5 StarsWowsa! Big Bang for the buckJanuary 04, 2020

Reviewer: Lynn Gillis
This was a very fun, all encompassing excursion! Our guide was very personable n easy going, met him downtown after a quick $4 pp taxi ride from the pier. Walked a few blocks to our jeeps and hit the road. It had rained the night before so our offroad was a wild and wacky muddy adventure...definitely not regular driving. You better be comfortable driving a stick.. At the end of the road, a small boat whisked us over to Isla Pasion I have been to 30 fabulous island beaches, and this one didn’t disappoint... Just beautiful, large, pristine soft white sand, lots of chairs, umbrellas and tables. Lunch was pretty decent, anything is welcome when you are drinking the free drinks. they were very generous with the drinks and keep them coming if you want them. Somebody does have to drive back on that crazy road in the five speed jeep, so sobering up in the afternoon is a good idea. Overall, for the length, variety and inclusions we thought this was a fun beach day and a good value.

5 StarsSeptember 11, 2019October 03, 2019

Reviewer: Michael Bozeman
My wife and 2 kids and i went on this excursion and really enjoyed it. Driving the jeep through the city and then the jungle was great. The roads are VERY bumpy in the jungle, so be ready. There are also a bunch of mosquitoes. You then take a 20 minute boat ride to this island where you can shop, relax on hammocks or chairs at no cost, free buffet and free drinks. Definitely recommend.

5 StarsJeep n Isla passion adventureSeptember 04, 2019

Reviewer: Rosetta
My husband drove our jeep in the jungle. We loved it. Got a little dirty cuz it rained before we walked to where the jeeps were. The roads were bumpy n rough an puddle of water, which made our ride a blast . then got to the dock took our boat ride to a beautiful island. Drinks n food were unlimited. Water was beautiful kids play area. Even in the water were swings. Birds everywhere. Little shops n nice music. Very relaxing. Then bout ride back n back in the jeep to go back to town. So fun

5 StarsJeep and Isla PasionJune 19, 2019

Reviewer: Anna Dispo
This was a great excursion, Angel & Luis were our tour guides, they were really humble and genuine people, they treated us like family. They were very informative and very attentive ton our needs. I recommend this excursion if you like to off road on a Jeep. I will do it again! Gracias Angel & Luis

5 StarsAnna & GregJune 18, 2019

Reviewer: Anna G Dispo
6/12/2019 This excursion was AMAZING! Angel & Luis were our tour guides and attentive to our needs, from the point when we met up with them to the end of our excursion. They are very genuine people, they felt like family. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this excursion, who likes to go off road in Jeeps. I will do this excursion again! Gracias Angel & Luis, for the warm hospitality you two showed my whole family and I!

5 StarsJeep and BeachMarch 29, 2019

Reviewer: Tom
This was a fun trip. Met some nice people. The jeep ride was what we expected. The beach was beautiful. It was our favorite beach of our cruise. Its one place that we would love to go again.

5 StarsCozumel Jeep and Isla Pasion AdventureMarch 21, 2019

Reviewer: Nicole
We were really uptight about getting back to the ship at 3:30. Luckily we had another couple from our ship going on this excursion. Everyone was very accomodating and we didn't miss a thing. The road is in a sanctuary so it is not paved. Not a bad thing, it added to the adventure. The island has activities if you want to take part, almost all free. You can get a massage if you want and there is a gift kiosk and pharmacy there as well. If your cruise ship doesn't dock at the International pier it's about $8 american each way. No problem getting a taxi. I would do this excursion again.

5 StarsNice DayMarch 07, 2019

Reviewer: steven adams
I did enjoy the day. The drive was a very rough one. The Jeep we were driving was automatic so that helped. The guide was very good and through. The weather was rainy off and on all day (more on than off) but the way the island is set up with the canopies it was still an enjoyable time. The food was was very good and the scenery on the island very pretty. Everything you would expect a tropical island to be. I have no complaints about any of our day and plan to do this excursion again upon our return to Cozumel in the future. I do think next time we will ride the boat around to the island instead of the Jeeps but that has nothing to do with anything except personal preference. I do want to say the cruise line preaches to stay with their excursions for safety reasons but we never had any concerns throughout the day. The people with which we had contact this whole day took very good care of us,.

