5 StarsSuper TourOctober 18, 2017

Reviewer: Raja Raman
The best excursion in Jamaica. The tour operator was fantastic. Went with a group of only 10, so got a personal service. Highly recommended.

4 StarsHike up Dunn's River Falls and River TubingMarch 24, 2017

Reviewer: Lisa Goulet
We started with a comfortable and informative bus tour to Dunn's River Falls. Make sure you bring your water shoes to hike up the falls as the rocks are slippery. We then went up the Falls as a group. It is a fairly easy hike but there are some tricky spots where the guides will assist you and tell you where to plant your feet. After the Falls hike it was another short drive to the River for tubing. The river was quite tame and the guides also make sure that your group stays together, serenading you along the way. It's a pretty easy tube ride!

5 StarsBest Excursion Ever!!!August 01, 2016

Reviewer: Wendy Callahan
My family has taken many cruises and many excursions but this excursion through Best Price Cruises was the Best we have ever had. We had a party of 11 people and we had our own excursion. We were picked up in a shuttle and had our own tour guide and driver. They took us to both the falls and the tubing and we had a private small group. They were professional and very fun. Both the falls and the river tubing were great and would do them again. We felt like we were well taken care of and had a private tour guide and excursions. Will book my excursions again through Best Price Cruises.

5 StarsOkMay 13, 2016

Reviewer: Scott
We had a great time.

5 StarsA great day to remember at Ochos RiosApril 21, 2016

Reviewer: The Flying Dutchman
This was our first excursion with Shore Excursions as we travelled with the Norwegian Getaway to Jamaica. We wanted to get away from the big crowd excursions and selected Shore Excursions. It was a bit of a leap of faith as we only got vouchers with directions where to go. It worked flawlessly however ! We were told exactly where to go and what bus to take. No issues at all. We were indeed with a small group, which is much nicer and gives less hassle and waiting time. Our guides were very friendly and ""happy man"". The Dunn River falls are truly awesome. Can be a bit crowded though when there a multiple groups which takes away a bit of the unique experience. What they say about getting wet is very true ! Don't bring anything that cannot be wet. Just put on your bathing suit and water shoes and put your phone in a waterproof bag. The experience is great, but be careful about your steps and sharp edges. It can be tricky out there, but the experience is really awesome. Jamaicans can be pushy with regards to tips and our guide became very pushy once we were done. They really expect you to tip, so always have some cash in your pockets. After Dunn river falls, we drove to the tubing river adventure. They were out of tires, so our guide had to improvise. That worked out well, as she took us to a local Jerk Chicken restaurant that had great food. The downside was that we had to wait very long for our food and almost missed our tubing adventure. We were still in time though.... The tubing adventure has great scenery and is exciting from the start. After a while the river becomes more quiet and then the ride is not as exciting anymore. The guide were awesome again: singing all the time ! We were back in time on the boat, so overall REALLY great experience. Thanks Shore excursions !

5 StarsA climbable waterfalls combined with leisurely tubMarch 17, 2016

Reviewer: Wally
One of the very few waterfalls on the planet that one can climb

5 Starsa great time...December 24, 2015

Reviewer: J&D
Fun for everyone. the guides were great.

4 StarsQuite a climbMay 01, 2015

Reviewer: Be Kind
Falls climb was great fun, challenging at times. Did not need all the video and group singing and chanting. Tubing was not very organized but very relaxing. Expected a little more speed and rapids.

5 StarsNot to miss adventureFebruary 27, 2015

Reviewer: Unknown
Great tour. Guide let us explore at our own pace, which is exactly what we wanted. Our river tubing guide was so much fun. He provided our own entertainment with his singing. We sang right along with him on many of the songs. Fun, fun, fun.

5 StarsHad a Fantastic time!January 29, 2015

Reviewer: Godzchick
The boys had a great time.

5 StarsPerfect Cruise ExcursionJanuary 22, 2015

Reviewer: Travel Family
Great Excursion...I wouldn't call the falls 'extreme', but certainly you need to be an active individual to feel comfortable. The river tubing was laid back and relaxing. Our van driver for the day was entertaining and had very good advice for navigating the hard-sell shopping area as you leave the falls. Don't forget the bring plenty of cash for tips and food (which is mid-way on the river tuning trip).

5 StarsGreat ExcursionJanuary 16, 2015

Reviewer: Stu
Awesome time. Love climbing the falls. Tubing was relaxing and enjoyable

5 StarsOne of the best excursionOctober 02, 2014

Reviewer: Marika
It was the best excursion of the three we chose. The tubing was great fun

4 StarsWorth the price!March 06, 2013

Reviewer: DH
We only had 4 in our group. We didnt have to hold hands w/ the other bigger groups. We took our own path, at our own pace, up the falls. Very nice. Cab driver was great.

4 StarsGreat duoJanuary 02, 2013

Reviewer: Chris
This combination was only offered through our purchase here. The cruise line did not have the availability to purchase both adventures. Was glad that we took the time to review what was available and purchase through you.

4 StarsDon't fall for the Falls - tubing Great!January 07, 2012

Reviewer: Joe & Suzi
'Exclusive' describes the guide that took us to the two outings and brought us back to the ship. Dunn's River Falls we were joined up into a larger group and herded up the falls... The tubing was just our small group (6 ppl) and excellent. Wouldn't recommend any water excursions in late Nov / Dec timeframe. 80F air temp is cold in the water, not counting rain & wind which only makes it feel colder.

5 StarsGreat Water AdventuresJanuary 06, 2012

Reviewer: TJ the Adventurer
Most exciting dual water adventure to date.

4 StarsGreat timeDecember 30, 2011

Reviewer: Stu
Dunn's River Falls was a lot of fun. We climbed the falls in the past and decided to do it again. We all had a blast. I didn't expect much from the tubing. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't a lazy river, as expected. While the rapids weren't extreme, they were good enough to have a fun time.

4 StarsA great combo -- tubing and the fallsMay 05, 2011

Reviewer: admom
This trip was really very fun. The issue is that it is very expensive overall. As a family of 4 we could have saved a lot of money doing it on our own and would do so next time. Given that, the driver was very nice. He even stopped at a store to buy beer for people in on the tour. I will say that you have to tip a lot of people: driver, guides on the river (2 of them), guide on the falls, video guy on the fall, etc. They will also try and sell you pictures on the river and the video at the falls. Falls video decent price for what you get. We ran out of money. Dunns river falls vendors (after you hiked the falls and are going back to the parking lot) are very aggressive. It didn't bother me, but many on our trip found it hard to deal with.