5 StarsGreat choice!December 28, 2019

Reviewer: Sunita
This was a very unique experience that exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide Miguel did a great job explaining the science and details behind the caves. He made sure everyone was doing ok stepping through the unlit cave at all times. Lunch was a bit subpar.

5 StarsIt really is AMAZING!!!December 17, 2019

Reviewer: Philip Szypko
I've travelled all over the world and have seen some really amazing things. This excursion was mind blowing and quite informative as well. It starts with a 45 minute ferry from Cozumet to the mainland. There we met our guide Julian. Next was a 40 minute van ride to the Cenote. Julian informed us that there had been cancellations, so our was a small group. When we arrived, we changed into wet suits and made our was to the cave. I won't spoil it for you, but suffice to say it was really otherworldly! Julian was fantastic! Increadibly knowledgeably, funny and concerned with everyones comfort. A first class tour with first class employees!

5 StarsTruly Amazing! December 12, 2019

Reviewer: Tati
Unforgettable experience! Special thank you to our guide for taking a good care!

5 StarsSecret RiverDecember 08, 2019

Reviewer: Mark
Great excursion, would highly recommend!

5 StarsWow!!!October 13, 2019

Reviewer: Kristin
This tour was absolutely breath taking! The day we went multiple ships had docked so the guides had mentioned that the tours usually weren't as busy. So even with the large crowd I would give this tour 5 stars. Make sure to bring a camera that is waterproof. The cave itself is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. My kids, 10 and 12, loved the tour just as much as we did. Highly recommend this.

5 StarsA MUST-DO experience if Caverns interest youSeptember 27, 2019

Reviewer: P R
Guide "Pablo G " was knowledgeable and personable. His sharing on the cenotes, Mexican culture & history, and concern for the environment was both informative and respectable. We were a group of 8 and were delighted by the natural beauty of the fresh underground water, stalagmites, stalactites, wild life (cave bats, a snake) ... and the freedom to still visit this gem while it is still unspoiled by heavy tourism.

5 StarsAmazing Underground RiverSeptember 12, 2019

Reviewer: Jaime
Awesome experience, Pablo the tour guide was very informational very polite and professional , My Wife and I really enjoyed the entire adventure .

5 StarsFamily of fourJuly 15, 2019

Reviewer: Brian Mills
This was one of the best excursions I've ever been on. We have two boys 20 and 16. You truly go deep into the jungle and enter a cave there is some swimming some floating. There was 12 in my group what's the small group setting made it even better of a personal nature. The only negative is the photographer that follows you only deals with cash so we were unable to buy our pictures basically because you're in the middle of the jungle. Other than that small thing was an awesome time had by all

4 StarsA sight to see! July 08, 2019

Reviewer: Kelly W
A bumpy ride through the jungle brought us to the site of the caves. I was nervous about this excursion, as I am not in top notch physical condition. Nevertheless, the tour included lots of walking, swimming, jumping and climbing out of water. It was an amazing sight to see and I’m grateful I didn’t chicken out in the end.

5 StarsOur favoriteJuly 03, 2019

Reviewer: Kim Schmadtke
Can't say enough about this. Daniel was the best! He is very excited to show off this gem. The group we went with were delightful. One in the group couldn't swim but that didn't slow us down from getting the best experience! This may not be for everybody but if you're curious you'll enjoy this. My husband didn't really want to do this excursion but it ended up being his favorite.

5 StarsGreat time!June 23, 2019

Reviewer: Charles Hooper
Alex, our tour guide, was funny, very knowledgeable and made the excursion a very awesome experience!

5 StarsBEST EXCURSIONJune 11, 2019

Reviewer: Charming Ornelas
Our guide was amazing, so funny and super knowledgable! This has been our favorite excursion so far! Highly recommended!

4 StarsLoved it. June 07, 2019

Reviewer: Glenn
Although it was not exactly what I thought, I enjoyed it tremendously. Just understand it is not close to the harbor. It’s about 1.5 hrs away. Ferry boat and van. Then another 1.5 hrs back. The people were very nice. It is a sink hole or Cenote. The only reason it did not get a 5 Star is due to the guide starting and ending. Some of us had to locate him after the ferry ride. Also the 1.5 hrs each way. It was enjoyable and enlightening.

