5 StarsAwesome Thanksgiving! December 18, 2017

Reviewer: M Livingston
What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Everything worked out perfectly. It's nice to get away from the masses and take a private guided excursion. We were picked up a couple blocks from the dock by the owner, driven out to the harbor and jumped on two well maintained Jet Skis and followed our guide out to Stingray City. Our guide was awesome and personally made sure we were having a great time. Snorkeled after that, jumped back on the Jet Skis and made our way back to the harbor. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

5 StarsIf you love jet skiing and stingrays....this is itAugust 16, 2017

Reviewer: Allan Chrles
Had a great time on this tour especially getting up close with the stingrays. All the other groups we saw at stingray city, had between 30 and 50 people.....we had 7 all together and much more personal experience with the stingrays. We got up close and fed them.....we held them as well due to our experienced tour guide. Would definitely recommend.

5 StarsBest Excursion Thus Far!!!May 22, 2017

Reviewer: Melissa
We chose this excursion as a way to get several activities in one. We wanted to go to Stingray City and the jetskis and snorkeling were a bonus. We rode together on one jetski. We had a lot of time on the jetskis, so we were able to really play and enjoy ourselves. I got thrown off twice due to my husband driving like a madman LOL, but it didn't spoil the fun at all. Stingray City was absolutely amazing. I got some incredible close up footage. The guides let us hold the stingrays and get photos/video with them. We went to starfish beach and held starfish. I brought my own snorkel gear, so I could snorkel and search for starfish. I have recommended this excursion to everybody that I know that has travelled to Grand Cayman and I will continue to do so. This was so much more than we expected. It's a bargain considering all the experiences you get for the price. Don't pass up this chance to create some unreal memories! Be sure to bring a GoPro to capture some great footage.

5 StarsExcellent Excursion!May 19, 2017

Reviewer: Mariann R
Can't say enough about the tour guides and our overall experience. This was an awesome experience.

5 StarsAmazing TimeMarch 23, 2017

Reviewer: Kristen Glatzhofer
My husband and I booked the Jetski to snorkel and stingray beach. I dont have enough GOOD things to say about this trip! The staff was wonderful and so much fun to be with. We came to grand cayman on our cruise ship and they made sure we were on time to catch the boat before it left us (I wouldn't have minded being stuck there though!!) All in all, you won't be disappointed booking this trip!

5 StarsBest Excursion, Highlight of the trip!March 09, 2017

Reviewer: Andrew Baum
This excursion was the highlight of our trip! After a 10 min bus ride, brief safety tutorial, we got on the jetskis for about 30 min to an area with coral reef filled with colorful fish and a few friendly stingrays. We snorkled for about 20-30 mins and then off on the jetskis for about 15 mins over to a shallow area (3-4 ft deep) called Stingray city. Here our guides caught huge stingrays and u could pet them or give them a kiss for 7 yrs of good luck. After about 20 mins in stingray city, back on the jetskis for 30 mins back to the docks. We were probably out on the water for 2-2.5 hrs total and on the jetskis for at least half that time. My experience jetskiing was minimal. Water was calm that day, but u would need some upper body strength to hang on in choppy waters. If u fall off, the key is attached to your life jacket so the jetski stops immediately. I couldn't think of exploring these beautiful islands in a better way! If I go back there, I would do the same excursion again!

5 StarsLoved itFebruary 09, 2017

Reviewer: Jackie
This excursion was amazing!! Tour guide super funny and nice. Would definitely do it again!

5 StarsTerrific!!!January 27, 2017

Reviewer: Terry Kitay
We are four middle-aged ladies who had never jet skiied before, and really didn't know what to expect. Some of us liked it better than others, but the guides were wonderfully helpful to all of us. We had a great time, and the sting rays are spectacular. We particularly enjoyed that the guides brought two of the rays directly over to us so we didn't have to "fight the crowds" to see them. My one caveat is that the notice on the description is that the participant "must be able to pull him/herself out of the water onto the jet ski." That's a mild and slightly misleading description of the physical ability involved. The description sounds like getting out of a swimming pool using a ladder; there is little to no pulling surface on a jet ski! It is impossible to get back on the jet ski from the water with any grace, and next to impossible without a fair degree of athletic ability. Difficult, but well worth it!

