4 StarsComfortable and enjoyableSeptember 23, 2018

Reviewer: Marina King
Even though the island is small, we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the area in a comfortable van. The guide and driver and her young son helped us learn about the history and culture of their hometown.

5 StarsGrand experienceJuly 23, 2018

Reviewer: Stephania Felicia Mayes
Simply an excellent experience!! Our group of 7 were the only family in the van. Our driver gave us a wonderful tour and shared with us the history of the island. Thank you so much!

5 StarsShore Excursion + Grand TurkJuly 09, 2018

Reviewer: Elizabeth Eubank
The tour we took was excellent. The person who drove for us was very informative and gave a lot of information concerning the island. Would certainly use her again.

5 StarsGreat TourMay 07, 2018

Reviewer: M. Odette Arsenault
It gave us an overview of the island. Great tour. Thanks

5 StarsThis was a very informative tour.March 26, 2018

Reviewer: Yvonne Mulrooney
This was a very enjoyable tour. The tour guide was very good at her job as guide and driver. She had a good knowledge base and we enjoyed her tour very much.

5 StarsA Great overview of the Grand Turk IslandMarch 01, 2018

Reviewer: Jean Kimak
This was a great way to see all of the island in a relaxed manner. The guide pointed out many of the historic homes, a stop to have a local beer and conch fritters. Up to the lighthouse with commentary about life on this island. We were able to see some of the hurricane devastation to the local homes and the effect the hurricane had on this beautiful island.

4 StarsNice tourJanuary 30, 2018

Reviewer: Donna
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to show us around after he had his flat tire fixed. We spent a little more time than we would have liked shopping while the tire was being fixed but it was better than waiting at the tire place. Saw the lighthouse and some donkeys. Rode around the nicer homes neighborhood and saw some flamingos from afar. We had just one other couple with us so we had plenty of room in the van. It was worth the money we paid and I would recommend it.

5 StarsGreat tour and tour guideJanuary 15, 2018

Reviewer: Diana Ritter
We had a great experience, apart from having to find the tour guide. That was a bit of a chaotic mess, but there was a lady there helping us and all the other people looking for taxis. Our tour guide was amazing and came from the area, so she knew exactly what she was talking about. We got to see a little part of the town, shop, and she answered all our questions. I do recommend this if you want to see Grand Turks and some back areas. But if you like water, then pick one of those excursions instead because we did not get to see much of the water.

4 StarsNot worth the cost; do this on your own!January 09, 2018

Reviewer: Cher
Brief tour of a very small island where we saw the devastation from the hurricane 3 months ago. The small town was a place to buy trinkets from China and India as well as VERY expensive sea salt from the island. The lighthouse area was gated in and set up for admission; you even had to pay to go into the gift shop!

5 StarsInterestingJanuary 08, 2018

Reviewer: Jaque Peterson
This was a good excursion; we enjoyed learning a little bit about the culture of the island.

4 StarsTour of Grand TurkJuly 18, 2017

Reviewer: Marie
Our excursion began in the afternoon, which gave us sometime to spend on the beach. The city tour was great and we even had a chance to buy food, which was delicious.

5 StarsExclusive Grand Turk ExperienceApril 25, 2017

Reviewer: Norbert Hanson
Excellent. Wonderful driver. Best ever! Knowledgeable and cordial. We saw the highlights and appreciated the commentary.

4 StarsGood tourApril 17, 2017

Reviewer: Deb
Was a very good tour. Driver was Dwight (the owner with his wife). He was knowledgeable and well-spoken. Van was comfortable and air-conditioned and he had a mike so we could all hear. The tour saw most of the island with a stop in Cocksburn (very nice small and picturesque town) and a stop at the Historic Lighthouse.

5 StarsBeautiful Grand Turks!March 30, 2017

Reviewer: Becky Survant
We had a wonderful tour of Grand Turks, seeing the highlights of the island and learning some of its history. Our tour guide was very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. They were very prompt in picking us up at the designated spot. The van was in excellent condition and very clean. We highly recommend this tour!

5 StarsOverview of Grand TurkMarch 23, 2017

Reviewer: Lynnette Guthrie
This was a very informative overview of the Island. The driver/guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.

5 StarsTurks and Caicos tourMarch 17, 2017

Reviewer: Beth Draminski
The ship was late, but the tour guide knew the schedule and was waiting for us at the scheduled place. Great tour with 7 people. Very pleased.

4 StarsGreat ExcursionMarch 17, 2017

Reviewer: Jan Varney
Our ship was later than scheduled, so with the help of the ship's customer service center, we tried to phone the touring service to see if we could still make the excursion. We had 3 different phone numbers, one of which was Cruise One's Emergency number, and none of the phone numbers were answered. But as it turned out, our guide was there to pick us up and we had an enjoyable excursion. The guide was friendly and informative, showing us the island and giving the history of different areas we visited. It was a delightful day.