5 StarsBest excursion on the tripMay 17, 2019

Reviewer: Shira
Awesome excursion. Taco the tour guide was very knowledgeable. The caves are amazing. The kids had the best time. Don’t expect too much as far as food. We were given bananas and granola bars.

5 StarsAmazing!May 14, 2019

Reviewer: Renee
We very much enjoyed this excursion! The underground caves where just amazing to see. After a 40 minute water taxi (not great for anyone that gets sea sickness) our guide met us and we travelled about 1 hour in a small bus. The road was quiet rocky but the bus was comfortable and we didn't mind it at all. We were in a small group of 10 so it was perfect. They provide wetsuits, life jackets, flashlights and water shoes. There is some swimming involved. Photographers travel so far into the caves with you and take pictures which you can purchase for $15 pp. However, you can take your own camera with you which I recommend. There are showers, lockers and restrooms at the location. There is no lunch provided, only bananas and granola bars. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed! Would love to return and visit with our kids next time.

5 StarsHIGHLY RECOMMEND!May 07, 2019

Reviewer: Wendy
This was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend! The sights and experience was amazing. The only negative is if you are coming from Cozumel, the travel time is a bit extensive. You have to take a 30 minute ferry ride over to the mainland, followed by a 45 minute bus ride, 20 minutes of it on highway and 25 minutes of it on super bumpy jungle roads. The experience though makes it all worth it! Our guides were fantastic and took great care of us the entire time. I would highly recommend!

4 StarsUnderground River May 04, 2019

Reviewer: Kim Chamberlain
Our family of 5( 2 adults and 3 teenagers) went on this tour April 17, 2019. The ferry and shuttle bus ride were long and very bumpy not great if you get motion sickness but it was worth the rides. Once we got to the underground river our guide Sandy was wonderful!!! She was very good at making everyone feel at ease in the caves, going in the water, and walking along in the dark only guided by flashlights. Sandy was very entertaining and had a great sense of humor. She not only entertained our group but also brought in some of the Mayan culture to the excursion. This was our son's favorite out of all the ones we did on the cruise.Lunch was also good and was enjoyed by all. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

5 StarsAmazing is an understatement! May 01, 2019

Reviewer: Heather
The best tour I could have imagined, hands down. Amazing geological formations, and a once in a lifetime experience swimming through these caverns. Our guide was fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable. Lunch after was tasty as well. Overall a great day.

3 Starsunique but shortApril 27, 2019

Reviewer: Ilona S Lin
Underground river excursion was interesting and we had a great guide. However the travel time was way to long, over an hour with boat to reach the mainland from Cosumel and an other hour driving to the cave. Even swimming in the cave was unique and fun I would not recommend this shore excursion. Combined travel time is about five hours leaves only onehour in the caves and lunch

5 StarsTruly AmazingApril 26, 2019

Reviewer: Kristal Mangual
This was the best excursion we have been one truly was an Amazing Underground River. So beautiful. Our tour guides Santiago and Daniel where awesome!

5 Starsour favorite excursion!April 18, 2019

Reviewer: Robyn Small
Very different & fun excursion! Our tour guide was very informative & patient with everyone. If you are on the fence with this tour, get off! You won't be disappointed! Loved it! Oh, & the lunch @ the end was so delicious!!

5 StarsAmazing Underground RiverApril 18, 2019

Reviewer: Laura Morgan
This was amazing! They weren't joking. Daniel, our tour guide was very amiable and knowledgeable. The authentic food for lunch was delicious.

5 Starsone of our favorite tripsApril 15, 2019

Reviewer: Suzanne
We really enjoyed the cave. The ride there on the ferry and van was a little long and rough, but the experience at the cave was great. The kids loved swimming through the caves and there was even a place to do cliff jumping (8-10 foot drop). The guide was great and made everyone feel safe. An authentic Mexican lunch was served after the time in the cave. This was my son's favorite excursion.

