4 StarsWell organized snorkel excusionMay 10, 2012

Reviewer: Smart consumer Susan
Very professional guides. Nice boat and snacks.My only suggestion is when the ocean is cloudy, try to find an alternate snorkel site for the second stop. Very difficult to see in the water. The ship wreck was interesting.