5 StarsGirlfriends dayJanuary 18, 2018

Reviewer: Michelle D
This was by far my best spoil me excursion that I have been on. Anthony's Key resort is gorgeous. It was a bit confusing trying to find our tour once we got off the ship. It is a good walk to the gate and we did feel a bit unsafe as there were alot of tours trying to sell us excursions. We found our tour guide but she didn't have our names so I requested her to get our names so we weren't just hoping in a taxi as this island is a bit scary. She called back and got our name so it made us feel much better. The massage was in a hut near the ocean and it was so relaxing. Then we had a pedicure outside. This resort is beautiful and I recommend going early and enjoying it as you ride boats between islands and we didn't have enough time to really enjoy it all!

5 StarsWe will be going back!March 30, 2017

Reviewer: Aaron
It was the best excursion we have ever taken.The massages were outstanding in my humble opinion. After filling out a form to indicate our preferences and pressure type, each of us were picked up by a staff member and taken to a very relaxing and pleasant smelling cabin with a full size massage table and soft music. The first step was a full-body sugar scrub and then a quick shower. Next was a very nice smelling rubdown and wrap with mylar that was kind of like a cocoon and then another shower. I have no idea how long any of these were because it was literally such a relaxing experience that I lost track of time. Last was the actual massage where it felt like every muscle was pulled/straightened and then put back in place. It was a good kind of hurt and afterwards I felt like I was gliding rather than walking!

5 StarsExcellentAugust 12, 2016

Reviewer: Howard Walther
This excursion was worth every penny. The spa treatments were 5 star quality and the location and venue was breathtaking. Our tour guide was fantastic. I highly recommend it

5 StarsRelazing MassageAugust 12, 2016

Reviewer: Frank Sommerville
My wife and I enjoyed a couples massage. Ir was my first time and I liked it. The setting is a hut on an island in the resort. We felt like we were being pampered in our private paradise.

5 StarsRelaxation plusMarch 30, 2016

Reviewer: Debra
Beautiful setting. We were welcomed on arrival and told what options we had. We paddled boarded, laid by the pool, watched the Dolphins with their trainers and then had the most relaxing massage on the beach. Highly recommend this one!!!!

5 StarsWonderful experience!February 24, 2016

Reviewer: field4kids
My husband and I greatly enjoyed this spa experience. The women we were assigned to were nice and seemed to be well trained as massage therapists, Our massage time was very relaxing and enjoyable. After our massage, we got a drink and relaxed in the beautiful pool area. The grounds of the resort (Anthony's Key Resort) are very clean and absolutely gorgeous. We were actually allowed inside an empty cabin, as we are considering flying to Roatan and spending a few days relaxing at this resort in the future. We ate a small meal,in the bar area of the restaurant. They had a driver ready to return us to the dock. We reboarded the ship and enjoyed some time on the fairly empty ship.

4 StarsThe Spa and the massage was perfect, however...February 03, 2016

Reviewer: RAM
We had a hard time finding where the spa was suppose to pick us up. Once we found the place I was intimidated by the line of men on the side of the road and the guards. When we found the rep she advised that the driver had just left and would be back. The ride was nice and the driver very friendly. However, a pickup truck pulled out in front of us and the 2 men in the bed had rifles. The spa itself was paradise and the masseuse was excellent.

5 StarsWe will be heading back here SOON!!!January 29, 2016

Reviewer: Gladiator Knight
This is a place you only believe is in movies! Absolutely breathtaking. Truly felt like we were in heaven. The spa was a fantastic experience. We loved our services. What we liked most was the relaxing atmosphere with postcard worthy views. What a beautiful place. Without a doubt, we will be going back to stay at the resort. We loved relaxing by the ocean. We enjoyed the drinks at the poolside bar. All the beautiful palm trees and blue blue water. The dolphins were very entertaining to watch. The restaurant food was simply divine. Take this trip!

5 Starsfantastic dayDecember 07, 2015

Reviewer: kim
we had an excellent time. very relaxing.