5 StarsGreat excursionJanuary 30, 2019

Reviewer: CarolK
Adventuresome, but not scary. Helpful, knowledgable guides.

4 Starsnice guide, cave and outside is funJanuary 18, 2019

Reviewer: lhyl
wish they would let everyone float on our own, but I understand they have responsibility. but the river is very calm, hope to have more rapids. outside case is pretty. overall the tour is okay, not surprising. bus riding seems long and restful. lunch not included, $10 for lunch.

5 StarsBelize Caves are a Must See!January 16, 2019

Reviewer: James Rodriguez
I was recommended this excursion by a friend and I was not led wrong! Our tour guides made sure that every was ready and comfortable as the bus ride to the cave is about an hour long. They were super informative about Belize and spoke about their history, food, nature among other things. Although this excursion did not come with food included, our tour guides offered to order us food and bring it back to the bus to us for only $10. When we arrived we picked out our tubes and headed up into the hills for about a mile. The scenery was incredible. Once we got to our spot our guide tied our tubes together as he walked/swam with us tied to him. He was cracking jokes and giving great information about the beautiful caves. The ride down the river itself was pretty short, but still the combination was the sights and the great guides it made it all worth while. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

5 StarsAwesome ExcursionJanuary 16, 2019

Reviewer: Blanca
Alot of fun, our guide didn't hardly say anything but the view was great.

5 StarsIncredible ExperienceJanuary 16, 2019

Reviewer: Denise Reagan-Hoyle
Just when you didn't think you have a better time then you were already having on a cruise...you go cave tubing! This was the most amazing experience EVER. Our tour guides in the air conditioned van, Tony and Delroy did awesome talking about Belize and the area on the 45 minute drive to the area. We were all educated on their customs, politics and lifestyles. Then we get to the caves and walk with our tubes for about 30 mins. The scenery is so amazing you don't even realize that you have been walking that long. Being in the caves made us all speechless, our teenagers said it was the highlight of the whole vacation! A must for anyone new to Belize! Huge thanks to Tony and Delroy, they literally made the trip a trip to remember for us all!!

5 StarsNice tourJanuary 11, 2019

Reviewer: M Finch
Very nice tour and group of individuals. Only negative thing about this is that the drive from the port was around an hour or so. So it was a little far away but the cave and rain Forrest were beautiful

5 StarsTubing December 05, 2018

Reviewer: Iris Holmes
My excursion with your company was amazing our tour guide was awesome and his helpers made my experience wonderful I can’t Prayi de them enough thank you for a memorable vacation

5 StarsCool excursion!November 18, 2018

Reviewer: Jennifer
This was our first time booking a non-ship excursion, so we were nervous, but as soon as the tour started, we were able to relax and enjoy. The guides were extremely knowledgeable of the area as we journeyed to the forest to tube. Through the forest, we learned all about using nature as medicine, stalactites and stalagmites, saw bats and frogs, and learned about local practices. This tour doesn't make you carry the tubes, one of the guides took our tubes and had them ready to go by the time we got to the river. It was a fun float through the cave-wish it would have lasted longer! The small group was great and the tour guide again was full of knowledge to share as we made our way through the cave. I would do this again in a heartbeat. And, as promised, we got back to the tender with time to spare!

5 StarsBelize cave tubingNovember 13, 2018

Reviewer: Jeff and Patti Kinne
My wife and I had a great time with the help of our excellent guides, Delroy, Mr. Smith and Jose!! Delroy was the commentator for our drive to the caves. Very knowledgeable and informative. Always asking for questions and feedback. Once we got to the river and caves, Mr. Smith and Jose hauled our tubes to the place where we went into the caves and pumped them up for us. We thought that was a very nice touch. The hike through the jungle was really fun. Delroy again was our guide and again knew his stuff about the jungle. We even saw wild Howler monkeys hanging out in the trees!! Floating thru the caves with Jose guiding us was awesome!! We got back and had time for a local ice cold beer and BBQ chicken lunch. There are some small shops for local handcrafted gifts that you can barter for. Great day all around. Thanks. Would love to go back and do all 9 caves with these guys.

5 StarsUnique experienceSeptember 19, 2018

Reviewer: LB
If you are going to travel, you really need to take advantage of experiences that are unique. Cave tubing in Belize is totally that unique experience. The ride to the caves is long, but so worth it. The river water is cold, but very refreshing. Going down a tube in caves with stalagmites and stalactites is truly a unique experience and one of Belize’s original gifts.

4 StarsGood ExcursionSeptember 03, 2018

Reviewer: Kim Galdiano
The bus to the excursion was nice. The guides were great. The walk through the jungle was very cool. It was great to learn about everything. The only issue was on the actual cave tubing it was often hard to hear the guide.

4 StarsA lot of fun, but very crowdedSeptember 01, 2018

Reviewer: Erin
This activity was a lot of fun. We drove in a bus about an hour from the cruise ship and then hiked another 30 minutes to the cave. The history and information we learned about the city while on the bus and during the hike was fascinating and entertaining. Once arriving at the cave, we were placed in groups of eight. Eight tubes are tied together and pulled through the cave by a guide. It was very crowded, however. There were so, so many groups of eight all going through together that it made it hard to hear our guide.

4 StarsOne of the best...August 27, 2018

Reviewer: Mark Archuleta
If it weren't for the hour-long bus ride, I would rate it Excellent. The tour guide did a great job of making the hour pass by answering questions about Belize. Our guides transported the (uninflated) inner tubes to the starting point and then inflated them so we wouldn't have to carry them through the nature walk portion of the excursion. You have to have good water shoes (no sandals), but they provide a vest and helmet with a head lamp. The walk and tubing were great. The only downside is that when in the caves, the tours are so close together that it's difficult to hear the guides speak because all of the voices echo in the caves--because you're too close together. After the tubing, they offer a lunch for $10 (chicken, rice, and beans) that you can eat on the bus ride back--and, they do give everyone a bottle of water. Overall, this is one of the best excursions, if you're looking to enjoy nature and get away from the shopping and beaches.

5 StarsCave TubingAugust 13, 2018

Reviewer: Angela
The caves are neat. It was @ 25 minute walk through the jungle. Wear shoes with traction that can get wet. Tony was our guide through the caves. These guides are amazing, they carried all the tubes to the caves for us. We also met another knowledgable, nice, guide, Walter, while walking to the caves. The guides actually pull/guide/swim with a group of 8 individuals on innertubes through the caves. Long trip to the caves, @1hr20 minutes each way, but you do get to see a lot of the beautiful island along the way. Our bus tour leader, Marcos did a great job of keeping everyone entertained during the bus ride. You can change clothes, use the restroom, or do a little shoppingonce you arrive. We bought lunch there and ate it on the way back. $8 for BBQ chicken, beans, rice and coleslaw. There was another meal as well, but I don't remember what it was. The food was really tasty. My 18 year old son ate his chicken as well as most of ours ! Fun adventure.

5 StarsWonderful Excursion- Highly RecommendAugust 13, 2018

Reviewer: Kris Slocum
This was one of our favorite excursions. There were 8 of us in a van with 2 tour guides. Our tour guides were wonderful and very informative. They carried our tubes, we did not have to and our valuables were locked up in the van and were completely safe. The actual hike was fairly short compared to what I thought it would be and the weather was nice. Once we got to the water it was COLD but to be expected. We got use to it quickly. The cave tubing was so beautiful!!! When it was done we d had time to order lunch and eat and then head to Port. They were very aware of the time we had to be back and they made sure we were back with wiggle room. They pointed out things on the drive and even pulled over and purchased some cashew wine from a local vendor to share. Such a great experience and great day. The local food was DELICIOUS too!!! We highly recommend this excursion. Don't worry about it not being booked thru your cruise line- they were very attentive and responsible.

5 StarsAmazing staff and friendly August 06, 2018

Reviewer: Mariama
I love the tour guide and he was very knowledgeable with his tour. The experience was fun and I would book with them again if I ever wants to go Cavetubing

5 StarsLived cave tubing in BelizeJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Eva McGuigan
Our group of 6 realty enjoyed the tubing adventure, ages 11 to 63. The 3 kids were less thrilled by the long bus ride, and most were unhappy that we didn’t see snakes or tarantulas. Sneakers or water shoes are a must. Our guide was professional and funny, made sure we were enjoying ourselves. For this trip we did not have to carry our own tubes for 30 minutes, the guides inflated them for us at the river. Beautiful scenery, lovely river, wished we could have tubed again.

5 StarsVery funJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: David Kidd
We had a comfortable, air conditioned, bus with great and knowledgeable guides. Great excursion.

4 StarsBelize Cave TubingJuly 02, 2018

Reviewer: Murielle Cayer
My grand son and myself have enjoyed this tour. The guide had a good knowledge of the forest and the explanation was very interesting. In the cave I was impressed by the guide as well.

5 StarsAmazing Experience!June 18, 2018

Reviewer: Amanda
My husband and I did the Belize Cave Tubing tour in May 2018. The tour included a ~45 min bus ride to the park and our tour guide gave us a great history of Belize during the ride. We took a half hour walk through the jungle while our guide educated us on the local plant life. We did not have to carry our tubes as some of the guys ran ahead of us with them and had them all inflated by the time we got to the floating point. The tubing was incredible, it was a peaceful ride with beautiful sights to see all along the way. The ride was partially outside, then inside the cave for about 20 minutes, then back outside until we floated back to the area where we began our hike. Total floating time was at least an hour if not more! Overall a very amazing experience, not too physically demanding, and the guides did a wonderful job of educating us and keeping us on time so we had time before and after the tour to enjoy the port shopping.

5 StarsAmazing excursionMay 30, 2018

Reviewer: Morgan
We had an incredible time on this excursion. Our tour guide Tony and his team were entertaining, informative, and very helpful. We loved the hike and cave tubing portion of the excursion. For $10 extra per person they had lunch waiting on the bus for us to eat on the way back to our cruise ship. We had delicious, traditional chicken and rice. We were never worried about our safety or getting back to our ship on time. I highly recommend this excursion.

4 StarsTubing funMay 23, 2018

Reviewer: Lisa Vincent
The tubing through the caves was fun but having no air-conditioning for the hour long bus ride each way not so fun. It wouldn't have been so bad if the windows were larger than a postcard. Most of the guides were fun and informative. The river was thankfully on the cooler side. Unfortunately the bus was even hotter on the way back but the guides did stop and pick up some water for couples to share. They also had some delicious bbq chicken, rice and beans for $10 each. Although in other reviews I noticed it was only $5 each.

5 StarsCave TubingApril 30, 2018

Reviewer: Mary Pinkerton
We were very disappointed at first. The manager didn't seem to be expecting us or they were waiting to catch other people to sign up, as we waited for one hour for a guide. (We have pictures). The ladies at the sign in counter made rude remarks and pointed to people as they went by, all the while we were sitting on a bench waiting. Finally our tour guide arrived, just as we were planning on canceling. We were concerned that we would not have enough time as the cave were about an hour out of town. The manager had to pull the guide from another assignment. We decided to go, this was the one excursion we were looking forward to. We arrived at the caves and had a wonderful time.Our guide was very knowledgeable and attentive. It was a wonderful excursion.

5 StarsCave TubingApril 16, 2018

Reviewer: Gaye Roberts
Cave tubing was amazing. I would highly recommend good water shoes or tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting wet! It’s a long van ride but it was worth it! I missed the opportunity to order lunch because I was in the back of the van. I would make sure the guide asks everyone about lunch. We were the only ones without meals and it smelled so good!!! I misunderstood the directions

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingJanuary 08, 2018

Sadly our tour was canceled due to high water in the river. We received a refund without any problem after advising Shore Excursions the tour was cancaled.

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingJanuary 08, 2018

Reviewer: David Henderson
This tour was excellent. Our driver/guide was very friendly, spoke excellent english and was very knowledgeable.

4 StarsFunSeptember 07, 2017

Reviewer: James Passeretti
I trust the Costco brand but was uneasy of the hype from Carnival. They warned us repeatedly of getting left behind if tardy to the ship departure time unless we booked through Carnival. The Caribbean people move at their own relaxed pace. We were picked up with others. Our Van broke down at a gas station, we asked why the van wasn't fueled before picking us up but that didn't seem to be a concern to anyone but the ones burning excursion time. The guys zip lining and tubing could not figure out how they would get it all in since a few hours were lost waiting for the a working ride. Eventually we made it walked through a park and rode the inner tubes down river all tied together lead by a guide. My issued head light wasn't very bright. Still it was fun. A good experience overall, and we were back on time as promised. Lesson learned skip excursions and roam around the port there is plenty to see and do there. The excursions seemed too canned but the sights are worth seeing.