4 StarsGrand TurkFebruary 27, 2017

Reviewer: Theresia Skoberne
The trip was short not too exiting as to what is to see. Driver was nice but only one problem she should not have been on her cellphone talking and texting while she was driving. Easy pick up from the ship

5 StarsGrand Turk ExperienceJanuary 22, 2017

Guide was very friendly, easy to find, very knowledgable about the history of the island. We appreciated her sharing some of her Christmas Day taking us around

5 Starsgreat tour guide - tiny islandJanuary 19, 2017

Reviewer: Jane Gentile-Youd
lovely charming tour guide... Island is very tiny and really the only thing worth seeing is the NASA display and donkeys...

5 StarsGreat guideJanuary 17, 2017

Reviewer: Geraldine
Juline was our driver/guide and she was terrific. While she took us around Grand Turk she told us about lots including the climate and the life of the inhabitants. I appreciated that she was straight forward and open about life on Grand Turk.

5 StarsGrand Turk Old and NewJanuary 13, 2017

Reviewer: Glenda O'Banion
We loved this excursion! The historical knowledge of our tour guide was excellent and he had a wonderful love for this area that was reflected in his tour delivery. The tour bus was comfortable and very clean. The sights were lovely and we would suggest this tour to all of the travelers to this lovely area!

4 StarsNICE TOURDecember 10, 2016

Reviewer: CMLLOYD
The tour guide took us around Grand Turk but we were not informed before arriving at Lighthouse that there would be an additional fee.

4 StarsNice vanAugust 24, 2016

Reviewer: Elaine
Very small group of 6 people with us. The van was nice and our tour guide was okay. I thought she could of been more talkative when we were traveling from place to place.

4 StarsGrand Turk TourApril 24, 2016

Reviewer: TNTraveler
We had a wonderful tour of the island with an excellent historical and cultural overview.

5 StarsYes, I would purchase this again.April 10, 2016

Reviewer: Linda
Great guide

5 StarsGreat!!!April 08, 2016

Reviewer: TOM
Great staff and information about the island.

4 StarsEnjoyable Trip Around Grand TurkApril 04, 2016

Reviewer: Laurelbeach
We were fortunate to have an excellent tour guide, who was also the air conditioned van driver. She took her time and showed us the highlights of Grand Turk. We never felt rushed and particularly enjoyed seeing the wild donkeys at the historic lighthouse.

4 StarsNice TourMarch 19, 2016

Reviewer: Jane
Was a fun tour, but we had to wait 30 minutes for our tour guide even though our ship as late getting into port.

5 StarsFun ExcursionMarch 17, 2016

Reviewer: Janlenn
We liked this excursion very much. Our tour guide, Dwight, was excellent. He was very informative and fun to be with. He explained everything we saw very well. We had a good time with him and would recommend this excursion to others.

4 StarsI would suggest this tour to travelersMarch 14, 2016

Reviewer: n/a
Good to get away from the tourist trap shops found in ports to see and learn about the local culture and architecture.

5 StarsIt was a great excursion.March 14, 2016

Reviewer: The Adventure
Tour guide was very knowledgable.

5 StarsGreat TourFebruary 29, 2016

Reviewer: Ban
Very informative guide.

4 StarsGrand TurkFebruary 17, 2016

Reviewer: Jo
Our driver-guide was very proud of his island and took us all around with frequent photo stops.

5 StarsGreat way to be introduced to Grand TurkFebruary 16, 2016

Reviewer: pbrimer
We had a great time with a small group guided by a very experienced citizen of Grand Turk. In fact she and her husband owned the tour company. She gave us a great overview of the island. The length of the tour was perfect - we never felt rushed. In fact she even gave us several options along the way which allowed us to feel like we were on a custom tour.

5 StarsGood island tourFebruary 10, 2016

Reviewer: Alan&Deanna
Very small island but very good restaurant and pool area (by Jimmy Buffets). Super.

4 StarsGreat way to see the small island of Grand TurkJanuary 20, 2016

Reviewer: Dee
Good trip to see this small island. Guide very knowledge and friendly. Would have liked a little more time downtown.

5 StarsGreat tour!January 20, 2016

Reviewer: Sallie
Unfortunately I cannot remember the tour guide's name but she was excellent. We got a great history of the island and of specific buildings. We also got a great description of the salt industry. Saw almost all of the island. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Grand Turk

4 StarsExploring Grand TurkJanuary 14, 2016

Reviewer: Toyking
The guide was prompt, friendly, and made an enthusiastic effort to enhance the experience. Her personal courtesy is to be commended !

