4 Starsdidn't go to see turtlesMay 14, 2018

Reviewer: David Foss
It was a blast. However, we didn't go see turtles. We went to see nurse sharks. In the end, I liked this better, but still... I'd recommend this to anyone. Great trip.

4 StarsA Very Good ExperienceMay 01, 2018

Reviewer: Ralph Kingery
Met Jose and he walked with us along the city streets. I had read in other reviews that it felt kind of "shady", and they were right, but I felt comfortable. The boat had Capt. James, Stacy, and Jeevan our guides. Stacy and Jeevan were amazing. The ride out was about 40 mins. The scenery was beautiful. Stopped at Caye Caulker to make our lunch orders at Fantasy Dining. Then we went to our 1st snorkel location. The equipment (mask and fins) was clean and nice. I had a problem with the mask due to my mustache. On a previous excursion, they gave me Vaseline to seal the mask, but they had none here. Stacy suggested using sunscreen, but it did not work. The snorkeling was still very good. Went to the 2nd dive spot, with nurse sharks and it was great. Back to Caye Caulker for food at Fantasy Dining. Got the food that was included and also ordered a chicken Caesar salad. All was delicious. I intend to come back to Belize and take another tour like this. But I will shave my mustache first.

5 StarsSnorkleMarch 22, 2018

Reviewer: Dennis Bates
This was an awesome excursion. Not only did we swim with turtles and Stingrays, we also jumped in the water with about 40 Nurse sharks. AMAZING!! Great staff. Our best excursion yet!

5 StarsWonderful Experience!March 15, 2018

Reviewer: Mindy Viechnicki
This was the highlight of our trip! Belize was so beautiful and the people were amazing. Our guides and captain were kind, incredibly knowledgeable, and professional. They showed us the most wonderful day complete with several snorkeling sites (coral beds, fish, a moray eel, nurse sharks, rays, and turtles) We also had time for a wonderful traditional Belizean lunch and on a local island. So glad we picked this excursion! So many great memories!

5 StarsTurtle Snorkel and Beach BreakMarch 11, 2018

Reviewer: Dawn M Carandang
This was a great excursion! If you like speed boats the ride was smooth and the staff excellent! we didn't see any turtles but the snorkeling was great and they took us to a spot where there were tons of sharks you can get in the water with. The island that they took us to for lunch was the best! The food delicious and just around was cool! I would highly recommend so much fun!

5 StarsUn-Belizable ExcursionFebruary 28, 2018

Reviewer: Sandra Carden
This is excursion was one of the best we have ever been on; not a crowded one like on most cruise lines but a personable one. We definitely enjoyed the guides who were very helpful and personable.

5 StarsSnorkeling like you've never seen February 14, 2018

Reviewer: Nicole Jones
When you first arrive on the scene, it seems super sketchy. We waited in a pop-up, tailgating tent behind some buildings. We were nervous, but once we were on the small boat, it was "smooth sailing." The staff members were confident and informative. We learned a lot about the culture during the boat ride. You MOVE through the water so sit ahead of the captain's seat so you can hear the tour guide. Depending on the time of year, you may want to bring a long sleeve shirt for the boat ride. In the water, it was like swimming in an aquarium! With our small group, it was amazing! We got the lunch at the restaurant and it was so yummy. Highly recommend this excursion!

5 StarsGreat experience!December 18, 2017

Reviewer: Jenny Thorpe-Wasmund
Highly recommend this experience! Staff was amazing and so helpful and friendly! Got taken to a great place to snorkel. Saw nurse sharks, fish, coral--even though it was a windy, wavy day. The island and lunch was wonderful as well.

5 StarsTurtle Snorkel and Beach BreakAugust 24, 2017

Reviewer: Leslie Deering
We had a great time. We started off a bit disorganized but once we got on the boat it was awesome. We didn't get very far off shore when a dolphin was within 20 ft of our boat. We also had a huge sea turtle that was spotted by the crew. We got to hop out and swim by it. I will warn that the title of this excursion was misleading. You will not be taken to a spot with a bunch of turtles. We were taken to a spot with manta ray and nurse sharks. Another tip---they offer this excursion with lunch and without for the same price. I would recommend this.

5 StarsWhat an adventure!July 27, 2017

Reviewer: Heather Guilkey
They weather was being a little uncooperative the day we went. Our guides said that the sea turtles would be in a different location so we were going to change course a little bit. They did not dissappoint! We saw two sea turtles, many different kinds of fish and a few sharks. For lunch we stopped at the neatest little island resturant and the food was fantastic! Would highly recommend this excursion.

5 StarsSharks and Rays ExcursionJuly 15, 2017

Reviewer: Audrey Moore
We had the best time on this excursion! So many stingrays and nurse sharks! They were experts at getting us to/ from our ship. Once aboard the boat, it was all fun. Lucio was our guide and took 5 of us in his group. He is the BEST!! He found a baby octopus to show u, and a moray eel. Took us out to the reef to snorkel and see the coral. He was so helpful and fun. We had a great lunch on Caye Caulker, had time to shop, and headed back to the ship with free "rum punch". We could not have been happier. Better than the excursions we booked through Carnival.

5 StarsFun tourApril 18, 2017

Reviewer: Catherine Shifflett
We had a great time on this tour. Although we did not get to see any turtles we snorkeled with sting rays and nurse sharks. So much fun and the lunch we enjoyed was delicious. Would do this tour again.

5 Starsgreat snokelingMarch 09, 2017

Reviewer: Rhonda Zimmerman
Excellent experience....our guides in and out of the water were amazing. We did some scuba diving in Belize when we were younger and the snorkeling on this trip brought back awesome memories.....besides, letting us view the incredible ocean life again. Love seeing the turtles.