5 StarsAmazing Underground RiverApril 03, 2019

Reviewer: Candace Vandeborne
Truly "Amazing" a one of a kind tour! Beautiful and tranquil. The difficulty level made me a little nervous, as I've had a torn meniscus the last few years and can have some knee pain, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity. It wasn't quite as hard as you might think. There was some climbing, some crouching to walk through low ceiling areas, you had to be aware of where you step and watch for some sharper edges on rock formations. The distances to swim were not too far, maybe similar to swimming across a pool (20 feet tops) then you walk again. Our tour guide Pablo did a fantastic job and was very knowledgeable about the natural formations and scientific aspects. The light lunch and tea were much appreciated, as well as the hospitality. Would highly recommend this adventure!

5 StarsUnderwater CaveMarch 26, 2019

Reviewer: Alkalik Jenkins
Great Experience. First time!

5 StarsAmazing experience, awesome tour guideMarch 25, 2019

Reviewer: The Weis
Everyone in the family including two 8 yr girls and a 11yr boy enjoyed the underground exploring so very much. Our tour guide Daniel was very helpful and full of fun!

5 StarsCenotes - WOW!March 22, 2019

Reviewer: Cindy
What a great tour!! I recommend this tour to everyone. Best Excursion I have ever been on.

5 StarsGreat experience March 18, 2019

Reviewer: Ben
Diana was a great tour guide and seems to really love what she does. She explains everything about the Mayan history and how the caves were formed. It is very interesting. The ferry ride and shuttle to the ranch was pretty long but the cave experience was awesome. Swimming and seeing the formations was so cool and the tour guide Diana made it interesting to learn about the types of formations. Jorge also kept us safe with his driving. He was careful with the heavy traffic on the highways so we all made it back ok.

5 StarsUnderground River cave tourFebruary 23, 2019

Cave tour was excellent! Tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Food after the cave was good! Photographer and driver were all very nice!

5 StarsGreat experienceJanuary 17, 2019

Reviewer: JA
Chose this excursion over the ruins of Tulum. Sign-up agents were quick and told us what to expect. The ferry ride from Cozumel to PDC was rocky. Our tour guide Diana and her driver drove us from PDC to Dos Amores ranch. Smooth on the highway; but rocky on the 4 miles of uneven roads into the ranch. We were given wetsuits, water shoes and torchlights (+life jackets if reqd). Had a great underground experience looking at the natural formations and swimming through the water. Diana was a great guide and she clearly explained about the formations and the cultural beliefs of the mayans. She even helped non-natural swimmers to cross the deeper sections. The water in some places are dive-able deep and was a bit cool. While its dark inside, there are photo ops. After the caves, we were out to change and have a quick bite of local food. Overall, a wonderful experience. We're glad we did it. Great service by the Shore Excursions team and their partners on the ground.

5 StarsWow ExcursionJanuary 15, 2019

Reviewer: Randy Kunin
We were looking for a "wow memorable excursion" and boy did this deliver. We were worried about getting there from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen and back in time to return to ship and was not an issue. Only negative with the tour not having a photo opportunity or taking and sending to us via email to capture memories. Mexican Lunch was a plus. Caves and tour guide was Awesome! Highly recommend.

5 StarsAwesome AdventureJanuary 11, 2019

Reviewer: Bill Lafferty
Our family of 5 took a 10 minute taxi ride from the pier to our ferry where we were transported to the mainland. After a 45 ride, we quickly changed into wet suits and treked 1/4 mile to the cave entrance. Daniel was our driver and guide on this excursion. He was fantastic - easy to talk to, knowledgeable and personable. I think he enjoyed the caves as much as we did. The caves were a wonder! Lunch afterwards was delicious. What a great relaxing and fun way to spend the day. I highly recommend this excursion to others!!

5 StarsGreat TimeJanuary 03, 2019

Reviewer: Patricia Lynn
The excursion was very well planned. The transportation arranged was easy, smooth, and painless. Our guide Gina was great and very knowledgeable. The meal prepared after the cavern was delicious and filling. The river itself was gorgeous and my boyfriend and I loved the opportunity to swim and experience absolute darkness. It was easy to get to the excursion and timelines were accurate.

