4 StarsEnchanting Gardens were the best August 14, 2019

Reviewer: Gisela Matthews
The Enchanted Gardens were very lovely with waterfalls were very lovely. We enjoyed the tour guide and his knowledge of plants. I understand that the photographer was making a living but asked to be posing on every turn became somewhat annoying. The Bird Aviary was disappointing because of the poor make up of the sanctuary and only a few birds to observe.

5 StarsEnchanted GardensJune 14, 2019

Reviewer: Dee Martin
We loved this excursion. It was a haul from Falmouth port, but was a pleasant ride. The property was beautiful. We climbed the Dunn's River Falls when we were on a different cruise in the past so we opted to try something different. We are so glad we did. The falls were gorgeous. Jordan, our tour guide was very knowledgeable concerning the property and different types of plants. The took over 200 pictures of us during the tour and we purchased the package at the end for $25. They sent a link through email and we downloaded them without any problems. We would definitely recommend this excursion.

5 StarsTurtle River FallsMarch 04, 2019

Reviewer: Terri
Of all the places we visited, this was my favorite! Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful waterfalls and greenery and birds and flowers! Wonderful tour guides & staff! I would definitely come here again!!!

4 StarsWalking tourJanuary 02, 2019

Reviewer: Kathleen Davister
Were unaware that we would have to climb 168 stairs to view this beautiful garden. But as the ONLY CLIENTS, our guide took time for us to ascend/descend with my arthritic knee!

5 StarsPeaceful and Beautiful.October 16, 2018

Reviewer: Pamela Rider
If you love flowers and mini waterfalls this is the tour to take. Our guide Jorden really made the tour enjoyable. He was a very personable and knowledgeable about the plants and trees and the history of the gardens. It was so peaceful only my husband and I.

5 StarsEnchanted GardensAugust 30, 2018

Reviewer: REESE Terry
This was a series of about 7 very beautiful waterfalls and lots of opportunity for swimming and pictures. Our guide gave us a very good description of the plants and flora and their uses. The enclosed aviary was very nice and lots of opportunity for the birds to sit on our heads and shoulders with pictures. We were reminded of Bob Marley’s great song Three Little Birds.

4 StarsBeautiful place!June 18, 2018

Reviewer: Pam Burnham
This was a cool respite from the heat and humidity on Jamaica. The gardens were once a resort, popular for weddings and honeymooners. The buildings are in disrepair due to lack of government funds to restore, but the grounds and the falls are breathtaking. Cool spray, green canopy, thundering falls, easy walk and no need to get soaking wet like Dunns. Feeding peacocks, parrots, and chickens an adventure on its own. Guide was informative and friendly.

5 StarsEnchanted Garden, Aviary and water falls tourFebruary 15, 2018

Reviewer: Cindy Wilson
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! It turned that our booking turned into a one on one tour for my husband and I. We would definitely do it again.

5 StarsWaterfallsJanuary 01, 2018

Reviewer: Roger Holcombe
This was one of our favorite excursions we have ever taken

4 StarsEnchanted GardensDecember 01, 2017

Reviewer: Peggy Novak
The Gardens and Aviary were lovely. The guide couldn't have been kinder in helping us take our time with our 80 year old parents who were along for the journey. This was a great day in Jamaica.

5 Starsenchanted gardens bird averyNovember 06, 2017

Reviewer: david
loved the excursion

4 StarsEnchanted Gardens September 08, 2017

Reviewer: Ron Gordon
We enjoyed our guide from the ship to the gardens and back. She provided interesting information about Jamaica and Falmouth city. The gardens and waterfalls were beautiful and our guide at the gardens was knowledgeable and interesting. The gardens do need some attention for maintenance. The aviary should not be mentioned as part of the attraction since it was small and housed few exotic birds and almost as many chickens. We did enjoy the tour and the cost was appropriate to the excursion.

5 StarsGreat personel running this tourJuly 26, 2017

Reviewer: Kelly Ford
We had an amazing day trip to the Enchanted Gardens. Our Guides Trisha and Radcliffe were full of fun info and even got us some Jerk Chicken on the way back to the ship.

4 StarsFalls and aviary but no gardensJanuary 21, 2017

Reviewer: Scott
There's a new owner and new name for this former resort. Turtle falls. Its perfect for those that want pictures by the lime stone falls but with steps and walkways to get up to them. The Bird aviary had different types of birds where you could feed them, some would sit on your shoulders or the small ones would eat from your hand. 'Micheal' Jordan made the tour very entertaining. Our driver and guide from Falmouth were very knowledgeable and made the drive in interesting. It was difficult to find them however, the 'white tent' isn't easy to find as everyone in the the port will direct you to where all the tour buses park but they aren't there. Go to the bus area then walk across the plaza on the brick road to what looks like a staff parking lot - then you'll see the white tent

4 StarsTurtle River Gardens & Falls (Was Enchanted GardenDecember 19, 2016

Reviewer: Johnny
It was difficult to find the tour's meeting place at the Falmouth pier. Had to ask two Jamaican port officials for the location, which was in a far away parking lot. Be prepared for a one hour ride to the gardens. The place has changed ownership and name. Tour guide, falls and aviary were enjoyable. There were no gardens to speak of, just a native rain forest environment.

