5 StarsA very enjoyable and informative dayMay 14, 2018

Reviewer: Deirdre McCormack
Really enjoyed this excursion. If was off the beaten track and allowed us to experience, learn, eat and taste nature at its very best. Our tour guide was very informative, fun and held our interest throughout the tour. Learning about the medicinal use of every day herbs was enjoyable and a great way to test existing knowledge! Eating a grapefruit off the tree was a super experience as well as drinking fresh coconut water. I would highly recommend this tour. Something different, fun and informative. Well done Sun Valley Plantation. We wish you ever success for the future. Best wishes Deirdre & Maurice McCormack (Ireland)

5 StarsSad to miss this tour!April 23, 2018

Reviewer: Cheryl Dawson-Voight
We were so looking forward to this tour; especially after our experience with our Cartagena tour. Sadly, inclement weather prevented our ship from docking in Ocho Rios. When we returned home, I contacted Shore Excursions Group to request a refund since the port call was cancelled by the cruise line. I spoke with Jamie who refunded the cost without hesitation. She also refunded the portion of the travel insurance premium that applied to this trip without me asking! Customer service at its finest, which is why we love Shore Excursions Group!

5 StarsEducationalFebruary 21, 2018

Reviewer: Mimi Tomaric
What an unexpected surprise. This tour was interesting in that the owners son showed us the various trees and spices grown. He also shared how these were prepared and explained medicinal uses for some of the plants and trees. Then his mom prepared a number of food samples using these fruits, some which I was not familiar. I was happy we booked this tour.

5 StarsTour of Sun Valley PlantationMay 11, 2017

Reviewer: Sue Lavoie
The tour was excellent. The family grows most of what they eat and it was fascinating to learn about all the different fruits and to see them growing. We were also able to sample many: coconut water, jack fruit, coconut, plantains, bananas, ackee, and several I've forgotten.

5 StarsNon-ExcursionDecember 14, 2016

Reviewer: Charles R Smith
Ship's instructions for departure place and time were way off and we went to meet the van on the dock about two hours AFTER they left for the tour. The star rating is moot.

5 StarsEducational Tour!December 06, 2016

Reviewer: Melodie Savoca
My husband and I were the only ones on the tour but the shuttle bus driver was fun to talk to. When we arrived, the guide walked us around and was very knowledgeable about all the trees and fruits. He also had a sense of humor to keep the tour fun! We got to see the men cut coconuts and drink samples of everything. We were allowed to smell the different leaves learn a lot! Afterwards they served us samples of different fruits and cooked plantain. The tour was slow and the tour guide allowed for all the questions we wanted to ask.

5 StarsGreat excursion, would highly recommend!May 07, 2016

Reviewer: Corey and Kaidyn
The tour is definitely unique, which is a good thing. It starts with a drive from the pier to the plantation. That's interesting in itself, as you get a chance to see Jamaica, off the beaten path. Once we arrived at the plantation, the tour guide was very personable and tailored the tour to our interests. We sampled some juice before the tour and had a full meal afterwards. During a 6 day cruise, I have more photos from this stop than anything else!

4 StarsHow much can you grow in your yard?February 02, 2016

Reviewer: Jeannie
A little too long....very informative....and educational. Nice guide.

5 StarsWonderful tour!January 13, 2016

Reviewer: Susi
This plantation tour was great! First of all, we had our own car and driver, Radcliff, and he was super! Very informative and polite, and we were happy not to be on the Holland America bus that had quite a few passengers. The road to the plantation was indeed rough and rutty, as we were warned in the literature, and it took about 45 minutes to get there, but Radcliff kept us entertained with information about the area we were traveling through, the villages, etc. After we got there we had the tour along with the other tourists, and that too was so interesting. It rained a bit while on the tour but they had enough umbrellas for all to use if we wanted to. There were fruits that I had never heard of, and our guide explained how they all grew and were harvested. There wasn't much walking as all of the plants that he talked about were in close proximity. We were given coconut water to drink, with a demonstration of how they use a machete to open the coconut, and at the end of the tour we had several delicious plates of all the different fruits that we saw on the tour. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend it. Well worth the money!

5 StarsJamaican ParadiseApril 02, 2015

Reviewer: Caribbean Lover
My husband and I did the Sun Valley Plantation excursion in Jamaica and we were well pleased with the experience. Our guide was very pleasant and informative. I was 21 weeks pregnant at the time and the activity level was just right for me. Interestingly enough, there was another couple who joined us and the wife was 25 weeks pregnant. I enjoyed tasting all the delicious fruits and drinks known to Jamaica/Caribbean as well as seeing the beautiful foliage. I'm talking fresh coconut water, passion fruits, guava, and june plums. I could go on and on, but it's making me hungry. There was a light traditional Jamaican breakfast that was served at the end of our tour. We had ackee and saltfish, green banana, breadfruit, and plantains. That's it, I'm officially hungry just reminiscing. If you're looking for a cultural and exotic experience, Sun Valley Plantation is the place for you.

5 StarsGREAT,GREAT,GREATAugust 11, 2014

Reviewer: JLGOVER
The trip to the location is also an adventure...all together this is a good time.

5 StarsWONDERFULApril 07, 2014

Reviewer: Dee
This ended up being a private tour by the owner's son. His personal stories added to the experience as we were guided through the plantation he truly loved! His father cooked the food as we were touring, we saw coconuts being retrieved for us to taste, and were impressed with the flora and fauna as we learned a lot about how the history of the area affected what we were seeing. The food was INCREDIBLE! It felt like a very special, personal experience that we were lucky enough to get in on.