Chocolate, Tequila and Taco
April 22, 2020
Enjoyed this one. Learned making chocolate. Learned a lot about Tequila. The taco were excellent. Our tour guide was excellent. Would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Nancy Rogers
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico; Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos
March 06, 2020
We were most pleased with this excursion. Martin, our guide, was most knowledgeable and personable. We enjoyed every minute of this tour.
Reviewer: Mary-Jane Herlik
5 Stars
March 05, 2020
What they don’t tell u is all these things take place in one complex which I think is a bonus! Very interesting and educational!
Reviewer: Jonathan Boucher
5 Stars
Winter Vacation
February 23, 2020
Great tour at the site for the event. The guide was excellent.
Reviewer: Robert Johnson
5 Stars
A must do excursion!
February 21, 2020
If you are only going to do one excursion...this is the one!! We had a party of 8 people and we all agreed that this was the absolute best excursion we've had the pleasure of taking. At every turn we received something more delicious than the last. The chocolate margarita, hot chocolate, chocolate covered marshmallows we fantastic. We really enjoyed making the chocolate bar and the smell is outstanding. The lime kiwi margaritas were so yummy. Mama Lucy made us the most authentic, all you can eat, taco lunch that we'll never forget. John (with a G) was fabulous as he toured us through the replica of the ruins and then on to the BEST tequila tasting. This excursion was so incredible and worth every dollar. A helpful note... beware of the port your ship comes into Cozumel and follow the instructions provided. We weren't aware that we came into the further port and it took us a little time to figure out how to get there.
Reviewer: Jodi Johnson
5 Stars
Our favorite excursion!
February 07, 2020
There were six of us in our group, and our guide Memo was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Our first stop was to view a short film, then we visited the chocolate kitchen, where we sampled Mayan drinking chocolate while learning about the history of the food. Then it was to the tables to grind beans, mix in the flavorings, and mold chocolate bars! After a chocolate margarita, we went on to learn about tequila, and then visited the Jose Cuervo tasting center to learn more as we sampled three types of tequila. After a trip through the store (along with the obligatory chocolate and tequila, they had some items beyond the average tourist spot stuff), we had a mango margarita and then all the tacos we could eat! Yum! Because it was such a small group, we had time to sit and talk and get to know each other a bit. By the time we were finished, our purchases were wrapped and ready to go, and Memo handed us off to a taxi for a complimentary ride back to port.
Reviewer: Paul Barrett
5 Stars
February 05, 2020
5 Stars
Great experience!
January 26, 2020
This is an awesome excursion! You’ll learn a lot about Chocolate and Tequila, but you’ll also learn some Mexican History. Martin was a fantastic guide!
Reviewer: Heather Thrush
5 Stars
Great day!
January 19, 2020
My husband and I enjoyed this tour (Martin was our guide)tremendously. Making chocolate bars was great fun and informative, so much better to have a hands on experience then to watch big machine produce chocolate. Then after a chocolate margarita (yum )we had a tequila tasting, I am not a big fan of tequila but it was still fun and again very informative. We also were entertained by the Danza de los Voladores (men hanging upside down spinning around a pole at scary heights) at the end a lunch of tasty tacos capped a really different and delightful tour.
Reviewer: Pinkwink
5 Stars
Great food & drink
January 17, 2020
Juan was an amazing guide. The upside down poke dancers, the stroll through the models of the ruins and the history were all very interesting. The lessons on tequila, how to sip it and tasting were good, the all you can eat taco buffet was delicious and the passion fruit margarita was scrumptious.
Reviewer: AnnaMarie Holdforth
5 Stars
Worth the walk!!
January 11, 2020
Tour included Mexico History Museum, making chocolate, tequila tasting, & authentic tacos lunch. Tour became private with very knowledgeable guide ... learned much about Mexico & its history. Next we made chocolate bars from roasted cocoa beans! On to tequila tasting ... wow! Definitely a fun $ informative coupla hours. However, had to walk just under a mile leaving town. Sidewalk to walk on, but not much signage & no light to cross road at museum. Perhaps confirmation letter should encourage taxi cab
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
Very enjoyable tour
November 11, 2019
Chocolate-making and tequila appreciation were very well presented. The title and description of the tour led me to believe we would be learning about and consuming tacos / salsas but that never happened.
Reviewer: Christopher L. Brown
4 Stars
Flavors Of Mexico
October 03, 2019
This tour was outstand in every way but one.! Word of warning about the Tour Details information that comes with your Electronic Ticket you'll receive prior to departure. Under "Meeting Instructions" for Cozumel it reads: "Exit the terminal & walk South approximately 900 yards. Across the street you will find Discover Mexico Park." 900 yards = 0.51 miles. No problem, right if you walk 2 miles everyday except a couple of things. Even at 9:30 am, the heat/humidity/zero wind/no shade and majority of walk beside a 4 lane highway with cars & motorcycles speeding by was pretty horrific. And the exhaust pollution! Take the 2 minute cab for $10. Cash only, no credit cards taken.
Reviewer: Sondra J
5 Stars
Great excursion - Highly recommended
September 13, 2019
Martin was our guide and he was fabulous! There is a live performance of an old Mexican cultural ceremony that is not to be missed. We were so impressed with what these men have accomplished as a result of their pride in Mexican culture (the last part of the ceremony is breathtaking!) and importance in carrying on the country's traditions.
Reviewer: Trish Garth
5 Stars
Pleasant Surprise
September 06, 2019
From beginning to end we enjoyed everything. Guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
Reviewer: Pilar
5 Stars
August 25, 2019
This tour by far was the best tour I've had in the 10 years I have been cruising. Our tour guide Gian was very knowledgable, funny, accommodating, caring guide by far. Anything you ask he knew the answer to with respect to the Mexican tribes, the Cocoa, the chocolate & the Tequila. I would recommend this tour to all Just allow a little more time to get to the taxi stand. Also stand your ground with the taxi drivers they wanted to charge us double to take us to the Mexico Discover. We had to go to the back of the long line to get a taxi for 10.00.
Reviewer: Jennifer/Marvin Trott
5 Stars
Awesome excursion
August 23, 2019
This excursion was so much fun and very interesting. From making the chocolate bar to the awesome taco buffet it was all so good. The tequila tasting was fun and educational. We learned a lot about tequila we did not know. Our tour guide Gian was THE best. He truly enjoyed his work and was so knowledgeable and funny. I HIGHLY recommend this excursion. You wont be disappointed.