5 StarsGreat Jetski Ride :)January 26, 2017

Reviewer: Irene
WE loved our jet ski experience ! The weather was superb as we whipped across the tops of the waves. Each couple had a jetski and there were a total of 7 jetskis with 2 guides. Our Guide was wonderful - fun and informative. We stopped at a reef and swam the stingrays and our guide was excellent showing us how to respect and enjoy the rays. At a 2nd second stop, we snorkeled with the fish. A good time was had by all and it was a highlight on our holiday - we would do it again.

5 StarsStingray CityJanuary 14, 2017

Reviewer: Beth
this was a lot of fun.

5 StarsIt was a blast!December 31, 2016

Reviewer: Mike Reardon
Racing across the ocean on a large, new, and powerful jetski was an absolute blast for me and my 14-year old son. Much more exciting than riding on a boat. We'll never forget it. Stingray City and snorkeling were lots of fun too, but not as much fun as getting there. The operator and guides were friendly, informative, experienced and professional.

5 StarsJet ski excursion December 19, 2016

Reviewer: Jill Leonard
Our best excursion ever, and great driver who recommended an awesome place to eat!

5 Stars the greatest experienceDecember 18, 2016

Reviewer: Emiko Nakayama Reiss
all our family me and husband, and 3 teenager has enjoyed this tour 200%! highly recommends for active family All kids chose this was the best activity from our whole trip even included disney worlds and universal .

5 StarsGreat Time! December 09, 2016

Reviewer: Stephanie Mondragon
We had a great time on this excursion. What an amazing adventure. The tour guides were the best. The stingrays were so fun to play with and it was beautiful out there. Make sure to take your googles, you will get salt water in your eyes and mouth. We would definitely do this excursion again. Worth the money!

5 StarsFast jetski/Cool stingraysNovember 27, 2016

Reviewer: Denise McKeehan
Had a blast! We shared a jetski and it was FAST! Well maintained exterior/seats as well. Very accommodating and friendly staff and management. A young couple with us that day had booked a slightly different excursion that wasn't running that day but the guides split up and took them to their secondary destination (Starfish Island) anyway! The rest of us, there were only 5 jetskis, went to our second destination; snorkeling over a small reef. Couldn't have been better. The guides caught stingrays for us to hold and pet. Very docile creatures as they were used to being handled. The guides ""knew"" some of them on sight. Really quite amazing! And of course the water is the clearest most beautiful blue you will ever see.

5 StarsAwesome hands downNovember 19, 2016

Reviewer: Vernice Williams-Thomas
Life changing experience. The crew was amazing.

5 StarsThe experience of a lifetime!!!November 16, 2016

Reviewer: Patricia
While many people took a boat out to Stingray City...we quickly learned how personal it was to be on a jetski...we had 2 guides to 9 guests, which was so nice...while the water was a little choppy...it was sooo much fun to be out in the ocean on a jet ski...my husband and I both had our children on our vessels and they loved it as well...our guides were knowledgeable about both the stingrays and the star fish...teaching us how to hold them and their history of Stingray City....they constantly made sure everyone was safe and having a good time. We thought this was worth every penny and not to be missed!!!

5 Starsgreat guides! Amazing experience!November 09, 2016

Reviewer: Wendy Snyder
So nice riding the jet skis out with our small group of only 5 couples to swim with the Stingrays. The guides were very knowledgeable and had safety as their top concern. Even the van ride was entertaining. Loved it!

5 StarsHighlight of our cruiseAugust 18, 2016

Reviewer: reina
This was the most exciting, fun adventure ever! My spouse and 2 girls doubled up on 2 jetskis. The leaders were fantastic. Very memorable. You will not be disappointed!

