4 Stars Dolphin Encounter & Exclusive Island January 08, 2018

Reviewer: CN
The Dolphin Encounter was fabulous - we all loved it. The trainers did a great job giving facts about dolphins and giving directions. They also worked well with the kids in our group. The island was beautiful, we wished we had more time to enjoy it. The excursion was short. Overall this was an excellent excursion. My only suggestions would be that they allow for more time on the island and that the staff who checks you in and gives you your bracelets before the ferry ride be more visible and wear identification that shows that they are the reps for the tour company. We had two ladies approach us with nothing to show that they were with the tour company except a cardboard sign. Additionally, they didn't have any information on who they were supposed to be checking in and how many in each party. This was a little disconcerting for all of us that were waiting to check in.

5 StarsGreat experience October 02, 2017

Reviewer: Claudia P.
My daughter and I loved the dolphin encounter. It was very easy to find Senor Frogs (the locals were very polite and helpful). The dolphin and trainer were great! The interaction was fun, really worth the price. I saved money by book with this site instead of Norwegian and had the same experience. The ride to and from the island went very well, our boat was not crowded. Definitely recommend!

5 StarsAWESOMESeptember 19, 2017

Reviewer: George
Very well organized. Easy and straight forward. The whole family loved it!!!! We bought the whole DVD pic package. A little expensive but worth it....

5 StarsThe Dolphin ExperienceJuly 10, 2017

Reviewer: Lucy Delmotte
We very much enjoyed our experience with the dolphin encounter. Would recommend it to friends.

5 StarsThe joy of cruising.June 26, 2017

Reviewer: Lucy Delmotte
My daughter and niece very much enjoyed the Dolphin Encounter and the day at your Island. The cruise I booked was for their pleasure. Neither of them had ever been on a cruise so my hope was to introduce them to cruising and future traveling. They loved everything. Having a one on one with the dolphin was fun and exciting and joyful for all of us. They want to have another cruise next year so I will be working on our next adventure. Our hope is that my granddaughter will be able to join us next year. Now, you must know that the Travel Agent, Renee Mateusiak was absolutely the best. She helped me put this travel experience together. She was patience with my lack of experience and helped me plan our entire adventure. I will ask for her next year. She is great and should get recognized for her expertise and patience. IT WAS ALL WONDERFUL!!!!

5 StarsDolphin EncounterJune 14, 2017

Reviewer: Anne Rostosky
This was the highlight of my vacation! It was well-managed and a great experience.

4 StarsFun afternoonApril 21, 2017

Reviewer: Virginia
I was a little worried about not using the cruiselines vendor. We had a fun time, felt the price was reasonable. There was about 12+ of us who got to stand in the shallows and pet and kiss dolphin for about 15 minutes. Our guide was very friendly. We did buy the photos cd. a little pricey, but there are a lot of pictures, and let us all enjoy ourselves. It was about a 30 minutes to the island. We had a 90 minute wait until our encounter. We tried the food, it was good, and wasn't too expensive. We didn't buy any alcohol. We used beach & pool, and didn't feel it was over-crowded. There was a board with recommended return times for each ship, and staff were helpful. My only complaint was the main bathroom, in the food area, really nasty - especially considering the cleanliness elsewhere. I would've given it 5 stars, except for the rest room. I recommend the tour - it met our budget and we enjoyed the time on the island, relaxed and low keyed.

5 StarsGreat Experience!February 12, 2017

Reviewer: Steve Hay
My granddaughter, Claire and I truly enjoyed this dolphin encounter. The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to make sure it was a memorable experience. Claire had plenty of time to interact with Marge, the dolphin. Seeing the smile on her face was well worth the price. This was my first time using Shore Excursions but will definitely use them again.

5 StarsFamily enjoyed it. February 09, 2017

Reviewer: Melissa Hernandez
This was a great excursion for 1st time swimming with the dolphins. My son and mom enjoyed the Dolphin Encounter. They were waist deep and the instructor was so patient and knowledgeable. My daughter and I did the dolphin swim. We were so impressed with the dolphin care and also their interaction with us. Great island, great trainers and great memories were made.

5 StarsAmazing ExperienceJanuary 22, 2017

Reviewer: Lisa
Worth every penny!

4 StarsDolphin encounter January 06, 2017

Reviewer: J. Hill
Overall the excursion was wonderful. The dolphin trainer and dolphin (Cortez) were wonderful. The only downfall was for expensive as it was, they charged $75.00 per picture. I really wanted a momento from our experience and was going to purchase a photo of our family (7 people). I was shocked that they were going to charge an additional $25 per head over 4 people in a photo. Needless to say we did not pay the ridiculous $150.00 price tag for 1 picture. That was our biggest disappointment in regards to this excursion. For as expensive as it costs a family of 7 to enjoy this type of excursion, a picture would have been a great souvenir.