Reviewer: Tim Lake
5 Stars
Absolutely Fabulous Tour
August 15, 2019
I cannot say enough about this excursion. From the time we arrived Gian gave us a fabulous tour and explained in great details about the Tribes of Mexico. Gian was great very knowledgable, fun, caring. Please take the tour and ask for Gian as your tour guide. He also explain about coco beans and show us how to make chocolate. Also he was very knowledgable about Tiquila at the tiquila tasting. I very much recommend this excursion. Discover Park Mexico ( Cozumel)
Reviewer: Jennifer/Marvin
5 Stars
Wonderful tasting
July 31, 2019
This was the best excursion The food and drinks were awe
Reviewer: Kay
5 Stars
Excellent tour Flavors of Mexico
July 31, 2019
My wife and I enjoyed this excursion immensely. Mr. Memo was very informative and learning how to make chocolate was fun!! The tequila tasting and tacos were delicious
Reviewer: Calvin Francis
4 Stars
Love chocolate
July 19, 2019
We enjoyed making chocolate and learning about. The drinks were excellent and I don’t drink. The guide was very informative about the tour. He was very friendly and helpful. I recommend this tour you will have fun. Oh, stop at the boutique. You will find different things to buy. You can shop before and pick up your thing after the tour.
Reviewer: Bernie
5 Stars
Best excursion
July 15, 2019
Out of all the shore excursions I’ve been on, this was by far the most educational AND fun. Nemo was an amazing guide: funny, patient, and accommodating. My 15 year old son missed out a bit on the tequila portion, but he loved everything else.
Reviewer: Casey
5 Stars
Calling all Chocolate & Tequila lovers
July 04, 2019
This was the best tour I have ever been on! That's all that needs to be said. Gian was GREAT!!!
Reviewer: Sherrill
5 Stars
It was ok.
June 30, 2019
Description was that this tour is walking distance from the port. We walked over a mile from the port to the Discover Mexico Park it was awful. They did provide a taxi back to the port. Taco buffet selection was small, and only 1 full size margarita. However our tour guide was great his name was Memo.
Reviewer: Donya
3 Stars
Fantastic time and very accommodating
June 17, 2019
This was by far our favorite excursion! Gian (John) our guide was over the top accommodating, fun and extremely helpful! One of the couples had their daughter with them and they did a great job offering options for her also since she obviously couldn't partake in the tequila. Lunch was fantastic and as a vegetarian lots of options still, the cactus was wonderful! Best margaritas I've had and not afraid if tequila anymore, lol.
Reviewer: Shelly Basnett
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
May 20, 2019
This was so much more than we thought it was going to be. We tasted chocolate margaritas, hot chocolate, fudge dip while making our own chocolate. Then we had an authentic margarita before tasting 3 types of tequila and learned so much about how to drink tequila. Then were served delicious tacos with home made tortillas made right in front of us. It was such a great experience.
Reviewer: Rhonda Kieffer
5 Stars
Great Tour
May 15, 2019
Our tour guide was very informative and tons of fun. The drinks were delicious and the food was good. Making our own chocolate was fun and the tequila tasting was really good. Would definitely recommend and take the tour again.
Reviewer: Danielle
5 Stars
May 12, 2019
MARTIN was great . Good food ! tequila sipping !
Reviewer: Clifton Singleton
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico Excursion
May 10, 2019
We signed up for this tour because it sounded like it would be different, informative and FUN - and it was all three!!! - Our guide, Martin, was excellent and we were really delighted with the Discover Mexico Museum itself. Arts and crafts exhibits and amazing dioramas of places in Mexican history. Martin welcomed us with a tasty margarita, then we watched a film and then toured the arts and crafts. Then a chocolate making workshop - with chocolate margarita. Next, we watched native dancers doing a rain dance (it worked!!) - then a tequila tasting (three different tequilas - all tasty and most interesting) - topped off by a taco lunch and frozen margarita!!! - Wonderful! - There were 6 in our group - a perfect size - all had a great time. I'm taking a cruise with my sisters next year and hope to take this excursion with them. Thanks for a great time to Martin and Shore Excursions group!
Reviewer: Sarah Grant Reid
5 Stars
great tour
May 06, 2019
great tour, information about cozumel/mexico. lots of tequilla and margarita's
Reviewer: madhwie
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
April 24, 2019
Gianluca was our tour guide and he made the whole excursion wonderful! I would highly recommend! The tacos, chocolate and tequila were all delicious and he was very knowledgeable and passionate about the different areas and cultures of Mexico!
Reviewer: Amberly Griffith
5 Stars
Best excursion
April 15, 2019
At first my husband and I were a little unsure because we had to find our own way to the activity center, but in the end this was the best part of our trip. Memo was our personal guide around. He spoke clear English, was funny and had great personal stories. We want to do this activity next time we go to Cozumel.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Heckert
5 Stars
Cozumel - Flavors of Mexico
April 13, 2019
Excursion date: March 22, 2019: we thoroughly enjoyed this excursion once we got to the place. Our taxi driver took us to Chankanabb Park and we had to get another taxi back to Discover Mexico Park. Our guide, Carlos, was fun and informative. We enjoyed learning about cacoa (chocolate) origins, making our own chocolate bar, the taste testingings and especially enjoyed the tequila tasting and homemade tacos. We brought home brand new tequila glasses and Mole' sauce. This excursion is more of a low key activity (thinking learning) and it was just what we needed after 4 days of high energy snorkeling, cave-tubing and ziplining.
Reviewer: Judy Holland
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion!
April 07, 2019
We were so happy that we decided on this excursion. We began the tour with a sample margarita, reviewed the history of tequila, visited the Mexican museum, made our own chocolate bar, had a tequila tasting in the tasting room and then enjoyed a wonderful margarita with a lunch of tacos, beans and rice. Our guide Memo was friendly and most informative. I highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Holly Ruth
5 Stars
Best excursion ever
March 29, 2019
This was a blast. We learned about culture of Mexico made chocolate, ate all kinds of foods with chocolate in them, had free wifi, air conditioned spaces, fantastic demonstration, tequila tasting was not only good to the palate but educational, high quality gifts to purchase in the gift shop, fantastic taco buffet, finished off with a star fruit margarita and a taxi ride back to port for our drunk butts. Cant say enough about this excursion. Our guide (worked with dolphins prior) was terrific!
Reviewer: Rachael.mckinley
5 Stars
Sophisticated and FUN!
March 26, 2019
To be honest I thought this tour might be on the tacky side, but to my delightful surprise it was really well done. The tour included an awesome little run through the art & cultural museum. We literally made chocolate bars with lots of tasting chocolate in different foods/drinks in between. The tequila tasting was classy and very well done. The tacos at the end were exactly what was needed to satisfy hunger. You won't go wrong with this tour, I am recommending it to all my friends!
