Roseau Valley Treasures

Awesome Excursion
April 16, 2020
First off, our guide was Levi and he made the trip something - knowledgeable, attentive, very safety conscious. The tour was a great cross section of the island - snorkeling, the swim in the gorge, driving around the countryside and and outlying communities. We highly recommend this tour, and ask for Levi!
Reviewer: John Addy
5 Stars
February 20, 2020
We really loved our Dominica adventure! Our three stops were simply beautiful, and our guides were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Cindy
5 Stars
February 16, 2020
I want to leave a very good review for Bumpiing Tours. They took us on an amazing tour of Dominica. They are very friendly and our driver was very knowledgeable about the island. We had a spectacular day snorkelling and swimming and being shown around the island. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone else who is thinking about it.
Reviewer: Terry Hayduk
5 Stars
Great tour and tour guide!
January 24, 2020
The experience of jumping into the gorge and then traversing up was exhilarating!
Reviewer: Paul hopke
5 Stars
Don't miss this!!
January 20, 2020
I can't recommend this excursion enough. Sadly I had not even heard of Dominica before this cruise, and subsequent excursion. The island is a gem of beauty. This excursion was really well put together, and included a great snorkeling opportunity, as well as many photo spots, a beautiful swim through a fresh water body and really friendly guides. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Reviewer: jonathan kukor
5 Stars
Highlight of our trip
April 22, 2019
We really enjoyed this excursion. It was informative, personal (with only 6 of us in the van ) not rushed at all and so fun. Both our guide and the driver were excellent. This island is a hidden gem. It needs to be explored to discover its beauty and these people did just that. Highly recommend this excursion and this company,
Reviewer: Pam Kelbough
5 Stars
Best tour of our trip
February 28, 2019
We were left with a very positive experience on this tour. We were impressed with the friendliness of the Dominicans during our pre-tour. Levi was a very personable guide who was most informative and accommodating. We left Dominica feeling that we learned much about the island and its peoples. Super value.
Reviewer: Howard Webb
5 Stars
Snorkeling, Gorge, Spice & waterfall tour
February 22, 2019
Excellent! Friendly & helpful tour guide, small group so personalized service and lots of info, lots of coral etc while snorkeling, well worth extra effort to see the gorge, nice hike through lush rainforest to see the waterfalls and the roads are an experience to behold:))). Highly recommend this tour!! RR
Reviewer: Raeanne Renouf
5 Stars
A fantastic excursion!
January 24, 2019
Our family of 13 went on this excursion, ages ranging from 2 to 75. College boys said that the snorkeling site was the best they had ever been to. Our guide Calvin was absolutely super! We hiked to the waterfalls and they were breathtaking. Our trip group photo was taken there.
Reviewer: Judith Edwards
5 Stars
Roseau Valley Treasures
March 17, 2017
We had an amazing time on our tour to Titon Gorge and Trafalgler Falls. Nathan, "Floorboard" was a great tour guide. He told us all about Dominica and showed us around the beautiful island. We've been to 19 Caribbean islands and this one by far has been one our favorites!
Reviewer: Johnna
5 Stars
February 27, 2017
Definitely the best excursion with good snorkeling, swimming and a great guide who was very informative. Wish they were all like this.
Reviewer: David Ogens
5 Stars
Treasures of Roseau
December 13, 2016
Favorite day of whole trip! Not only were the sights gorgeous; but the guides were polite, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and passionate about their home. In particular we appreciated Berkie's enthusiasm and love for the island; but truly every aspect of of the tour was wonderful. All three of our children remember this excursion as their favorite.
Reviewer: Melinda Mathhews
5 Stars
May 19, 2016
Great tour of the island, good snorkeling, lots of beer, amazing gorge
Reviewer: Ron
5 Stars
May 04, 2016
This whole excursion was fantastic. Our guide was incredible. We had a nice small group which made it even better. First time we went to Dominica, we weren't impressed. This time we loved it. What a difference a great excursion makes.
Reviewer: Munchie705
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!
