5 StarsFun and Interesting TourMarch 09, 2018

Reviewer: William Cinquini
Really helpful guides, interesting ride and lots of stops with beautiful and dramatic views. Nice lunch stop and snorkel site. Overall a tour well worth the price!

5 StarsFantastic day on Curasao!August 22, 2017

My husband and I and our 3 adult kids took this tour in early August while visiting the island on a cruise. Our guide was wonderful-very knowledgeable about the island, super accommodating and fun. He pointed out plants and wildlife, giving us a lot of information on them. We saw some highlights in the city, moved out to different areas of the island to see some of the natural wonders-Hato Caves, the "blow hole," several inlets,Shete Boca National Park where we saw Boca Tabla. After lunch, we went to a beautiful, uncrowded beach (Playa Piskado) for some of the best snorkeling we've ever done. The visibility was amazing, the water calm and almost effortless to swim in. After a stop to see Flamingos, we returned to the city and cruise port over the Queen Julianna bridge for a beautiful view.

5 StarsFabulous tour!January 05, 2017

Reviewer: Annette Albert
A great tour to see the beautiful and sometimes rustic nature on the island... Our tour guide, Howard, was fabulous! He sure knows how to handle that jeep...even in deep water puddles created on ours path following days of heavy rain... Tour group was small( 7) and we stopped for a delicious picnic in an ocean front park. Would strongly recommend this tour to others..

5 StarsWonderful Excursion, Highly RecommendedAugust 30, 2016

Reviewer: Shawn Xu
We did the excursion with Elmer on Aug 25, 2016. He is extremely knowledgeable about the island and took us to a lot of interesting spots. We also visited 3 best beaches in Caracao, and was able to snorkeling in two of those. Excellent trip, Excellent guide, Excellent time. Would definitely do it again!!!

5 StarsWe are greatful for this wonderful experienceAugust 21, 2016

Reviewer: EC, NY
On 01/14/16 our day started with the candy-colored houses of the historical Willemstad, photo op from Queen Juliana Bridge, and the roaring sounds of airplane, next to the unpaved offroad. Our knowledgeable guide Elmer took us on a trip through the wide-open planes of Hato with its contemporary open air galery;the site with historical relation with WW II; the raw -beautiful spots of Shete Boka National Park (he carefully choose Boka Pistol to show the big breakers crash into the coral cliffs). In a warm, friendly manner he shared his pride of his homeland and paid close attention to our interests - during a brief stop at Landhuis Savonet he even sang a folk song (our regret is that we didn't have a chance to record this spontaneous performance). Elmer was polite and respectful. .


Reviewer: EC, NY
On 1/14 our guide Elmer welcomed us in a friendly manner - the day started with the colored houses of Willemstad, photo-ops from Queen Juliana Bridge. He shared his pride of Curacao, his knowledge, enthusiastically passed to us. Santa Anna Bay was replaced by unpaved road and airplane sounds. The trip took us through the planes of Hato and its ""art galery""; site related with the WW II; Shete Boka Park (Boka Pistol and its big breakers). He paid attention to our interests and tailored the tour according to them (a peak at Landhuis Ascencion; Landhuis Knip; Kunuku House; Landhuis Savonet - he even sang a folk song and our regret is that we didn't have a chance to record this spontaneous performance). We enjoyed the moments at a cove with sea turtles; the blue of Playa Lagun; snorkeled at a spot with incredible underwater life so close to the beach; watched pink flamingo. Elmer made everything personal and interesting (a recent news about the wild animal); he was polite and respectful.

5 StarsWe have done this tour twice and will do it again!April 21, 2016

Reviewer: Doug
Our guide Elmer has a tremendous knowledge of the island and enthusiastically passes on that knowledge in a fun and interesting way. The tour takes you to little travelled parts of the island and you get to see some spectacular sites up close. The snorkeling at the end of the tour was a special delight for us - the beach was small but the underwater life was incredible - a highlight for us. We have done this same excursion twice now (both times with Elmer) and we will certainly do it again.

5 StarsFabulousMarch 11, 2016

Reviewer: Dick
One of the islands we visited on our Panama Canal cruise was Curacao. Curacao is one of the 3 best islands in the Caribbean for snorkeling, but it's also full of beauty. We choose a jeep tour so we could go to all the raw-beautiful spots on the island, and yet feel the rushing breezes and see the vivid colors that abounded. No a/c, tempered glass bus of 40 here – and that was the best part! The Curacao we saw was the wilderness, the isolation, and the feeling that we were someplace where time had stopped. No touristy stuff, just hardcore beauty and sightseeing. We elected to do The Exclusive Wonderful World of Water Eco Jeep Tour, which had only six people on our trip. Our guide, Howard, made this trip the very best we've ever had during a Cruise. He was a riot! His use of his mike, making noises of a police siren to move people walking in the streets off to the side, and other sounds were hilarious. His mimicking of a transmission between an airplane pilot and the control tower, including the sound effect of the air rush after speaking, precluded a sudden high-speed run up a paved, deserted road! What fun. For the off-road, bumpy stretches, Peggy just hugged the back corner and held herself up off the seat a little so the impact wouldn't be as bad. Still, seeing this, Howard slowed a bit in some rougher areas. Howard made the trip fun, but his knowledge and excitement for his native country was infectious. He told us he would be showing us his 'kiddies' up ahead, and then after debarking, he began calling his kiddies, which were lizards, and fed them bread from his fingers, all the while talking soothingly to them. But Howard also knew his native plants, and medicines from them, and facts about the native wildlife. On the trip, we drove through the wide-open planes of Hato, a ""mini desert,"" and then we opened a gate and drove right through a farm! We also saw an Oriole and other exotic birds. With Howard's continued narrative, we then got to Boka (ba

5 StarsBEST cruise tour EVERFebruary 28, 2016

Reviewer: themomone
Enjoyed all of the trip except the open back of the truck, it would not fit 8 people comfortably.

5 StarsHoward made this the Best excursion ever!February 18, 2016

Reviewer: Howard
Howard was educational and fun to be with. He made it personal and interesting. Very polite and respectful.

5 StarsGreat time!August 15, 2015

Reviewer: Debbie
Howard was our guide and we were the only couple on this excursion. He knew about the birds and plants which he pointed out to us. Howard took us to a cove to see the turtles coming in to feed, we went to an underground cave (very cool experience which we had never done), we saw some blow holes, and had a picnic lunch. Howard took us to several sites and shared a lot of history about the island with us. We even got to try iguana soup! There was also a nice beach we went to for snorkeling ; all of the gear was provided. Loved this excursion.

5 StarsReally off the beaten path!October 13, 2014

Reviewer: Wes
This was one of our favorite excursions ever.

5 StarsWonderful Experience!April 04, 2013

Reviewer: Wendy
Everything went well

4 StarsBreat Taking Views on a Thrilling RideNovember 19, 2011

Reviewer: The A Cuters
We wanted a small group excursion far from the maddening crowd of our cruise ship. This fit our needs completely. We visited parts of the island that we would not have had a chance to see on our ships excursions.