Reviewer: Margaret Nutting
5 Stars
Great Tour
March 04, 2019
This was a great tour. Close to the port. We walked there in approximately 5 minutes. The food was great. Tequila tasting was very informative! They even gave us a ride back to the port which I didn't think was part of what we paid for. Great staff at Discovery Park Mexico!
Reviewer: Bobbi and Tania
5 Stars
Great cultural experience
February 22, 2019
Having visited Cozumel on numerous occasions, wanted to try something new. It was exactly as advertised~ it was informative and interesting. If you want a gift shop with authentic Mexican art it's a great spot to take a little of Mexico home with you! Items are a bit pricey, but not they're not made in China!! Ask for Martin, he's amazing! Really enjoyed this tour and wouldn't hesitate to go again!
Reviewer: JWillis
5 Stars
A Great Taste of Mexico- Hands On
February 20, 2019
The tour was an excellent selection of making your own Chocolate, having authentic Taco's and a very well done tequila tasting. They saved the best for last with the tequila tasting- This was a very upscale tasting with Chocolate. Our guide was excellent. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Ed Mimikos
5 Stars
The BEST!!!
February 20, 2019
My husband and I had so much fun. This excursion was the BEST! Loved it! We walked from the cruise port to the park - about a 5-7 minute walk. Some people in our group took a taxi and paid $10. Once we arrived our tour guide (I think he’s name was Emri) welcomed us, he was sooo nice and very knowledgeable. We visited a small Mexican museum, we learned about the history of chocolate (cacao), we made and tasted delicious Chocolate. The tequila tasing was great, they also had a show for us, we did a little shopping and ended the tour with Tacos (all you can eat). Excursion lasted about 3 hrs 1/2. Highly recommend this excursion. It was excellent!!!
Reviewer: Karina G
5 Stars
Best Excursion
February 09, 2019
Had a wonderful guide for the entire day. Learned how to drink Tequila, make chocolate and enjoyed a wonderful lunch of fresh tacos. All the people were fabulous, drinks were beyond exceptional...will be promoting to others.
Reviewer: Vicki Piper
5 Stars
February 09, 2019
our tour guide Gian was excellence. He told us about Mexico history and answered questions along the way. we made chocolate to take home with us.learned about how tequila was made, the proper way to drink tequila and the differ flavors as it ages. We had margaritas and tacos, they were very good. I would recommend this tour to everyone.
Reviewer: Tena E McGuire
5 Stars
Great time for all
February 05, 2019
This was so much fun! I took my mom (71) on this with me because we have been to Cozumel before and so I wanted to do something different. I’m glad I did! Gian was our guide and he was wonderful! Everyone at Discover Mexico was friendly and kind and we learned a lot about the history of the country. The chocolate making was informative and fun. But my favorite part was the tequila. I will never drink it the same way! I have a new appreciation! Honestly we had so much fun and I was happy I decided to do this excursion. It was different and unique and something we will both long remember. But take the taxi to the facility, don’t try to walk there :)
Reviewer: Wynter Dollack
5 Stars
Great experience!
February 01, 2019
We had an awesome time! Great experience, AMAZING food, and fun tour guide. A lot is included in this tour. Definitely worth the cost! Would recommend to friends and family!
Reviewer: Joelle
5 Stars
Just as the name states
December 20, 2018
I went with my 30 something kids and their spouses and cousins. Was about a 20 minute walk from the pier though you could also take a taxi. We walked. Our guide Martin was the best. I had read about him in other reviews so was glad to have him assigned to us. We did all as stated in the title. Made our own chocolate, tasted tequila and has a delicious lunch of tacos,all under Martins expertise and guidance Will definitely recommend this tour to others.
Reviewer: Nancy Gibson
5 Stars
Such a great value
December 14, 2018
We loved this excursion. We learned so much and enjoyed everything about it, and our tour guide Martin was very knowledgeable and friendly. We would recommended this tour to anyone who wants a great snapshot of Cozumel
Reviewer: Jennifer Freese
5 Stars
The Cherry on Top of my Vacation Sundae!
November 17, 2018
This tour was our final destination of my 5 day cruise and it was totally worth it! Memo our tour guide was the Best! The entire tour took place in 1 location, some air conditioned and some outdoors. Highlight was making actual Mexican Cocoa, learning history and proper techniques of how to sip Tequila. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who loves chocolate, tequila and not too much walking.
Reviewer: Cami Fizz
5 Stars
Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos
November 08, 2018
We had a great time on our tour. Our guide was very informative. We had fun making our own chocolate bars, trying the different tequilas and then having a delicious meal of tacos and Mexican sides.
Reviewer: K Davis
5 Stars
Flavors Of Mexico; Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos!
October 18, 2018
This tour was awesome! We made chocolate, learned the proper way to sip, smell tequila, & learned about the tears & legs in tequila. Tour guide was great. Lunch was good as well.
Reviewer: Lauri
5 Stars
Good Tequila - Good Chocolate - Long Walk
October 18, 2018
Had a great time! It was almost a private tours because the other three participants had to leave before it was completed. The park is an amazing presentation of Mexico's history! Our guide spoke excellent English (had lived in US for a time) and was very knowledgeable. Ride back to ship in cab was great, but the walk from the ship was much longer than indicated on the excursion information and it was very HOT! Advise that older folks, like us, take cab from the ship!
Reviewer: Larry Shoberg
5 Stars
Mian ball game
September 23, 2018
This was amazing! I loved the experience and would do it again!
Reviewer: Shana Morgan
5 Stars
Exceeded Expectations!!!
September 17, 2018
My friend and I were greeted by Gian - an awesome guide who went out of his way to make us feel like family - and were given a great deal of information about everything Mexican - from the history of ancient native tribes to the geography of the country. We made chocolate and sampled a few dishes of Mexican cuisine and were also served a chocolate margarita. The tour continued to replicas of structures, from ruins to present-day Mexico City government buildings. The amount of detail was incredible. We soon found ourselves tasting different types of tequila and learning the art of tequila tasting. It was a very informative presentation. The gift shop was next on the agenda. There were multiple items from which to purchase from a variety of price ranges...everything from tequila to hand-crafted and -painted ceramic artwork. Last (but certainly not least), we had tacos and authentic Mexican cuisine. The food was served with a very delicious margarita!!!
Reviewer: Conor McLeod
5 Stars
September 10, 2018
Great food and company. So much history.
Reviewer: Jean Rivera
5 Stars
Great tour overall
September 02, 2018
This tour was great for adults but maybe not for young children. The history lesson was very informative and making your own chocolate was cool. The tequila seminarby rey was extremely interesting and informative. The tour ended with some amazing street tacos with beans and rice while a nice lady was making the corn tortillas by hand. The pork was amazing.
Reviewer: Phil Johnson
5 Stars
Amazing place! Educational and lots of fun!
