Kayak and Snorkel Adventure
December 23, 2016
A good mix of kayaking and snorkeling. The guide was a young beach bum who ran a good tour, laid back, easy going! These rest of the group were first time kayakers and he managed them very well. The tour was easily accessible by taxis from the ferry dock and prices are regulated. Don't be scared off by half hour taxis ride.
Reviewer: Clarke
5 Stars
Kayak & Snorkel
July 07, 2014
Well worth the time and money. Guide was outstanding.
Reviewer: Nathan
5 Stars
Small group, great guide, beautiful area
April 30, 2012
The guide, Travis, was wonderful and provided knowlege about the area. Kayaking was beautiful and relaxed, but the snorkeling was not very colorful. If you want great snorkeling I would go somwehere else, but otherwise this trip was great value, and the small tour group was a huge plus!
Reviewer: honeymooncruise
4 Stars