5 StarsGreat Time January 04, 2020

Reviewer: Brenda Brown
It was an amazing experience

5 StarsIncredible!December 28, 2019

Reviewer: Anna
This excursion was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The guides were fabulous and we got tons of amazing photos of our group swimming with the dolphins. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. Thank you!!!

4 StarsRoyal Swim at ChankanaabAugust 27, 2019

This was a amazing day. The dolphins seemed well taken care of. It was very organized. I was amazed at all the different things you got to do with these animals. It was very cool. We did end up signing up for the picture package. I highly recommend this...it's not cheap, but, you will get A LOT of cool shots, and well worth it. They let us go into the tank with the Manatees too which was awesome. The food at the buffet, was just OK, made me a bit nervous since it was sitting out, and the flies, and it was hot. But, I highly recommend this tour

5 StarsBreath Taking July 31, 2019

Reviewer: Barry Ferraro
Wow. Best excursion ever. Well worth the extra money. We were a group of 10 and they accommodated our ever whim and desire. Fantastic!

5 StarsHighlight of our tripApril 27, 2019

Reviewer: Misty L Jamesen
The facility was beautiful and the food was good too. But, most of all this was our favorite part of the entire trip. Swimming with dolphins was amazing and all the things you get to do with them individually. We were not going to buy any pictures because they were so expensive but, after doing the experience it was priceless. Buy a picture package before you do the swim it is cheaper. I would for sure do this again, it was incredible! Only do the Royal swim (VIP) it's the best! Dont try to save money on doing less of a tour, it's worth it.

5 StarsSwimming with dolphins April 18, 2019

Reviewer: Carrie Errer
Awesome experience! Would highly recommend this excursion to everyone.


Reviewer: Lisa Grantham
Swimming with the dolphins at Chankanaab was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had! Our guide was wonderful, the professional photographer was outstanding! Being pushed by 2 dolphins by my feet was so incredible - I was able to stand up while they pushed! Was definitely worth it and I would not hesitate to do it again next time. The cd of photos is a lifetime keepsake! Well worth your time and money!

5 StarsFantasticApril 23, 2018

Reviewer: Kathy
This was amazing. Make sure you tell the taxi driver it is at the National Park. Just makes communication easier. But the experience was fantastic.

5 StarsDolphin Swim at ChankanaabMarch 17, 2017

Reviewer: Carol Greenblatt
The Royal Swim at Chankanaab was just amazing. Our trainer was great with the all of us and with the dolphins, and made sure we all had time to really experience time with each thing - the kiss, shake, the pull and push. Chankanaab was also a fun place to be and visit. We had a great time and Shore Excursions made it very easy.

5 StarsCan I watch my girlfriend swim with the dolphins?December 19, 2016

Reviewer: Cooper
I dont really want to swim with the dolphins myself, but my girlfriend does. Can I watch her swim with them with no charge? or do I have to pay an admission fee to the park?

5 StarsLoved swimming with the dolphins!August 29, 2016

Reviewer: D. Sweeney
This was such an amazing experience. The instructors/dolphin trainers were so patient and knowledgeable and the dolphins were perfectly trained. We had a blast.

5 StarsDolphins/The Royal SwimJune 03, 2016

Reviewer: Fly Gal
This is one experience I would highly recommend! We had tons of "" one on one"" time with the dolphins, sea lions, and the manatees!

5 StarsWet, Wild, & ExcitingApril 12, 2016

Reviewer: Jeff
Along with Zip-lining in Roatan, swimming with the Dolphins, and watching the Seal Show, at Chankanaab National Marine Park (free admission with this deal), was the highlight of my week-long cruise. By requiring arranging my own transport (taxi) to the Park, I was able to start this10-hour day before all the other onshore tours in Cozumel. I toured the beautiful location, Alligator Pen, gorgeous flowers and wildlife. I was kissed by a Seal and a Dolphin. The Royal Swim Tour was highlighted by the 30-minute swim with two Dolphins (included a kiss, high-fives with a fin, dorsal toe ride, and the huge Foot Push). The Instructors were very professional and provided a 30-minute safety briefing before the dolphin swim. The included lunch buffet was welcome and filling, if not delicious; more like fast food. However, the overall experience was magnificent and well worth the the tour price. The Gift Shop provided an excellent gift selection. The only negative experience that day was being forced to purchasing very pricey professional photos ($100) to purchase two DVDs of 60+ photos (not all wanted) in order to obtain more than the two-photo deal for $25.

