4 Starsinteresting experienceMay 21, 2018

Reviewer: Gloria
Unusual experience to see, feed and hear the howler monkey. However it took a long time to get to the place over very rough roads and with only 2 other people in the van with us. We really weren't sure if it was a legitimate excursion. The other couple got out at the first stop and wouldn't return with the van driver. He was actually a nice guy and tried to make the drive interesting with telling us about the city. Would not go again but glad we experienced seeing the monkeys.

5 StarsOur Family thoroughly enjoyed this excursionDecember 20, 2017

Reviewer: Glenn V and family
This was an awesome experience for our whole family. Right from leaving the port to returning from the journey. Right from our tour driver, his knowledge of his culture and country, Belize and its history. We enjoyed the 30min drive to the sactuary through the countryside as much as we enjoyed learning about the sanctuary, how it became what it is, who started it and who and how it is maintained. Getting to see and view the colony up close was awesome. Feeding the mother was an unforgettable experience. Our guide Royce was amazing. Also, taste the local fare Gramma has cooked up for you to try after your adventure. Can't say enough about this excursion. Well worth it. Enjoy!!

4 StarsHowler MonkeysMarch 10, 2017

Reviewer: Laura Artz
Excellent and very rare experience. It is a long and bumpy ride but it is worth it. The guide at the sanctuary is extremely knowledgeable and has spent many hours developing a trusting relationship with these very rare monkeys. We only spent 20 minutes in jungle but each minute was amazing. Another troupe of monkeys approached our group so we heard the two male monkeys howl at each other. Our guide pulled a tarantula out of it's nest. We did not see any other animals. Driver was very polite and informative.

5 StarsFun TripMarch 07, 2017

Reviewer: Christopher McCaskey
This was very different from the cruise line arranged trips. We went out, just the two of us with our guide in his car. Made it much better seeing Belize. Our guide answered all questions and pointed out interesting things along the way. He was proud of his country, and enjoyed his job, it made the trip much more memorable! Having a monkey grab your hand and eating a piece of fruit out of it was a once in a lifetime thrill! We really enjoyed this excursion!

4 StarsGood once we got there, but LONG bumpy van rideJanuary 22, 2017

Reviewer: Edwin Brockman
Unorganized pickup. There was a rep, but had to wait over 15 min, and then seemed unsure where he was putting us. Then finally took us to a van with 2 other families. Each family was from a different ship/different tour! 1st family was going fishing. 2nd family was going horseback riding, and we were going to the Howler Monkey Sanctuary. Hour+ drive to drop off fishing family. Another 15 min to drop us off, and horseback riding family had to continue on! Once at the sanctuary, informative blg, but again had to wait for a guide. Restrooms available. Guide was excellent, and found monkeys quickly in the wild. They came down from the trees, and she got the male to howl. Even heard another troop's male from miles away howl in return. Spent approximately 20 minutes in the woods with the guide. Locals selling items were very nice and Elvis was carving wood right there. That was nice and we enjoyed seeing the local crafts. Van came back with the horseback riders and on we went.

5 StarsMonkeys in the jungleJanuary 15, 2017

Reviewer: Andrew
We really enjoyed the opportunity to see black howler monkeys living in the wild at the preserve, and had fun feeding them bananas. The bus ride went through the Belize countryside, so we got a mini-tour as well. Even though it was a rainy, muddy day, we enjoyed this excursion.

5 StarsHowler MonkeysJanuary 15, 2017

Reviewer: Gary Creed
This was a very rare and rewarding experience to interact with an extremely sensitive species of monkeys who live in the very top of trees. Our guide has lived with these monkeys for six years, and only recently has been able to call the leader down to be able to interact with humans.