5 StarsJet ski tour with snorkeling and stingray cityAugust 18, 2016

Reviewer: Rachele Baker
This tour was one of the best ever! The owner Sharrif and our guides Jordon and Dre were all fantastic from start to finish. We opted for single rider jet skis which made it fun for each of us to go as fast or as slow as we wanted too. Thank you again for the great trip and memories! F.y.i, ,Grand Cayman does NOT have ships port and you will want to catch the tender boats extra early as it can be a 45minute wait just to get to the island.

5 StarsStingray City by Jetski and SnorkelMay 27, 2016

Reviewer: Vickkay
This was a fantastic experience. We had a small group which allowed are guides more time to provide ample time and history about the stingrays. The jetski ride to the stingrays and the snorkeling afterwards in another location were also fun.

5 StarsBest excursion taken during our Celebrity Cruise!April 24, 2016

Reviewer: Sandy
The transportation to the dock was entertaining: the driver gave us fun facts about Grand Caymen. He said KFC stood for Keep from Cooking! When we got to the dock, we got our equipment and got our jet skis and away we went! Soooo much fun~~ they let you go at your own pace, and we just stayed behind our guide until we reached the Stingray City spot. Our guide had to look for a stingray, and we all got to have pics taken and a back rub from the sting ray if we wanted one! They took lots of pics for us` EVEN THE STING RAY KISSING US! Snorkeling was a blast too! Saw all kinds of fish and sting rays. Don't hesitate to use this company for your excursion~~ very safe, well trained, loads of fun, and memories you will never forget! Do It!!

5 Starsgreat fun!March 29, 2016

Reviewer: Cruiser
I love Shore Excursions for the value and small group sizes.

4 StarsNot very excitingMarch 24, 2016

Reviewer: pairagators
We hoped to see some of the shore line of the island from the jetskies but drove a straight line out to the sandbar to see the stringrays. We did a straight line to the snorkeling area and then a straight line back to the dock. It is perhaps our misunderstanding but we though there would be more of a water view of the island.

5 StarsI would do this again, it was fun and the guides wMarch 23, 2016

Reviewer: Lulu
I liked this because it was a small group and you got one on one with a sting ray and I saw others boats coming in with tons of people and I know they didn't get that.

5 StarsA great time!February 08, 2016

Reviewer: Bart
The whole excursion was very well organized. Walked a couple blocks from the dock to meet the van to take us to the docks. The driver was there wainting for us and check in was simple and quick. The driver was super nice and even dropped us off at the beach after the excursion. The wave runners were well maintained and a blast to drive! stingray bay was a lot of fun and the guides were so much fun. Really friendly and educational. The snorkeling was great lots of fish to see and the orovided equipment was very good. I would highly recommend this tour. The morning was perfect as we had time to goto the beach and shop afterwards.

5 StarsDo it!!February 08, 2016

Reviewer: Chris
I cant say enough about this excursion. The jet ski ride was amazing, water warm and so clear. Hanging with the sting rays were amazing. The water was rough, so there was a chance snokerling was cancelled, and instead we would go to star fish island(which normally costs more, but they were going to accomidate everyone). The water calmed down, and were able to go snokerling. Water was clear, sting rays everywhere, beautiful fish. Guides knew what they were doing, and only got frustrated when people didnt listen and almost hurt other people(literally drove into other people).

5 StarsThis excursion was wonderful. It was a great adveJanuary 11, 2016

Reviewer: Barbara and Mike
Great adventure

5 StarsGreat excursion! Everything you want to do in 1!December 21, 2015

Reviewer: Chris
Great experience!

5 StarsVery nice! I would do it again.November 05, 2015

Reviewer: Lisa
The tour guides were very attentive and informative. They made sure everyone in the group stayed together and left no one behind. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It was my husband's first time operating a jet ski and they were very patient with him.

5 StarsEven with rough water it was amazing!!November 05, 2015

Reviewer: SKPTHAT
OK first of all we were booked on the late trip and they were willing to add us on to the early trip which really was a big help since bad weather was moving in. After a short ride to the pier we got a quick lesson on the jet skis and the itinerary run down we were off. Had to keep it slow for the first few minutes due to wake restrictions but then it was full boar out to the stingrays. It was an amazing experience. Even with many boats and people out there. The stingrays were everywhere, climbing on everyone. The guides were an amazingg help to catch them an assist in holding and getting photos with them. After around 20 minutes with the stingrays it was a short ride to the snorkel area. Lots of fish and things to see but the water was getting rough. most people were not able to swim with 3-4 foot swells coming in. I took my time and fed some fish (bread in a water bottle) Then we rode back. Jumping the 3-4 foot swells was fun and even the wife decided to drive and bury the needle the final few hundred yards as we came near the end and the wind was blocked making it a smooth runway.