5 StarsExperience of a lofetimeFebruary 24, 2016

Reviewer: field4kids
We had a great time on our dolphin swim expedition. I'm 56 and due to a chronic health problem am fairly inactive. My husband is 58 and moderately active. We got to,the park w no problem and easily found where we to check in. We were. actually later than the time that we scheduled because our ship didn't dock until 11:30 ( we were shcduled for 10:00)' but this was no problem. They assigned us a new time and we had a few minutes to walk around the beautiful park. When it was time, our group of six ( the others were all young enough to be our children!) were given life jackets and walked down the pier to start interacting with the dolphins. . There is a photographer assigned to each group and she started taking pictures right away. There is also a dolphin trainer in the water with you at all times. It was very well organized and the trainer made sure that we each got to do all of the activities. You are required to swim out a fairly long distance for two of the activities. It has been a long time since a had actually swam in that way and it was a bit strenuous for me, but well worth it! When our time was finished, we actually got to get into the water in another area and have a brief encounter with a manatee. That was unexpected and fun. After we were finished they took us to a computer monitor to view our pictures. We had decided beforehand that we were not going to buy the disc of pictures but there were so many great ones that we couldn't resist. After retrieving our things from out locker, we went into the small restaurant/bar and ate from rhe buffet. The food selection and quality were fair, at best. We took a few pictures and went out of the park and caught a taxi right away. We went ahead and boarded the ship, as we've been to Cozumel many times and weren't interested in the shopping, etc. Been there, done that! After rennoarding, we had several hours of time on the nearly empty ship to do as we wished.

5 Starsamazing!!!January 30, 2016

Reviewer: cindy and grant
very -organized, educational, great sharing it with a group of different ages, and just fun. th The guide was very professional and knowledgable.

5 Starswonderful experience for kids and adultsJanuary 22, 2016

Reviewer: Connie the traveler
swim with the dolphins and riding the dolphins were fantastic experience for our children. Even our 6 year old was lifted up by two dolphins. Very memorable experience. The beach and swim were nice as well in the Dolphin park and we had a great time. It is worthwhile to spend the extra to get the Royal package.

4 StarsGreat Experience!December 28, 2015

Reviewer: darwx
We were on a cruise and took this excursion separate from the cruise. This means we had to get our own transportation but the taxis were readily available and cheap. The dolphin swim is a bit pricey but does include lunch and entrance to the park, Chankanaab where you can also snorkel, walk the Mayan ruins trail and see a sea lion show. The guides that worked with the dolphins were wonderful. They made sure that everyone in our group had the full experience of getting pulled by the dolphin fins, pushed by their noses, handshakes, etc. I'm no expert but the two dolphins we worked with looked very healthy and seemed happy to cooperate. They take a lot of pictures and then encourage you to buy the CD for $140, again pricey but we figured if it helped support the animals and keep up the park, it was worth it.

5 StarsAwesome!September 02, 2015

Reviewer: Shanny
The trainer was excellent! He taught all about the dolphins and how to interact with them. Most of the photographs were excellent too, although a little pricey. The food was really good and the service was pretty good. It was overall an amazing experience!

4 StarsI would highly recommend this excursionApril 24, 2015

Reviewer: Chris the dolphin lover
Loved the dolphin experience!

5 StarsOne of my favorite life experiences!December 24, 2014

Reviewer: Sara B
I've wanted to swim with dolphins since I was a little girl and this was a dream come true experience. Everything was perfect and I loved every second of it. We paid for the more expensive excursion (forgot the name) and it was so worth it!!! I will do it again sometime for sure!