5 StarsJeep rideFebruary 23, 2019

Reviewer: Giovanni
Very nice , lot of fun

4 StarsJUNGLE/JEEP TOURJanuary 09, 2019

Reviewer: TOM HRUBY

5 StarsCozumel Jeep and Isla Pasion AdventureNovember 26, 2018

Reviewer: Diane Centeno-Deshields
My husband and I participated on this excursion on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. We took a cab from the International Port to where this excursion was to begin. It was a 10 minute ride at $4 per person. Our guide for this excursion was easily found. The guide was absolutely wonderful. The excursion was fabulous. Pasion Island was beautiful. The jeep ride through the city of San Miguel was fun. My husband drove and we had a very nice couple from Canada who rode with us. The all you can eat buffet and drinks offered at Passion island were fabulous. The guide was very attentive to all of our needs while we were on the island. We had a great time! This was an excellent excursion! I highly recommend this excursion and we would do it again.

5 StarsIncredibly Beautiful and RelaxingAugust 13, 2018

Reviewer: Pete Trevino
First, the negatives: 1. Finding the contact was difficult. These guys need to find a way to be more visible. A sign or logo company uniform would do the trick. Right now, it's just "Stand by Senor Frog's." 2. There was no Jeep. BUT we got to ride a speed boat, which was an absolute blast! Aside from those two minor points, everything else is positive. This place is great! You get three hours on a private island with white sand and blue ocean, all the really good food you can eat, and all the non-frozen drinks you can drink--and your own waiter keeps those drinks coming (except for beer, which you must get yourself). You have free use of loungers, hammocks (some in the water), and kayaks. You can also spend a little money on frozen drinks, massages, or shopping.

5 StarsGood adventure for family with teen driverApril 23, 2018

Reviewer: Rustie
We had a great time on this trip, although the Jeeps were not open-top as shown in picture; and you don't need to operate a manual, either. My 17-year-old son drives manual and was excited to learn that he would be our driver on this trip. He had a fabulous time driving the jeep (in which every warning light was lit on the dash) over the very pot-holed dirt roads. The boat ride, luncheon, drinks, and beach were very nice. A great excursion to start our trip.

5 Starsgreat dayDecember 08, 2016

Reviewer: Janine
First, be sure that you can drive a stick shift! Second, you are renting the Jeep so have your insurance info with you as well. The jeep trip was nice and takes you through a mud trail,but the jeep is closed with A/C so you will be fine. The island is very nice and the service was good. The food was good as were the drinks. The water is fantastic and there are parts of the island that you can go to on the beach to be less crowded. All in all, great excursion and worth the money.

5 StarsNice Quiet ExcurstionDecember 01, 2016

Reviewer: David
We started this excursion off kind of slow waiting on the rental company to get the jeeps to us. Once we got them and we got started we took off thru the city and then went off road on a drive to meet the boat. The drive over wasn't much but it was something different. The roads were more up and down and not anything I would have needed 4 wheel drive for but it was nice to drive through the edge of the beach and trees. Once we made it to the beach we had a small boat waiting to take us across to the island. Once there we were shown around and our guide told us he would be checking on us from time to time as he helped around the island. There were hammocks in the water, water toys(trampoline, wall to climb), beach chairs, umbrellas, food, drink, volleyball, and games like limbo to play. We relaxed on the beach and we also got massages that were very good and much cheaper than on the boat. The food was good and we really enjoyed it not being too crowded.

4 StarsPassion Island is Beautiful and FunApril 15, 2016

Reviewer: runnergirl
Our guide was great. Unfortunately, there was a one hour delay in getting the Jeeps ready but once we had them the off roading was fun and the Passion Island food, drinks and activities were amazing. White sand beaches and plenty of sun and shade to suit your needs. Beautiful water and slides, kayaks and water tricycles to play with in the water. Our guide compensated us for the delay with a purchase of water and snacks to pass the time.