4 StarsGreat TimeSeptember 14, 2015

Reviewer: Fast and Furious
The sting rays were awesome. We would definitely do this again

5 StarsWonderful time!July 20, 2015

Reviewer: Mom
I booked this excursion for my daughter and her friend both celebrating 16th birthdays. I was concerned about allowing them to go by themselves. My fear was unnecessary. The staff were fantastic! The trip was well organized. We were met on time at the location for pickup. The staff explained in detail what the trip was About and assures me the girls would be kept safe. The girls loved every minute. They said they rode the jet skis so Much more than expected. There was only 3 other people in the group so that made it even better. They loved the stingrays. Without a doubt we will use the same company whenever we can for more excursions. You won't be disappointed if you take this trop

4 StarsFun!!!March 17, 2015

Reviewer: Mom who got thrown off the jetski!
The small group was great. We were encouraged to have fun on the jetski-not stay in a line playing follow the leader. only con would be-at the sting rays, the goggles weren't given out so viewing underwater (thankyou salt!) didn't happen. As I've been there before when we did use goggles, it is well worth it. I would encourage the use of them at the stingray stop. the guide was quick to answer questions about what we saw at the snorkel stop-moray eel! fun!

5 StarsA must do side trip!October 23, 2014

Reviewer: Lisa
A wonderful experience even with there being slightly choppy seas. Wish the tip jar would have been more obvious as we felt our two guides truly deserved a good tip. We left the tip with the driver and were just hoping it made it back to our guides.

5 StarsThis was the most fun. Wear sunscreen.October 14, 2014

Reviewer: Susie
Loved this was on my bucket list of things to do

4 StarsgreatOctober 02, 2014

Reviewer: Marika
I could not believe that the stingrays were not corralled but naturally there

4 StarsGreat fun and educational too!September 11, 2014

Reviewer: All Done
Jetskis were so much fun to operate and had a lot of power to them. Sting rays were obviously used to tourists and eager to come up (to be fed).

5 StarsThe Best Excursion Ever!!!July 05, 2014

Reviewer: Tracy the Traveler
This was the best shore excursion I have ever taken on a cruise and I cruise a lot. It was worth the money and it was so much fun. The guides were the coolest, was very informative on the sea animals, and the equipment. The only downfall was they only provided a bottle of water but no snacks or food. So you may want to bring some snacks just in case you get hungry afterwards. Other than that small issue this was the best especially with the small groups everyone gets to know each other on a personal level. I would recommend this to any and everyone that can ride the jet ski. My friend had never been on a jet ski and she was a little scared then she loved it when she realized the guides won't let anything happen to you. Their number one concern is safety and that was impressive.

5 StarsFantasticMarch 03, 2014

Reviewer: Bettyboop284
This was by far the best excursion of our cruise. Our host and hostess were very personable and their crew was very knowledgeable of stingrays. The jet ski ride was lots of fun and we were happy the ocean was not real choppy. Big, big bang for the buck.

5 StarsAn amazing experienceFebruary 24, 2014

Reviewer: Christina
This was an amazing experience. Our guides were the best. They did an absolutely, amazing job and they are good at what they do. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an excursion on their cruise or anyone heading to that Island. I would definitely do it again.

5 StarsGreat TimeJanuary 28, 2014

Reviewer: Shepardson Crew
This was an excellent excursion. It was by far the hi-lite of our trip. Guide was a lot of fun. Jet skiing was awesome even for a beginner. Then add in the sting rays and snorkeling. This is something I would recommend and would definitely do again.