April 21, 2016
Awesome adventure! This was a little bit of something for everyone in my group. I have people in my group of 11 ranging from 14 to 76 so I was looking for something that would keep everyone happy and this did not disappoint. Our tour started by being greeted by our tour guides and we were taken to our first destination Champagne Reefs. At the Reef after we were fitted for our gear it was a walk over some rocks (I'd recommend wearing shoes for this part) to the waters edge where we plunged in and snorkeled for about an hour. The guide pointed out many interesting items including a baby sea turtle. The ""Champagne Bubbles"" are really something to see! The next stop was Trafalgar Falls with stops along the way to discover local flora such as lemon grass growing along the road. Our guides did a great job explaining points of interest along the way. The drive through the Botanical Gardens was a chance to see some additional local trees and flowers. Trafalgar Falls was beautiful, I would suggest walking shoes for the gentle walk up, my 76 yr old mother had no trouble making this walk, but those in our party wearing flip flops were complaining a bit. You couldn't go into the falls as our guide explained it was unsafe after the latest hurricane but many people not on designated tours had done so at their own risk. Morne Bruce offered some great picture moments and a time to reflect on all the great times. We stopped at a local fruit stand where great music was playing and got to sample some local fruit delicacies.Our next stop was Titou Gorge which was amazing. The water was ""refreshing"". Many in our group chose to jump 20 feet into the gorge. Our excursion ended with a toast to a wonderful day and two awesome guides!
Reviewer: Tara B.
5 Stars
April 20, 2016
First off for starters, the guides were awesome. They were so fun and enjoyable and they had a good time playing host to us. We started off stopping at a little bar where we were able to use the rest room and get fitted for our snorkeling gear. Then we went to the spot where we were to snorkel. The snorkel adventure was a lot of fun and the guide that ran that specific part was super knowledgeable, fun, and good at his job. This alone was worth the trip and excursion but there was more. We went to a Tragalfar Falls and our driver and guide stopped by a fruit stand where we were able to sample local fresh fruit for free. They recommended we give tip which we did. The falls were fun but there was a slight hike to get to them and we didn't have a lot of time to do more than take pictures of the falls which was fine by me since it was a little crowded there. My favorite stop was the Titou Gorge which was quite adventurous. We had to jump 20 feet down into the water which was freezing and then swim up stream where we were able to see where Pirates of the Carribean was filmed and then had the chance to cross a waterfall. This part was extremely adventurous and fun. It was physically straining as well; however, my grandmother was able to do it with help from the guide as well. Overall I just couldn't imagine a time better spent then on this excursion.
Reviewer: Mark J
5 Stars
Excellent Adventure
April 09, 2016
Awesome adventure! This was a little bit of something for everyone in my group. I have people in my group of 11 ranging from 14 to 76 so I was looking for something that would keep everyone happy and this did not disappoint. Our tour started by being greeted by our tour guides Asha ""Tony"" and Kashma and we were whisked away towards our first destination Champagne Reefs. At the Reef we snorkeled for about an hour with the guide pointed out many interesting items including a baby sea turtle.The ""Champagne Bubbles"" are really something to see! The next stop was Trafalgar Falls with stops along the way to discover local flora such as lemon grass growing along the road. Trafalgar Falls was beautiful, I would suggest walking shoes for the gentle walk up, my mother had no trouble making this walk, but those in our party wearing flip flops were complaining a bit. You couldn't (shouldn't) go into the falls as Kashma explained as it was unsafe after the latest hurricane so that was a bit disappointing. We stopped at a local fruit stand to sample some local fruit delicacies. Our next stop was Titou Gorge which was amazing. The water was ""refreshing"". Many in our group chose to jump 20 feet into the gorge. Kashma was great in helping my mother who was very uncertain about this due to the water temperature and currents. Asha was with the rest of group at the front directing them though the cave. It was awesome. Along the way, Asha stopped at the beer store, to pick our group up another case of beer as it was clear that our group needed it! After we were done at Titou Gorge, Asha pulled a surprise out of the cooler and we toasted our adventures with a bottle of rum punch! As we were ending our adventure, I asked Asha and Kashma about a local bar - Ruins Rock Cafe. They promptly dropped us off there and then joined us there after packing up their gear to help us celebrate our adventure. This tour was top notch!
Reviewer: Tara B.