4 StarsVery very goodAugust 26, 2017

Reviewer: Sharon Wilson
The tour was great, rain forest was fascinating and the cave was beautiful. Hard to hear the guides in the cave as they are all talking over each other. I would suggest sneakers or crocs instead of water shoes...LOTS of sharp pebbles. All in all it was a super tour!

5 StarsSuperior excursion!July 20, 2017

Reviewer: Kaye
We arrived in Belize on Carnival and had booked this excursion in advance rather than through the cruise line. No problem finding the tour office and only a short wait to board our bus. Almost an hour ride out to the site but our guide Marcus kept us entertained, even stopping for a fresh mango which was amazing! Once in the park it was an easy 20 minute walk to the river. Our group, unlike all the others, didn't have to carry our tube as we hiked. Once at the caves, we had time to swim in the river while Marcus talked about the history of the area. The caves themselves were interesting and fun. Upon exiting the caves, we had another 20 minutes floating downriver while the other groups had to get out of the river. When we got back to our bus there was a nice changing area and tasty lunch. To sum up the excursion - cheaper, no lugging of the inner tube, and longer time in the water. I'm so glad I choose this instead of the cruise line excursion!

5 StarsBelize Cave Tubing May 13, 2017

Reviewer: Dean & April Cameron
They took us on a bus to the starting place while keeping up a very interesting history of Belize and answering questions. Clean bathrooms and changing facilities were available when you arrived . They provided life vests, helmets, and headlamps (water shoes were available for purchase). For 5.00 each our guide had a lunch (BBQ chicken with rice and beans) ready for us when we returned to the bus. We didn’t have to carry our tubes as our guides had them waiting for us at the river. We only carried them at the end of the tour a short way to where we could return our equipment. Our guide Marcus gave us a lot of interesting information about the area and sights that we saw on the way to the cave entrance which took us on a path through the forest & caves & beside the river. He then guided us safely through the caves on the underground river and explained many points of interest. This was a fascinating and fun tour than we highly recommend, especially with this company.

5 StarsUnbelievable May 02, 2017

Reviewer: Karen Hovi
I booked with your company for the fact we didn't have to carry our tubes. Didn't expect all the extra we received. Raymond made the drive very enjoyable. He also was very knowledgeable, made the 30 minute walk so interesting. What can I say about Johnny. Had all the tubes ready for us. Great job by your entire staff. We arrived early to your booth and spent time with Matthew and other members of your team. They shared lots of information about Belize and lots of laughs. Will recommend your company to anyone travelling to Belize

5 StarsGreat day!!April 26, 2017

Reviewer: carol
We had a great day cave tubing in Belize. Very Relaxing :) Our guide Raymond was wonderful, Great job buddy!!

5 Starscave tubingApril 13, 2017

Reviewer: carol
We would highly recommend this tour, nice small group of 8. Raymond our guide was funny, informative, and took really good care of everyone. You do not have to carry your tube to the water, but have too carry it back, which is not that far. Lunch was $5.00 for BBQ Chicken, rice& beans. You get it to go because there is not much time to stay and eat. There are clean bathrooms and changing areas, also you can buy rubber footwear as well. Very relaxing day, a must do if visiting Belize!

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingApril 13, 2017

Reviewer: Vivian de Castro
Six of us participated in this excursion. The guide was very informative and kept us interested in the area. The other workers were extremely helpful and careful with all of us. Give it a 10.

4 StarsCave tube tourApril 06, 2017

Reviewer: LAM
The tour guides made it really easy for everyone - even though it says you have to carry your tube, you don't. The guide was a little hard to hear and understand but all in all it was fun.

5 StarsGreat experience, a must doApril 06, 2017

Reviewer: Andrew C Brown
Highly recommend this tour. Nice air conditioned bus ride to location where tour starts. Bathrooms and changing facilities located right after you get off the bus. There are food and drinks at this location. We were offered food plate to go for $5.00 . We got our equipment (helmet with light and vest) and tubes would be waiting for us once we arrived at the starting location. Tour guides were awesome and there is a nice walk thru the jungle to the starting location. Wear water shoes because the are some stones and rocks. The tubing through the caves is awesome with our guides pointing out all of the highlights. Once you get out of the cave you float down the river to the end point. There you will get out of your tube and care it to the place were bus is located. Short walk. Loved this tour and everything about it exceeded our expectations. Probably a 45 minute ride on the bus to the tour.

5 StarsGreat Time Had!March 17, 2017

Reviewer: Marcy Ramirez
This excursion definitely met our family's expectations. It was so much fun and high energy. The views are breathtaking as you hike up the mountain and then tube down. Be prepared to spend more time than advised. This excursion took about 5 hours of our day from start to finish. I would definitely do this one again.

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingMarch 09, 2017

Reviewer: Bruce Kelley
Excellent value. Great guides and tour company. On time, no problem with transportation and returning on time to the ship. Not a difficult walk at all; very informative and educational. The river and cave was great. Got to swim the last 300 yards if desired.

5 StarsCave TubingFebruary 24, 2017

Reviewer: Mary Lamping
Royal Caribbean had cancelled the cave tubing booked on board, so we were sure our trip with Shore Excursions would be cancelled, too, as it had really rained the two days before. When we were told that we were going, we wondered how safe it would be. We had nothing to worry about. The trip through the cave and down the river was so relaxing and peaceful. I would highly recommend this tour. The only thing I didn't like is that while we were in the cave, there were three other groups and all of the guides were talking at once. It made it very difficult to understand our guide. I loved that the guides were pointing out all the different trees and plants and letting us know what they were used for as medicines by the Mayans.

5 StarsTubing was wonderfulFebruary 08, 2017

One of the best activities I have ever participated in and I am well-traveled. It was so informative, cooled us off and was a once in a lifetime event!

4 StarsUnlike anything elseFebruary 07, 2017

Reviewer: Cucuk
Cave Tubing was crazy and fun! However, there were SO SO SO many people with us and with other groups going down the river at the same time. Our guides were amazing and very informative. The "hike" to the river was beautiful, and we got to swim in the river for a bit. We even got to eat some termites! :0 The caves were unreal. Definitely wouldn't recommend if you are claustrophobic.

5 StarsAmazing experience February 03, 2017

Reviewer: Robert M
The river tubing was an amazing adventure! The staff was awesome! Better than what I expected!

5 StarsA Superior ExperienceJanuary 24, 2017

Reviewer: Tim Catellier
Going on an excursion that wasn't sponsored by the cruise line worried me a bit; however, all of my worries were unfounded. The excursion left on time, they made sure everyone was aboard the bus and we returned in plenty of time to get the tender back to the ship. We tubed through the very same cave system that the group who went with the cruise line's excursion went through. The guides were wonderful and we had a fantastic time. I highly recommend it.

5 StarsGreat experienceJanuary 19, 2017

Reviewer: Jacob Reznik
Excellent tour, very interesting and educational. Our 7 year old loved the rain forest and the caves. Would do it again. All company employees were nice and competent.

5 StarsGuides made this TourJanuary 17, 2017

Reviewer: Robin Carley
Great guides that were personable, humorous and extremely knowledgeable. The information that was shared was above and beyond what was expected. Be aware that there is a fair amount of walking (river trails - mud/rocky steps/tree roots) to get to river entry point. Restrooms available and several local vendors (plenty of water socks to buy - new and used.) The $5 lunch was very good, a sweet BBQ chicken with rice. Tour also included bottled water.

5 StarsGreat Tour, Awesome sceneryJanuary 16, 2017

Reviewer: Roger Kozak
This was an awesome tour, great people, awesome scenery. Greatly enjoyed. Great value, very satisfied Highly recommend

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingJanuary 16, 2017

Reviewer: NCL cruiser
The guides were wonderful and the excursion was a lot of fun. Make sure to pack bug spray (since you are hiking thru the forest) and your own water shoes. Even though they have reasonable rentals for shoes, I got a blister making the trip a little less fun.

5 StarsCave TubingJanuary 14, 2017

Reviewer: Sanjay Kaul
The excursion was awesome and the guides were truly fantastic! The bus ride to the venue is a bot long which does not leave enough time to do anything else in town, but the experience in the river and the caves makes up for it. The tendering experience at Belize, which is no fault of the excursion operators, makes it a bit stressful. Better get your tender ticket to get off the ship!!

5 StarsGreat funJanuary 12, 2017

Reviewer: Ray Day
Had a great time on the excursion. The ride out was half the fun thanks to Raymond and his non stop Q and A session. The hike to the river was quite moderate with plenty to see along the way. Plenty of clean dressing rooms at the river to change back to dry clothes on return. Also a nice $5 chicken and rice meal on the ride back.

5 StarsBelize cave tubing January 12, 2017

Reviewer: Saddat Abbas
Very welcoming & friendly guides. Enjoyed thoroughly.

4 StarsTubing in the RainJanuary 07, 2017

Reviewer: Penny Pomes
Ecotours staff and quiet were great. They were friendly, personable and entertaining. Also very safety consciene. It was great that they varieties the tubes for us so we could enjoy the nature hike to the river. Despite the pouring rain, Raymond, John and Edwardo made this a fun and worthwhile excursion. Also appreciated the emails and detailed info about the excursion from shoreexcursions.

4 StarsCave TubingJanuary 06, 2017

Reviewer: Tim & Barb Kotesovec
Had a nice time, the bus ride was long, but the guides entertained us for most of the trip. They also carried the tube for us to the launch point. Nice walk through the jungle. Calm waters, clean. Caves were interesting.

5 StarsBelize CAVE TubingJanuary 02, 2017

Reviewer: W.B. Kaplan
From start to finish this excursion was exactly as billed. The directions once off the tender was effortless. Once the entire group was assembled there was no delay getting on the bus and heading. I lost track of time on the ride out as the guide provided non stop information about Belize with genuine pride and enthusiasm. Both the guides on the trail provided information on all the exotic plants and local wildlife. The tubing itself was very low key. It was fun to watch the NCL group schlepping their tubes while we had ours waiting for us . The $5 lunch provided was typical Belizian fare. Our enthusiastic guides with their knowledge of all things Belize is what made the trip. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants a nice cave tubing experience. NCL reps tell you the non NCL operators may not get you back to the ship in time. All B.S. This excursion was great. I score this excursion COSTCO 100, NCL 0.

5 StarsNice gentle float through cavesJanuary 02, 2017

Reviewer: Mary Gillis
There was a walk through the forest before we got into the river and the guides told us a lot about the plants and trees and what they are used for. We did not have to carry our tubes to the river, but did carry them back. This was not difficult to do! The guides were very nice and lead us thru the pitch black cave together in a group roped together. We had headlamps to see the rock formations. Very interesting and relaxing. There were little brown bats hanging from the ceiling of the cave. They were not disturbed by our floating through their territory. I enjoyed the excursion and thought it was a good value.

5 StarsLoved this!December 23, 2016

Reviewer: Alice Pina
We had a excellent time. It was so informative there was a nice walk to the river where our tubes were waiting for us. Then our guide took us threw the caves and talked to us about the beauty around us.

5 StarsA floatin' we will goDecember 17, 2016

Reviewer: Steve
Really an enjoyable excursion. Nice and relaxing. Local guides do a GREAT job with info as you float. BEAUTIFUL scenery. I think it was just this day, but we left the pier late, which snowballed, of course, and got back JUST in time to make last tender to ship...UGG! we SO wanted to chill and have a beer afterwards...or even shop. So with this one watch your time!! But Raymond our ""main"" tour guide was very informative and enjoyable!!

5 StarsAwesome Adventure!December 15, 2016

Reviewer: Joseph Caudle
The crew we went with on this adventure was awesome. They are all very kind and energetic individuals that wanted to make sure we were getting the most out of our adventure...even taking us further down the river in tubes, when all the other tours stopped short at the first set of stairs. I would definitely recommend this excursion to my family and guests in the future.

5 StarsGreat Trip and Great GuidesDecember 14, 2016

Reviewer: Patrick Davin
Really enjoyed the Cave Tubing and the guides were fantastic. Gave us a good flavor of Belize, knowledgeable and fun. Very much worth while!

5 StarstubingDecember 08, 2016

Reviewer: Callie
Very nice excursion. Worth the money.

5 StarsExcellentDecember 07, 2016

Reviewer: Ffong Her Huang
It was a wonderful experience that I have had in my life.

5 StarsExcellentDecember 07, 2016

Reviewer: Fong Her Huang
It was a wonderful experience that I have had in my life.