5 StarsGreat Family Adventure December 29, 2018

Reviewer: Megan
Our family of six enjoyed this excursion so much! We definitely recommend this adventure, kids ages range 10-15.Our tour guide was knowledgeable, fun, accommodating and encouraging for the entire group. We all wore wetsuits and highly recommend them! The water was a cool 74 degrees but we were comfortable in the wetsuits. A really cool experience that you won’t forget!

5 StarsAmazing Undergound RiverDecember 05, 2018

Reviewer: KG2
The guides were very professional. It took awhile to get there with the ferry ride, a short walk through Playa del Carmen, and a bus ride to the entrance. Paco the guide in the river was very good. We had three different sets of "handlers" so if you tip like we do take enough to cover 3 tips with at least 5 people involved.

5 StarsAbsolutely beautiful November 27, 2018

Reviewer: Will Crawford
Our tour guide, Freda, was wonderful. And the caves were pretty nice too!

5 StarsCan’t recommend highly enough October 26, 2018

Reviewer: Nicole
Great time! Depending on where your ship is docked, can be an $8 taxi ride to meeting spot. While it’s a commuter ferry to Playa, it’s bumpy! I would take heed for those with sensitive tummies- it’s fast. Our guides were friendly & organized, & had lunch waiting for us after our adventure. You go down a little dirt road to get to the entrance & a building to change into a provided wetsuit (I used my swimsuit & the water was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, too cold for some); water shoes, life jackets, waterproof flashlight & helmets (surprisingly necessary). The cave system is amazing & Paco (my group guide) was wonderful. He’s been preserving and mapping those caves himself for years. You can’t take in your own photo equipment or cell phones, but they take pics inside which they then offer to you for sale after the trip. They also give you shots of tequila. Unforgettable. I’d definitely say to do it. It’s beautiful. I loved every minute.

5 StarsBeautiful small group experience August 27, 2018

Reviewer: Jean young
This tour was excellent. I was very private with no one else around. We had a tour guide who explained everything and was easy to understand. This was an educational tour as well as relaxing. The colors in the cave were incredible. They allowed free time to explore and swim around in the cave. The only thing I would have liked is an actual meal not a small snack. We were starving when we returned to the ship. Overall well worth it.

5 StarsWell worth the time!August 20, 2018

Reviewer: Marey Richins
Great time, very educational and fun. Some pre-teen kids on our tour were bored and just wanted to swim so probably not the best tour for little ones. Guides were friendly and knowledgeable. Taxi from port to meet guide. Then Ferry to van and travel through jungle to caves. Bring small U.S. bills for food on ferry as they do not have change for larger bills.

5 StarsThe bonus cave was even better than the first!August 13, 2018

Reviewer: Bryce Assink
Everyone else on our boat went to suffer the crowds and heat at Tulum, while our family enjoyed a mesmerizing swim in a 75F cave! The guide was a lot of fun, knowledgeable, and you could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing. He showed us fresh jaguar tracks inside the cave (we didn't see any jaguars though), and took the time to show us many fascinating details (fossilized coral, the hollow sounds of the formations, etc.). Our group was small, so he took us to a second cave where we saw a fossilized turtle and got some great pictures! Heads up: a photographer will accompany you at different parts and take some truly remarkable pictures, but they will also cost you a pretty penny if you want any. Bring a waterproof case and your own camera!

4 StarsHad a great time!August 06, 2018

Reviewer: Pieng Lee
It was very exciting since it was our first time swimming in a cave and cenote. The guide was great! Only thing was meeting time says it’s 8:30 and directions says it’s a 10 minute walk from Puerta Langosta. We got off the ship as soon as it docked at 8 and walked as fast as we could/rushes to the meeting point. We got there right at 8:30 to find out that we had to wait for 20 minutes. It would’ve been nice to have an extra 10 minutes considering it was probably more than a 10 minute walk.