5 Stars
Great day in a vibrant country
March 09, 2016
The tour was well organized and executed from the email communications in advance all the way through the end of the day. Our guide and our driver told us all about the history and culture of the island as we moved between sites. We had plenty of time to snorkel champagne reef and were the first group on the beach that morning. Next we went to the falls and the guides pulled us through the current so we could stand underneath the waterfall. The only let down was the tour described swimming in warm springs, but those had been wiped out in the hurricane last fall. Obviously nothing to do, but the tour description should be updated. We felt like we saw lots of the country, had a great time, and learned about the infrastructure and people of Dominica. Be sure to bring snacks because although plenty of water, soda, and beer is provided the tour does not make a lunch stop and it goes until after 2 pm.
Reviewer: 72 Hours To Go
5 Stars
Great way to see the best of Roseau
March 02, 2016
I especialy loved the snorkeling part, and the fact that we were the first to get there that morning (no crowd). Champagne reef is spectacular! Great excursion for that price.
Reviewer: Gen
5 Stars
Best excursion we have ever been on
February 26, 2016
The mix of activities allowed our small group to experience the best of Dominica in a day. The highlight was the Titou Gorge, but the snorkeling was great and the waterfalls were beautiful. We were wet most of the day and loved every minute of it in the warm weather. The beer cooler between adventures was most welcome.
Reviewer: The Bear
5 Stars
Great excursion!
February 25, 2016
Loved snorkeling at champagne reef. I would have enjoyed it even without the unique bubbles. Titou gorge was cold but worth it. Next time I will take a waterproof camera. The waterfalls were nice too. Take rolls and fruit from the ship for a snack.
Reviewer: Dee
5 Stars
This day was truely one that I will treasure
February 24, 2016
This day was everything you could ask for. I would recommend this to anyone that goes to Dominica. From swimming in the champagne reef, to traversing the caves of Emerald falls it was just an awesome day.
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Amazing excursion with LEVI!
February 09, 2016
Our tour with Levi was amazing, we had a great time, he made sure we were safe at all times and was very patient and conscientious and he had us back to the ship with plenty of time to spare. Extremely happy that we took this tour instead of the one with the ship.
Reviewer: SJCATTO
5 Stars
This was an excellent and varied day
February 04, 2016
This excursion included a great variety of experiences. The snorkeling was excellent and the guide in the water pointed out a nice variety of marine life. The swim In the gorge was exciting and refreshing. and the falls a e dramatic and beautiful. Somehow they fit it all in without feeling at all hurried. We were really glad we chose this excursion!
Reviewer: Roy
5 Stars
Dominica's Best
December 31, 2015
The tour is a great way to see the best highlights of Dominica in the Roseau area. Dominica is a GORGEOUS island and the only way to truly experience it is with a tour. I am convinced this was the best tour to take for our first time to Dominica. We got to snorkle champagne reef, which is a truly unique experience. Then we started our drive to Ti Tou Gorge where we got to see a lot of the island's culture. Ti Tou Gorge was hands down one of the best things we did on our week-long cruise. Beware, the water is FREEZING, but it is completely worth it. Finally we stopped at a site with two waterfalls gushing out of the mountains. These were a gorgeous site. This tour lasts most of the day if you are coming by cruise ship. So the price is well worth it.
Reviewer: Jdmoody
4 Stars
Great excursion but ...
December 30, 2015
We have not visited the hot mineral springs. That was a pity.
Reviewer: Traveler
4 Stars
December 30, 2015
The snorkel trip to the Champagne bay was a new experience. Watching the bubbles coming up from the sea bed and swimming through pockets of warm (hot) water right in the ocean! We also snorkeled in two other places - pretty good. Good equipment The gorge was really interesting! Freezing cold water - what a change. Strong current, but no danger - just exhilarating.
Reviewer: OKJENNIE
5 Stars
Roseau Valley Shore Excursion
December 09, 2015
This was a well organized tour. There was a significant amount of time snorkeling at the reef. The swim in the cave was great as well although it takes a little bit to used to the cold water there compared to the ocean. Local beer was also provided after the snorkeling.