5 StarsCave Tubing AdventureDecember 02, 2016

Reviewer: Jennifer & Eric Dominguez
This was by far a top notch experience. We cruised with RC and their tour was not nearly as fabulous as ours. Not only did we have our guides carry our tubes for the entire jungle trek, but we also enjoyed our tubing tour beyond the cave itself. As well, we were offered the option of having a lunch after our tour for $5 per person. Well worth it - yummy local fare that we enjoyed on our air conditioned bus ride back to the pier. Our guides were friendly and well-informed and did an outstanding job all the way around. The tour location was quite nice as well with bathrooms, changing rooms and showers. By far one of the best tours my husband and I have done!

5 StarsGreat tripNovember 27, 2016

Reviewer: Leonard Taylor
The crew did an excellent job. Very knowledgeable and friendly. The cave tubing was loads of fun.

5 Starscave tubingNovember 11, 2016

Reviewer: KCC
Fun and good group of supporting staff . very friendly and professional. Like it

5 StarsawesomeNovember 09, 2016

Reviewer: shannon
Was an awesome experience!! The tour guides were great. They talked about Belize and answered all of our questions about what we were seeing and doing. One helpful hint-All the guides were wearing Crocs. They seemed to do better on the hike (which is a 1/2 hour walk on rocks). Everyone in our group was wearing water shoes and by the end of it our feet were sore. Other than that it was beautiful and very relaxing.

5 StarsUnBELIZEable!November 06, 2016

Reviewer: VickyInStLouis
What a great excursion this was! Our guides were so knowledgeable and SO PROUD of their country - they couldn't tell us enough about their love of country! The excursion was beyond words! The 1 hr drive to the jungle, followed by a beautiful 45 min hike through the rainforest that opened up to a gorgeous river at the mouth of the cave - the Gateway to Hell as the Mayans called it! Our guide narrated the entire time. We had hard hats with lights on the top so we could see the cave's amazing features, including a waterfall. We were in the cave for about 20 minutes, then another 20 minutes floating back to where we started our hike. Before we started out, we could pay $5 to have lunch waiting for us at the end. The lunch was delicious - stewed chicken with rice! Belize Cave Tubing was the highlight of my cruise. I highly recommend this excursion. Note, make sure you wear sturdy shoes and are ready for a moderate hike through the rain forest. It's all worth it in the end though!

5 StarsAmazing Experience!October 07, 2016

Reviewer: Melissa Diego
This was an amazing experience. The tour guides are amazing and are talking to you the entire trip explaining plants and history of Belize. You can tell how proud they are of their country. The cave tubing was an amazing experience. You do not have to walk with your tube, the tour guides will have them ready for you before entering the water (other people will be walking with their tube but you do not have to)

5 StarsI was unable to go August 24, 2016

Reviewer: Marla Alpizar
We were disappointed to not be able to go cave tubing. Our ship diverted because of the storm.

5 Starsfamily adventureAugust 03, 2016

Reviewer: Deb
Carlos, Lincoln, Keenan, and Lance were terrific tour guides. Carlos was very knowledgeable about each aspect of our tour. He added a great deal of humor as well. We had a very pleasant walk/hike through the rainforest. We then tubed through the caves. All of our guides were very kind and caring to our group. There were thirteen people in our group that ranged from age 7-75.We were the only group that was not responsible for carrying our tubes during our walk. I would highly recommend this tour!!! My one bit of advice is to wear sneakers instead of water shoes. The flexible bottoms of my water shoes was not the best when walking over the rocky terrain of the rainforest.

5 StarsI enjoyed it. Much better than the cruiseline tourJuly 11, 2016

Reviewer: Drew
We did this as part of our Norwegian cruise. we have talked with a few people that did the same trip through the cruise ship. the excursion was much shorter and almost double the price. They had to carry theyre tubes on the 30 to 45 minute walk THROUGH THE JUNGLE to the area where you put in. We did not. The walk to the put in was awesome. I will say again your in the middle of the jungle and seeing lots of wildlife and walking through caves with bats the whole way there. The guides were hilarious and very informative on the ride, the walk, and on the river. The walk is relatively flat. there was an 82 year old woman in our group. Once on the river we were grouped with a guide in groups of 5 to 8 and spaced out. the headlamps weren't quite good enough for my go pro to pick up but once your eyes adjust you can see everything in the caves. My only complaint is I could hear some of the other guides 20 to 30 feet away better than our own sitting 5 feet away. The cave system takes approx. 30 minutes to go through. The cruise ship trip takes out at the end of the cave. We floated another 20 -30 minutes down the river. it was very relaxing and very scenic.

5 StarsWe had perks others did not have!July 08, 2016

Reviewer: Tina
With this tour group we were able to see additional areas that other tour groups were not able to. For example we were able to see additional cave areas not offered by other tour groups. They provided as well a lot of education regarding all our stops. Also since this was a tubing adventure this group had guides to carry our tubes thru the rain forest. Other groups had the tourists carrying their own equipment.

5 StarsInteresting!June 10, 2016

Reviewer: Karina
The guides were great! Very educational, interesting, well organized! For sure try the homemade food plate;)

5 StarsWell, that was fun.June 02, 2016

Reviewer: Bill
There is a walk to the point where you enter the river. It isn't a long walk, but it would be better done in sneakers than in ""water shoes"". You could place your sneakers in a water proof bag for your actual ride down the river. The guide was terrific. He was relaxed and assuring. A lunch was provided, for an extra fee. It was well worth the fee.

5 StarsBELIZE CAVE TUBINGMay 31, 2016

Reviewer: Rose
We booked this trip not knowing exactly what to expect. Carlos drove the van and gave us great information all the way to the ""site"". His partner Robert was very helpful as well. The tubing was very refreshing and the inside of the cave was amazing to see. The Mayan traditions and lore Carlos discussed was interesting. The hike to and from the river was nice. Carlos discussed the trees and things we saw along the way. The water crossings are a bit slick but with an extra hand OK. We would recommend this excursion.

5 StarsHighly recommend cave-tubing.May 30, 2016

Reviewer: SuzieQ
As a cruise excursion, me and two of my best friends opted for this cave tubing adventure. We were not disappointed. We purchased the excursion before ever leaving Florida, and easily checked in once we arrived in port. We were a little worried about arriving to the check in on time, as we were tendered from the ship. However, we arrived in plenty of time, and arranged for an early tender. There was about an hour bus ride, with an very funny guide Keith. He also filled us in on the country as we traveled to our tubing destination. After putting on helmets and vests, we walked thru a jungle path to the river. Keith pointed out many things of interest along the way, and he was quite entertaining. The tubing was fun, and not a dull moment. I would highly recommend this excursion. After returning to our bus area, we had given Keith $5 in advance to purchase a lunch. The food was wonderful: red beans/rice, chicken, and potatoes all cooked by locals. It was delicious. There was also a snack area and a few vendors selling items at the bus area. I am so glad I went on this trip, although I was a bit apprehensive at first, because of fear of walking the trails to the river. I'm 58 and I had no problem with any of the trip.

4 StarsA well organized and exellent excursion.May 25, 2016

Reviewer: retired
Less expensive and much better than same location provided by cruise line excursion.

5 StarsAbsolutely wonderful!!May 25, 2016

Reviewer: T
Beautiful!! So much more than the cruise ship excursion. A 'must do' activity

5 StarsExcellent excursionMay 20, 2016

Reviewer: Travs
This was an excellent excursion that was both educational as well as adventurous. Guides were well versed in history of the island. Had a great day and would recommend to anyone.

5 StarsWe loved the crew that took us on the excursion.May 16, 2016

Reviewer: Keith
the company handled everything and made us all feel like family

5 StarsFun and awesome!!!May 05, 2016

Reviewer: Famous amos
The guides are so much fun! Loved the jungle!

4 StarsInteresting sights and guides, but quite crowdedApril 29, 2016

Reviewer: ES
Fun and relaxing, with educational hike through forest. Tubing itself was very calm and easy, though there were so many people around it felt like a Disneyland ride.

5 StarsGreat family adventure!April 22, 2016

Reviewer: Cruising
Cave tubing was a great experience. The guides were friendly and informative. The locations was beautiful and water was refreshing. We had a great time as a family of four with 2 kids 10 and 12.

5 StarsCave tubingApril 22, 2016

Reviewer: Raymond
It was a great trip and fun experience. Bus and food were not great but the experience was great so we didn't care. Guides were so informative and interesting. Beautiful scenery. Great trip.

4 StarsFun and RelaxingApril 22, 2016

Reviewer: Tom
The drive to the park takes about an hour but the guide made it go by quickly with informative commentary and humor about the country. There is a small walk (20 min ?) through a jungle to get to the cave opening. It is a very worn path easy to walk but has the occasional big rock step. When we went, there were many other groups and it seemed that we all bottlenecked rafting in the cave at different points. All in all a fun and relaxing time. Where the water gets too low to float across the guides pull you to deeper water. Along the way the guides pointed out items of interest and culture.

5 Starswonderful trip!April 22, 2016

Reviewer: Joanna
It was really exciting experience and well organized. We found the representative Raymond immediately after we got off the ship. He was a very nice guy and experienced skilled tour guide. He was enthusiastic with his work and considerate to us. He also extended our tubing time!

4 StarsGood Company Choice - OK ExcursionApril 19, 2016

Reviewer: Family from Maryland
This was a great group! The guides were great and you don't have to worry about carrying your own tube and the tubes all have the little backrests. You see all the other groups in the caves and a majority of them seemed the same but there were a few groups that didn't have back rests w/their tubes and had to carry them. Overall the caves weren't as exciting as we had hoped. This is definitely a tour you can bring kids on. There is no rushing water, the water was ankle deep in some spots and at the most was a couple feet deep in some spots. The water is definitely on the colder side (60's ish) and we went the end of May (which is their warmer season). They rope together about 6-8 tubes and they're pretty much pulling you through the caves the whole time, so you feel a bit lazy while the guides are doing all the work. It's neat for something different to do but was a little boring. For a cruise excursion the hour bus ride each way really kills the day. If you're looking to go tubing in Belize I would recommend this company but I'm not not sure if I would recommend going tubing. Didn't see as much as we thought we would.

4 StarsGood First-Time-In-Belize ExcursionApril 18, 2016

Reviewer: Vision Cruise - April 2016
The tour is well run and organized although make sure you pay attention to the departure time on your confirmation ticket. We focused too much on how important it was to be on one of the first tenders into Belize and as a result got to the tour counter way too early. Had to kill over an hour waiting for the tour to depart. Cave Tubing tour is interesting but not particularly exciting. Tour company likes to remind you how this non-ship excursion includes things like a longer ride down the river and porters to carry your inner-tube for you - which are all true - but none of that changes the fact that the tour is rather ho-hum. What you are not told is that your inner tube is going to be tethered to at least 5 (probably 7) others and that the guide pushes/pulls you down the river. This is NOT a drift lazily along at your own pace type of tour. The cave is pretty cool to see but not something you'd go back to see again. Definitely take advantage of the $5 local lunch and the $2.50 beers for the ride back to the ship.

5 Starsgreat time. loads of funApril 14, 2016

Reviewer: dennis
there is a bus ride you can see a lot of country

5 StarsWonderful experience. dont miss it.April 06, 2016

Reviewer: Tricia (Ma,Ma to the guides
Guides were informative and fun

5 StarsGreat experience!March 31, 2016

Reviewer: Aps
This is a great way to see the natural side of Belize, as well as an informative tour on the bus ride there and back.

5 StarsWe had a great time.March 30, 2016

Reviewer: Car & Bar
My sister & I thought we'd have a hard time walking that distance, but the guides stopped every so often to show us all something. It was a great experience and would do it again. They took care of the tubes so all we had to do was get ourselves to the take off point.

5 StarsMagical and funMarch 29, 2016

Reviewer: Karen
Wonderful guides and a lot of fun. Be prepared a to walk about 1.5 miles through a rain forest. We brought insect repellant but did not see a single insect.

5 StarsNice adventureMarch 28, 2016

Reviewer: Barb
It was a nice hike though the rainforest to tube down the river. I liked the excursion but I love the blue water of the ocean and should have went snorkeling. It was a great adventure but I like a little more adventure.

5 StarsBelize Cave Tubing AdvenbtureMarch 28, 2016

Reviewer: Sue was nervous
We had a group of 6 go on the Cave Tubing Excursion, Most were over 60 so we were a little hesitant about the trip but we thoroughly enjoyed it. 3 things that stand out were: 1. Our guides carried our tubes to the starting point at the river, it was about an hour walk so not having tubes made the walk must more enjoyable. 2. We were able to store our gear/valuables on the bus with someone to watch over, very safe. 3. We also were able to ride our tubes in the jungle for about 40 minutes past the caves which other groups do not do. Great experience from someone from Nebraska!