5 StarsBest Excursion We Have Ever Been OnJanuary 14, 2014

Reviewer: Ex-CT Couple
This excursion was taken on May 2, 2013. My wife and I are in the 45-55 age category and we both have very high fitness levels. So, if you can't handle a motorized watercraft, are afraid of water/can't swim, are afraid of stingrays and don't like to snorkel, this IS NOT the adventure for you. But if you do, you will be rewarded. It seemed a bit pricey when we signed up but in the end it was worth every penny, then some. As the Review Headlines implies this is THE BEST excursion out of 24 that we have had in our 8 cruises. We opted for separate Jetskis and would hope you do too. After some time figuring out how to use the handle controls we were on our way. We had never driven a Jetski before so we were a bit tentative at first. Then I said, ""you only live once (and the thought at the moment, 'you only die once too')"", so I decided to go more quickly. It was open water riding and then I started to really open it up and do turns. I got to the point where I hope some big boat would go by so I could cross over its wake doing what felt like a million miles an hour. Can't say for certain but I may have caught some air. After about 45 minutes on the Jetski, we arrived at the sandbar with the stingrays. What awesome specimens of nature. They were very docile and we enjoyed interacting with them, feeding them, letting them lay on our backs and even kissing them, under the supervision of our guide. Next stop was snorkeling. It was average as far as snorkeling but still, the water was calm and clear. You were able to take some nice pictures. We then had a 45 minute Jetski ride back to the dock. Our only regret is that we hadn't done this earlier in life.

5 StarsFun adventureSeptember 03, 2013

Reviewer: Candybrandy
Even though we got caught in a storm, the jetskis were fun. This is a once in lifetime experience going to stingray city. The stingrays were huge and friendly. William are shuttle guy was great and knew the area well.

5 StarsFavorite Excursion on our Cruise!!!July 31, 2013

Reviewer: Yorkiegurl
This was by far the best excursion I've taken on any cruise!!

5 StarsOne of the highlights of our vacation!June 27, 2013

Reviewer: Arno
My girlfriend and I did this in early June 2013. Our guide Lindy was terrific. The water was choppy on the day of our excursion and we kept getting pelted in the face with salt water during our 23 minute ride to Stingray City. It was still a lot of fun! Stingray City is located on a sandbar not a beach. TIPS: Bring a small waterproof camera, wear wrap-around sunglasses with a strap, wear a long sleeve rashguard shirt with 50 SPF, wear 70 - 100 SPF sunblock. The sun is much stronger here! I wore 35 SPF sunblock and still got a bad sunburn. Albeit, this was a super fun day for us!

5 StarsFavorite MemoryApril 29, 2013

Reviewer: Charlotte Mom
If you seek adventure and thrills, this is a must!! My boys 7 & 9 still talk about it being the best part of our vacation. It was simply awesome!!!

5 StarsWas a blast!March 29, 2013

Reviewer: BB
Riding the Jet Ski was half the fun, thrilling ride, beautiful scenery, Sting Rays were amazing.

5 StarsAmazing tour!!March 02, 2013

Reviewer: Finn cruiser
Fantastic tour on the beautiful waters of Grand Cayman! Our Jetski ride was nothing short of thrilling...54 mph on the water absolutely rocks!! The stingray encounter was totally amazing where you get to hold these big beautiful animals in your embrace. The snorkeling was OK @ the reef with some marine life to marvel at. Ride back to marina was again phenomenal on the 1500cc machine. The tour is well executed and will not leave you 'cold.'

5 StarsThe BEST!January 19, 2013

Reviewer: BirthdayGirl
We got picked up on time, the driver, William, was very talkative and informative. The jetskis were in great condition and everything was well organized. I had never driven one before and the instruction was very good. Super fun driving the jetski to the Stingray sand bar. VERY cool swimming with and touching the stingrays. The snorkeling was ok, not fabulous. Our ride back was super fun. The guide recommended a great place to eat in Grand Cayman after our excursion. Over all, a fabulous fun time!

