Lisbon City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus

Lisbo hop on hop off
August 22, 2019
Really good way to see Lisbon over 2 and half hours Do not buy before you arrive as it is much cheaper when you get there
Reviewer: T Lappage
4 Stars
Typical Hop On / Off Bus tour - very good!
June 14, 2019
The bus was easy to find, the headset and sound was good and we got a good over view of Lisbon. We would do it again.
Reviewer: Janice Chapman
4 Stars
great fun
May 24, 2019
Loved it Great info in many languages.
Reviewer: Dean McIntosh
5 Stars
Lisbon bus tour
May 21, 2018
Good coverage of the city
Reviewer: Jefferson Massie
4 Stars
Hop on Hop off Lisbon City bus
May 21, 2018
The Lisbon City Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Bus was informative. The ear plugs and the main plug-in were difficult to maneuver with no instructions. There were several languages and it took a while to figure out. We took both the red line and blue line in order to see all the sights.
Reviewer: M. McCaughna
4 Stars
Hop on Hop off
May 21, 2018
We knew it was a holiday and were warned of the congestion in Lisbon on April 25th but figured that the bus would be the best way to go.The traffic was horrible but I am sure on a normal day,it would be more enjoyable.
Reviewer: June McKeon
4 Stars
May 21, 2018
Would have been so much better if I did not waste almost an hour trying to locate where to redeem the ticket. Was told by more than one person to go to the ticket office. Not!!!! Found out just go to the bus and they will exchange for you. Because of that and the bus breaking down did not get a really good chance to view the city and the surrounding area. So will know for the next time. Otherwise I will do this again.
Reviewer: Karen Miller
4 Stars
Lisbon Hop On Hop Off
May 14, 2018
Great way to get an overview of the city.
Reviewer: A. Shileny
5 Stars
Red Line was the best
October 23, 2017
We took the Red Line in the morning and it was so interesting and we loved all things we saw. After the red line tour finished we went back to the ship to have lunch. We then came back out to do the Blue Line, we were confused on where to actually get the bus, it was really hot and we waited close to 40 minutes before the bus even came and we found the tour boring and not even comparable to the red line.
Reviewer: Angela Alward
4 Stars
This was a great tour
October 18, 2017
WE got to see lots of the main sights of Lisbon and much cheaper than the cruise ship excursion. Would do it again.
Reviewer: Lou Zastrow
5 Stars
Lisbon great Art and History
May 25, 2017
The bus provides 2 routes the old and new districts both gave us insights of past events and special structures. The guide was knowable and informative. We hop off twice and re-caught the bus with no problems. The weather was great and got a lot of pictures of historical sights. Would recommend this option if time is limited.
Reviewer: Jim Fry
5 Stars
Great trip!
May 19, 2017
Very easy to use and the bus is right outside where we dock.
Reviewer: Will
5 Stars
Lisbon sighseeing bus
December 18, 2016
Easy to get to from ship terminal, we enjoy Lisbon
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
great overview of the city!
July 27, 2016
Would definitely recommend it. Especially for parties who don't have a lot of time, or have elderly people who are not very active.
Reviewer: CMA
4 Stars
Great overview of the city
July 26, 2016
I definitely recommend this tour to anyone who would like to get an overall view of the different areas of the city. Likely if you plan for more time you might be able to get in a stop or two. Total time around is about 2-3 hours, so it's also nice if you are traveling with older family who prefer not to be so active. Lisbon is a beautiful city and one to visit on its own as well.
Reviewer: CMA
4 Stars
Great way to see the city
June 08, 2016
Great way to see the city
Reviewer: E
4 Stars
Great wy to see city in a short time..
November 30, 2014
A great way to see the city
Reviewer: Cliff
4 Stars