5 StarsWonderful dayMarch 29, 2016

Reviewer: Mickey
This was a wonderful excursion. The jeep ride was fun and Isla Pasion was awesome. Great food,attentive waiters, and wonderful beach and bathrooms. We thoroughly enjoyed our day.

5 StarsBest Caribbean excursion ever!!February 25, 2016

Reviewer: Chevy
First time on an independent excursion and definitely not the last!!

4 StarsEnjoyed this very muchFebruary 03, 2016

Reviewer: zoot
Jungle drive was not as adventurous as expected, but was still fun. Isla Pasion was great.

5 StarsGreat excursion for the priceDecember 16, 2015

Reviewer: Ken
This was a great excursion for the price

4 StarsWell worth the moneyDecember 01, 2015

Reviewer: Judi
The jeep adventure was not very adventurous but once we got to the island of Isla Pasion, we had a great time. Though the food was very average and the drinks were watered down, our server was excellent and very gracious and our guide was helpful and informative. The beach was beautiful. The only real downside was the vendors in one area of the beach were a pain in the neck. We were bothered everytime we walked by and eventually went way out of our way to avoid them altogether.But all in all we would do it again.

4 StarsBeautiful IslandNovember 24, 2015

Reviewer: Bo's friend
This was a great way to spend the day. The beach was beautiful with lots of activities to keep you busy. The complimentary drinks and food were great. The jeep ride was not as exciting as expected, but it was better than taking a taxi to the boat.

4 StarsRecommendedAugust 04, 2015

Reviewer: SHREDZ
Traveled with my 9 yrs old daughter and my boyfriend's 12yr old daughter. Both girls enjoyed the excursion. Definitely watch out for insects. The jeep part of the excursion was ok. Could have skipped that one. My boyfriend enjoyed the fact he was able to drive in a foreign country. But you drive yourself on the way to the island and back. We're so glad it was enclosed. The AC was working very well. Really enjoyed our time on isla Pasion. ALL INCLUSIVE. Alcohol was watered down but it was ok. Food was ok. They have water activites. Paid for a massage. It was goooood! we felt really taken care of. Definitely recommend this excursion with the family. Btw the meet up place was close by. From the port we went up the escalator to cross and downstairs was senor frogs we didnt need to take a taxi from where we were at.


Reviewer: SHARON D

5 StarsGreat day of FunApril 27, 2015

Reviewer: Britain
this was a great day in Cozumel. My wife and I both enjoyed the jeep ride and Passion Island. Our guide, Gustovo was great. He gave us tons of information about Cozumel, the area where we were driving and about passion island. He also explained all of the things to do on Passion Island and set us up with Jose, the bartender who was wonderful to deal with. all in all this was a great excursion that we would do again. The jeep was very nice with a hard top and A/C. The trail was rough, but we were in a jeep so that is what they are made for and anyone could take the ride.

5 StarsGreat day of FunApril 16, 2015

Reviewer: Vic
This was a great day on the beach and driving the jeep to and from Passion Island. Our guide was Gustovo and he was great. He showed up early, told us in advance what was in store for the day and was like a travel guide all the way to and from Passion Island. Once there he showed us what was on the island, set us up with Jose the bartender so the rest of the day was relaxing on the beach eating good food and have drinks brought to our table without any issues or problems. the entire day was well worth the time and money. the jeep ride was over a semi improved road, but that is what jeeps were designed to travel over. I would do this excursion again and I would recommend it to anyone.

5 StarsPassion Island December 2014December 25, 2014

Reviewer: MW
I am giving this 5 stars because we had done this excursion in the past and it was awesome. However, this time we didn't realize we went during the rainy season and it pretty much poured the entire time . Not to mention there was a ton of seaweed. Obviously you can't change the weather. But from past experience this is an awesome excursion which was why we chose it again. Need to make sure you know how to drive stick shift.

5 StarsWounderful place to see.October 27, 2014

Reviewer: Gail & Steve
Very entertaining place to go and see.