August 31, 2018
We loved this place! Our tour guide Martin was phenomenal, we felt like we were saying goodbye to an old friend when we left! It turns out that this deal through Costco Travel is their "deluxe tour" that includes everything they offer. A full guided tour, chocolate making, tequila tasting (AWESOME!) and a wonderful lunch, all prepared fresh on site. The best part of these excursions is that one has no idea what to expect so there is no preconceived ideas of what it should be. We absolutely loved this place, truly a highlight of our vacation! Highly highly recommend!!!
Reviewer: James P Brauner
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
August 30, 2018
Bo was an excellent guide through the Discover Mexico Park. We learned a lot about the areas and people of Mexico, the history of chocolate and we then we make chocolate, learned how Tequila was made, how to drink fine tequila and how to make margaritas, and saw a great demonstration of The Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers) and learned a lot about the pyramids, Mayans and Aztecs.
Reviewer: REESE Terry
5 Stars
August 06, 2018
We enjoyed this excursion immensely. Bou was so knowledgeable and patient. We saw replicas of Mayan ruins, a museum of art and culture, the famous men swinging from the pole, as well as the opportunity to make our own chocolate bar and learn the proper way to drink tequila. A taco, bean, and rice lunch was included. A great excursion! I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Lynn Everitt
5 Stars
Good Experience
July 30, 2018
This was a great time. We bought the whole package and "Jon" was a great guide.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Great low key activity
July 02, 2018
My son and I decided to try out this tour and I'm really glad we did. Once we arrived and met with the other people in our group, we were able to begin. We were guided throughout our time at Discover Mexico Park by Martin who was very knowledgeable and quite personable. There is lots of tequila to sample, including an amazing starfruit chile margarita, chocolate that you hand make and wonderful authentic street tacos. Lots of history to learn too. I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion and would recommend it to anyone who wants something more laid back to do.
Reviewer: Richelle Andrews
5 Stars
Flavors Of Mexico; Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos!
June 25, 2018
Had a wonderful experience and learned about the history of chocolate and Mexico.
Reviewer: Heather Fink
5 Stars
Nice excursion
June 11, 2018
Lots of history and a lot of fun. Martin was a wonderful tour guide. We enjoyed our day at Discover Mexico.
Reviewer: Scarlett Cmiel
4 Stars
Park Visit
June 11, 2018
This was just the best visit yet. We loved learning all about chocolate and tequila. Hands on making your own chocolate bars was fun. So much more about tequila than we ever imagined. Very informed guide.
Reviewer: Thomas Cullen
5 Stars
Worth every penny!!
April 30, 2018
Our guide, Bou was amazing. He was very knowledgeable about Mexican history and Tequila. The only downside was it was not across the street from the port as we expected. We had to take a short cab ride to get to the park, but once we got there, Bou made sure the rest of our time there was amazing. He also got us a ride back to the port which was greatly appreciated. If you have time and money to do this, I highly recommend it. It is one trip my family and I will never forget.
Reviewer: Rashmi Boggs
5 Stars
Way more than just the Tequila, Tacos & Chocolate
April 16, 2018
Great tour, highly recommended. Quick note, from the Southernmost Port (there are 2 in Cozumel), the walk is a little over a Kilometer (it isn't 500 yards as the ticket says). So if you're going in the heat of the day or not great at walking, still catch a cab. We walked, which was fine from the southern port (for the northern port - the really big busy one - definitely take a cab). When we arrived, we were shown into an air conditioned waiting room with wifi to wait for our group. The rest of the group never showed, and we had a great private tour for the day. Lots of interesting information. Making chocolate was fun (careful when tasting it after freshly grinding, it smells incredible but doesn't taste very good). Taco lunch is great with some very hot salsas. The tequila tasting was great and educational. They highly encourage you to buy some tequila after, but they don't get too pushy. Afterwards they provided a free cab back to the port.
Reviewer: Phil
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
April 09, 2018
We Loved this Tour, learned a little bit of Mexican History, made a Chocolate Cookie and learned how to taste Tequila,. The Tequila Tasting was a little long but we Loved our Tour Guide John he was over the top. I have recommended this tour to friends going to Cozumel.
Reviewer: Terri Buffum
4 Stars
Good food, great Tequila and lots of knowledge
April 02, 2018
Are guide was Carlos. He was very friendly. We started off in a museum style building learning about different aspects of the Mexican culture and history. From there we went into another building where there were lots of tables with grinders on them and other tools. This is where we got learn about chocolate and we got to make our own choclate to take home with us. It was a lot of fun and very informative. We also got try a couple of different moles and chocolates before heading off to have a taco buffet and some margaritas. These are authentic tacos and nothing like Taco Bell. Food was great. After lunch we went to a tasting room where we learned a great deal about Tequila and got to drink tequilas. Carlos was very knowledgeable and was even drinking with us (i want his Would highly recommend this tour when you are in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Jeff Brisbin
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion!
March 21, 2018
Our trip to Discover Mexico Park far exceeded our expectations. Our guide was fabulous, the chocolate making was so much fun, the Tequila tasting was terrific, and the taco lunch was delicious! All in all, we had a great time and highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Sophie Hoffman
5 Stars
Great activity with a small group
March 18, 2018
The activity was at a cultural museum a 20-25min walk from the port. We were a small group of 6 and started with a visit to the cultural museum before we had the chocolate making section involving grinding the cocoa beans and adding sugar and vanilla. We also got a chocolate margarita to drink and different chocolates. Then we walked through an area with lots of mini monuments and Mayan ruins. We watched a display of 5 men on a swinging rope. We next had a nice taco lunch. It was a bit spicy and plenty of food. Finally we had the tequila part of the tour in a beautiful glassed in tasting room. We got to taste three different types and learned how to smell the tequila and what to notice about the taste. The guide spoke excellent English and was nice to speak a bit of Spanish when we wanted to. We learned a lot about this drink and some interesting aspects of the country’s culture. There was a small gift shop on site.
Reviewer: Susannah Gal
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
March 15, 2018
Tour guide was very informative. Liked the small group.
Reviewer: Sandy Sawicki
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico, Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos
March 13, 2018
We enjoyed this foodie event very much. Carlos did an excellent job in telling us the right way to drink tequila. We also enjoyed making the chocolate and tasting the local tacos. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Mary
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico
February 28, 2018
Our guide Carlos was exceptional! He made us feel like VIP’s. He was so knowledgeable and very generous with his time and information. Every detail seemed to be taken care of for us, leaving us to just enjoy the entire experience. Please thank him again for us.
Reviewer: Pat Dando
5 Stars
Fun and educational experience!
