5 StarsNature with a bounce in your step!May 30, 2018

Reviewer: Kim Taylor
The meeting instructions were easy to follow. Ride to where the tour started not too far away. Enjoyed the nature walk with a local guide who shared some local customs about the animals and plants we saw so I definitely learned some new things. Walking or bouncing across the bridges, each with a different name was out of the ordinary and added some fun to a pretty good nature walk. We also caught a couple views of the zip lines nearby. I'd like to do it again sometime!

4 StarsEco WalkMarch 21, 2018

Reviewer: J. Eastland
Rather a long drive from the dock to the site but that gave us a chance to see different areas of the island. The walk was very interesting and our guide was very knowledgeable. She explained the medical uses for many of the plants. Knew the history of the area, the plant, animals, and was able to answer all of our questions. Enjoyable.

5 Starsvery coolMarch 16, 2018

Reviewer: RT
Our guide was wonderful on explaining the different trees we came across and what medicines they get from them and how they use them. She was great at letting us know at each bridge why it was named what it was. Very fun way to trek through the jungle.

4 StarsGood tourMarch 06, 2018

Reviewer: Chris
Knowledgeable guide. Interesting area. Many suspension bridges over the forest. As a bonus, the bus driver gave us a driving tour on the way back to the ship.

5 StarsEco Walk and Suspension BridgesMarch 05, 2018

Reviewer: camille
Really enjoyed the tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and the tour gave us the opportunity to see wildlife and the rainforest from up high. The driver also took time to explain the island's culture and showed us more of the island than I expected

4 StarsExcursion March 03, 2018

Reviewer: Mark Lindsay
Enjoyed the tour and our guide.

5 StarsVery Interesting and well organized tripJanuary 31, 2018

Reviewer: Margaret M.
We enjoyed the excursion. It was well organized and interesting to see the lush jungle. The guide was well informed and took good care of the participants. Good choice.

4 StarsWonderful walk on the wild sideDecember 30, 2017

Reviewer: Gary Weier
The guide for the Eco Walk was delightful and full of many tidbits of information. We had wished for more birds, but no one can predict when and where they might be. The monkeys at the bus stop were quite entertaining. A worthwhile excursion

4 StarsOct 2017 cruiseNovember 22, 2017

Reviewer: Kelli
The eco walk was a good choice for our middle aged group of four. Tour guide was knowledgeable and let us take our time.

4 StarsBeautiful October 28, 2017

Reviewer: Pamela arias
This was a must do...tour people were nice and went beyond themselves to help and explain. The rainforest and bridges were extraordinary. Our guide was knowledgeable and clear about the elements of the jungle.. It was easy to navigate the bridges . The only thing I would say was slightly challenging would be the amount of stairs require good balance and endurance

5 StarsGreat timeMay 01, 2017

Reviewer: Michael Bessette
A lot of fun. Our guide was very knowledgeable and explained the medicinal properties of many of the plants. Only negative was the noise from the zip lines overhead.

5 StarsOur day in Rostand, Honduras February 14, 2017

Reviewer: Cindy and warren stewart
We had the most informative guide(olvania) she knew so much about the jungle and was so nice to share her knowledge with us! Our driver( Dennis) also was very nice and gave us info about Roatan and pointed out lots of interesting trees, plants etc! We loved this excursion!

5 StarsGreat ExperienceFebruary 08, 2017

Reviewer: Fred Anderson
We were in a group of 4 so it goes without saying that we had the attention of our guide. She was very informative and interesting to listen to throughout the tour. For me 2 hours was all the time I wanted to be away from the ship but I also wanted to do something different. This fit my criteria and I'd do the tour again.

5 StarsEco walkFebruary 03, 2017

Reviewer: Jennifer
Breathtaking and more than expected! Would definitely recommend

4 StarsNice easy walkJanuary 18, 2017

Reviewer: Schaefer
Took a van to the Eco walk, the roads were terrible. Got to the Echo walk and met our guide, she was wonderful! There was only 3 of us on the tour so it was very nice and enjoyable. We enjoyed the easy walk and the information our guide told us. We enjoyed it because we had actually done the zip lining on our previous trip and was interesting to be below that and see where we had been. Not super exciting but just what we needed instead of large crowds. Very relaxing and peaceful.

4 StarsGoodJanuary 06, 2017

Reviewer: Fong her Huang
It was great when we walked in the jungle.

5 StarsBeautiful and relaxing December 29, 2016

Reviewer: Jason Sloop
Nice relaxing tour. Loved our guide. It was raining the day we went however the ""rainforest"" did not let most of jt in. I would do this tour again.

4 StarsA Fun Walk Through the JungleSeptember 28, 2016

Reviewer: Laura
We had a great guide who pointed out the medicinal uses of the plants we were surrounded by. There weren't tons of animals to see, other than exotic insects and a monkey lala lizard. A fun, short walk with lots of stairs and bridges. The only reason I took off a star is because we had to wait an hour for a ride back to the ship.

5 StarsHighly recommend this tour!May 25, 2016

Reviewer: jc
Just what I like! Suspension bridges, hiking, educational, well organized, excellent guide and great value. There's nothing I would change.

