River rafting
January 08, 2020
Perfect !! Even without seeing a waterfall. Our guides were perfect friendly well informed we felt safe and had a great time. I could have stayed on the raft longer but recognize time constraints.
Reviewer: Katie Haug
5 Stars
River Rafting
December 07, 2019
We really loved this excursion, there wasenough white water to keep us jumping, and enough calm to observe the beautiful scenery and birds
Reviewer: Margaret A Vaughan
5 Stars
River rafting in Costa rica
November 27, 2019
We arrived to an absolute down pour of rain. It was flooding. Guide asked if we wanted money back, to raft, or to do something else. He then drove us to river just to see it. This was an hour drive. He then made same offer. Ewe took offer to see Costa rica. He Took us to a covered boat ride, got packaged local foods for us to eat, explained life in the area, showed us town highlights, fed us snacks from local eateries, on and on .... best tour ever
Reviewer: J carter
5 Stars
Our review.
May 09, 2019
We really had a great time. Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. We would certainly do it again. We would recommend this excursion to anyone.
Reviewer: Mary Taylor
5 Stars
Down the river getting wet
December 29, 2018
I must tell you that the trip wasn't completely what I expected. This picture used in the ad is a little different than the river we went down but it was still an outstanding trip. My brother in law Michael and I went along with another family and had a great time. The guides were excellent and fun to be with. They were personable and took good care of us. I wish we had gotten some pictures but we had some glitches and came home with only memories. The sights were great and the water fine. We learned a lot about the area and had a great lunch. The fruit was outstanding folks. Thanks so much for a great time. If anyone from our group sees this and has some pictures they'd like to share we love to hear from you. Thanks again folks and keep up the good work. Paul T. Reed, MSgt, USAF Retired
Reviewer: Paul T. Reed
5 Stars