February 04, 2018
We enjoyed our trip to the Discover Mexico park. You can see models of Mayan ruins and other important buildings as you walk through the park. We ground cocoa beans to make our own chocolate to bring home. There were samples of margaritas, lessons on tequila, and tacos for lunch. Our guide was quite knowledgeable and fun. There is a gift shop where you can buy locally produced items. I brought home a black clay vase. There are locals who will make bracelets with your name for a suggested price, and you take pictures with a burro, but they only take $$, so bring some. I would do this tour again. It is geared towards those of drinking age, but I think youngsters would like the chocolate making and the models. We took a cab from where our cruise ship berthed (about $10), but the site provided a cab back. We could have walked, (only a couple of miles), but with the hot sun, decided to go with the cab. That was probably a wise decision after the margaritas and the tequila!
Reviewer: Karla Miller
5 Stars
Wonderful experience
January 17, 2018
This was one of the best on-shore excursions we ever took. Our tour guide, Ruy, was professional, funny and very knowledgeable about tequila, chocolate and the Mexican culture. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: CA McNulty
5 Stars
Great trip for the family
January 12, 2018
We wanted to do something for all of us ranging from 9 to 70 years old and this was perfect. The chocolate making was fun, the tequila tasting was informative (with lots of tequila!), and the tacos were great. The educational component around the ruins was cool too and made me want to go back to Mexico and do a tour of all the temple ruins. Also, our tour guide was super nice. Just really sweet. There are also delicious passionfruit margaritas (more tequila!) at the end. Note if you walk here, it's not that far, like 15 min, but you do have to run across the street once you get there.
Reviewer: Brooke
5 Stars
Best excursion!!!
November 20, 2017
We were delighted to find out that we had a private tour. Our tour guide Bou, was amazing. He was full of knowledge and was able to answer questions and gave us a great experience. We never felt rushed or that we were pushed through any part of our tour (I think we were there for 4 hours). We learned so much about Mexico, tequila and chocolate. The taco buffet was delicious and the drink tastings and other food tastings were amazing. You won't regret this one!!!
Reviewer: Carrie T.
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion!
September 28, 2017
We were surprised to find that we had a private tour. Our guide filled our heads with interesting facts about each exhibit in the museum. Then, he explained the discovery of cocoa and showed us how to make chocolate. We had an amazing tequila tasting that made us experience the finest tequila in a way that we had never before! Next, we had a delicious kiwi margarita after taking photos. Afterwards, we had an authentic plate of shredded pork tacos with all the accoutrements. Finally, we witnessed a "rain dance" by descendants of the Tiano Indians. It was amazing!
Reviewer: Lauren Marquis
5 Stars
Nice Excursion
August 21, 2017
Very good experience of Mexico's food and culture.
Reviewer: Luis Lopez
5 Stars
Best thing in Cozumel
June 26, 2017
We had the best tour guide Martin Cedillo. Glade we did the complete long tour it was well worth it. We arrived early and our guide let us in and we waited and bought a devious ice coffee. Then we tour the miniature Mexico, then we saw some Mexicans that climbed a pole and swung down from there foot. We saw a film and a Museum then on to hand grinding chocolate beans to make our own chocolate bar and trying a chocolate drink and chocolate dip with chips. We continued on to a complete tequila tasting and then a Margarita to drink you could get your picture with a donkey if you wanted to. we ended up with a lunch that was included and great. We took a taxi there for $10 and they drove us back for free. Great gift shop there too nice quality merchandise I usually don't get stuff but bought stuff there.
Reviewer: Debbie Northrup
5 Stars
Fun and educational
June 23, 2017
This was a very good experience. It combined local history with culture, culinary and tequila tasting. Our guide explained everything thoroughly and made it a very interesting afternoon. The food provided was much more than just tacos, including various delicious local dishes. My only complaint was that we had to find a taxi to take us from the dock to the Discover Mexico Park, since the walk would have been taxing for us. It was some distance and we were not familiar with the area. Transportation was provided to get us back to the ship.
Reviewer: Chris
4 Stars
May 22, 2017
Katy was our tour guide and she was great. The can ride that was recommended was very short. If the day is not too hot, it's walkable. From the minute you get there, the drinking started. I loved making the chocolate more than actually eating my product. The tequila tasting was elegant and I learned so much. The grounds were beautiful with miniature May and communities. There was a museum, an outdoors show. Bring cash for photos, the vendor us separate from the park. The taco buffet was smaller than I expected but you can buy food. There's a gift shop. I'm so happy I booked.
Reviewer: San Jo
5 Stars
A yummy experience
April 28, 2017
This was a great tour! Both fun, educational, and delicious! A great tour guide as well. We learned a lot of culture and food, plus drink. We had the best margarita ever.
Reviewer: Margaret Weber
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico Review
April 21, 2017
The tour was excellent, I would recommend it to others
Reviewer: Carlton Dean
5 Stars
April 13, 2017
This was differant.We met our tour guide RUY was his name.He was excellent.He taught us the differance inTequila and how to enjoy it.There was plenty of tequila to sample.We toured the small museum.Then we had a taco buffet of all you can eat. GREAT!!!!!
Reviewer: Tom
5 Stars
March 23, 2017
My husband didn't want to do this excursion because he is not a huge tequila fan loved it and very much enjoy the tequila when taught how to "sip" it.
Reviewer: Colleen
4 Stars
So Much Fun!
March 17, 2017
My family of four had a great time on this excursion. It had entertainment, drinks and food. Really provided an appreciation of the Mexican culture and how much they have created. The hosts were amazing. Be sure you take a taxi to and from the park, as the walk can be alittle draining due to distance an weather.
Reviewer: Marcy Ramirez
5 Stars
Amazing good time!!!
March 09, 2017
Our guide was Carlos, he was a wonderful leader for this experience. I highly recommend this excursion. My wife and I enjoyed learning how to make chocolate, the cultural exposure was enlightening and the tequila tasting was just down right fun.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour
February 15, 2017
My spouse and I have been on multiple cruises to the Caribbean and on multiple excursions. Flavors Of Mexico; Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos! was the best excursion in which we have participated. We made our own chocolate, learned about high quality tequilla, and had a great home cooked taco lunch. Our guide, Martin, was fantastic.
Reviewer: Pat O'Brien
5 Stars
Very pleased
February 08, 2017
We found the tour both entertaining and educational. Our tour guide did an excellent job of answering all our questions. Suggest you take the taxi to the park, the distance is walkable, but heat can be brutal. The park provides ride back to the ship at no additional charge.
Reviewer: Robert Warren
5 Stars
How did we fit all that in a day? Wonderful!
February 05, 2017
Dove right into Mexico via beautiful videos as we gathered for the tour. A museum was next where our guide did a great job of explaining the history. Then into the chocolate room where we made our own chocolate from scratch! Outdoor tour of the Mayan replicas and more history. We witnessed a thrilling religious ceremony, then the history of tequila with samples and tasting instructions followed by an authentic lunch. Everything was absolutely superb!