5 StarsExperience I Will Never Forget! November 23, 2016

Reviewer: Crystal Nascimento
As avid animal lovers, my husband and I were so excited to be able to be so close to the Dolphins and to be able to touch them! I will never forget the experience, along with how serene and beautiful the island was. The only two cons would be that: food/drinks are very expensive on the island and the pictures that are taken while in the Dolphin Encounter are also very expensive. My husband and I did not purchase the pictures for this very reason. However, we would love to do it again and enjoyed our time very much!

5 Starsamazing experience with dolphineNovember 20, 2016

Reviewer: milan jhaveri
amazing experience with dolphine, never forget this

5 StarsSame Excursion as the Cruise Line but Better ValueAugust 31, 2016

Reviewer: Cynthia Petzold
We really enjoyed our dolphin encounter at the private island. It was a short distance from the Pier. We had to meet in front of Senor Frogs, which was a short walk. Once we arrived at the private island, we checked in and received our time to report for our excursion. In the meantime, we had access to the beach with plenty of lounge chairs to enjoy. If you want a change, they also have pools to use. My kids loved the dolphins. We got to touch them and feed them. There was a photographer that took many pictures of us with the dolphins because we were not allowed to bring our own cameras. The CD was $75.00 but we got a lot of pictures. They also have a video of your excursion for purchase. I would definitely recommend this excursion. Maybe next time, I would like to do swimming with the dolphins.

4 StarsDifferent expectations, but awesome dolphin timeAugust 16, 2016

Reviewer: Leslie Morgan
The time with the dolphins was exactly what I expected. There was about 20 minutes of touching the dolphins in a controlled small group. This included time for the professional photos (no personal cameras allowed). Photos were only available as a CD for $75. Most surprising was the extended time on the private island. We met the small boat to the private island at 9:30am when the cruise ship docked. After a 20 minute trip to the island, and just under an hour to play in the water away from the dolphins, we had our dolphin time at 11am. We expected to be able to leave the island any time after that, but the boat back only left at 2:45. We had not planned to eat lunch on the island, but that was the only option.

5 StarsEncounter with the DolphinsAugust 07, 2016

Reviewer: Ken Litchfield
The experience with the Dolphins was a once in a life time event. The video and pictures were a great purchase, too, documenting the time My only issue is that there was sharp coral material which was in the water where you walked and stood. It should be suggested that you bring flip flops with you.

4 StarsBetter Value than What the Cruise Line OfferedMay 28, 2016

Reviewer: Earlydawn
I did the dolphin experience as a special ""extra"" for my wife and I knew she would enjoy it.

5 StarsBEST Life Experience so farMay 16, 2016

Reviewer: Kim
This was by far one of the best excursions EVER! It was easy to get to, short distance from Pier, and boat ride to there was smooth. Once you arrive on the Island you are amazed at the luxury and privacy. The dolphins are so friendly, they swam towards us as we were walking to the main building. They really appeared happy and the trainers showed so much love and adoration for them. The whole experience was extremely personal. After the encounter (WONDERFUL) we enjoyed the islands beautiful beach with plenty of chairs and umbrellas. There is two pools at your disposal also. place to sit in the shade and have a drink or something to eat. It was clean,quiet and beautiful. the only drawbacks were the price of the food and drinks were high, and no personal photos can be taken while with the dolphins. You have the option to purchase a CD with your pictures on it, the whole CD cost around $100 so be aware.

5 StarsWould defenetly recomend!April 23, 2016

Reviewer: Jasi
This was fun.. I an to walk a little but td island was espectacular. Expect the water to be cold.

5 StarsI would do this againApril 14, 2016

Reviewer: Rick
The people that worked with the dolphins were amazinthe kids loved them.

5 StarsExperience of a lifetimeMarch 19, 2016

Reviewer: Rebecca
This was a great experience for kids and adults alike to be up close and personal with the dolphins of Balmoral Island. The trip from the pier in Nassau to the island was a nice ride with a fun and informative tour of the area. After the interaction with the dolphins, there is a beach and pool area to enjoy as well.

5 StarsGreat ExperienceMarch 15, 2016

Reviewer: 1Cruiser
We had a great time. Everything as advertised and plenty of time to relax on the beach after our Dolphin Encounter. Our Cruise itinerary got changed and we arrived in port on a different day but it was not a problem. You Will Love It!