5 StarsVery GoodSeptember 05, 2014

Reviewer: HH
Great Excursion

4 StarsStarted Well Ended GreatMay 31, 2014

Reviewer: still crazy after all these years
The shore excursions group is not tied to any cruise line directly and was a bit confusing. They operate independently of the line we traveled with but the lines own web site linked us to them back when we made the reservations. It all worked out fine and the people were the greatest of guides and hosts but a little bit of hesitation was felt at some point before we linked up with our guide. Isla de Pasion is the place to gofor the best of all †hings relaxing and comfortable. very reasonable pricing too.

5 StarsBest day in Cozumel!February 08, 2014

Reviewer: Alla
Every minute of this trip is unforgettable: driving in the sport jeep, Mayan ruins, jungle, friendly raccoons, boat, private island, alligator Lola, sandy beach, and many more things presented to us by the best guide Jorge Gamboa Pacheca.

5 StarsWonderful adventureMarch 15, 2013

Reviewer: Yimca869
This was a wonderful trip to experience Cozumel. The guide made sure we had a good time. Value was great. The food on the island was fantastic and the drink were fab.

5 StarsVery Fun and Enjoyable ExcursionMarch 12, 2013

Reviewer: Paul
We had a great time. ALex was a great guide and took us to several places on the island. The Jeep was in good shape and the people who work at the beach could not be nicer. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun trip with a good guide.

5 StarsSUCH A RUSH!!!February 16, 2013

Reviewer: Texas Cowgirl
Javier was the BEST -- he made the trip so FUN! He is an awesome DRIVER, if you group has more than 4 RIDE WITH HIM!!

5 StarsGood explanation of a great adventureFebruary 14, 2012

Reviewer: ED the adventurer
The total adventure was a blast, starting with the Jeep driving through the back country. My wife and I had great fun going through the water and up and down the hills and trails. Passion Island was beautiful and very relaxing while we were there. Food and drinks were very good and the beach and water were wonderful. I was even able to do some shopping for myself and my wife on the island. The whole adventure was top notch and one we would do again in a minute. Well worth the price.

5 StarsGreat day at the beachDecember 30, 2011

Reviewer: Traveler
I would do this excursion again. I went the first week in December and the weather was nice. Beautiful beach, good food, lots of fun.

4 StarsHad a great timeNovember 28, 2011

Reviewer: None
Very good excursion, would go again

5 StarsGreat TimesSeptember 16, 2011

Reviewer: matalextom
This was a fun excursion. I don't know that I would call the jungle a ""jungle"" but we did have fun 4 wheelin. The passion island was nice -- beautiful beach.

5 StarsWay better than we expected!September 05, 2011

Reviewer: Lisa is mom of four
This trip way exceeded our expectations! The jeeping through the jungle (more like woods) was so much fun. It was just us, our guide, and one other couple in their jeep. Our guide was a lot of fun and made sure we didn't fall behind (four women we were!). Passion island is something you should not miss. The service was great, food buffet was great, bathrooms were super clean and modern, beach was top-notch and yes, the drinks really were free! Wish we had more time there because it really flew by. Do not hesitate to take this trip if you want a perfect combination of adventure and relaxing on a private resort island!

5 StarsThis the best excursion ever!September 01, 2011

Reviewer: naomifl73
This excursion was so fun. We had a guide meet our small group and take us on a jeep tour. We then went to this awesome island where everything was included. There were all kinds of trampolines in the water for the kids to play on, a delicious buffet, and all the drinks were included. We will be going back to Passion Island next time.

5 StarsThis was absolutely amazing!!!!August 08, 2011

Reviewer: Bad driver x 3
We had a wonderful time. My family and I had so much fun splashing in the water and climbing the giant rocks. This was all done in our open air jeeps. Our guide was the best. he took on a very beautiful scenic route before the jungle tour and on another after the tour was over. He even went on to take us to another site that was not included in the tour price. He definitely went well above and beyond what was required.

5 StarsPerfect Combination of Fun and RelaxatioAugust 05, 2011

Reviewer: The Planner
The Jeeps were a blast and the time spent at the beach was relaxing and gorgeous!