5 StarsThe BEST!January 19, 2013

Reviewer: BirthdayGirl
We got picked up on time and our driver, William, was very talkative and informative. The jetskis and the guide were waiting for us. Everything was in great condition. I had never driven a jet ski before and the instruction was great. The kids had a super fun time riding on the back. The stingray sandbar is about a 20 min ride, and it was SUPER COOL being in the water and being able to touch the stingrays. The additional snorkel spot was just ok. The ride back to the dock was really fun. William was there waiting for us and recommended a great place to eat when we got back to town. Over all the best excursion of our trip.

5 StarsGreat Trip!January 18, 2013

Reviewer: Betsy
Lots of fun and well-organized. Loved the small group (just the 3 of us in our family and one other family).

4 StarsTalk about exciting!!!January 16, 2013

Reviewer: Linda the swimmer
The jet ski ride was awesome. They claimed the water was smooth that day!!!! So how come I was bouncing all over the place. Very adventuresome. Guide was so helpful. One lady was riding with her daughter and the guide had to put the lady on his jet ski because she would not let her daughter drive the jet ski fast enough to stay with us. The stingrays were unbelievable. Never thought I would ever touch one!!!! So soft!

5 StarsThe best excursion ever!September 15, 2012

Reviewer: Cathy & Nina the Seadoo Queens
Stingray City by Jetski & Snorkel was so much fun! The experienced driver and tour guide were the best. My 22 year old daughter (experienced at jet skiing) drove the jetski, and I was the second rider (50 year old female). We absolutely loved the experience of jet skiing out in the ocean. The best excursion I've ever taken while visiting the Caribbean Islands while cruising. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an adventurous and exciting experience.

4 StarsGreat Time on the WaterAugust 05, 2012

Reviewer: Johnny Kid
Well maintained, modern equipment.

5 StarsDefinately worth it!!!!May 12, 2012

Reviewer: Mike S.
My wife and i booked this excursion through cruises.com because the excursions offered by our cruise ship did not offer the jetski option. Let me say that we were not disappointed! The walk from the cruise port to meet wih the tour was only ten minutes and a few blocks away. After a short drive we were at the pier and ready to go. We were with a small group of people and our guide was really helpful. The ride to Stingray City was alot of fun. Our guide really went all out to make sure everyone got a chance to interact with the Stingrays. We seemed to be the only group there that used jetskis to get out there. We were able to get in close and were able to leave without manuevering around the other boats. We then jetski'ed out to a coral reef and snorkeled for about 30 minutes. The water in Grand Cayman is so clear you can see forever!We had an underwater camera and got some great photos of both the Stingrays and the other marine life. I think the camera is a must have for this excursion. After the excursion the guides drop you off right at the port so you don't have to walk far if you plan on returning to your ship. The port uses tenders to get you ashore and are pretty good. Make sure you read the instructions after booking this excursion. they go by the island time which is not always the same as the ship time! I know that people are weary about booking excursions outside of the cruise ships but I have to say that we had absolutely no problems!!! This was our first trip to Grand Cayman Island and we both felt that a trip to Stingray City was a must do. The jetski and snorkeling made the excursion that much better!!!

5 StarsEverything you Expect...And more!January 19, 2012

Reviewer: Mom + 2 Teenagers
The service was the best, this company accommodated our needs and provided an amazing excursion for me and my kids. The guides were friendly and accommodating.

4 StarscanceledJanuary 17, 2012

Reviewer: Lisa
Wish we were able to complete this excursion

5 StarsAMAZING!December 31, 2011

Reviewer: B. Legg
Great service. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through the entire process. One thing that was different than the description was the speed for the jet skis, it's advertised that they go 50mph, but the employees only give you the learners key, so it only goes 35, but with all the waves of the ocean, there is no need to go any faster. It was an amazing experience that everyone in our group enjoyed. Small group made it feel personal, couldn't recommend this more highly!!!

5 StarsThe best excursion ever!September 03, 2011

Reviewer: Marina
The great type of activity, a lot of fun! we got a very nice guide, 6 people in a group!Great for people who like jet ski,totally u spend about an hour just driving it,awesome!Stingrays city is interesting, can swim with them, touch, hold and kiss them for good luck! Snorkeling is awesome! Very beautiful there! A lot of fun for a great price!!!!!!!