5 StarsGreat tourDecember 21, 2016

Reviewer: Terrie Patterson
We thoroughly enjoyed our boat ride around Antigua! The island and beaches were beautiful, the staff was fun and engaging and knowledgeable about the island, the stingrays were slightly spooky but overall it was a great time!

5 StarsAmazing tour...........We both loved the adventureApril 07, 2016

Reviewer: Broussard
Thank you for an amazing day of land and sea.....What a great birthday I had.....

5 StarsOne of the Best, Fun Excursions We Have Ever HadJanuary 19, 2016

Reviewer: DanO
Thrilling Boat Ride from Caribbean to Atlantic. Captain managed speeds and swells very well. High point was swimming with the Stingrays. Price was half what it would have cost on-board cruise ship! tremendous value which allowed the family to enjoy.

4 StarsGreat opportunity for funDecember 29, 2014

Reviewer: Nooch
We are in our upper 60s and enjoyed this adventurwe immensely.

5 StarsGreat Fun!April 06, 2013

Reviewer: Pam with the Pugs
This was an expensive excursion and we were hoping it would be 'worth it'. We have been on a number of cruises and mostly have 'pre-booked' only when we were with a larger family group. Many of them have been disappointing (non working equipment, not enough time, etc). This was exceptional from start to finish. Our guides knew so much about every place they took us and everything they showed us. Since these 'fast boats' went around the entire island, we got such a taste for what it would be like to go back to Antigua for a vacation, which is one of the reasons we enjoy sampling new ports on a cruise. We had so much fun the almost 5 hour trip went by in no time. The boat was clean and everything worked. We had four stops interspersed on this trip and each one was a blast. Great food too and when they served beverages, they were authentic, delicious drinks - not the red kool aid stuff that has been presented on other Caribbean excursions as 'rum punch'. All home made. The very most impressive thing, though, was that there was a couple with the group that included a man with severe disabilities - mostly semi paralyzed from his waist down although he could swim. The boat, which was more or less a 'cigarette boat' was not easy to get off and on. This couple had told the crew before booking that perhaps this would disqualify them from going. But they told them 'no problem! We will get him in and out. Trust us'. This guy was not going to let his disability stand in his way if they were game and it was amazing. The four young people who ran this trip got him off and on the boat, into the water, etc. The joy on this man's face was the best part of the trip. His spirit of adventure and their 'can-do' respectful attitude gave all of us an added boost to an already great day. Great!

5 StarsWow! Great tour!!!!!February 13, 2013

Reviewer: Greg

5 StarsExcellent Excursion!January 21, 2013

Reviewer: rm324530
The entire excursion lasts about 6 hours. 1. You go around the entire island, and spend about 30-45 minutes snorkeling at 2 different locations (one being stingray city, the other a historical site near ""Pillars of Hercules""). 2. You go to 2 secluded beaches, one called ""Rendezvous bay"", which is not accessible by car, so it's as empty as can be, and it's just you and your tour hanging out drinking rum punch. 3. The tour guides are very knowledgeable about the island, so every time something comes into view from the boat, they tell you exactly what it is, the background, who owns it, etc. (all the way down to prices for resorts, etc.) ** The boat goes really fast, splashes water, and hits waves, so if you are not really into that kind of thing, sit toward the back, the front of the boat really ""feels"" the waves more than the back, but the back gets most of the water.