5 StarsPerfect!!!July 20, 2011

Reviewer: Ash
Was expecting this to be the worst, but since it came with two other I figured, hey, why not? This excursion ended up being my favorite!!! It was adventurous and all around thrilling. It poured, which made jeep riding even funner. It made the beach miserable though (no fault of the guides). We just enjoyed the indoors of the cabana and the food, which was surprisingly good! Absolutely do this tour, if it's the only one you do! And the price is great for what you get. The guide was awesome too!

5 StarsGreat ExperienceJuly 19, 2011

Reviewer: Ben
This was a very fun excursion. The guide was very friendly and helpful. The jeeps are not all stick shift, some are automatic, and they are a little beat up. However, the area he takes you to drive the jeeps is like an old mine with lots of puddles and rock formations. It was pretty fun because you could basically do what you want. Then you go off and get on a small boat, which is a problem if small boats are bothersome like they are to my wife, and go to an island with open bar and buffet. It also has all types of inflatable stuff in the water, kayaks, etc. It was great little island, it is also where they film the corona commercials.

5 StarsHAD A BLAST!!!!!July 12, 2011

Reviewer: C.L. WOOD
everybody has their own ways of enjoying certain things and i have to tell you our group had a BLAST on this adventure. having to drive the jeep through town and then through the woods was just sooo much fun and then coming to a landing to get on a pontoon type boat to go to an island. an island that was just beautiful!!!!! the only negative thing i would have to say about this excursion is i(we) did not want it to end. we would do it again and again but thats us and we loved it!!!!! its been 3 and a half weeks since the cruise and we are still talking about it!!!!!

4 Starsfun excursionJuly 02, 2011

Reviewer: don't know
thought we were going thru the actual jungle not just a 4x4 course. Paradise Island was too crowded to enjoy food and drink. Took a loooong time to get either.

4 StarsGreat Birthday Trip!June 30, 2011

Reviewer: Jennifer
We had an awesome time with our group! We did have to wait to take the boat over to Isla Passion, but it all worked out. My daughter and husband loved the jungle drive! We also thought it was funny that we had a little car trouble at the end of our excursion. Not many people can say they broke down on the side of the road in Cozumel! Everyone was a real trooper though and we all got back safe and sound! I'd recommend this for anyone! Such a better value than what you get with the cruise line.

5 Starsbest excursion everJune 20, 2011

Reviewer: p family
Eil was a great guide. stopped for great pics. took you over rocks & though water. sons 15 & 17 had a blast. the beach was perfect. great food & drinks. great water activities trampolines, small wipe out set up, or just chill out on the beach. we would do this one again.

5 StarsGreat valueJune 19, 2011

Reviewer: Jack
I was impressed by the guides who genuinely cared about us having a good time. Funny thing - we arrived to Passion Isle early enough to enjoy it before the hoard of other ship passengers arrived. It made the island portion more intimate, and we still had plenty of time to return to town and shop for hours. It was the most impressive port of call.

5 StarsGreat family adventureJune 14, 2011

Reviewer: beachlovermom
My family (husband and 2 girls) Just got back from our cruise and did this excursion on saturday June 11th!!!!! Eli was our guide and he was awesome and made sure we had a blast....My husband especially enjoyed the offroading and the beach was beautiful... Don't be afraid to book through this site opposed to the cruise line it was much cheaper and very easy to get a taxi from the pier and it only cost [$]each way...

5 StarsAMAZING ADVENTURE!June 12, 2011

Reviewer: Julie
I thought this excursion out of the 3 we had planned would be the one I did not enjoy that much. But let me tell you I was SO wrong. This was the best excursion we went on this cruise. Our tour guide Eli was amazing. He was so much fun and educational. This was the only time on the cruise my daughter had a smile on her face for every second. The jeep ride was so much fun, the mud bogging was so cool. Once we got to the island the food was great, drinks were cold, and the hammocks were so relaxing. I could have stayed there all week long. Were are going back to Cozumel in September and will do this excursion again.

5 StarsVery exitingMay 26, 2011

Reviewer: Randy
This was more adventurous than I thought it would be. Driving a jeep through the jungle was awesome. The guide let us spin brodies in the mud! For the younger thrill-seekers you will love this. The food at the beach was excellent and filling.