5 StarsThe best excursion ever - Amazing!July 16, 2018

Reviewer: ronald kasik
Probably the best excursion that I have ever taken. The guides were incredible - friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The underground activity was nothing short of spectacular. Highly recommend this to all ages - my grand kids loved it!

5 StarsAmazing sites and GuideJune 18, 2018

Reviewer: Paula Riley
We had an amazing time, Our guide Stefano was great. He was informative,upbeat and kept everything on schedule. The caves were breathtaking. This lived it to the name "Amazing Underground River"Would recommend highly.

5 StarsAmazing tour!June 11, 2018

Reviewer: Chelsea Nicholls
This was worth the money and time!! The guides were so fun and kind. The river was incredible! Breathtaking. It was more scientific than historical.

5 StarsExcellent guide and tour!May 31, 2018

Reviewer: Frank
We were a group of 11 and got the cave by ourselves. The guide was very knowledgeable and we had an amazing experience. I have seen stalagmites in other places but this is stil very unique. There will be areas where you need to crawl and such but my parents in the range of 60-70 years old were still able to do. PS: joined two tours with shoreecursiongroup and both of them did not disappoint us. Will join again for our next trip. Thanks

5 StarsDon't miss out on this one!May 14, 2018

Reviewer: Shelby
Hands down, best excursion ever! Breath taking, educational, and rememberable!!

5 StarsUnique ExperienceMarch 23, 2018

Reviewer: Beth
We really enjoyed this unique experience. We got to walk through the water of one cave and swim into another deeper cavern. A representative from the company met us at the ferry terminal in Cozumel and made sure that we found our guide in Playa del Carmen. The van ride through the jungle was bumpy but interesting.

5 StarsIt really is amazingMarch 22, 2018

Reviewer: Susie Schneier
I've been to a lot of caves and caverns but I've never slogged through a river in a cave. Wow!!! The guide was very informative and knowledgeable and the experience was one-of-a-kind.

5 StarsFantastic March 22, 2018

Reviewer: Gail Langner
We didn't know what to expect on this excursion. Nobody we knew took it or heard of it. All I can say is Wow, It was a once in a life time experience. We been in many caverns before but this one was entirely different. There were no boats, lights or walkways. Just everything in its natural state. The only lights were those on our helmets. We had to walk in waist high water and low passages. Everything we needed to do this was provided, including a most wonderful tour guide whose name escapes me(Sorry he was French). We had a small group of only 8. The highlight was swimming in the cavern pool. If you can do this trip do it.

5 StarsBest excursion we did by far!March 01, 2018

Reviewer: Heather
We recently did the secret river tour while on a seven day cruise. This was our favourite excursion, not only was it a nice small group of only 9 people, but the guide was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The location was gorgeous, what a great day we had! If you are looking for an adventure than this is the spot for you. Mix together a little science, beautiful surroundings and Stephen our Italian guide and you have perfection!

5 StarsAmazing Underground River excursionFebruary 23, 2018

Reviewer: Kathy Shortr
This was THE best tour of our cruise, (and we took four.) The guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the site was magnificent and only four of us were on the trip with him. This is not for anyone who is claustrophobic or has a bad back or knees. You wear a wetsuit. The connections were very well organized. We have found Costco tours superior in every way to other cruise tours.

5 StarsAbsolutely Wonderful!February 20, 2018

Reviewer: Jessica Koslen
My husband, two sons (12 & 15) and I had an amazing time on this tour! Our guide, Francesca, was the best! She told us all about the caves and formations, and really made the whole experience even more special. It was nice because our group was relatively small (12 people). I highly recommend this tour!

5 StarsExcellent Cave Experience February 01, 2018

Reviewer: Ke'tre Dickens
I couldn't have imagined how beautiful it was underneath the ground. It was a little scary at first and the water was cold but the fear was overcome by fascination. The tour guide was very knowledgeable.