4 Starsnice day at the beach and dolphin encounterMarch 06, 2016

Reviewer: chow mein
Overall, a nice experience. We got to touch dolphins and interact a little bit with them. The water was a bit cold. We met up with the guides at 10 AM and it was a small group. After the dolphin encounter, we had a whole beach to ourselves. Before we departed, a large group of tourists came to the beach. It was nice that we avoided the crowd.

5 StarsWe had an awesome time and it was very well organiDecember 07, 2015

Reviewer: Annette
Very fun.

5 StarsA must to do!November 26, 2015

Reviewer: princess
The water was beautiful but was very rocky We were bare footed so I suggest you bring water shoes but overall I am happy we did this excursion and it is something my family will never forget especially my 9 year old daughter!

4 StarsGreat Family TimeOctober 19, 2015

Reviewer: Mcnutty
Great family time and the kids had a blast.

4 StarsHad a Blast!!September 02, 2015

Reviewer: PA Traveler
We enjoyed this excursion very much on our August 2015 cruise. We met at Senor Frogs and took the boat over to Balmoral Island. When we were approaching the island we noticed a Sandals sign on the beach and feared it would be crowded, but it was not. There was plenty of time to experience the dolphin encounter and still relax on the beach or at the outdoor bar. We had a very nice time and enjoyed the excursion!!

4 StarsLOVED IT!!!August 09, 2015

Reviewer: gjoy
Previous reviews complained that you couldn't bring your own cameras and that the photos that were taken by the ""crew"" were too expensive. Well, they were well-worth the cost. They knew what they were doing and we had a memorable CD of our adventure.


Reviewer: Dina P
We did the dolphin experience on Balmoral Island and it couldn't have been better. I searched for dolphin experiences before going and they were so expensive so when this came up on sale, I decided to buy it. We waited by Señor Frogs like they said and got on a very nice fishing boat that took us to the island. It was beautiful and VERY clean. We got there before the ship groups so we had a small intimate session. When the ship groups came, there were so many people and all they did was wait in lines the whole time. The only con was the food and drinks were really expensive. Next time we will be sure to eat a huge meal right before going.

4 Stars""An amazing experience"".April 30, 2015

Reviewer: DeNice
I would recommend the Dolphin experience to anyone who likes excitement. I had a wonderful time at the private island as well.

5 StarsAwesome experienceApril 07, 2015

Reviewer: Loving mom
This was a once in a lifetime experience for my family! My young children absolutely loved getting to swim, touch, feed, get a kiss, and watch the dolphins play and do tricks for us! The people were very kind and answered questions we may have had. They explained facts about the dolphins that was very interesting. The dolphins were very playful and loved getting so much attention. It was an awesome vacation that we will never forget! We made great memories and would definitely recommend to anyone!

5 StarsDolphin Encounter was Great !March 17, 2015

Reviewer: Vactioneer
The location for the pickup was not provided. We received an email after the cruise with the location pickup.

5 StarsOh what dolphin fun!February 03, 2015

Reviewer: CLH
Great dolphin interaction with experienced dolphin trainer. The private island amenities were also great to enjoy after the dolphin experience. Lovely beach and pool included with food/drink a la carte if you want it. Pictures are really great, but bring $70 if you want to buy them. I thought it was worth the price given the unique experience. My 10 yr old also loved it all.

4 StarsGood ExperienceDecember 26, 2014

Reviewer: Dhams
We were the only family on the Disney cruise who had bought this Dolphin encounter. We reached the place where they told they will pick us up for the island at 10am. However, no one was there to receive us until 11am. Then we were taken to the island where we had to wait for an hour and half before we could have the dolphin encounter. The dolphin encounter was very very good. Usually, there are 8-10 people in a group but it was just 3 of us with the Dolphin trainer and photographer. The trainer answered all our questions and we spent around 25 minutes with the Dolphin. It was a very unique experience. The photos cost us $70 but it was worth it. Overall a very good experience.

4 StarsIt is was as the headline saysNovember 02, 2014

Reviewer: Peg
Sooo disappointed about not getting a picture to take of our encounter. We had to either buy a $70.00 photo package of the pics they took or nothing. You are prohibited from taking your own pictures. no cameras allowed. Once in a life time experience! I was beside myself that I could not order just one. I went away totally bummed out. Also, while there, my husband ordered a bahama mama drink and a coke at the bar and the bill was $27.! WoW Can we say price gouging! The actual encounter with the Dolphin Vince was so Amazing! We will never forget it.