4 Starsvery goodMay 19, 2011

Reviewer: raul
really nice and organize

4 StarsMuch more that anticipatedMay 13, 2011

Reviewer: bs
A jeep ride excursion that you would be hard pressed to do in the US. Nice small group and the guide was great.

5 StarsA fun dayMay 05, 2011

Reviewer: Kat
We all had such fun on this excursion. Offroading was fun and the boat ride and beach were so relaxing.

5 StarsA GREAT WAY TO BEACH!May 03, 2011

Reviewer: Nina & Austen
Sooo much fun from beginning to end! Our group was very small and our guide was very enthusiastic. To Jeep through the rough terrain of the jungle is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It was all we hoped for and more. Our arrival on Passion Island was both fun and relaxing. Not at all crowded. Plenty of places to lounge, and access the entire time we were there to great food and drink. Staff on the Island-- very accommodating.

4 StarsGreat AdventureApril 29, 2011

Reviewer: Mikostreet
This was the best excursion of our trip. Driving the Jeep through the various terrains was a lot of fun. The beach was very relaxing and the food and drinks were excellent.

4 StarsGreat TimeApril 26, 2011

Reviewer: Qcamel
Great time and well worth the money. Much better than excursions offered by [...]

4 StarsGreat time for the Whole FamilyApril 26, 2011

Reviewer: Scott and Family
Loved the Jeep Ride. The guide was awesome! Off Roading in a way I would never be able to do at home with my own vehicles. Also the island is beautiful with all ammendities included. I only wish I had more time before having to head back to the ship. I would definitely do this again.

5 StarsBook this today! Awesome!!!!April 26, 2011

Reviewer: Christopher B
My wife and two boys 9 & 5 years old took this Jeep and Passion Island Adventure Saturday 4/23/11 and it was the bomb! Our guide was Eli and he was outstanding, knowledgeable, & genuine. He made the experience unique and the best. You get to drive your own Jeep for about one hour and see the real parts of Cozumel. After that a boat ride to Passion Island with food and drinks unlimited. This includes alcohol. The white sand and privacy of the island is five star!!! So relaxing and fun. Its a short $7 taxi ride to Carlos Charlies downtown and that is it. Don't book through the cruise line. I saved 40% and it was so much better. Book this trip today and I assure you will not go wrong. My kids can't stop talking about this. This is a diamond in the rough.

5 StarsBest part of our entire trip!April 21, 2011

Reviewer: Hfunk
We had no idea what to expect w/this trip but were very pleasantly surprised. It was more fun and exciting than we ever imagined! Off-roading in a jeep through an old rock quarry in the jungle was a thrill ride, only to be followed by a great lunch and many drinks as we relaxed on the beach of Passion Island. It was a fantastic time had by all and we are still talking about it to everyone we know! I highly recommend doing this if you love adventure.

4 StarsWow, what a trip!!!April 14, 2011

Reviewer: Trouble
It was a wonderful adventure riding the jeeps up & down the hills through the jungle. I really enjoyed the open beach.

5 StarsAmazing Excursion! Highly Recommend!March 23, 2011

Reviewer: Jeep Diva
The Cozumel Jeep/Isla Pasion excursion was the best of my recent trip to the Caribbean. Eli was the best tour guide and lead an exciting and informative jeep trip. Isla Pasion is an exciting beach resort and the food was wonderful. An all around exceptional visit to Cozumel.

5 StarsA joy ride and beach relaxation!February 12, 2011

Reviewer: Harry and Gail
Our guide made sure all the jeeps had thrills! He gave us good photo ops and took great pictures of us having fun. We had good food and good service at the buffet. The beach was beautiful. We could be active or sleep under palm trees!

5 StarsShoreExcursions CozumelFebruary 09, 2011

Reviewer: Anonymous
Dear Sirs, Just wanted to let you know that the Cozumel Jeep/Passion Island excursion that we booked through shore excursions.com was excellent! We were very pleased with what was provided and actually thought it was better than the shore excursion booked through RC. We were sailing on RC Navigator of the Seas 1/29 - 2/3. Our guide was Elias Hernandez.. He gets a perfect 10 for the trip. Linda,James, Debbie and John