5 StarsLoved it!January 26, 2018

Reviewer: Tracey Cameron
As a group of 5 we booked this tour. We have taken many cruises and visited the same ports we were looking for something different to do. We read a few reviews off the internet and were not 100% sure. Some talked about water temperatures, tight spaces and high pressure picture sales. We experienced none of that! We were given wet suits, helmets with a lamp and water shoes (these are cleaned after each use as we had to leave them inside out after wearing to facilitate this process). The temperature did not seem cold (and I prefer my water to feel like bath water). Never did we do anything more than crouch. Our guide was knowledge able and passionate about the underground caves. Our group consisted of 11 people and the other group that travelled from the port with us had 12 with a different guide. We would highly recommend this experience. We were allowed use our own cameras and finished our trek with a swim in an underground natural pool. An excursion not to miss!

5 StarsReally amazing!! Wonderful fun day!January 24, 2018

Reviewer: Lore Merlo
Well organized, easy and extremely educational. Made us feel so special to witness such a wonder.... the guide , Stefano, was a professional, knowledged, funny guide.

5 StarsAmazing and worth every pennyDecember 29, 2017

Reviewer: Mary Whitaker
Beautiful, small group, preserved natural cave system. Very knowledgeable guide, there are no words to describe the beauty and Majesty of these caves. Swimming in the cenote at the end was amazing.

5 StarsAmazing! December 27, 2017

Reviewer: KIM
The highlight of my entire cruise. If tell anyone going to Cozumel to jump at this opportunity. There is nothing else like it.

5 Starsdon't missDecember 18, 2017

Reviewer: Samuel
if you are interested in natural, ecological, geological environments, want to visit something less usual, more 'adventures', but not dangerous Then this excursion is a must for you. Special thanks to Stephano, whose enthusiasm and expertise gave the excursion the last touch to make it an always remembered experience

5 StarsAmazing is the Right WordNovember 07, 2017

Reviewer: Brenda Eck
This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is no way to overstate how great this excursion was. It was like being the first to explore a crystal cave (except that we had a terrific guide, Guillermo, to tell us all about it). I have two artificial knees but I was able to make it through fine with a little help from Guillermo. You will be so glad you signed on for this adventure.

5 StarsAwesome time!October 26, 2017

Reviewer: Lindsay Odom
My husband and I loved this excursion! Our tour guide was Tania. She was so knowledgeable and made it an unforgettable experience. The caves were beautiful and we learned all about the Mayan history and folklore. We visited two different cenotes, one was a walk through and the other we swam through. I highly recommend this excursion. Anyone can party and drink but this is something that you’ll remember for a very long time.

5 StarsA Must Do!October 23, 2017

Reviewer: Jeremy Hilley
This was our first excursion on our cruise and it did NOT disappoint! My wife and I had a BLAST doing this and our tour guide Stefan was great! The ferry ride across the water to the main land was a little long and the van ride to the cave was bumpy, but you gotta travel to get to this remote location and the tour itself made up for the traveling around! I say this is a must do. Especially if you're looking for something besides the normal tourist stuff. Our group had 4 people in it TOTAL and it felt very personal and we got to enjoy the cave a lot more than most other excursions that did it because of their larger groups.

5 StarsAbsolutely AmazingOctober 05, 2017

Reviewer: Sara Brandt
Tonya was our guide and she did a phenomenal job on our excursion. Not only was she knowledgeable, but her hospitality was off the charts. Roger took our pictures and did an amazing job! We will definitely be returning!

5 StarsIncredible Excursion with fantastic staffSeptember 01, 2017

Reviewer: Todd Williams
This tour was exceptional with great staff to keep you entertained the whole way. They met us at the dock, shepherded us across the straight between Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen and made sure everyone was taken care of. The underwater caverns were incredible and they took care of our wetsuits, googles, snorkel, etc. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and professional. Top rate.

5 StarsAmazing Underground RiverAugust 30, 2017

Reviewer: Scott
This was by far the best excursion we went on. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable. The underground caves were spectacular. It's a little bit of a ride through the Mexican jungles, but you will not be disappointed

5 StarsExcellent excursion!July 11, 2017

Reviewer: Michael Knapp
Tour was awesome and guide did a wonderful job! Very memorable experience for us! Thanks!