5 Stars
excellent trip - made our day
February 04, 2017
I recommend this excursion for non-swimming activities. There was plenty of time for shopping, stopping for a drink or two, after the planned activities, but we had to find our own transportation back to the boat at the end of the day. Was not hard to do.
Reviewer: Scott Steward
5 Stars
Great experience
January 22, 2017
This was a great experience. The guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. The tequila tasting was very informative and the food was authentic. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Satisfied customer
5 Stars
Best excursion ever!
January 19, 2017
The guide was so informative and I could tell how much he loved his country. So much to drink! We started with margaritas then during chocolate making we had a chocolate margarita. Then came the 3 different tequilas for tasting, then another margarita. The tacos were authentic and wonderful. I learned so much and stayed interested the entire time. Great tour!!!
Reviewer: Kelly
5 Stars
A great way to spend the day
January 19, 2017
Less than 10 in our group, Martin our guide was excellent and is obviously proud of his heritage. Very personalized, easy pace, great drinks and tacos. Loved making our own chocolate bar! Well worth the cost and a quick taxi ride back to port. Couldn't have asked for a better excursion.
Reviewer: Gail
5 Stars
Cozumel excursion
January 14, 2017
If you want to get away from the water this is definitely a tour worth taking. We learned so much and had a fantastic time.
Reviewer: Jessie
5 Stars
A Delightful surprise
January 10, 2017
I have had the good fortune to participate in several shore excursion opportunities on Cozumel with different companies. We chose this one because of the theme however had only moderate expectations for the day. Our tour guide Claudio was a delight and extremely well versed in Mexican art, history of the area, chocolate creation and of course tequila tasting. Each area of focus was guided with fun and new information and good humor. Was not impressed with the photo opportunity with the donkey feeling it was way to stereotyped. The aerial display by the native ceremonial individuals was breathtaking. Would recommend this to anyone visiting Cozumel! Great fun!
Reviewer: Kathleen Moore
5 Stars
Worth every penny
December 26, 2016
Absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone was super friendly and the experience was fun. Also, it was nice to be able to do something inside since it was hot and humid outside.
Reviewer: Kelly Romero
5 Stars
A Great Excursion
December 21, 2016
For those who enjoy Chocolate, Tequila and Tacos and are unable to travel/walk to see the ruins - this one is for you! Rocio, our tour guide was fabulous! She is very knowledgeable with the facts of her history. Tacos were GREAT! Chocolate making was fun to say the least. And the tequila was plentiful! You need to take this excursion...!
Reviewer: Martin
5 Stars
Great Shore Excursion
December 17, 2016
We took this excursion from the Carnival Liberty and LOVED it. They greeted us promptly and as we began our tour with Ruy, they offered us a margarita. We watched a short video and then off to the artifacts. It was a small museum and the 7 of us in our group learned so much in a short time. Then we went into the chocolate room, had a chocolate martini and learned to make chocolate. Very interesting. We finished our chocolate bars and went to the tequila tasting room where we learned all about sampling and sipping tequila! We walked through the gift shop (where we got a good discount) and out to the bar. The most wonderful margaritas were made for us. They were wonderful. Next stop was to eat tacos from the taco bar - pork, beef, chicken, rice, beans and HOT salsa - as much as you want. Then the outdoor show and lots of things to walk through if you like. I would recommend eating breakfast before going since the taco lunch was toward the end and you drink several times prior to eating!
Reviewer: Janis Jarvis
5 Stars
Discover Mexico
December 16, 2016
This was so much fun. It was a relaxed, guided tour through this park of miniatures representing Mexican history. Then we got to make our own chocolate. We learned about the different grades of Tequila and finished with a tasty lunch of real Mexican food. Rocia was an excellent guide and we were back to the ship within plenty of time. Would recommend taking a taxi to the park, its more than 600 yds.
Reviewer: Reva Walmsley
5 Stars
Very good tour
December 15, 2016
The tour was great, the distance to the tour was way off its mark. Our information said it was 600 yards down the street when actually it was about 2 kilometers.
Reviewer: Tamara Bremmerman
4 Stars
Good Tour but Poor Info from AA RE: Transportation
December 12, 2016
The overall tour was great and organized. Our tour guide Ruy was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot of history about Mexico, chocolate making and brought home the pieces we made, and tequila tasting. Some parts of the tour are not suitable for children (tequila tasting). Only problem we encountered is finding transportation to and from the Discover Mexico Park since it wasn't an NCL organized tour. Took a taxi ($10 US) there once we found out where to find one. Got a ride back in a van picking up others from our cruise ship. A bit of a hectic start since I am on oxygen and have low energy, but once my husband and I were on the tour, all was fine.
Reviewer: Stacey Dillard
5 Stars
Hands-on trip
December 04, 2016
Great excursion! Making chocolate is not as easy as you would think. Learned a lot during this class and had fun. Even got to take our handmade chocolate with us & no, it doesn't melt. Wonderful, small, museum you are walked through and informed of history. Displays are picture worthy. The tequila class was also very informative & given 3 samples to try & taught the proper way to sip the good stuff. Not to mention the frozen chocolate/tequila drink also given. Very good, authentic, Mexican food on the outdoor buffet. Opportunity to putchase a marguarita in a collectable glass during this time. Lastly the gift shop where you can purchase the tequilas or a number of other items to include more chocolate and vanilla. Upon leaving you will also receive an ""offical"" certificate of completion. One last word- TAKE A TAXI to this location. It is NOT a reasonable distance to walk.
Reviewer: Debbe Timler
5 Stars
December 04, 2016
Before I talk about the amazing part of this tour let me say that it did not start out that way. Instructions said that it was 600 yards from the port and it was more like a mile and a half. Take a taxi, don't walk. Once we got to Discover Mexico, Memo, our tour guide took over and made up for it. He took us through an area with beautiful crafts. We made chocolate and got to taste some chocolate and tequila food and beverages. He took us through a very informative tequila tasting and finally we went to a very small taco buffet but the food was delicious. All in all even with the long, hot walk to get there it was well worth the money.
Reviewer: Natalie
5 Stars
great experience
September 28, 2016
great fun making chocolate. enjoyed outdoor show and tequila tasting was very informative. Great Mexican food meal!!
Reviewer: Tim Richards
5 Stars
Discover Mexico
August 30, 2016
This is in the Discover Mexico Park. I would highly recommend taking a taxi, as the walk is not quite what is described. Ask for Memo as your guide, as he made the tour well worth it!
Reviewer: Chad A Cooperider
5 Stars
We had a great time!
