What an AMAZING Tour!!
December 21, 2016
Ow wow, what a fantastic experience! We met three 'celebrity' dolphins - Paris, Annabelle and Noah. :) They are so intelligent, playful and friendly, and love to cuddle! Our guide was great. My 9 year old son was happy to learn about dolphins, spending time and hugging them. From feeding the dolphins, swimming and riding with them, to doing various tricks we tried so many things. It's amazing how intelligent dolphins are. Dolphins sleep by resting one side of the brain at a time - this allows them to continue rising to the surface for air and to keep an eye open to watch out for predators. The beaches in Anguilla are stunning, with a great view of St Maarten. It's a small island with a big heart they say. The tour has a photographer we used which was a life saver as we forgot our cameras. The tour place is so clean and organized, with showers, snack and refreshments bar, changing rooms, free lockers, and FREE WI-FI. We would take this tour in Paradise again!
Reviewer: Afa and Tyler Blake
5 Stars