4 StarsAwesome excursionMarch 26, 2016

Reviewer: racegirl177
This excursion was awesome. We did the cave tubing only. There was talk about cave tubing and repelling, would have enjoyed that also. Con- had to wait one hour from meeting time before departing. Pros- Easy to find port 4 at the end of the pier in a hallway. Had an awesome guide, the bus drove us thru the thick of Belize city with a tour guide narrating the one hour entire way. Once at the park, guides hiked the tubes to the meeting point, a one mile hike thru caves and along the river, and thru the jungle. The guide was very informative. Once in the tube, the guide led us thru the caves. Again, very informative. There was an option at the end to purchase a $5 meal, Belizian food and beer. The driver got us back within one hour of last tender to the cruise ship.

5 StarsThe Belize Cave Tubing excursion was our best valuMarch 23, 2016

Reviewer: Bob Smith
The local guides were exceptionally well versed regarding local history, economy and culture. They also carried our flotation devices to the input site which could have been a strain for some travelers. The cave tubing adventure was the most enjoyable all around excursion I have experienced. Highly recommend.

4 StarsUnique and wonderfulMarch 17, 2016

Reviewer: LaRue
Guide was great. The walk through the forest followed by drifting through the caves was an experience of a life time. We loved it!

5 StarsExcellentMarch 16, 2016

Reviewer: Sharon
Our guide for this trip was Keith and he was wonderful. During the drive to the river he gave us information about Belize, the economy, land, the area we were in, etc.- He made the trip fun and interesting from the beginning.

5 StarsEveryone should do thisMarch 10, 2016

Reviewer: Cruiseman
Great time

5 StarsYou better ""Belize"" it.March 10, 2016

Reviewer: Adventure Granny
Keith and his co-workers were great!! I would do it again, and again, and again.

5 StarsAwesome Cave Tubing - highly recommendedMarch 10, 2016

Reviewer: jmrichar
This is a very fun trip to take and I would highly recommend it if you go to Belize. In fact, we are thinking about going to just Belize next year so we can check out some of the other caves they have to explore. We went on a cruise so we only had part of a day in Belize and I wish we would have had more time. It rained the day we were there but we had a great time anyway.

5 Starsi would recommend to friendsMarch 08, 2016

Reviewer: bill
substantially better than the tour I saw the cruise line get, as that tour showed up at the same time as we did. small group instead of large so guide was able to give more one-on-one attention. overall very good, have already recommended it to other I know going there later this year

5 StarsAMAZINGMarch 08, 2016

Reviewer: rachel
The tendering was delayed due to the weather, and our tour was supposed to leave one hour from our dock time, so we had to be on the first tender. Of course, I was freaking out we wouldn't make it. We called the tour from the Pursers desk and they said they would wait, but I was still nervous. When we finally got off the boat, they were all there waiting with clear signs. The tour guides were AMAZING, so entertaining, funny, and informative the whole bus ride, hike and cave tour. I would 100% do this again and recommend it. Oh and they bring your tubes up to the top of the hike before the tubing part, as opposed to every other tour we walked by.

5 StarsGREAT time!March 07, 2016

Reviewer: adam
Great tour and good value!

4 StarsRelaxingMarch 01, 2016

Reviewer: n/a
It was a nice excursion

5 StarsWhat a great experience.February 25, 2016

Reviewer: E
One of the best excursions that I have been on. I have been on 5 cruises. I usually book with the cruise line. I was a bit hesitant to book through here but it's so much better. 1. The price. 2. The experience was with local people, not too touristy. 3. Everything was done in a timely manner. 4. Booking off the cruise line gives the locals a bigger profit rather than the cruise line. 5. The tour guides were funny, entertaining and well knowledgeable. I would book again through perx!

5 StarsA definite must do!February 24, 2016

Reviewer: Patti
This excursion was over the top I'd do it again if I was in Belize. This was the highlight of the whole cruise for everyone in our group of four.

5 StarsAmazing adventure!February 24, 2016

Reviewer: PetuniandHow
Well worth it! I have told friends and family about this side trip. I want to go back and explore more of Belize. They guides were great and informative and they seemed to really like their job.

5 StarsHad a great time.February 24, 2016

Reviewer: Kris
Everyone was nice and helpful. I enjoyed this trip.

5 StarsBelize Cave TourFebruary 19, 2016

Reviewer: Ron
The people who put this tour together were topnotch. The travel through Belize City and to the start of the cave we were given a marvelous commentary of the City and it's sights and history as well as a very delightful, entertaining and extremely informative commentary through the country. While on the trail and tubing the cave, our two guides did everything to keep us entertained and informed as well as safe. You could tell the guides were very expirenced and truly loved their job and went out of their way to be friendly and helpful!! This is a tour you can recommend highly.

5 Starsloved thisnew experience will do others like itFebruary 17, 2016

Reviewer: dont remember sorry but he was great!
loved it and the guide too

4 StarsRefreshing tubingFebruary 12, 2016

Reviewer: The Traveler
Tubing was fantastic. Lovely walk to the river. We did not have to carry our inner tubes to the launch site. We did carry them at the end (short walk) to the bus. The guides said the water was refreshing so I was worried it would be cold but it was warm. The guides were amazing. Sometimes they pulled our tubes while doing the backstroke, all the while explaining what we were seeing. For medical reasons I cannot get my head wet. I told the guide and they were very careful not to splash.

5 StarsGreat Trip! Great Guides!February 05, 2016

Reviewer: Lyn
We have been taking about this excursion to anyone who will listen. It was definitely a highlight. The guides were awesome. The drive was authentic and cool. If you have rafted or gone any other adventure trip, this is quite like that. The drive was long but very interesting. We felt as though we could see quite bit of the interior of Belize in a very short amount of time. Loved it. ACCESSIBILITY: The hike was quite easy. I am an athlete recovering from a very serious hip injury. (I tend to limp after active days, three years later) The walking didn't phase me. If you are walking, climbing stairs and breathing without issue, it shouldn't be a problem. The walk is at a fairly slow pace and in a well-packed hard trail during dry season. The river current was gentle and could be navigated easily when walking across it.

5 StarsI would do this againFebruary 03, 2016

Reviewer: Angela
I had a blast on this excursion. Keith and his group of guys are hard workers. I would certainly recommend if ever in Belize this is the thing to do.

5 Starsfun cave tubingFebruary 03, 2016

Reviewer: Angela
Would do again .

5 Starsbelise cave tubingFebruary 03, 2016

Reviewer: kitten
Bus air conditioned and nice. Guide fun and knowledgeable. 45 minute hike not bad. I am 65 and my sister is 71 and we made it fine. Caves beautiful and guide pulled us through the whole tour in the water. Fun, fun, fun. Would recommend

4 StarsRelaxing and refreshingJanuary 08, 2016

Reviewer: JT
A great value compared to the tubing that was offered by the cruise ship. Our guides were well informed and carried our inner tubes for us versus the other tours that had to carry their own tubes. It was very relaxing floating down the water in the inner tubes.

5 StarsAwesome Tubing ExcursionJanuary 08, 2016

Reviewer: The Army Guy
Better shore excursion deals than were offered on the ship.

5 StarsBest shore excursion hands downJanuary 05, 2016

Reviewer: Bonnie
Easy to find; bring aquamarine shirts with the company's logo on the dock made this group easy to spot. Checking in was a breeze since I'd prepaid and brought my receipt with me...we just signed in (there is a waiver form) and we were ushered to the bus and on our way. Our tour guide was hysterical yet full of knowledge. We had a teacher on board that asked tons of questions and he really knew his local history, culture and government questions. The drive to the cave tubing lasts about 30 minutes which gives you a long drive thru the city and country; time to see alot of Belize. There are restrooms and changing areas when you get there; it's best to wear a bathing suit and a tank top. Comfy watershoes that you can get wet/muddy are important. If you don't bring them, you can rent them for $3 a pair. Insects didn't bother us and it was a combo of sprinkling/raining and sun. You don't have to carry your innertubes which is really nice but you do have to stand & wait for the helmet/light and life jacket. Along the route (about a 15 minute walk thru the jungle on a muddy/slippery path and you get to cross a river with a rope to hold on to) you get to hear about how the local plants are used as medicines, spices, etc. The actual cave tubing was truly amazing. Mind blown. The cave was dark and so high and I didn't know where to look first. Wish we could have slowed down time. When you come out of the cave, it's a jungle and we say an iguana in the branches. If you give your guide $5, he will get you local food (we weren't starving after just getting off the ship but I'd recommend the food)--chicken, rice, beans and a small salad. It was enough for me to split with my teenager. One the drive back, the guide let us eat, sleep and answered a few more questions...again, always funny and knowledgeable. We have cruised alot and this was one of the BEST shore excursions we've taken as a family. Young and old would enjoy this!

5 StarsBelize must do!January 02, 2016

Reviewer: Typhoid Ben
Our guides were very entertaining and determined to show us a fun time. The hike through the woods included education about local cultures and medicinal uses of native plants. Our guides even carried our tubes for us so that we could enjoy the hike more. It was quite unique to float on a tube through a real cave. The only bad part of the trip was that the tubing portion did not last very long. After returning to camp, our guide made sure we could get some lunch and beverages for the long bus ride back to the city.

4 StarsCave Tubing was greatJanuary 01, 2016

Reviewer: Gary the retired Cop
The tour and guide on the bus ride to the tour were awesome. its a little long bus ride to take a long walk thru the woods, need the right shoes, comfortable and able to get muddy and wet. You then climb into some tubes and they tie them all together and you float thru the caves and a little jungle. they give you a light to try and see inside the caves. need better lighting. Will surely do this again and will bring my dive light so I can see all the caves have to offer. trip wasn't perfect, but the people and enjoyments were..I will go back in a couple months.....

5 StarsIt was the BEST!!!December 29, 2015

Reviewer: Ready for fun!
We would highly recommend taking this cave tubing with this company. We saw others but they had to carry their tubes up & etc... but Shore Excursions take your tubes up for you. It was very educational and yet so adventurous! Make sure you try the pineapple on the way and have their lunch with chicken, red beans & rice & etc... on the way back. It was good and well worth the money!

5 StarsEntertaining and relaxingNovember 24, 2015

Reviewer: Bo's friend
Guides share their knowledge of current and historical culture during the bus ride. Then the hike to the river is more of nature walk as the guides point out plants, trees, and cave formations along the way. The guides do this in a fun and entertaining way that keeps everyone laughing. The float through the cave is relaxing and fun.

5 StarsGreat guide!October 24, 2015

Reviewer: Barb from plano
Fabulous was our guide. And indeed he was fabulous. He knew so much history about the city and the caves. He made sure we were away from the other tubers who were loud so that we could hear him. He showed us the different plants along the trail, made sure we were safe, he was polite and I could go on. There were only 4 of us in the group while other excursions had 20 or so people all tied together. We rode to the excursion site in a nice air conditioned jeep. Highly recommend this one.

5 StarsAwesome cave tubing adventureOctober 21, 2015

Reviewer: JRTraveler
The tour group was easy to find. David, our guide, was VERY entertaining. Other crew included John, Smith, Keith, Floyd, Tony and driver Lincoln. They were very organized and made the trip very enjoyable. Unlike other tours, they carried our tubes to the water for us. We started with a 1.5 mile walk to the water, stopping periodically to hear about flora and fauna. My suggestion is to wear bug spray and mind where you stand. The ants are BEASTS. We didn't see any monkeys, but we did see a couple of iguanas, bats, cashew trees, mahogany trees, allspice, birds of paradise. The trip through the cave was unbelievable. The cave formations are unlike any I have ever seen. The day ended with Belizean lunch on the bus. Beans, rice, chicken, potato salad and plantains. Delicious.

5 StarsWould do it again!!September 13, 2015

Reviewer: N. Williams
David, the guide, was fantastic. He was informative and humorous. We had to endure a hot bus ride, but, he kept us entertained. We are happy that we booked this excursion with them. They ensured that our inner tubes were already at the river entrance before we got there.

5 StarsI would do it again!September 06, 2015

Reviewer: The lady
Excellent guides and very well descriptive their adeventure and talking about Belize.