5 StarsgreatMay 16, 2016

Reviewer: whalerjohn
Not sure of what to expect when i was told to walk here and there to meet your group. Did meet them without any problems and we were off. The guide we had was great .Lived in the area all her life and gave us a great teaching on some of the plant life that they use for medical purposes The walk through the jungle on suspension bridges was cool. Did see some wild life and just a great trip. There is some stairs that you have to go down but if you take your time you will be fine.

5 StarsThis excursion was great.April 22, 2016

Reviewer: MB
The bridges are very safe & the jungle is beautiful. It was fun watching the zip liners going overhead.

5 StarsI would do this every time !!!April 09, 2016

Reviewer: Traveker
The ride to the excursion was beautiful would have liked to have learned more about the surroundings while on the way to the excursuon.

4 StarsGood ExcursionApril 08, 2016

Reviewer: Susan
Our guide knew all the flowers and trees and insects and birds. She was very pleasant. We saw some of the countryside on the way up and down the mountain to get to where the tour started. There was a little store at the stop for refreshments and souveniers.

5 StarsDefinitely would do it againApril 06, 2016

Reviewer: PM
Enjoyed the excursion

4 StarsEco walkMarch 25, 2016

Reviewer: Dick
improve return trip time. Were 81 & 82 and had to crawl to the back of the van to get a seat back to the boat! one and a half hour wait. Great tour but stupid return.

4 StarsHad funMarch 14, 2016

Reviewer: Chuck the cruiser
Was fun and interesting

5 StarsBeautiful scenery, knowledgeable guideFebruary 02, 2016

Reviewer: Newbie Cruiser
The bridge walk was fun and not too strenuous. Our guide pointed out lots of the local flora and fauna. Next time we'll definitely try the zip lining.

5 StarsMy favorite excursion of the trip.January 27, 2016

Reviewer: Shelley
Beautiful scenery and loved our guide

5 StarsEco Walk ReviewJanuary 01, 2016

Reviewer: Bear
Guide was knowledgeable and patient.

5 StarsLoved the nature!December 29, 2015

Reviewer: Ready for fun!
We enjoyed the walk and I thought it was very educational. If you are in a wheelchair or use a cane and have trouble walking, I wouldn't recommend it, due to the steps & etc.... but we loved it! I was hoping to see some birds but she said the zipline keeps them away.

4 StarsAn Educational HikeDecember 04, 2015

Reviewer: 1nwmike
The Eco-Walk is at the same location as the zip line excursion and on the same bus from the pier. I did the zip-line and walk, my wife chose the Eco-walk only, and we did the walk together. There is a scenic overlook with tables, shade and refreshments available for purchase at the start/end point. This is a good value considering you also get a half hour bus ride where you get to see and learn about the island. The guide on the walk tells you about the various plants and the native medicinal uses for them, and points out animals that you may or may not see (we saw iguanas, an active ant trail, and a vine snake). You need to be in relatively good shape as there are stairs and hills involved in a hot humid climate, including a long walk from the pier over a hill outside the shopping complex to the bus. I liked the suspension bridges thru the jungle and we are both glad we booked the excursions.

5 StarsPrivate tourJanuary 30, 2015

Reviewer: Mr-Pete
My wife and I were the only people that signed up for this tour. We felt like it was a private tour just for us. The guide was great very knowledgeable. Great site seeing of the jungle and the zip line people overhead.

5 StarsA walk in timeDecember 06, 2014

Reviewer: smokem
This is more than a walk across bridges, stairs, and paths ways. But some how, when you are through, you seen to have a better understanding of the people. Yes the plants and how they are used by the people is amazing. The beauty of all that's around you, wild life, trees, plant, and the view, make this well worth doing. Be sure to slow down and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the screams of those riding the zip line through the trees above you. But remember they will never know and feel what you do, for having been there.

5 StarsSo much to seeAugust 28, 2014

Reviewer: Kathy from NYS
We were the only ones to take the tour and we loved it. Our guide explained bushes and plants and their many health uses. Offered to use our camera to take pictures of us. Didn't rush...it was so nice!

4 StarsEducational and InformativeApril 04, 2014

Reviewer: CC
A good jungle experience. Educational. Guide was knowledgeable about the the wildlife and the trees, sharing information about the country. Next time we will add Zip-lining to the trip, too.

4 StarsGreat Value - Relaxing DayFebruary 22, 2014

Reviewer: Kristina
For the price you pay, it is definitely a great trip. Your tour guide drives you all over the island and provides were interesting information about what it is like to live there. When we got to the jungle in which the bridges are, I was sad that I didn't chose the zipline adventure park trip. While you walk through the jungle you can see people ziplining through the trees. It looked awesome and I wish there would have been a chance to upgrade at the location. The guide that walked with us through the jungle was very sweet and knowledgable. We were 6 people between the ages of 5 and 60. It is a nice and easy going trip. I wish it would have been a bit longer though.

4 StarsVery educational and beautiful walkJune 24, 2013

Reviewer: connie o
Loved learning about the culture of the area.

5 StarsSwinging adventureApril 17, 2013

Reviewer: Rebeccaatthewell
A fantastic tour for the price! There were about 15 bridges at various heights above the rain forest floor, but the best part of the whole thing was leaning about the plants and the people who live here. Our guide was fantastic and we literaly went from one thing to another, learning an extroidnary amout of info about life in the rain forest. The only thing I would give fair warning about, is that a lot of people would make this a very adventurous tour because these bridges REALLY swing and the more feet on them, the harder they sway. :)