A must do in Jamaica!
January 23, 2020
My family and I did this with other family members and everyone enjoyed it. It was awesome. Our guide was great at easing anyone's fright and was so patient and cool with my 9 year old. My daughters were fearless! Beautiful sight and much fun. Worth the drive time.
Reviewer: Heather
5 Stars
Blue hole and lunch tour
January 23, 2020
This tour was great, we would definitely recommend if you are a thrill seeker. We met our guide right off the port and she was amazing! We were brought to blue hole which was one of the highlights of our cruise. It was definitely far but we knew that going in. The ride wasn’t bad either as our guide explained and pointed out many things along the way. Blue hole was awesome but I would rate it more as a high thrill adventure. We were jumping off some pretty big cliffs into the water. I did see the guides modifying it for other guests though.. maybe if you were scared or not wanting to go as high they would change the jumps. After blue hole we stoped at the beach for lunch. Lunch was nothing spectacular but good enough. same with the beach. We were then brought back to the port. We had plenty of time to get back and even stoped in a few stores. We loved this excursion!
Reviewer: Angelina fulton
5 Stars
Blue Hole Adventure
January 11, 2020
Everything was perfect about this tour. From Ria, our tour guide and van driver to Daniel who took us to the blue hole and took many great pictures. It was just a little taste of Jamaica but in the short time that our cruise allowed for, it was perfect. We like that Daniel did not ask for a tip, took great pictures and was friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a little adventure.
Reviewer: Alexandra
5 Stars
Stunning place with ok lunch
October 06, 2019
The place is stunning. Definitely dont forget to take your water shoes and be very careful since it is very slippery. Lunch was ok, spicy for me since i dont like spicy food, but at least we had the opportunity to have the typical jamaican food(beef jerk with rice and salad). The only reason I did not give 5 stars for this tour it is because the tour guide at the Blue Hole was very pushy about tips. I get it we need to tip and they are very helpful, but I was going to give him $10 and he kept asking for $20. So I gave him $20.My friend ended up giving $40 because they were surrounding him and getting pushy. That made us very uncomfortable. Aside of that, everything was great. We definitely want to go back to Jamaica to spend a week at a beach resort and enjoy the beaches. Traffic is awful. Drive from the port to Blue hole is about 1:30-1:45min depending on traffic each way, but it was totally worth it. Overall, great place with very friendly people.
Reviewer: Silvia Squeff
4 Stars