4 StarsCave Tubing in BelizeAugust 19, 2015

Reviewer: Brotherstorm
Everything started poorly due to lots of horizontal rain. The markets/waiting areas had about 6"" of water from the rain. We finally found our tour group. We had to wait until they received word of any flooding in the caves. They said our $ would be refunded if the tour was canceled. It wasn't and we went. All of our guides were very knowledgable of the country, culture, and the caves. The water was ""refreshing"" (don't call it cold!). In the end, we had a great time. It was well worth it!!

4 StarsAMAZING111August 12, 2015

Reviewer: MIKE

4 StarsGreat ExcursionJuly 19, 2015

Reviewer: Texag95
David and his crew were very friendly, funny and professional. Although the bus ride to and from the caves was long, David kept the group occupied with cultural and country facts in a very humorous way. Upon arrival at the caves, the guides went ahead of us and with the tubes and had them inflated and ready for us. The hike was not too strenuous(our water shoes kept our feet comfortable) and the trail provided some great views. During the float, David and the guides pointed out all of the formations while entertaining our family. My only con would be that the float went by too quick...I wish we could have kept going (although those who booked through the cruise line had a much shorter float than us). Afterwards, David had lunch prepared for those wishing to taste the local cuisine for only $5 per person. I would highly recommend this excursion for couples or families. Having a local tour guide makes a BIG difference.

4 StarsAWESOME excursion!July 16, 2015

Reviewer: Debbie
Despite the major rainstorm before the cave tubing, everything was wonderful. I highly recommend this excursion. Piece of cake and enjoyable!

5 StarsAwesome ride through the cavesJune 18, 2015

Reviewer: Terry
THis tour group seem better than the ones also on the trail. Got to see dry caves as well as wet caves.

5 StarsLoved this excursion!June 04, 2015

Reviewer: Cruiser Deb
Although the ride was a bit long, David did a great job educating the guests about the area and fun facts. The other guides did a super job with the guests. Loved this tour and will recommend it to others. The cave and jungle are beautiful. The add-on lunch was great. Thanks to the guides for taking the tubes to the river.

5 StarsGreat adventureJune 04, 2015

Reviewer: None
This cave adventure was excellent. Our guides even carried our tubes to the beginning of our tour. All other groups (including the cruise booked tour) had to carry their own tubes and our excursion was twice as long. The river was a perfect ""cool"" as I was there during the ""off season"" and the weather was quite hot and sticky. The guides provided interesting information regarding the areas we drive through to get to the location, provided us with local history and explained area of the cave/river during the tour. Fun and educational. I would do a tour like this again.

4 StarsExcelent experience butMay 19, 2015

Reviewer: Gone Salin
The 45 min hike was over washed out roads over small ROCKS. Had a choice of watershoes or sneakers. Guides advised watershoes. Wrong - need thick soles to get over 45 min of rocks. Shoes were required to keep on raft - out of water. Also we were provided local food for $5 which was great after the adventure. - but we didn't expect that.

5 StarsThis was a great excursionMay 13, 2015

Reviewer: Jim and Penney
We had a great guide (David), he was funny and informative on our walk to the cave stopping at different spots and pointing things out. David gave our group information about the caves on trip down through the cave. David told us about a lunch after the cave tubing (which we only paid $5.00) and the food was absolutely great (great flavored chicken, rice, and cooked bananas). Will definitely recommend this excursion to friends/family who come to this port.

5 StarsMemorable experienceApril 21, 2015

Reviewer: Damspyder
This tour was fabulous! I would definitely recommend. We decided to book this tour because it sounded like there was more to it than the excursions that were available through the cruise ship. We were extremely satisfied that we did! People that had gone on the cave tubing excursion through the cruise ship had to wear helmets (I'm sure for liability reasons), they had to hike about a mile carrying their tube (our tubes were taken to the river by guides and inflated there), and last, but certainly not least, once we got out of the caves, our tour went on for about another 20 minutes or so where we were able to just sit back in the tube and relax, whereas other groups got out of the river immediately after exiting the caves and carried their tubes back. This was one of the most memorable and fun experiences of our entire trip. We are scheduled to go on another cruise in future and I will definitely choose this tour group.

4 StarsCheck out Cave Tubing!April 18, 2015

Reviewer: TxAggie90
Great excursion! It is a longer walk up to the spot where you start tubing. Guide gave us the opportunity to dive in a river mid-way. Great photo spots along the route. Cave tubing was all we thought it would be. Guide provided information, but with our guide, it wasn't overwhelming with non-stop talking (some guides didn't ever stop). Also appreciated that our guide didn't splash us; again, some did. Would be good to let them know what works for you and your group so that they can match you up with a guide that fits. I get cold really easily so I wore a tank top over swim suite for the hike, then a long-sleeved rash guard in the cave. Short sleeves were good for most of our group.

5 StarsGet a true feel of BelizeApril 17, 2015

Reviewer: Collette
The guides were very informative and took the time to introduce us to the Belize way of life. They really introduced us to the Belizean culture. I will definately go back to Belize.

5 StarsFalse AdvertisementApril 16, 2015

Reviewer: cruiser
False Advertisement = if the description said the guides carry the tubes and you don't have to, more people would take advantage of this awesome excursion. They carry them ahead and inflate them at the starting point. There were a lot people from various tours entering at the same time causing a traffic jam but we had a great time with our 8 and 1 year olds. We had great tubes that had high backs (head rest) and cup holders. The guide made frequent stops and explained the jungle making the trip educational and fun.

5 StarsExcellent Adventure!April 13, 2015

Reviewer: Steve and Peg
David, our leader, was not only informative but quite personable and humorous. It kept the drive to the caves interesting. Where else can you float on an inner tube through ancient Mayan caves? Our float guide in the caves gave us a lot of Mayan historical information of how the caves fit in to their culture.

5 StarsGreat excursionApril 09, 2015

Reviewer: FrankMac48
The guides were personable and a lot of fun to work with. Tubing through a large cave is a unique experience when the lights get turned out. The hike to the entry point was not strenuous at all and the guides made several stops to talk about the jungle animals and plants.

4 StarsBelize Cave and River FunApril 09, 2015

Reviewer: Climberpete
The tour guides were great. They were informative and hard working. The bus ride is in a school bus and I found it cramped. The rock formations and jungle life was incredible and made the trip well worth it.

5 StarsGreat Experience!April 01, 2015

Reviewer: Craig
My family and I went cave tubing with Eco Tours in March. David was our lead guide and he was awesome! David is very friendly, very knowledgeable of the history of the area, and was exceptional at creating a very welcome and relaxed atmosphere. My wife and 4 kids really enjoyed the cave tubing and one thing that made it even better was the fact that they sent workers up ahead of time with the tubes so we didn't have to carry them ourselves. First class all the way!

5 StarsSuper TourMarch 19, 2015

Reviewer: RC
This was a great tour. The cave tubing was unique. The guides were fun and informative. I would highly recommend this tour group.

5 StarsGreat TimeMarch 13, 2015

Reviewer: Bob the Builder
Fun, Fun, Fun

5 StarsI would buy this product again.February 27, 2015

Reviewer: shorty
I had a wonderful time. I'm 74 yrs. old and not quite 5 ft. tall and the guides were so helpful with carrying my tube and asking if I was fine. My only suggestion would be to tell people to wear heavy water shoes. I was fine because I wore heavy tennis shoes.

5 StarsYou better Belize itFebruary 19, 2015

Reviewer: Snow bird
Had a fantastic time cave tubing with Our tour guides David and his gang. They made our excursion one to remember! From the time that they picked us up to the time that they brought us back, it was one fantastic ride of history, geography, and comedic fun. Definitely looking forward to a return trip!!! Thanks a lot. We are definitely Belize-ing it!!!

5 StarsWOW! Highlight of our cruise!February 17, 2015

Reviewer: Sandy the ""shut up"" lady
This excursion was awesome! ""Cardinal"" and ""The Rock"" made it truly UNBELIZABLE! We learned so much about their country. They were so fun and you could tell they took a lot of pride in their ""job"" and their country. There was never a dull moment. the cruise ship excursioners had to carry their own tubes and their trip was quite a bit shorter than ours. This is definitely worth the time and money!

4 StarsFun Fun Fun!!!January 31, 2015

Reviewer: Kdeegs
Loved this excursion and the guides--it was ""unBelizeable"" our guides word. Very interewting country and it had come a long way since I was here 7 years ago. The only down side were some of the other clients who were not able to keep up--slowing down the rest of the group--the guides did their best and were very gracious but some of us could have moved a lot quicker up the hills!!

5 StarsA Team - a mustJanuary 19, 2015

Reviewer: A TEAM
I believe the guide's name is ""Alfonso"" (called himself A)..what a gentleman and warm, intelligent human being.He offered to take my tube as we were walking uphill. David is an excellent guide, funny and engaging.My only regret is that we didnt take much money with us as they deserved a better tip.

5 StarsAwesome experience, Water was refreshingJanuary 08, 2015

Reviewer: Larry
This was an absolute once in a lifetime experince, the guide was very well known and thoroughly explained how the U.S. supports their economy with exportation and tourism, very knowledgable. The float down the river was great, however, once you're in the caves, it is very dark.

4 StarsGreat fun!January 06, 2015

Reviewer: Nic the Grish
We had a great time. Took a bus ride that was in and of itself educational. Then the hike to the caves themselves was wondrous. For me it is a once in a lifetime experience!

5 StarsGreat Excursion in BelizeDecember 31, 2014

Reviewer: Bill265
This is a great cave tubing tour in Belize. The guides are very knowledgeable, and funny. The size of our group was much smaller than the cruise ship excursions, which meant that the guides could give us more personal attention during the tour. The tubes we had were very comfy with head rests too. I highly recommend this tour while in Belize.

5 StarsAmazing ExperienceNovember 30, 2014

Reviewer: Amanda B
After a bad start to our morning due to weather conditions, we were lucky enough to get David as our Guide for the day. The weather caused us to be 2 hours late to our departure, but they still made sure to get us on our tour. David was informative, personable, and fun to be with. He made us feel comfortable during the tour and we were joking around with him by the end of the day. The beauty of Belize is simply breathtaking and you don't get to experience it unless you leave the port. This tour was so enjoyable and was worth what we paid for it. We would definitely recommend this tour for nature lovers and families. Thanks David for turning a frustrating day into a great one!

5 StarsWill do it againNovember 19, 2014

Reviewer: Too old for nicknames
David was a great tour guide, lots of entertainment through out the ride. He even carried my wife tube. We enjoyed the river and cave and hope to go back for more of the caves.

5 StarsThe guys are goofyNovember 06, 2014

Reviewer: ex-yosar
The 2 guides we had were just amazing. Very knowledgeable. Told us the pros and cons of living there. The tubing was very interesting, but just talking with these guys was worth the trip alone. The gave us a grand tour of Belize City, which was an extra. Would highly recommend.

4 StarsFun ExcursionNovember 02, 2014

Reviewer: Ali the cruiser
My husband and I enjoyed the trip. We are in our late 20s, so the hike didn't bother us but it did bother some others in the group who slowed the overall group down. Our guide was exceptional- we had David. He kept the group moving, gave a great amount of history/information and we felt very safe on the tubing. The tubing is like a lazy river in a water park but with lots of great stuff to look at.

5 StarsThis was amazing fun!October 25, 2014

Reviewer: Liz
We are happy to support the local economy; the guides were well organized and professional, and they were amazingly funny. During a 30 minute ride to the river we were introduced to Belize's beautiful countryside, history, culture and people. The caves are a wonder and the small hike is quite beautiful. I am so glad we chose this trip.

4 StarsSuper cool!!September 24, 2014

Reviewer: Lola13
Super cool!!

5 Starsa great experienceAugust 20, 2014

Reviewer: bill the cop
quides and the caves were great

5 StarsFavorite ExcursionAugust 07, 2014

Reviewer: Nina the hiker
This was the highlight of the trip. I didn't want to leave. Our guides were funny and knowledgeable and extremely energetic. Had a blast. I would say that food should be included but there was good available for purchase there so it was okay. The long bus ride to/from made us rush back to the cruise. Next time I'll go back for an extended stay so I'm not so rushed.

4 StarsFun in the cavesJuly 23, 2014

Reviewer: Joe bananas
Had a great time. The walk to the river was pretty interesting. The river ride was a lot of fun and pretty interesting.

5 Starsfantastic,unique,fun adventurous timeJuly 11, 2014

Reviewer: gigi
As a senior, I really appreciated the guides carrying my tube to the water;overall, the guides were outstanding, and lots of fun!

5 Starsfantastic, fun adventure for all agesJuly 11, 2014

Reviewer: lynne
as a senior, I really appreciated the guide carrying my tube to the water--overall, the guides were terrific

5 Starsamazing!July 09, 2014

Reviewer: JuanD
Had a great time, once you get past the short hike to the starting point the rest is all fun. The caves are amazing and the guides very helpful and eager to please.