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
Roseau valley treasures tour
November 18, 2015
My favorite part was Titou's gorge. Swimming through the gorge was beautiful and amazing! Snorkeling was just ok. Saw the champagne bubbles and several types of fish but I would not choose this tour for that part alone. It was also very difficult to get in to the ocean for the snorkel. The beach was very rocky and it was painful on our feet. The waterfalls were very beautiful.
Reviewer: EM
5 Stars
Absolutely the best excursion ever!!!
April 03, 2015
A fantastic variety of experiences, a full day, great value cannot recommend it enogh. small group 10 persons, ideal!!! we were off a cruise ship and it was the best day of all the ports
Reviewer: kim the traveller
5 Stars
Waterfalls and hot springs
April 30, 2014
We loved the variety of the tour. This tour made this stop the favorite island of our cruise.
Reviewer: South Haven Family
5 Stars
What a Delight!
April 02, 2014
Great selection of activities and great timing. Avoided the cruise excursion crowds. No rush!
Reviewer: Nan
5 Stars
Roseau valley treasures
March 31, 2014
Compared to what was offered by my cruise line, this had more sights to see
Reviewer: Tbone
5 Stars
March 29, 2014
Reviewer: Jo
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion - Best of the Cruise
February 28, 2014
Multiple groups at the Champagne reef made the snorkeling a little crowded with the shore entrance. The Titou Gorge swim/climb/jump was great. The swim starts out easy (and cold!) but the current gets tougher near the first waterfall. The guide had a rope and life ring to assist those who needed a little help against the current. The hot spring soak is no spa, but it's warm and relaxing.
Reviewer: kayakhorn
4 Stars
Great fun had by all!
February 27, 2014
Great experienced guide who was very accommodating to the customer's needs. I especially like the small size of the group. I will definitely sign up for this tour again on my next trip back. The only con is having to wait for other customers to show up at the designated meeting place.
Reviewer: gartail
5 Stars
What a great excursion! !
February 04, 2014
A great excursion with a great tour guide. This excursion has snorkeling, diving, swimming and ends with a hot soak. George, the tour guy, was very accommodating and adjusted time spent at each site to ensure everyone had fun. This tour was especially enjoyable because of the size of the tour group was limited to 15. The only con is having to wait for people who signed up for the tour to show up at the designated meeting place.
Reviewer: gartail
5 Stars
Rainforest Outing
December 26, 2013
A must do but be VERY aware!! Tons of walking over EXTREMELY rocky paths. Not for someone who may have trouble walking. Must also be an extremely strong swimmer if you want to swim to the falls. Worth the hike to the hot mineral pools! Awesome guide, Levi!
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
December 07, 2013
This was an excellent shore tour. One of the best we have ever done. The guide was very helpful and courteous. The hike down the beach and getting into the water is a bit difficult, but the snorkeling was excellent. The Titou Gorge is just awesome, but be ready for some adventure at this stop. The Trafalgar Falls is beautiful and the hot springs were fun. I felt that you really get your moneys worth on this tour.
Reviewer: Captain Ken
5 Stars
Great fun
May 12, 2013
We loved it, the people we're great, the experience was great,had the time of my life...
Reviewer: DM
5 Stars
My favorite excursion EVER!
April 04, 2013
The tour has the best variety of activities I have ever experienced. First the champagne reef. Not the most colorful fish, not the not amazing plants, but there were tons of fish hanging out right in front of my face. And how often do you get to see bubbles rising from the earths crust? Very unique. Next, you get to jump off a ledge (or not), and swim up a canyon to a pounding waterfall. Very refreshing. Finally, soak in perfectly warm hot springs. Use caution the rocks are slippery, I took an embarrassing tumble. A great day of experiencing he sights.
Reviewer: Inthemoment
5 Stars
Wonderful excursion, I would do it again
April 03, 2013
There were 4 in our group, ages 69 to 80. So it was a little difficult for us. However, our guide Levi helped us all the way through so we could enjoy it all. I could not have done it without his help. He never left us and gave us the time of our life! It was great. I especially loved the cave adventure. I would do it again.