August 25, 2016
We liked the Discover Mexico park. It was small and charming. The art was great. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. Loved the chocolate and tequila portions of the tour. It was similar to a high quality wine tasking. We enjoyed the flyers at the end of the day. Also, the authentic homemade lunch was very good.
Reviewer: Marla Alpizar
5 Stars
Marguerita, Chocolate making and Tequila tour i
August 03, 2016
What a shame that we were the only 2 on this tour. I would definitely recommend this tour! We made chocolate from roasted beans, had a mango marguerite, saw some incredible Mexican artwork, ate a lunch that was home made, watched a group of men swing around and down a 60 foot pole, and finally had a seminar on tequila. We had a great time and our guide was very professional , interesting and fun. I would highly recommend this tour..... it is worth the price paid.
Reviewer: Linda Tucker
5 Stars
An Amazing Experience!!
June 06, 2016
This excursion was a truly unique and amazing experience. Our tour guide was a wonderful person. We were lucky to have him as a personal tour guide since nobody else signed up for our tour time. He took us around and taught us in great detail a lot of things about the region and each section of the tour. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. My fiancee and I loved this tour and it is definitely something that every person that goes to Cozumel should experience. You will learn a lot, have fun, eat delicious food, and learn how to drink tequila the right way!!!
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
May 25, 2016
really enjoyed making my own chocolate
Reviewer: T
5 Stars
great tour
May 06, 2016
Tour was great
Reviewer: San
5 Stars
Fun blend of culture, cuisine and tequila
April 21, 2016
When I recall the highlights of our most recent cruise, this excursion in Cozumel is way high on the list. It was a perfect mix of history, culture, music, food and tequila. Part of this easy walking tour was inside in the AC, part outside. We saw artifacts, made chocolate, sampled mole sauce, became tequila pros, and shopped. The buffet was a bountiful spread of fabulous Mexican dishes ... many new to me like a creamy, savory cooked cactus. This was the second foodie tour we successfully booked outside of the cruise line. Since we live in Florida, so we look for excursions beyond beaching and petting sea life. This day was well worth the price and more than met our expectations.
Reviewer: Marti & Herb
5 Stars
Do Not Miss This!
April 17, 2016
When our 15 and 17 year old grandchildren loved this excursion as much as their parents and grandparents did you know you have done something right. Our guide, what we saw, did and learned combined to make a complete and wonderful experience.
Reviewer: Choo-Choo
5 Stars
4 star
April 14, 2016
No comment
Reviewer: None
4 Stars
Awesome experience must do if in Conzumel
April 12, 2016
Great experience which was filled with Mexican culture and education
Reviewer: Lincoln
5 Stars
April 09, 2016
Great time!
Reviewer: Annie
5 Stars
Tasty and fun tour
April 06, 2016
This tour was a lot of fun, particularly thanks to our guide Claudio. Making the chocolate was an adventure (we sat at a broken machine - our bad - but problem was corrected). I enjoyed the tequila and margaritas. However, my 14 year old daughter not so much. Must admit that in reading the description again, there are more references to tequila than I thought. That would be my only con. Would not recommend the tour for someone under the drinking age. Otherwise, she did enjoy making the chocolate and the tacos. My only other comment concerns the instructions from the port. As I recall,we arrived at the International Port and instructions said Discover Mexico was 600 yards to the right. Not. My distances are not always good, but I don`t think 600 yards is an 8 minute cab ride. Others on the tour experienced the same problem. However, Claudio was there and waiting and we were still able to experience all the ``flavors of mexico``.
Reviewer: LizBeth
4 Stars
Great fun
April 05, 2016
Reviewer: N/A
4 Stars
Fantastic Time. Highly Recommended.
March 14, 2016
First things first, our guide, Carlos, was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. We started off the tour with a nice little margarita and began to learn about Mexico's history then were treated to various works of art from across the country. The ""miniature"" scale monuments were incredible, they are incredibly detailed and their scale is very impressive. Next we were treated to a chocolate drink in preparation for making our own drinking chocolate from scratch. The next part was probably the best - tasting and learning about different kinds of tequila. It actually was very educational. To finish out we were treated to another margarita before going to lunch and trying out the great taco buffet. On the way out we were able to sample some more varieties of tequila before heading back to the ship... oh yeah and the taxi back was provided at no additional charge! This was a fun, entertaining, educational activity and a great value for the money.
Reviewer: Frank H
5 Stars
Highly recommended!
March 10, 2016
Small group, variety of experiences.
Reviewer: Ruby
5 Stars
Write a Review
March 03, 2016
Arturo - great guide with personal service
Reviewer: Paulie
5 Stars
Fantastic Time. Highly Recommended.
March 01, 2016
First things first, our guide, Carlos, was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. We started off the tour with a nice little margarita and began to learn about Mexico's history then were treated to various works of art from across the country. The ""miniature"" scale monuments were incredible, they are incredibly detailed and their scale is very impressive. Next we were treated to a chocolate drink in preparation for making our own drinking chocolate from scratch. The next part was probably the best - tasting and learning about different kinds of tequila. It actually was very educational. To finish out we were treated to another margarita before going to lunch and trying out the great taco buffet. On the way out we were able to sample some more varieties of tequila before heading back to the ship... oh yeah and the taxi back was provided at no additional charge! This was a fun, entertaining, educational activity and a great value for the money.
Reviewer: Frank
5 Stars
Would highly recommend this experience! Knowl gu
February 21, 2016
Great experience! Enjoyed learning about the culture.
Reviewer: JD8120
5 Stars
Wonderful Afternoon with Great Food and Drink
February 18, 2016
It was an easy walk to the park from the Puerto Maya pier. Our guide was wonderful and we had a private tour. My mother loves chocolate so I brought home the chocolate we made for her 92nd birthday. We had a regular margarita and a mango margarita and a Mexican coke with our tacos. Learned a lot at the Tequila tasting. They drove us back to the port after the tour. It was a wonderful afternoon in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Barb
5 Stars
Flavors of mexico
February 14, 2016
Guide was wonderful. Learned so much about tequila that I didn't know. Drinks weren't bad either.
Reviewer: Nancy the tequila expert
5 Stars
A different, fun experience
February 08, 2016
No transportation to excursion site. Directions given were very poor. Details did not include the fact that transportation back to ship was included.
Reviewer: JT
4 Stars
I have problems walking so I was pushed in a wheel
January 29, 2016
This was interesting, but I didn't like the soggy tacos. Because of a problem walking, I have no plans to go on another cruise at my age. So no more shore excursions.
Reviewer: None
4 Stars
Very informative and pleasant
January 28, 2016
A lot of information very well presented. The senior guide was outstanding in his knowledge and manners.