5 StarsBest Excursion Ever!July 03, 2014

Reviewer: Solomon
This was a great excursion and worth the money. The actual cave tubing was super cool and fun, but the guides are the reason we enjoyed ourselves so much. It was a smaller group so you got to know the guides as well as the other people. Our guides were very informative, giving us history about Belize as we were driving to the site. They also had us laughing the entire time! I would highly recommend this excursion.

4 StarsA treatJune 13, 2014

Reviewer: Lizzie lee
Vans ac broke so we had to wait about 30 min to get a new van. Put our time behind, so no time to purchase any food. Otherwise, the trip was fantastic! Loved our guide, David, who worked really hard to make sure we all had a great time! Great info on the cave and on Belize overall. I highly recommend.

4 StarsYou tubeMay 11, 2014

Reviewer: H.T. Flea
Long trip from port to the caves but well worth it. It would be a hard ride for young kids.

5 StarsHighly recommend!May 06, 2014

Reviewer: RRS
The guides were so funny and friendly! They took great care of us and made the experience worry-free and such a blast. Also, they were extremely knowledgeable about the country and fascinating to listen to. Awesome time!

4 StarsBelize Cave Tubing: Unique experienceApril 03, 2014

Reviewer: Anonymous
Our group was 16 people and we rode a school bus for the approximate one-hour drive to the Caves Branch River. There were two guides, Raymond and Floyd, and they did a narrated history of Belize along the route. As it turned out, the guides not only needed to know history, culture, facts on Belize, they also needed to carry rafts, identify snakes and plants along the route, as well as push and pull the rafts through the cave. This tour is not for everyone. You need to be in pretty good shape and not mind hiking for 45 minutes carrying a big inner tube, life jacket and head lamp through the rain forest. You need to wear a bathing suit and Teva like shoes since you start by wading across the river. From here, you will set out on a 45-minute hike (not a walk) along a jungle trail that goes up and down over packed dirt. Guests must be in good shape and able to keep up with the guide. Some people (like my 12 year old daughter) struggled to carry her raft and gear along the hike. Other women did a well. The guides helped out, but you really need to consider this when signing up. We saw a lot a nature along the way and the guides pointed out a lot of fauna that is used for medicinal purposes in Belize. We also saw a very poisonous snake on the path during the hike. The rafting part is fun and easy. You float along on the gentle current that will take you through the cave system. The guides pull the rafts in the right direction. We saw a lot of bats in the cave. Because this tour takes 5 hours or so, our guides arranged to a local lunch of chicken, red beans and rice, and potato salad to be delivered for the bus ride back to the ship. A great deal for $5.

4 Starsvery relaxingMarch 20, 2014

Reviewer: Glaswegian
Very relaxing and the guide was very good

5 StarsGreat AdventureMarch 12, 2014

Reviewer: Chel
This was a super fun activity. We enjoyed hiking through the jungle to the top of the river. The ride down was smooth and the caves are amazing. Our guides offered information and answered questions the entire way. They were really nice and a pleasure to spend the day with. The national park is very clean and the changing rooms are well maintained. Overall, it was a great. However, Carnival was not very helpful in securing a tinder for us. I had to really argue with them. They reserve the first tinders for excursions booked through Carnival, so we would have missed our excursion if I hadn't thrown a fit. You need to get up at like 6am (no matter what Carnival tells you) and go secure a tinder ticket.

4 StarsGreat Fun, and amazing tour.March 07, 2014

Reviewer: Maine-iacs
This was a fun tour, and the guides did a fantastic job educating us on the country. The natural rock formations are something you will never see anywhere else... definitely a great excursion. There is quite a bit of walking however, carrying a large tube...so keep that in mind when booking.

4 StarsEnjoy natural wonders of BelizeMarch 07, 2014

Reviewer: John Boy
Restrooms at the park entrance were very clean and plentiful. The hike was enjoyable on improved trails and no problem if you are in reasonable shape. We were with a group of seniors and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Do use common sense and wear shoes that can get wet and will not slip off when you wade through the water. You will get wet.

4 StarsTubing at its best!March 06, 2014

Reviewer: Shannon
We really enjoyed this excursion. You do have to carry your own tube and life jacket for about 30 minutes while ""hiking"" to the place where you get in the water. Right about the time that you start thinking, ""I can't carry this thing any longer"" is when you reach your destination. The time in the water was great. Very relaxing. The scenery both in and out of the caves is pretty cool. As others have said - you need to wear shoes that you can get wet, but are comfortable to walk in. Because you get wet right from the beginning and then have to keep walking quite a way. The only downside, in my opinion, is that there were a lot of people on the water, and you are hooked onto others as you float along. No private time to yourself. Other than that though - no complaints.

5 StarsGreat experience and lots of fun.March 03, 2014

Reviewer: Bettyboop284
This was an excellent adventure. Very friendly personnel and knowledgeable. Big bang for little buck as compared to ship excursions. Would highly recommend.

5 StarsWe would go again and again!February 23, 2014

Reviewer: Scott
This was a great cave tubing experience. The guides were very helpful. They answered all the questions they were asked as we walked through the ""jungle"" to get to the top of the river. The guides explained about things in the caves as well. Wonderful trip.

5 StarsGreat Tubing Experience!February 21, 2014

Reviewer: Kevin
Tubing was a highlight of the Cruise. It is a very unique experience and the guides were great. The tour did require being on one of the first tenders - so plan for an early morning.

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingFebruary 11, 2014

Reviewer: wcrooster7
Great trip. My brother could not come because he did not sleep well but I forgot he has claustrophobia which might have led to his lack of sleep. It is not your fault. It was still fun.

5 Starsbeyond expectations-great valueDecember 25, 2013

Reviewer: Burt
Scenery was spectacular

5 StarsWow, got more than expectedDecember 19, 2013

Reviewer: Rocky & Vicki
Another experience that we just had no idea what to expect, but we were not disappointed in any way, the guides were funny, entertaining, and beyond professional. Our lunch was outstanding $5.00 for more Chicken, Beans& Rice fried plantains, and potato salad than one person could eat, and all cooked traditional style, what we came to experience. The trip itself was beautiful from our treck through the rainforest to the tubing itself with the caves the water and the jungle. I can not wait to take the exact same cruise again, and would not hesitate in using this same company, as a matter of fact, if we couldn't use the same company I would probably not do the tubing, because I would not want to take the chance in having another company ruin the experience both my wife and I enjoyed with this memory. Rocky & Vicki Markham

5 StarsThis was awesomeDecember 13, 2013

Reviewer: WORM
Great Time

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingNovember 29, 2013

Reviewer: The Belated Honeymooners
The guides were great! We had a great time hiking, they gave us plenty of time to stop for photos along the way, shop before and after, and time to clean up at the bathrooms available on site after tubing. My husband and I did not think the hike was strenuous, although carrying your own tube was tricky at times, it did not take away from the fun.

4 StarsSnorkling in the oceanNovember 22, 2013

Reviewer: Snorkley
Cave tubing was canceled due to excessive rain raising the water level to where it was unsafe. Instead, we did snorkling at a small island (I mean small). It was fun and tiring but worth it.

4 Starsgreat funNovember 11, 2013

Reviewer: Dianne
the guides (David and Keith) were very helpful and patient with us. Had lots of fun! they made sure it was safe and enjoyable at the same time

5 StarsAmazingSeptember 25, 2013

Reviewer: Jiz
Had an amazing time. Your tour guides are knowledgeable, kind & help folks feel at ease when visiting your country. I fell in love w Belize & it's people. From the moment we got off the ferry, everyone was so nice & it was great stay. Lincoln was a great driver & Polo & Tony were excellent. David left me speechless w his knowledge of Belize and his ability to point out all of the wildlife around us when navigating through the trail to the caves. These gentlemen were able to help us feel safe which is no easy feat, especially when journeying through caves. Thanks so much for the experience & keep doing what you are doing.

4 StarsCool, Relaxing OutingAugust 30, 2013

Reviewer: Tropicalaurs
Fun Guides filled the time of the outbound bus ride well. The tubing was fun but the cave is a bit crowded. Too bad the site can't be better managed to stagger groups.

5 StarsOur favorite excursionAugust 06, 2013

Reviewer: A week without kids
So beautiful and amazing, the hike was fairly easy and the guides were fantastic. On the bus ride they let us ask all kinds of questions about their country and culture-fascinating! This was probably our favorite excursion of the 3 cruises we've been on.

5 StarsBest Excursion and Guides EVER!!!!July 22, 2013

Reviewer: JessicaN
David and Keith were such amazing and entertaining guides! They made the whole experience so fun! By far the best excursion I have ever been on! They even recommended amazing authentic food that was to die for. The cave tubing is a must!

5 StarsAwesome trip, awesome guides!July 04, 2013

Reviewer: Belinda
What an exceptional adventure. From the moment we left our guides shared history of Belize, facts about the city and the people. When we arrived at the park the guides provided us with water and bug spray both were greatly needed. As we started our hour hike through the rain forest our guides took the time to explain the medicinal properties of trees and plants. We saw bugs even challenged to eat one which all on tour bravely did. The history of the island was interesting and our guide continually engaged our group. Once we reached the caves our guides offered the group a choice to continue another 20 minute hike so we could tube 2 caves instead of one. I am not sure what my favorite part was it was a great trip well worth the money. This trip would not be appropriate for some you have to carry your tube through the forest up hills and over many rocks, while not that difficult could pose a challenge for some.

5 StarsThis is a MUST do!!June 21, 2013

Reviewer: MaryBeth
This was an amazing experience. The guides were fun and so knowledgeable. They made the bus ride almost as much fun as the tubing. They exhibited so much pride in their country and were happpy to share all it has to offer. I would do this again...these guys are GREAT!!

4 StarsRelaxing FloatJune 20, 2013

Reviewer: Happy Cruiser
This was a lot of fun. The walk to the river was long, but not strenuous. It was hard on our 7 yr old though. Our team of guides were very knowledgeable and informative, and a lot of fun. The hike was totally worth it once we made it to the river and got to get in. Very refreshing and relaxing trip. Afterwards we had a native meal of beans, rice, and jerk chicken that was very good. This was an additional $5.00 but worth it. I would definitely recommend this excursion. We LOVE Belize!!

5 StarsAwesomeJune 02, 2013

Reviewer: Larry
Great staff.Very informative. Recommend drinking water and being hydrated before 45 jungle hike. Bring $5 for awsome post adventure meal.

4 StarsExtremely memorable experienceMay 31, 2013

Reviewer: Amy the Newlywed
I went on this excursion for my honeymoon and it was amazing! Our tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and gave great information on the bus ride to the tubing as well as during the tubing. The bus ride is about an hour to the jungle but it goes pretty quickly because we were so excited to get started. There is also about 25 minutes of walking through the jungle to get to the river area but it's pretty easy walking and the tour guides stop often to tell you about the jungle. I wouldn't bring kids younger than about 10 because you do have to carry your own tube up the trail. Definitely bring water shoes that can be walked in. They don't allow flip-flops but don't tell you that until you get there and have to rent some crocs from the company. Food is not provided and we definitely recommend bringing snacks for the bus ride back. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it! The only problem we experienced was our tour left and hour+ later than it was supposed to. They claimed they were waiting on other cruise passengers but if they were that late to the tour, they should have been left.

5 StarsThis was an adventure worth taking!April 29, 2013

Reviewer: Tinker
I was delighted to receive the email for the product and I wasted no time to book the excursion. The excursion lasted longer in the cave, as the carnival excursion missed out on the adventure of the complete cave. Things that weren't great was the cruise line letting us know since the excursion was not booked with them they can't guarantee if something goes wrong with our excursion if we will missed the ship and just how they made you feel so uneasy about booked with an outside agent and wouldn't even help you at the information desk about it.

4 StarsBest day on our cruise!April 24, 2013

Reviewer: JoAnn G'bury
An hour drive through the countryside, and then we arrived at the park. The guides provided details on life in Belize from food to government and # of traffic lights. Tubes, headlights and life vests are provided, and then a 45 min. hike through the rain forrest. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals, but they will get wet. It was a busy day, so our guides brought us further up the trail and we got to see an additional cave. Groups of 8 are tied together with a guide. Water is spring fed and about 72 degrees F. Lots of other groups on the river. We saved about $35 over the cruise price, and was a fun experience.

