5 StarsArubaJanuary 18, 2018

Reviewer: Jan Stuckings
Greatest disappointment was not being able to take the full day trip. Good coverage of the Island, lots of fun in the Jeep and great assistance by the leader.

5 StarsFantastic excursionMarch 08, 2017

Reviewer: JoAnne
My husband and I absolutely loved our 1/2 day excursion. We had the opportunity to stop at the aloe factory (interesting and great products), little bridge, oldest church, lighthouse, old gold mine and more.... The weather as always was hot, you need to take a hat for sure! Jeep ride was super fun, 3/4 of us wanted and got the opportunity to drive....which was great. I even drive through a stream whilst dodging large bolders and cracks in the road! Our guide was fabulous. Highly recommend!

4 StarsA fun day for the whole familyJune 09, 2016

Reviewer: Vickie
Would recommend this excursion

5 StarsSoo Much funMay 13, 2016

Reviewer: Godale
On time and will written out for meeting area, We signed up for half day and wanted the all day package after the first hour of the adventure. Great lunch and so much fun

4 StarsGreat half day in ArubaApril 22, 2016

Reviewer: Jeffbour
The jeep tour was great. However I was a little concerned about the jeeps. They had high miles and squeaked and rattled a lot. Also seemed a bit rusted out. But once we got going, they were mechanically in good shape for the tour we did. The only thing that was not great was those of us on the half day tour waited at the restaurant transfer spot and followed a car back to the original pick up location. That probably took 20 minutes of driving through the town to get back to where we were. Other than that, overall it was a fun trip seeing the natural bridge and the chapel. Also California light house.

5 StarsGreat excursionApril 07, 2016

Reviewer: warren
The excursion was great. The price I was told was in canadian dollars but I was charged american dollars. That was a big error by expedia.

5 StarsToo much funJanuary 30, 2016

Reviewer: Cruiser
This excursion was so much fun and we loved every minute of it. The great thing about ordering from this company is the small tour size and a slight discount when compared to the cruise line. Here was a total of 12 people on the excursion and we were a party if 6 ranging in age from 21 to 50. The jeeps were in good condition overall even though our check engine light was on. someone meet us at the cruise terminal and then It was a short bus ride to where the jeeps were located. Once we started out, we stopped at an aloe factory which was actually very interesting. The guide was very proud of what they did and after a quick tour, there was an opportunity to purchase some local products which made for great souvenirs. Then we were off and running. We drove through the Beverly Hills of Aruba and then the off road adventure began. Not sure how to describe it, but we had a great time driving off road and having such amazing views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. There were several stops along the way and some great photo opportunities. Also the tour guide had bottled water and sodas for us. Nice thing was the tour guide was very laid back which made it even more enjoyable. I can't recommend the excursion enough. Word of caution, don't wear anything good, as you will get dirt everywhere and it's hard to get out of your clothes. Otherwise I give it two thumbs up.

5 Starsunreal the beautyJanuary 28, 2016

Reviewer: snookey
the difference of the island from one side to the other was unreal. Great way to spend the day and see the differences

5 StarsFantastic Jeep TourNovember 26, 2015

Reviewer: Lainie
The tour was awesome! My only regret was that we did the half day instead of the whole day. The sand dunes, ocean and cacti are all breathtakingly beautiful. The Rock art was quite a wonder as well.

4 StarsBeautiful and ThrillingOctober 11, 2014

Reviewer: Peep&Penguin
This tour was more pros than cons, so overall we were extremely satisfied. Coming from the Carnival Breeze, we have seen better organized tours (we have been on 11 other excursions). There seemed to be confusion since this company runs several different tours, but they did get us to our site on time. The other thing that bothered us was, the details said the jeeps were automatic; there were two automatics and two manuals. Once the trip got started though, WE HAD A BLAST! We saw the amazing beaches, deserts, and rock forms of Arbua. Our stop at the lighthouse and chapel were lovely, and we had plenty of time at each. Use the restroom at the lighthouse because we came across no other stop with one. The Natural Bridge collapsed years ago, so we stopped at Baby Bridge. After a quick stop at the gold mine, our guide asked us if we wanted to go to an extra place. If you have the opportunity, go for it! The full day tour continued, and the half day returned to the office to drop off the jeeps. We recommend plenty of sunscreen and glasses. It can get dusty and extremely bumpy but absolutely thrilling! Our guide had plenty of refreshments throughout the tour, and we appreciated the extra stop. Thank you Xion.

4 StarsAruba by Jeep January 2014March 01, 2014

Reviewer: Canine Susan
The jeeps were older and not in good repair...although the guide assured us it was ok that lights were on that shouldn't be etc....and is was very difficult to get out of the back. He told us they were getting new/newer jeeps in April that would have 4 doors instead of 2 doors. The description said to bring your own water but the driver provided water and sodas. As others stated the island time was 1 hour ahead of ship time so there was a delay in getting started. It was nice to be able to drive through part of the town to see where the resorts are located. We did have time to shop before we had to be back on board after the tour....and the shopping was very close to where the tour ended and close to the pier.

4 StarsWonderful guide. Very informative. GoodFebruary 07, 2014

Reviewer: Jim Or Plow
Great senic views and very educational

5 StarsGreat dayApril 17, 2013

Reviewer: Don
We had the chance to go off roading with our jeep and guide. I truly enjoyed the trip and the adventure of being able to drive our own jeep around the north side of Aruda. Our guide took us to spots that no one else gets to go too and the scenery was fantastic. Would diffenetly take this trip again. My 17 year old love it as well.

5 StarsWould do this excursion againMarch 29, 2013

Reviewer: filmsy57
Our tour guide Wendell was an absolute gem. He was very knowledgeable and fun. He took us to great places and I now have a bigger love for Aruba.

4 StarsGood fun in ArubaMarch 05, 2013

Reviewer: Hans
A very good and fun Jeep ride where you are driving ""off the beaten road"". Since you are driving yourself you, in addition to looking at great scenery, get to challenge your driving skills a bit. Since Aruba is a small island you will actually see most of it. We were 6 in all so we had one car plus shared another with another couple. That worked out fine. The only negative was that the tour operator used local time while our ship was on ships time. Therefore the guides was expecting us 1 hour to early and we were delayed getting started and lost a bit of the tour. The tour organizer sorted this out very good, so we lost very little. I have no problem to recommend this tour for anyone looking for some excitement. It's actually worth 4.5 stars.

5 StarsArubaFebruary 13, 2013

Reviewer: Sergey
Really enjoyed this trip, lot's of fun. Better than described. My son & I loved it.

4 StarsAwesome sceneryDecember 05, 2012

Reviewer: Nitro Dave
Scenery available by 4 x 4 tour much better than by what you would see by large motorcoach.

4 StarsGreat Half Day ExcursionNovember 08, 2012

Reviewer: Shaleeee
This was a fun adventure. We drove our own Jeep around the island, stopping frequently at points of interest. The guide was friendly and fun. I would recommend this excursion for something different

5 StarsSee all of Aruba and have a great time!April 20, 2012

Reviewer: ivoryicon
We had a small group of 6 jeeps including the guide's jeep. It was fun keeping up with the group and riding the bumpy but not difficult trail. We saw all the sights on the island. My husband does not usually like shore excursions. He loved this one. Take a bottle of water to drink. Depending where you are in the caravan, you may get road-dusty. Getting to the excursion meeting point was much easier than the directions looked.

4 StarsGreat time!February 22, 2012

Reviewer: Troy
Great staff!! Sent off too many jeeps at first, so there were major delays... that got corrected shortly on and the tour was very good thereafter.