Reviewer: Gus
5 Stars
Flavors of Mexico, Tequila and Tacos and more!
January 16, 2016
This was the highlight of our Cruise experience. This excursion was above our expectations. We were greeted with a small cup of Margarita before we had our lesson on coco beans and then went on to make our chocolate bars. We were given a tour at Discovery Park of the miniature pyramids and given the history behind them. We saw a short performance on rain dance pole, and learned about tequila and got to sample three different kinds. We got a regular free Margarita as well. The lunch was homemade Mexican cuisine and there was plenty to eat. Arturo was a good guide and knew his history. We told everyone about your tour and that we highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Mountain Eagle
5 Stars
It was an educational experience
January 06, 2016
We were charged twice for the trip and they would not refund our money.
Reviewer: Cheryl
4 Stars
Nice tour, poor excursion promoter
January 01, 2016
Discover Mexico was great. I believe we did the mega tour. It included tequila tasting - interesting, but fairly expensive; tour of the ancient and modern building replicas - almost as good as visiting each in person, museum of local arts - very nice; shopping - nice shop, many items were either of better quality or simply unavailable elsewhere, We got a discount, so even the tequilla was priced well, expecially the high end stuff. Lunch - meh; free margerita - meh; pole swing - we passsed, it was sort of contrived.
Reviewer: traveler Dave
4 Stars
very interesting, lots of fun
January 01, 2016
learned a lot
Reviewer: smurph
5 Stars
This was one of the best excursions Iv'e ever take
December 19, 2015
One of the best guides we ever had on an excursion. We are still talking about the fun we had. Great experience. Would do it again.
Reviewer: Jerry
5 Stars
A taste of Mexico...
December 18, 2015
Confirm starting time of the tour and make sure you can get off ship in time to make it. We were an hour late - but they accommodated us anyway. Very thoughtful staff.
Reviewer: SB
5 Stars
Great Value! Hidden Gem! Highly recommended! 5 Sta
December 11, 2015
We were initially welcomed with literally THE BEST MARGARITA I have ever had in my life. We learned how to make and made chocolate from scratch starting at Cocao Beans. We tasted tequilas, had a frozen desert chocolate drink w tequila, enjoyed yet another outstanding mango margarita, and learned about the history of tequila, agave and chocolate. Then we enjoyed a wonderful all you can eat taco buffet with homemade tortillas and afterwards we were provided with yet another free drink coupon of your choice: water, soda or a few select beers. This was a fun, entertaining, educational and last but certainly not least - outstanding value for the money activity. My wife and I very much enjoyed this and would absolutely recommend to anyone. If you are on this fence with this one... don't be and just do it! Our guide Memo was awesome and the group was small and felt very personal, which is a nice change of pace from the majority of available activities. To top it all off transportation was provided back to the port at no additional charge.
Reviewer: Michael
5 Stars
Strongly Recommended
December 09, 2015
Highly recommended. Least strenuous but loaded with interesting information! Very knowledgeable guide. Great value for the money.
Reviewer: St. James
4 Stars
Great way to spend your shore time in Cozumel!
November 19, 2015
Right down the road from the cruise port. Great way to spend the day!
Reviewer: Red
5 Stars
Glad we did it
November 17, 2015
Easy walking distance from Carnival cruise port Puerta Maya. It was interesting learning how to make chocolate from scratch. The tacos and margaritas were fabulous. The Tequila tasting gave me a new appreciation for it. Ask for Memo for your tour guide, he was funny and knowledgeable. Discover Mexico Park offered other tour packages as well. Even received a littl hit of Mexico history
Reviewer: Cheryl the Traveler
5 Stars
Great tour
November 09, 2015
Our tour guide, Carlos, was great and very knowledgeable. We personally loved making our own chcolate and sampling a cold chocolate drink while we worked. The tequila tasting was excellent, and we enjoyed earning more about tequila. Also, we learned a great deal about the history of Mexico. We would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: A and C
5 Stars
A little taste of Mexican culture
November 05, 2015
I was traveling with my 70-something mom, so I chose this excursion because it was one of the few that did not involve any strenuous activity. I had never been to Mexico, so I enjoyed getting a little ""taste"" of Mexican culture and food. Our tour guide, Zori, was delightful. First there we visited a small art museum, then we learned about and made chocolate, followed by a tequila talk and tasting. It was all very interesting. Outside, we watched an interesting Mexican rain dance than involved 4 men twirling head first from a 60-foot poll. The best part was during the tour we were giving several delicious drink and chocolate samples, including frozen margaritas. My only disappointment was the lunch; it was tasty, but there wasn't as much variety as I expected.
Reviewer: Jill C. from Florida
4 Stars
Outstanding Excursion
September 01, 2015
We learned a lot about the history of and the unique tastes of Tequila. Making our own chocolate bar from cocoa beans was a wonderful experience (and delicious). The activity level was perfectly suited for my pregnant daughter (she didn't partake in the Tequila).
Reviewer: Tammy
5 Stars
Made us feel special and I learned a ton!
July 23, 2015
We learned a ton and became tequila aficionados
Reviewer: Moodys
5 Stars
very informative
July 15, 2015
Very personal service nice small group other groups had 15-20 people we only had 4 and the tacos were great
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
A very educational excursion. I enjoyed it immens
June 23, 2015
A very educational excursion. I enjoyed it immensely. The guide was experienced and knowledgeable. It was fun and very well organized. The food was great and it was a great value for the money. The excursion was educational and relaxing. I would recommend this unique excursion.
Reviewer: Dee Ann
5 Stars
A great tour!
June 14, 2015
Very nice experience and a very good deal for the money!
Reviewer: Yvonne
5 Stars
A terrific day
May 02, 2015
I have to say this was one if the nicest excursions we took as a family . The kids loved making the Mexican chocolate . We enjoyed tasting the tequila and margaritas . Out tour guide Eric was just best . It's rare to do something as a family that everyone enjoys this managed to do just that!
Reviewer: Tmac
5 Stars
Fun and Tasty
April 08, 2015
The staff was extremely helpful and attentive with my mobility issues.
Reviewer: Ellen ,the traveler
5 Stars
Fantastic tour
April 03, 2015
We spent 4 hours in this great park that told us the history of tequilla, how it's made and we were given samples of 3 different types to try. We were given a glass of a Marguerita. We went to a chocolate factory where we were taught how to make chocolate,the history of chocolate and given a sample of a delicious hot chocolate drink. We toured the park where we saw miniature buildings that depicted the Spanish influence in cozumel. We then had a delicious taco buffet
Reviewer: Quilter
5 Stars
Very tasty
February 13, 2015
Ended up having a private tour. Memo, our guide was very enjoyable. Loved the tequila.
Reviewer: Gale
4 Stars