4 StarsGood nature rain forestDecember 05, 2016

Reviewer: Meng
We have good time in this garden with our 4 yrs old little one.

5 Starswonderful views.September 28, 2016

Reviewer: Tim Richards
we enjoyed the various waterfall and the native plants. guide was very knowledgeable

5 StarsLoved the falls and birdsMay 26, 2016

Reviewer: Mary
Our tour guide, van driver and garden guide were knowledgable, fun, and provided a fun atmosphere for this trip. We were the only guests in the gardens so we saw it in its most natural state. The falls were lovely and we could climb or wade in them. It was like being alone in nature. We loved hearing about the plants, falls and especially loved visiting with the beautiful birds. We were never rushed and our guide answered every question. The aviary visit was wonderful! The staff were very knowledgable about the birds and we loved feeding them and watching them. The aviary was well kept and the birds all looked healthy and happy. Holding and feeding the birds was a trip highlight for us. The drive to the gardens was as advertised but our guide provided information about the country, area and residents so we weren't bored. We stopped on the way to the gardens and back to the ship for drinks and snacks. The gardens show evidence of the economic stress of the owners but the natural beauty and lack of crowds makes this an excellent excursion.

5 StarsVery pleasedMarch 18, 2016

Reviewer: Happy
Directions to our guides was easy and clear.

4 StarsVery Pleased with Our Excursion!January 21, 2016

Reviewer: Lauren
We thoroughly enjoyed both our tour guide on the bus and at our destination. Our tour guide on the bus was very knowledgeable of the area and had us speaking the local dialect by the time our tour was done. When we arrived at the enchanted gardens (now called Turtle River Falls and Gardens in Ocho Rios) we were met by a sweet elderly man, Mr. Campbell, who showed us around the area. He was very informative and was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. There is a lot of plant life, animals, and more waterfalls that I could count during our tour there. It did look a little run down though. Just by talking to our tour guide we got a sense that it has seen it's prime and is not as much of a popular place anymore. A couple of cons: 1) Our initial tour got a late start because the tour guide insisted that we wait a while for the other guests to show up. I understand that you want to give a grace period to those who may be running behind, however, I think it is important to be considerate of those who did show up on time and do not want to be late getting back to the port. (A couple of people did get upset as a result of this which made for an interesting drive to our destination!) 2) NO food was provided. Our tour started at approximately 11:30 am and did not finish until almost 4 pm. No food was available at Turtle River and we did not have any other stops before or after the main attraction. 3) The tour lasted longer than expected. It said 3.5 hours on the website, however, it lasted for almost 5 hours. Yikes! We knew this right away so it made me a little worried about whether or not we would get back in time. (We did, with time to spare for a little shopping and a quick snack.) Overall, I would recommend this excursion. There were some highs and lows but if you are willing to go with the flow then it is worth it. I will definitely remember the locals I was able to meet and the great sights we were able to take in on our excursion.

4 Starswear long sleevesJanuary 13, 2016

Reviewer: angel
hiking,plants and waterfalls great,chickens not so much!

5 StarsGreat time. Would recommend this excursionexcursioJanuary 02, 2016

Reviewer: Joyce
Best excursion of the whole trip. Tour guide excellent! Add educational data, humor &fun!

4 StarsFabulous Enchanted Gardens (Turtle Bay gardens nowDecember 31, 2015

Reviewer: Kathy
This tour was really fun. I have mobility issues but was able to ride my mobility cart to the van and then it was taken to Security. I was unable to climb the steps to the top waterfall and gardens but enjoyed a bench with a view lower down. Seeing the birds was a blast and everyone got hilarious pictures. All guides were top notch and fun. And the shopping stop had unlimited rum ""samples"" so the group was in a rollicking mood on the way back. It was also informative and I learned a lot about Jamaica and its people. I highly recommend.

5 StarsThis was a Great ExcursionDecember 29, 2015

Reviewer: Everyone
Fun Excursion

5 StarsGreat Excursion-Great Day!December 10, 2015

Reviewer: Naturefreak
We really enjoyed this excursion. I'm glad we chose this one rather than the more popular Dunns River Falls, which I'm sure was really crowded. Us and another couple were the only ones on this excursion so it was really relaxing and we had the guides to ourselves. Climbing the falls was mildly exerting, there were stairs and a walkway along the side if you didn't want to get in. The water was cold but there's nothing they can do about that. They had a guy taking pictures the whole time and it's well worth buying the cd he puts them on. I think it was $20.00 and there were a lot of pictures, also extra pictures of the gardens.