5 StarsGreat Experience, a must doNovember 23, 2015

Reviewer: Old Dude
Very good driver


Reviewer: GB

5 StarsWe Really Enjoyed This Tour!September 09, 2015

Reviewer: VBires
Our Tour Guide was very knowledgeable, so we had a great trip around the island. There was even time to shop at the end.

5 StarsHighly recommended!April 18, 2015

Reviewer: Jaime
Okay, there isn't a whole lot to do in Turks and Caicos. But this tour makes the most of what there is to see and do. Our guide was a woman who drove the mini-van. It was comfortable and air-conditioned. We did see the highlights, which include a church and small salt museum. The guide also pointed out colonial architecture as well as modern-day homes on the island. Definitely worth the money.

5 StarsThe best guide ever!March 29, 2015

Reviewer: abitaman
Our guide, Robert Hall, was absolutely one of the best we have ever had for ANY tour. He spoke better English than we do, and knew everything there was to know about Grand Turk Island specifically and the Turks & Caicos in general. He kept the tour very interesting, and we learned a lot about the local history and culture as well. He did an excellent job of showing us all there was to see on the island as well.

5 StarsExcellent tour and guide !November 28, 2014

Reviewer: Pat
We especially enjoyed learning about harvesting salt and the lighthouse tour and history of all the ship wrecks at that point on the island. Even Christopher Columbus lost the Pina there!!

5 Starsvery informative and not much walkingOctober 20, 2014

Reviewer: John and Donna
We learned alot about the history of Grand Turk. The van was very cool and confortable and the walking was minimal We enjoyed it alot and wish each island had a compareable tour. Really an excellent value for the money.

4 StarsVery Nice TourSeptember 27, 2014

Reviewer: John L.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Great! There were only 4 of us on the tour. The van was air conditioned and very cool. The tour was just the right mix of stops and sight seeing.

5 StarsBest guide ever!!!September 25, 2014

Reviewer: Denise the Equestrian
This was a great trip because of our guide, Clemente. He was very knowledgeable about all things in the Dominican Republic, present and past and projected future. He was well educated, well spoken and a natural speaker. He told us about different horticulture and its uses now & when he was a child. The Dancers on the river boat were the best dancers I have ever seen. The fresh cut coconuts, milk & meat we were given as they were cut open were a great experience, and were delicious!!

4 StarsA pleasant tour around the islandJuly 11, 2014

Reviewer: Trisha
The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave fun little tidbits about the island and it's recent history. She was friendly and even helped take photos of single tourists so we'd have a picture of us at the locations.

5 StarsTruly remarkable tour!May 22, 2014

Reviewer: Lizzie
Truly enjoyed the private tour. The driver/guide was extremely polite, knowledgeable, and safe. The air-conditioned van was a plus! Highly recommend this tour to anyone!

5 StarsGreat Tour and GuideDecember 01, 2013

Reviewer: none
Great tour of great island - Can't wait to return. Guide was interesting, knowledgeable, friendly and genuine. ""Shopping"" stops were not overly long.

5 StarsAn excellent tour of Grand TurkOctober 10, 2013

Reviewer: Gigi
Our tour guide was excellent. We saw all the historic sites of the island and learned about its history. It was the best tour I had on this trip.

4 StarsGreat timesAugust 22, 2013

Reviewer: Goldie
Local food opportunity, and secret shopping area the real high light of the trip. Local handmade items at reduced prices compared to downtown area.

4 StarsQuaint IslandJune 29, 2013

Reviewer: bp0903
Our guide was so friendly and knew so much about the island. All local people are so great!

4 StarsFamily FunJune 27, 2013

Reviewer: Bill
Julienne and her son made this a great tour. My wife and I were the only ones in the vehicle so we got exceptional service. The guides were making sure we got all the information with the son often adding interesting comments to Julienne's descriptions of the island attractions. With just the two of us all our questions were answered and often we stopped for unique picture opportunities

4 StarsGREATTT!!!!!February 01, 2013

Reviewer: Rich
Nice complete tour of Island.

5 StarsExcellent Grand Turk ExcursionJanuary 01, 2013

Reviewer: Joe
An entertaining and enjoyable morning excursion with great detail about the island.

4 Starswould do it againDecember 06, 2012

Reviewer: Ash
It was nice to see around. Very educational. Tour guide had lots to say. I would do it again

4 StarsNiceOctober 25, 2012

Reviewer: retired
The guide was very nice. It would have been helpful if there would have been a larger sign directing the way to the van. There just isn't much to see on Grand Turk. The best thing there was probably the beach.