Reviewer: Senior Adventurers
5 Stars
Had a lot of fun
February 01, 2013
Had a great time.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
amazing amazing amazing
January 17, 2013
this was absolutely amazing. it may be the places that other excursions go, but no one helps you see the fish that are in the water and knows what they are like Levi, no other excursion takes you into the gorge like Levi and no other excursion would take you down to the springs and know where the best spots are like Levi. It's fabulous
Reviewer: kidsarealmostadults
5 Stars
Fun and exciting!
January 15, 2013
This was a really exciting and fun tour. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. All the activities were great. The one drawback was that the tour over an hour longer than it was supposed to. I think the tour guide perceived that he was being generous to give us extra time, which I did appreciate. But it meant that I was starving by the end (no food was provided) and didn't get enough time to explore Roseau on my own. The tour could be improved by providing food, or at least taking us by a place where those of us who wanted to could buy a snack.
Reviewer: Me'ira
4 Stars
""You want the best? You'll get the best!
November 29, 2012
Dominica is my favorite Caribbean Island (2nd visit)and I was fortunate to discover my favorite guide there (LEVI). Levi was an adventurer who treated the adventurous and the timid ALL the same. He picked it up a notch for those looking for a rush and at the same time made sure those not in the comfort zone were not ignored, he is a true gentleman. He made sure we all got more than we bargained for. He is a CREDIT to have on your staff. When I RETURN to Dominica for a third time I will do my best to find Levi and whatever adventure he is willing to share. Thanks so much Levi! Tom Kelleher, Wakefield Mass.
Reviewer: TJK
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever
May 01, 2012
Thank you to our guide, Gary he was exceptional. He was able to pull/lift all the members of our group up waterfalls and through the gratto. His knowledge of the island's history and resourses is amazing. He answered all questions and took us to beautiful locations. Fellow guide Levi was very knowledgable during the Champagne snorkeling portion. The locations visited are beautiful and we had great fun. Best Excursion Ever.
Reviewer: Cruiser EC
5 Stars
Best shore excursion of the whole cruise
April 24, 2012
My husband dislikes the shore excursions set up by the cruise lines and very rarely goes on them. He said he would go on this one, though, because it was through an independent company. This turned out to be the best excursion we took on the whole vacation. We went to 3 places (Champagne Reef, Titou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls)and the guides were constantly in contact with each other, taking us to the places when the crowds would be less. They gave us plenty of time at each attraction and kept us hydrated all day with water, soda and beer. We will definately use this company again for every cruise we go on in the future.
Reviewer: Cruisediva
5 Stars
Absolutly love it!
April 23, 2012
This was an excellent, well worth adventure. You got the chance to snorkel, tour the mountain, swim in the cold pool, and relax in the warm spring while watch the beautiful falls...The tour guide Gary was wonderful!
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars
Fantastic Day!
April 11, 2012
This was the 1st time we took an excursion away from those offered by the cruise line. I had some trepidation but this was one of the best ones we have ever experienced. The two guides, Levi and Hazel Nut were so friendly, well experienced and knowledgable and also so caring and helpful. The snorkeling was great and the gorge was exhilerating even though the water was the coldest ever! I wouldn't have missed it however, as it was so unique to see the cavern and the waterfall. And the thermal waterfall area was just one of the highlights of my life--the water was so nice and warm and it was fun to climb down and into it--a lovely area. The only thing that needs improvement--it was hard to meet up with our guide--the directions we were given were totally different from where the guide actually was--better signage would eliminate the problem. I would definitely recommend this to anyone--although you should be in fairly good shape, as it involves a lot of activity--climbing, walking, swimming.
Reviewer: Jane
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever!
March 08, 2012
This was a truly unique and amazing experience. We got to see a lot more in one trip than what was offered by the cruise line's excursions. The gorge was freezing cold but swimming down between those cliffs to the waterfall was a truly amazing experience. And climbing down the boulders to the natural hot springs was my favortie memory from the entire cruise. The natural beauty was absolutely breathtaking. Our guide was very experienced and knowledgeable about the island. He often stopped to point out very interesting and unusual plants along the way. The only negative about this excursion at all was that it was sort of hard for us to find the person we were supposed to meet to begin the tour. But we asked around, figured it out, and had the time of our lives! I am a travel agent, and I will definitely be recommending this one to any of my clients visiting Dominica.
Reviewer: Darci Willis ECSC
5 Stars