5 StarsFalls were beautifulNovember 28, 2015

Reviewer: Tom Purcell
Falls were beautiful and guides were wonderful

5 StarsYou will love the BirdsNovember 18, 2015

Reviewer: Mr Ed
I had a ball with the birds

5 Starsgreat and beautiful sceneryMay 20, 2015

Reviewer: Dnell
Beautiful waterfall and great guide another once in a life time experience.

4 StarsPleasant supriseMarch 04, 2015

Reviewer: MOTM
We wanted to get away from crowds and this was perfect- a beautiful oasis of falls and flowers with a very knowledgeable and personable guide. It is sad that this ""Enchanted gardens"" was abandoned (used to be a resort) as it must have been even more beautiful However, even though some of the grounds have not been maintained, the gardens and bird aviary were wonderful. Not for everyone but if you want peace and quiet and see falls, birds (and have your photo taken with them) this is a place to go.

4 StarsDO IT !!February 24, 2015

Reviewer: don
Very liesurely and informative.Beautiful setting for pictures. Loved the birds and Koi.

5 StarsTurtle River Falls walkOctober 28, 2014

Reviewer: dee jay
We had a lovely day climbing the stairs up the mountainside along the river, one waterfall after another. Some had wading pools. Some places you could climb up the river or choose the pathway. Beautiful plant life was all along the way. In the aviary were many types of parrots and other birds which we enjoyed feeding.

4 StarsExceeded our expectations!October 22, 2014

Reviewer: B and Z
We enjoyed getting away from the large cruise ship crowds, and our tour had about 8 people, a very relaxed and social group. The waterfalls were great, and nearly the entire tour strolled along in proximity to the falls with good opportunity for pictures and appreciation for the beautiful setting. The guides were great, and it was nice to have a professional photographer along who took great shots of the entire group, and then offered a CD focusing on our pictures at the end of the tour....for a surprisingly reasonable price! The birds were great fun, although if someone is afraid of them climbing all over them, they won't like that part. We thought it was great!

5 StarsExcellent!!July 15, 2014

Reviewer: David
This tour isn't found on the cruiseline shore excursion list. Unlike the cruise tours, we didn't wait for 20 minutes in the sun waiting for everyone to get organized. We left as soon as the group was there (there were only four of us). The driver was relaxed, informative, and excellent. The tour was relaxed and very informative. We were never rushed to move to the next site. We were able to climb the small waterfalls if we wanted (which we did!) and the guide answered all of our questions. The aviary is mostly parrots that will eat from your hand while perching on you. At the end, we were offered pictures of us on the tour and additional photos of the property. Here's the thing, we were thinking: ""here we go, they are going to sell us a $150 package of two photos we might like."" NO, they sold us the ENTIRE CD of pictures for....$20. That's twenty dollars for about 3 dozens photos of us and another dozen or so of the property. I paid $23 for ONE photo of us as dinner on the ship from the cuiseline! Book this excursion!

5 StarsGreat value, no crowds, more personalJune 02, 2014

Reviewer: First time cruiser
Hi. My wife and 2 teenagers (ages 15 and 17) just returned from this excursion on May 28 2014. We loved it and I highly recommend it as a better alternative to the more traditional waterfall tour that I heard other travelers complain was too crowded. With this tour you still get to see similar waterfalls but in a much more private environment (we only had one other couple with us so a total of only 6 people!) but also get to hand feed a number of parrots in the bird aviary. The gardens are a bit limited but nice. There is a also a large pool on site that guests can use at the end of the tour if desired. Again, we loved this tour and as compared to what we heard from other guests visiting the larger waterfall site our tour sounded much more enjoyable.

4 StarsFun tourDecember 25, 2013

Reviewer: Doug the pilot
This was basically a nice relaxing easy walking tour with a bit of fun thrown in. The gardens are basic, but nice. The waterfall part of the tour is picturesque, but the really fun part is the bird aviary. The birds are tame and used to being hand fed. You definitely want to take your camera. The staff was very accomodating.

4 StarsNo Problem!December 08, 2013

Reviewer: Tim the TA
I highly recommend this excursion. The guides were wonderful and knowledgeable. This is a great alternative to Dunns River.

4 StarsEnchanting!December 04, 2013

Reviewer: Cruise Planners - ABC Travel
As an agent this was an exploratory adventure for me and I must say this was a very well organized tour. I will not hesitate to recommend it to all my clients headed for Falmouth. You have the option to get wet - do so great time. A photographer even made us a CD for a small few so no worries about taking along a camera.