5 StarsAwesome experience!!!April 12, 2013

Reviewer: Captain Sarah
This excursion was awesome! Keith and the other guides were funny and informative. Keith kept us entertained for the hour drive out and back telling us everything you ever wanted to know about Belize and more. On the jungle trek they stopped all along the way, telling us about the local trees and wildlife. Bring $5 for lunch- at the park there is a kitchen where we got an amazingly delicious Belizean lunch (chicken and rice and bean and potato salad). Overall this trip was awesome!!!

5 StarsGreat excursion for our family of elevenApril 05, 2013

Reviewer: Paula H.
Lunch provided was a special treat.

4 StarsExcellent tour of jungle and cavesMarch 28, 2013

Reviewer: David
Great tour

4 StarsGreat ExcursionMarch 27, 2013

Reviewer: Toni
Unique trip through a huge cave with occasional views of the jungle floating on a river in a tube. Very beautiful and relaxing. Guides were very knowledgeable and experienced. This was a very enjoyable excursion. I would recommend this excursion and I would go again.

4 StarsCave Tubing AdventureMarch 20, 2013

Reviewer: Lynette
Keith was the nicest guide and we are appreciative that we had a chance to meet him and let him guide us through the tour.

5 StarsAwesome excursion!March 20, 2013

Reviewer: Jayma
Loved it! Our guides were awesome. Very knowledgeable.

5 StarsGREAT COMPANYMarch 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sheila
great company

4 StarsUnique experience worth the time.March 08, 2013

Reviewer: Blueberry Gal
This trip was well worth the money. Our guides gave us interesting information and friendly banter on the way to and from the site. The bus was older, but clean and reliable. The walk to the tubing site was long, as expected, but not too taxing and guides would carry your tubes, if you wanted them to. Although this was a busy site, people and guides were friendly and moved along well, giving everyone a terrific experience. On the ship, I was worried that we would not get back to port in time, but that was no problem since they guarantee return about 2 hours prior to departure, and that was true.

5 StarsGreat company, guides very good.February 20, 2013

Reviewer: bret
Really liked the guides. They allowed our crazy, sober group to do whatever we wanted, and tried to help us with our wild ways.

5 StarsBelize Cave TubingFebruary 19, 2013

Reviewer: Layup
I would highly recommend booking this excursion through Cruises.com. The price of the excursion was cheaper than the same tour offered by Carnival, and provided more caves actually tubed through then that offered by Carnival. Our tour guides were excellent, making sure we learned about the plants and wildlife while walking through the rainforest. They also spoke about their countries culture and history on the bus ride to the cave tubing excursion. There were multiple cave tubing tours taking place as we floated down the river, yet none of them were getting half the experinces provided by our guides. Our guides made sure they controlled the speed and direction while tubing, pointing out landmarks and points of interest through the caves. The guides made sure all tubers got wet when going through waterfalls, offered to carry tubes for those that were struggling and most importantly loved seemed to love their jobs.

5 StarsExactly what I had hoped for!February 13, 2013

Reviewer: PoopyMama
The trip started with the guide telling us the history of Belize. My husband wanted to buy some of the local cashew wine he had told us about so he stopped even though it wasn't a part of the tour. Our fellow travelers didn't mind because they were able to try the local bread. The actual tubing was very awesome! Our tour took the longer hike to the top and we were able to elect to jump off a cliff into the river before starting tubing. The scenery was very cool and magical. :) All around good time! Oh! Our fellow travelers said the food afterward was the best they had on the trip. I couldn't justifying buying food when it was free on the ship but now I wish I had!

5 StarsFabulous ExcursionJanuary 27, 2013

Reviewer: Ryan
excellent once in a lifetime experience!

5 StarsI could not have been more pleased....January 26, 2013

Reviewer: Marnie
Great tubes for tube caving. Head lights provided.

4 Starsa hike followed by a relaxing rideJanuary 21, 2013

Reviewer: bikrgranma
Started with a hike through the forest, 3 times crossing the water, moderately physical since you are carrying your tube. There were too many excursions putting in at the same time, so starting out was very noisy and confusing. Having the tubes tied together was much nicer than holding on to someone's feet as some of the other excursions did. After the others left it was very relaxing. Did not see any bats in cave so was not frightening at all. Some people were worried about the bats.

5 StarsThis was a really cool excursion!December 27, 2012

Reviewer: Randy and Debbie
What a way to see Belize in a short period of time. These guys really new there stuff and made the trip one to remember. I loved the walk through jungle. Definitely a tour to remember. Ecological Tours rocks, thanks guys for the great memories.

5 StarsFun, Fun, FunNovember 01, 2012

Reviewer: Razor
Wish we could have spent more time tubing the caves. The guide Keith was great & made sure we had a good time. He was well informed & educated us on many things about the jungle plants, wild life,history, culture & foods of Balise. He has made us interested in coming back again.

5 StarsWildly beautiful and excitingSeptember 13, 2012

Reviewer: Rumdog 1
Definitely the best excursion we took on the cruise. The ride to the caves was very informative and tought us a lot about the culture. The caves were beautiful and the guides were first rate!!

5 StarsUnforgettable Day!August 26, 2012

Reviewer: The ""Zappy"" Family
Our 1 hour bus ride was narrated by a very knowledgeable guide, which was an added bonus to our trip. The hike was exciting, with our guide, once again, explaining things in the jungle along the way. Our 10 year old & 13 year old both enjoyed this & it will be a day that our family will never forget! Also, the lunch plate available at the end of the tubing trip was delicious local foods. We arrived back to the ship in time without a problem - no worries!

5 StarsWorth the hike!July 27, 2012

Reviewer: Shoo
This excursion was fabulous. You get to comfortable tube down a river through the dark caves. There is a 1 hour van ride to the drop off location, a 45 minute hike to the top carrying your own tube, then you get to relax while floating through the caves. The tour guides were amazing. We even stopped to get a cashew fruit! Very cool!!

5 StarsExcellent ExcursionJuly 19, 2012

Reviewer: G'Pa Dave
I am something of a senior citizen, 73 years old, and the hike through the rainforest was difficult for me. If the guides had not been SUPER helpful to me, I could not have managed. As it was, even though it was difficult for me, this was one of the best excursions I have taken over many cruises. Floating through the caves was wonderful!

5 StarsA Must Do!!July 18, 2012

Reviewer: Debster221
We had amazing guides!! Catered to kids by carrying their tubes for them during the hike to the float location. Learned about the history and surrondings on the bus ride to to the site.

5 StarsVery exciting!!June 21, 2012

Reviewer: ASB
Very good!!

5 StarsCave TubingJune 19, 2012

Reviewer: Belinda
There was something exciting about floating on tubes through a cave with water so clear you can see the bottom of the river.

5 StarsWonderful experience!June 12, 2012

Reviewer: djeaster
Keith was our guide and he informed us about the culture of Belize. He was great and we really enjoyed listening to what he had to say. The hike was interesting because you get to see different plants, trees, etc. This was a very unique experience and we will never forget it!

5 StarsFive starsMay 23, 2012

Reviewer: Mari and Ruben
Cave tubing was great !!! We loved the hiking that it required bcs we got to see nature and basically we were in the jungle ... If you have water shoes take them or if not they rent them there for 3 dollars. Very unique experience

5 StarsUnBelizeable tour!May 21, 2012

Reviewer: Camorgan
When we got to Belize it was raining but Ellios (guide) was there to assure us we would get there on time and have a great time. After we got on the bus Keith (Guide) considered us friends, later family. We learned all about the culture there from industries to what they enjoy eating. Keith answered all of the questions we had and more. We were able to see three out of the six traffic lights in the city and learned about family systems etc. Once we got to the park we had time to change, we got our gear (tubes, head lamp, and life jacket) and headed into the rain forest for a hike. The hike wasn't bad at all, a few inclines and mud puddles but the sounds and smells were worth it! We got to see some different fruits too. As we coasted down the river we were tied together with a rope and one of the guides did all of the work. When we got back to the bus Ellios offered to get anyone lunch (a big feast for $10). Overall it was pretty unBelizeable as Keith would say!

5 StarsGreat time! The guides were great!April 30, 2012

Reviewer: none
The guides were great! The ride was nice. Got to see the island. I would recommend this tour!

5 StarsBest of Belize!April 20, 2012

Reviewer: Tina
I did a lot of reading reviews on this trip before I booked it and I am so glad that I decided to do it. There were some bad reviews out there that after taking the trip, I can't understand. This was the best trip of my vacation. It was educational, we had a 45 minute drive from the cruise pier to the tubing site and the guide talked the whole time about all the history and cultural things around Belize. We got to see a lot of the countryside driving so far inland. They gave us bottled water, which was refreshing since it was a hot day. When we got to the site we all got in our suits and collected tubes and head lamps and life vests. The tubes are great. Big ones with backrests so that your neck doesn't get stiff looking up. We hiked up to the river, and the whole way, the guides were pointing out different plants and what could be done with them. For example, ones for ""loose bowels"" or snakebite. Very interesting. We got to the river and got all situated with our guide and we were off. As we were drug through the caves down the river, the guide told us all about different formations to look for and interesting tidbits of information. Our guide seemed to like to talk with his hands so we ended up quite a ways back from the rest of the group, but that was ok, we could hear him better without the echo of the others talking. The only thing about the tour that was a drag was that we had to float down the river with our tubes linked. How they do this is to have the person behind you with their feet under your arms. My hands kept falling asleep! Would have been nicer if they could have linked us with a rope or something like that. But even that didn't put a damper on my trip. I loved it and would do it again the next time I am in the neighborhood.

4 StarsNice Day!April 12, 2012

Reviewer: JC
Had a great time with Lady Gaga (Keith?) and Ellios Pizza! The drive into the river was filled with interesting information about the country and the towns, the people of Belize, the culture. Keith answered every question and was really knowledgeable. He also had a good sense of humor. The hike to the river was not bad at all. The group size was not too large. Ellio made arrangements to get our food to go on the bus, and the food was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion.

4 StarsGREAT!April 10, 2012

Reviewer: Cathy
Cave tubing was fun & unique. Great guides, very friendly.

4 StarsGreat TripApril 05, 2012

Reviewer: flfiremedic
Cruise got in late but Shore Excursions accommodated all of us. Trip down the river was a little short but that was not Shore Excursions fault.

5 StarsGreat fun.March 21, 2012

Reviewer: Dan
We had a great time. Guides were great. Trip was unique.

5 StarsA fantastic experience!!!March 13, 2012

Reviewer: Sindy
Great group of guides!! Would do it again!

4 StarsGreat experienceMarch 03, 2012

Reviewer: Travelling T's
Very neat experience. Would have preferred the option to free float instead of being tethered together, but our guides did a fantastic job from the time they met us at the pier until they brought us back 5 hours later. A really fun day.

4 StarsGreat way to experience BelizeMarch 01, 2012

Reviewer: KaynPat
Have been to Belize twice. We thought this was the best excursion we have taken there. Our guide was a walking encyclopedia of Belize- its people, history, culture, etc. He kept the long ride to the caves interesting. The caves were amazing- lots of oohs and ahhs. Wear sturdy water shoes as there is a lot of walking and use your bug spray!

5 StarsGreat adventure for the moneyFebruary 15, 2012

Reviewer: ray and carol
Had a great time. Returned to port just in time a little too close for comfort.

4 StarsGreat TripFebruary 07, 2012

Reviewer: Sue
The Cave Tubing trip was great. The guides were so nice and very knowledgable. Everyone should do this at least once in your lifetime, beautiful trip.

5 StarsBest tubes of all toursFebruary 06, 2012

Reviewer: Coupon Man
The tubes our group had backs on them...they were larger more comfortable tubes that made the experience even more enjoyable. The guides helped us the entire time & had lots of information on the area.

4 StarsWonderful adventureFebruary 03, 2012

Reviewer: Rachel
This was a once in a lifetime experience. Our guides were wonderful. You take a bus (not a fancy Coach, but a decent school bus type vehicle) for about an hour drive. The drive is interesting in that a guide points out things of interest. The cave tubing is just a phenomenal experience. Don't miss the local beer and eats afterwards.

5 StarsWhat an adventure!January 31, 2012

Reviewer: Joanne
I was a little nervous about this excursion when we booked it. When described it talked about a hike in the rain forest, not a casual walk. It was awesome! I really enjoyed the hike. The weather was perfect and our guide, Keith AKA Boss Man was AWESOME! It doesn't get any better then this! He showed us many things in the rain forest AND we seen not one but TWO Toucan's! Keith told us that was very rare. He was even excited! Our driver, ""Speedy"" was great! We had a wonderful time and will do this excursion again! Thanks guys for making this a wonderful trip!

