5 StarsGreat TimeMay 29, 2018

Reviewer: Victoria Vacchelli
We had a wonderful time on the Catamaran with Roger and Marvin. They were wonderful hosts and we only had to share the trip with another couple. The snorkeling was great, as was the rum punch. Roger took us sailing after snorkeling and we definitely enjoyed our time.

5 StarsGreat ExperienceMarch 17, 2018

Reviewer: Doug P
While it wasn't great for our skipper Roger, my wife and I were fortunate to have Roger and his boat all to ourselves. While it takes a while to get to the west end of the island where he keeps his boat, that part of the trip was enjoyable as well. When we got on the catamaran we were taken right away to the reef area for snorkeling which was fantastic. Roger's crew member Marvin was a great guide and made sure we saw a wide variety of fish. Throughout the cruise Roger was very attentive and made us feel more like friends than customers. We would definitely do this cruise again.

5 StarsCatamaran CruiseMarch 09, 2018

Reviewer: John Angeloppoulos
Our driver took us to the wrong location which delayed our outing by an hour or more. However we did see a great deal of Roatan which was a nice experience. Crazy driving. The operator of the Catamaran sent us out on a smaller version as we missed the castoff. He did all he could to make it fun. Shortened time but still a lot of fun. Great snorkeling.

5 StarsGreat day on the waterJanuary 21, 2018

Reviewer: Ida Ellams
Roger was our captain and is Italian (speaks good English). We were in a van for about 20 mins to get to the destination. The Catamaran is small, and there was 8 guests and the Capitan, his mate, and his guest. Was a great day to get away from the crowds on the ship. Typically we have done the large rum runner catamaran tours with 30+ people. This tour was great, very relaxing and the snorkeling was good. Lots of fish and his mate showed us some good spots to find the coral and some great colorful fish. A complete surprise and bonus, there was a dolphin center where we were sailing and Roger took us around so we could see the dolphins. If your looking for a party tour this is not it; but if your looking for a great relaxing day (I had 2 teenagers with me and my hubby during the Christmas week) - we all really enjoyed this small group and personalized tour.

5 StarsexcellentJanuary 19, 2018

Reviewer: Karen Lambert
My husband & I really enjoyed this tour. The Italian captain & his Honduran sidekick treated us very well1 He made us feel welcome and the snorkeling was wonderful. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants a special experience!

5 StarsFantastic Snorkeling!November 08, 2017

Reviewer: Rob Fischer
Although the day was overcast, the excursion was wonderful The snorkeling was fantastic and the guides were very attentive and customer focused. Great value! The only thing I would change is they should serve local beer rather than a beer from Europe.... but the beer was good nonetheless. Rum punch was OK.

5 StarsGreat boat and snorkelNovember 06, 2017

Reviewer: Mark H
This trip was great! A short ride from the port. We were lucky enough to be the only ones doing this excursion for the day. Roger, the skipper and the snorkel guide were great. Saw some really great coral and fish. Had a nice relaxing boat ride and some drinks. Beautiful trip!

5 Starsgreat day, family owned and operatedApril 17, 2017

Reviewer: Mario Gingras
Just enjoyed the tour with Roger, his son Ricardo and snorkelling guide, It is a small catamaran, we were 10 guest + the 3 staff member and we had plenty of room. very good snorkelling reef in shallow water where you can see plenty of fish. Ricardo dive to fetch sea star, clan and other sea shell that we would have missed. After the snorkel, we cruise along the dolphin pool and were lucky enough to have 2 wild dolphin swimming under the catamaran net. Just amazing. Finally, we had a small dip in a nice calm area before going for a sail back to the meeting location. Roger's even speak french and this was a big plus for us. Roger's operation is a family business, we get a personalize service. Merci encore pour la belle journée

4 StarsRoger's catamaran (Il parle français!)March 30, 2017

Reviewer: Julie Gauthier
We were on Roger's Catamaran in March 2017 and just loved it. We appreciated being a small group. (12 people on that day). Roger and his son took real good care of us and we adored the way he was trying to please us. He did appreciate the fact that we were a few french speaking passengers as he saw the opportunity to practice his french. Really enjoyed our day!

5 StarsHad a great time even thoughwindyIt got better (fuMarch 30, 2017

Reviewer: Jim Sova
we picked up 10more people. Of course the couples wantedtobe in the netarea. The capt, Roger, is Italian, and it was alittle hard to understand him when hewas talking. We got going,the wave swells were pretty big and the people infront got wet. (theywerewarned), Of course the women screamed inshock as we went down (littleover theirwaist whensitting innet) on the swell,then we went up, they came outof water. Ofcourse the captain was saying things and I finally understood Rodger. " We need a few people to come back" as the weightwas keeping theprop outof thewater, and we weren't goingtogo anywhere until wedid... downwe went again...dipping inthe water again and thegirls screaming inshock again, whatahoot. Afew people moved back, and it wasn't so extreme. The snorkeling wasgreat I wastold... I stayed aboard and sipped exotic beer..On theturn around to go back, he was able toput the jib out and turnoffhismotor. Wehad an excellenttime. Thks Rodger. .Jim/Judy. 3/8/17

5 StarsCatamaran Snorkel ExcursionJanuary 15, 2017

Reviewer: Laurie Catterall
Captain Rogers and his first mate were excellent hosts and very capable sailors and snorkeling guides. A lot of fun with a small intimate group vs. a gaggle of people, lol. Boat wasn't the pearl of the sea but it sure was fast. Highly recommend.

5 StarsGreat trip!November 20, 2016

Reviewer: Lauren Fangman
We booked this excursion and were a little nervous at first because it wasn't associated with the cruise line. However, we were very happy with our choice. Our ship captain took great care of us. He was very friendly and made sure we had a great time snorkeling, as well as on the boat. There was plenty of beer, water, and snacks throughout the boat ride. He also took us to see the dolphins, which wasn't even in the itinerary. I definitely recommend this trip for snorkeling and cruising!

5 StarsHonduras Catamaran Review August 04, 2016

Reviewer: Ronda Panucci
Ruggero Leonardi (Roger) showed us an amazing time. His crew was terrific as well. He and my Italian husband got along amazing. Pi-sans! Great snorkeling, beautiful reef. Perfect for us! Thank you.

4 StarsLoved it!May 02, 2016

Reviewer: Lynne
Was very pleased with the snorkeling experience. Owner was knowledgeable, interactive and it was a beautiful ride on the catamaran. Lots of great fish - guide was great in pointing out things. I only had one objection in that it was a very small group (3) and while I would have been disappointed if the trip had been canceled I felt just slightly uncomfortable at the end of the trip since the one couple that was on the trip were dropped off at the resort site and I was left alone to go back to where the catamaran was moored. It is in a remote location and as a single woman I felt a little uneasy being in the situation. The driver was waiting after we walked through the area which was an old hotel that is no longer in business. With the way the world is today and being in a place that you are not familiar with it is a little unsettling to be alone.