5 StarsAwesomeJuly 19, 2014

Reviewer: Fred
This was great. My wife said everyone has to do this. My boys at 13 & 15 loved it. We had a small group of 7 so when my 13 yr old son failed his first attempt at the foot push, he got a second chance and success! The other thing I liked was getting a cab ($11 each way) because I didn't have to wait around for a group like the Royal Caribbean excursions. Pictures where pricey ($199 for 100+ on CD and 5 printed plus we took a few family pictures with the dolphin for an extra $48), but you have to get them (smaller packages available.) Other plus was lockers are free and they had a free lunch buffet. And we went in the water with the Manatee. It was amazing how the 2 dolphins lift you almost completely out of the water with the foot push. Bottom line, we will never forget this experience.

5 StarsAwesome ExperienceDecember 27, 2012

Reviewer: Tom
This was a really cool and fun experience. I would recommend the Royal swim if you are going to do it. They limit it to 8 people with 2 dolphins so you get a lot more interaction time with the dolphins. The only con is the price but it is worth it. The pictures are also pretty expensive but you have to buy them

5 StarsOnce i a life timeDecember 02, 2012

Reviewer: Britta
A must do

5 StarsOutstanding experienceAugust 01, 2012

Reviewer: bcampy
My daughter, granddaughter and I enjoyed our first swim with the dolphins experience. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. We purchased a CD with 128 pictures of our adventure, and though a little expensive, was well worth the price. This was definitely the experience of a lifetime.

4 StarsAmazing Experience!July 02, 2012

Reviewer: Jill
We did the Royal Swim, which all of the reviews said was worth the money. I agree and here's why. Most people opt for the less expensive package, so the Royal Swim is much less crowded. We had about 8 in our group, while the others had as many as 20. Things moved along quickly--no long waits. Also, with the Royal Swim we got to get in the pool with the Manatee. It swam back and forth in front of us and we got to touch it. I'm pretty sure I will not do that again in my life! The down side of this experience is that you absolutely cannot take your own pictures. Observers must stay about 100 yards away from the swimmers, and the cost of pictures is about 5 times what you would expect to pay--very, very high. Otherwise, a good value, particularly compared to similar experiences in the US.

5 StarsAwesome experienceJune 19, 2012

Reviewer: Deb
Worth the extra money for the ""Royal"" Swim.

5 StarsLots of fun!!!!April 17, 2012

Reviewer: paigenale
Very fun time at the park. Lots of stuff to do for one low price. Would definately do it again.

4 StarsExperience of a Lifetime!September 09, 2011

Reviewer: Sandy677
It was so cool to meet and interact with dolphins FACE to FACE. This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. My kids missed out on a couple of the activities because everything moved so quickly and they didn't hear the guide ask who hasn't gone yet. That's the only con, but everything else was really cool. The foot push was the most exciting part and we got it on film!

5 StarsWonderful Family ExperienceAugust 29, 2011

Reviewer: N/A
Wonderful experience!

5 StarsBeyond Our ExpectationsAugust 23, 2011

Reviewer: RBJ
The guide was very experienced and was masterful in managing all the people in our group and the dolphins at the same time. Our interaction with the dolphins was much more extensive than we had anticipated. We were pulled across the pool with a dolphin on each side, holding their fin. We were pushed across the pool with a dolphon's nose on each of our feet, rising 3/4 of the way out of the water. We hugged, kissed and shook hands with them. Wonderful time !

4 StarsAwesome experience !August 12, 2011

Reviewer: Haket
The park was excellent with a lot to-do before and after the dolphins. Cheap snorkle rentals and excellent food in the restaurant, very happy with the facilities. Only problem was we were made to wait for almost 2hrs mostly in the mid-day sun while they tried to organize groups to get in the water, it seemed like the local staff were not very well organized. The dolphin trainer (Australian lady) was excellent however