5 StarsA once in a lifetime experience!January 26, 2012

Reviewer: Rob
Be sure to wear tennis shoes you can throw away after this excursion. The walk to the cave is about 30-45 min and we went thru rivers (cool!) and different vegetation. The cave itself is amazing!. Our guides are quite conscious of our safety and they were fun. All and all, a worthwhile adventure!!

4 StarsBeautiful and Educational TourJanuary 22, 2012

Reviewer: krepass
This trip leaves early and Belieze does not have a deep water pier so make sure you get on one of the first tenders going to shore! After we unloaded from the tender boat we walked the short distance to the Tour Office and checked in. We had a few minutes to spare so we checked out a few of the shops in the area. When it was time to leave we were escorted to the tour bus for our ride to the mountains. Our tour guides were friendly, knowledgable, and entertaining as they told us about Belieze. Once we arrived at the park area there were restrooms and changing rooms to change into your tubing clothes. We gathered our equipment and started the hike through the rain forest. Our guide Kieth was very knowledgable about the different plants and their medicinal purposes. The forest was beautiful and looked like an exotic location from a movie. When we arrived to the point where we entered the river, Kieth took the time to hook all of our tubes together with a rope. A nice touch some other groups didn't get. The float through the cave was great and the portions of the float outside the cave were beautiful. After we were done we had just enough time to buy a meal at the buffet before we had to head back to the ship. This was a beauftiful tour. We really enjoyed it!

4 StarsGreat ExperienceJanuary 15, 2012

Reviewer: Red
I would do that again.

4 StarsGreat adventure! I would recommend!January 10, 2012

Reviewer: JC Vicente
Friendly and experienced guides. Enjoyed the tubing. My daughter was a little scared not knowing what to expect but enjoyed it overall. Good to see that they are keeping the country eco-friendly and preserving the natural beauty. That's a plus! Other than a kind of long bumpy ride, it was great. Bus was air-conditioned. Got us back to the port with about 30 mins to spare to catch the tender back to the ship.

4 StarsAwesome sceneryJanuary 01, 2012

Reviewer: Sharieb
People were accommodating, adventure was pleasant and relaxing!

5 StarsTubing ahoy!December 30, 2011

Reviewer: Emedguy
Great tour guides... they really were the highlight of this trip... helping all of us to feel like family.

4 StarsGreat Fun!December 21, 2011

Reviewer: Karen the Cruiser
Really had fun on this adventure. We had excellent guides and quality tubes. Must wear shoes for the hike and the water was a little cold. But all in all we would do this one again.

5 StarsAn absolute must!December 21, 2011

Reviewer: Boblynn
We were a little aprehensive about not booking tour through Carnival but Shore Excursions Group has it all covered. Very professionally handled..from the quick email confirmation of the reservation to the detailed (and easy to follow) instructions about how to meet the tour guides once we got to shore. Our guide was Herbie Eagan and he was incredible. His knowledge of the history of Belize and the caves and the jungles and the Mayan culture made the cost so well worth it I don't remember or care what we paid. Ask for Herbie...you will not regret it. We went through the caves on Thanksgiving and to see a beautiful part of this earth we had not seen before made for a special holiday. The hike through the jungle to the ""river"" that runs through the caves was just long enough to feel like you earned the right to relax which is just what they tell you to do once you are in the tube. Herbie does all the work...you just sit and look at the incredible beauty of the caves.

5 StarsBest guidesDecember 15, 2011

Reviewer: Vikkster
This was a wonderful excursion for me and my 3 friends. The ride to the site was fun and informational. They even made the hike fun by telling us about the plants. We renamed the our guide Bubbles and all the other guides were renamed as well. All the guides went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience. I highly recommend it.

4 Starswould do againDecember 07, 2011

Reviewer: crazy
the cave tubing was very exciting an the guides were great an knowable bout anything we asked. would do it again

5 StarsCave Tubing is unBeliezable!December 04, 2011

Reviewer: Lynn and Todd
This excursion was fantastic! I'll book through you anytime!

5 Starsbreathtaking,,,December 01, 2011

Reviewer: deb
breathtaking adventure. Somewhat of a walk thru the rainforest, but so worth it.

4 Starswell wroth the Price, we had a wonderfuNovember 23, 2011

Reviewer: Big Frank
the guides were very experienced , and helpful, they were also very informed on the vegatation and plant life in the Rain forest,we learned a great deal from them

4 StarsLots of fun!October 17, 2011

Reviewer: Bordercollienut
The cave tubing was lots of fun. Even though the walk is a little long, the pace was easy enough to keep up. The guides were great and lots of fun.

4 StarsbatcaveSeptember 26, 2011

Reviewer: shabah
The water in stream was great. It fell so good after the hike

5 StarsGo with Ecological Tours!September 15, 2011

Reviewer: firsttimeforeverything
Cave tubeing was super relaxing, amazing, beautiful and fun. Loved Ecological tours and their guides!

4 StarsEnjoyed this adventure!September 10, 2011

Reviewer: Alice the Traveler
We were driven thru the countryside of Belize going from the seaside to the tropical jungle. Our guides were friendly and very helpful. The hike was made interesting by the guides and before you knew it we were at cave entrance.Floating in you tube through the cave and down the river was relaxing after the hike. Don't be afraid to take this tour, guides will assist you with your tubes and the walk is on a dirt path. Sugguest you wear sneakers that can get wet to help you walk thru the jungle and the bottom of the river is stony.Bring a change of clothes there are changing rooms. The tour supplies water but do to the heat an extra bottle is helpful. Great way to learn the culture and history of Belize. Best of all taking this particular tour helps the people of Belize directly; cruise tours money goes back to them. It was also a longer tour then one offered by cruise line. Our group loved this tour and would take it again.

5 StarsWhat an awesome time!September 08, 2011

Reviewer: Abi
Though there was an hour bus ride through Belize City and out into the jungle, the guides made it very educational and entertaining. The hike to the water was not bad at all, maybe 30 minutes, but mosquitos were on attach mode, so do recommend bug spray! Wear water shoes or sneakers for the hike - a lot more comfortable. Bring water cameras to take pictures of your experience. We WOULD do this again!

5 StarsGreat ExperienceSeptember 02, 2011

Reviewer: CH
The most exciting thing you could do in Belize!

4 StarsFun ExcursionSeptember 01, 2011

Reviewer: NaomiFL73
A fun excursion which could have been a little more organized at the beginning. Overall it was a good experience and the tour guides were very nice and helpful.

5 StarsBreathtaking Caves of BelizeAugust 19, 2011

Reviewer: Sandy & Jeff
This was an awesome excursion! Guides were humorous and informative. Caves were AWESOME - we'd do it again. History of Belize given by our guide was educational. Hike through the rain forest was beautiful....we even got rained on! The caves were nature's beauty at it's finest. The best excursion we ever experienced! You've got to do it! Such fun. Don't forget bug repellent and take a change of clothes. You will get wet and there is a place to change after the excursion. They will lock your personal belongings on the bus.

4 StarsMore than Cave tubing,an exciting hikeAugust 18, 2011

Reviewer: Joey Chins from NYC!.
Firstly,the bus ride narrated by Peter was some of the funniest stuff I've heard in years!.He made this educational experience a most enjoyable pleasure.Once in the jungle with Floyd,we were treated to quite an assortment of Life saving fauna,and dangerous plants to stay away from.Defintely a learning experience . Then,he directed us in the cave-tubing portion. I would trust the lives of my children with these two gentlemen(If I had children!).Wouldcome back again,for sure!.

5 StarsGreat excursion, wonderful tour guides!July 20, 2011

Reviewer: Ash
Was so much more than I expected! Learned a lot about the culture, the guides were hilarious, and overall it was a great time! Amazingly priced too! We watched the Carnival guests enjoy the same cave, but they got only half a tour and were not allowed to go cliff jumping. HA, they paid double too!!

5 StarsExcellent ExperienceJuly 19, 2011

Reviewer: Ben
This was an excellent excursion. The jungle walk was pretty fun and the tubing was a great experience. It is kind of hard to see a lot of detail in the caves, even with the headlamp, but the guides made this experience worth while. They were all extremely friendly and gave a guided tour on the way to the jungle. This was great because it made the ride go by so quickly. Even without the guides, the excursion would have been fun, but they made it so much better. Friendly knowledgeable, and willing to answer any question you might have.

5 StarsOnce in a LifetimeJune 28, 2011

Reviewer: Magicandbird
The cave tubing in Belize was the most enjoyable portion of our cruise. We were picked met at the pier by very friendly hosts where we then waited for the other tour members. Once all were accounted for we took a bus ride to the park where the excursion was to take place. The operators were very informative and entertaining on the bus ride over as they shared information about their island. At the park, they provide you time to change clothes (I recommend wearing tennis shoes that you either want to throw away or do not mind getting wet because the hike in swim shoes was a challenge). We were equipped with a tube with back rest, life jacket and head lamp. 35 minute hike through the jungle with guies sharing information about local plant life, etc. The cave tubing is a leisure activity for everyone except the guide who hand powers a group of 8 tubers linked arm to ankle. We were given the opportunity for a cliff jump/dive however ours was lower as the river was down. The operators were very concerned for our safety as other opearators were allowing their groups to jump from 15 feet into approximately 4 feet of water. The only thing I would change is I would restructure how the tubers are connected because if you are number 6, 7 or 8 in the line it is very difficult to hear the guide. The whole family had a great time and it is the most rewarding excursion I have ever had on my four cruises.

5 StarsThis is an awesome excursion!June 02, 2011

Reviewer: Donna the cruiser
Scheduling excursions through here is way better and less expensive than through cruise lines

4 StarsVery FunMay 26, 2011

Reviewer: Randy
The hike to the tubing area was very fun with informative guide. The tubing was pretty relaxing and extremely beautiful. The bus ride is pretty long. Will bring snacks with us next time. A worthwhile adventure.


Reviewer: GTN

4 StarsWe was very nice.May 25, 2011

Reviewer: Gus
Service was great and Keith was a great leader and had alot of knowledge about Belize that he shared with us on our way to the cave.

5 StarsA must see and do in Belize!May 13, 2011

Reviewer: Mark
If you go to Belize, you must take this tour. The guides were highly experienced and educational. This I'd do again.

5 StarsThis trip made our cruise.May 04, 2011

Reviewer: Patty the explorer
This was the best part of our criise. The guide was fun and very knowledgeable. He included Mayan history, plant idenification, fun facts, cultural history. It could not of been better. Thank you for setting up such good trips

4 StarsUnique experience!May 04, 2011

Reviewer: LB
Bus ride there wasn't the greatest, but overall it was a really cool experience. Not a bad hike to the river and the guides pointed out things along the way. Nice, long float down the river and the cave is large!! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

5 StarsBelize Care TubingDecember 10, 2010

Reviewer: Impala SS Man
This was an outstanding excursion. We were on the NCL Sun and our guide was Charlie [...]. He was an excellent guide. Charlie was proud of his county and he provided a history of Beleize (originally British Hondurus)along with an education on local plant life. The tubing adventure was absolutely great. There were only 8 in our party, and charlie made sure we all stayed together. There was a tropical downpour when we came out of the caves, but even with that inconvienence, I'd rate this excursion as outstanding. I don't know about other guides, but Charlie [...] was incredible.

5 StarsMust Experience This Shore Excursion!November 06, 2010

Reviewer: Sombrita
RAVE REVIEW!! TWO THUMBS UP! Our tour guide was nicknamed ""Charlie Chan"". I think his real name is Carlos, but he was incredible! He kept our small group (12) intact, was intuitive to the needs of each individual, was exceptionally knowledgable about the caves and local history, and extremely entertaining. He gave us the option of a short walk/short tubing experience or longer walk/longer tubing. We all chose the longer version and it was so worth it! At some points the cave ceilings were only a few feet above us, and other places the caves were cathedral-sized! This is the most amazing shore excursion I have ever been on!

5 StarsGreat Experience!November 05, 2010

Reviewer: Chia and Caleb
We were on a NCL cruise last week on The Pearl and stopped in Belize City on I think Wednesday. We just wanted to say that the guide nicknamed Charlie Chan was phenomenal. This was by far the greatest shore excursion we have experienced, and our guide was very impressive. He was very knowledgeable, very intuitive about the needs of the individuals in his group, kept an eagle-eye out for each person, got everyone involved, kept us together physically and mentally, plus he had a great sense of humor! He is an excellent employee, a tremendous historian, and his love and respect for his country and people was infectious! Two thumbs up for this excursion, your company and especially Charlie Chan! (I think his real name is Carlos).