Lucca and Pisa On Your Own
November 11, 2019
It was easy to follow the directions for the meeting place. No tour guide was included at the destinations but they were available to give information on the bus ride and to make sure everything went as smooth as possible especially when playing with hiccups of the rain and traffic. Thank-you
Reviewer: Donna Gomes
4 Stars
Lucca - a must visit
October 13, 2019
I enjoyed the day with plenty of time to see all that I wanted to.I even had time to climb the 230 steps of the Guinigi Tower in Lucca, which I recommend that everyone does.
Reviewer: Lyn Scantlebury
5 Stars
Lucca and Pisa
October 07, 2019
It was nice to have transportation provided to enjoy these 2 sites. Lucia is a wonderful place to visit.
Reviewer: Linda Steger
4 Stars
Lucca and Pisa
September 28, 2019
Great way to see these two historic sites. We rented bicycles in Lucca and rode atop the wall around the city. Lucca is small so there is time to walk to several of the highlight stops. Piza is a must see. We have all known about this magnificent building all our lives so it was particularly fun to see it in person.
Reviewer: Bob Martyn
5 Stars
family trip on NCL
June 18, 2019
This was a good excursion for us. The tour guide was nice. Although this felt like a bus ride it was just what we wanted. The tour guide explained very little but the best thing she did was explain that in Pisa the gypsy's are the biggest pickpocket. WATCH YOUR BAGS. We saw it first hand as a young girl that looked just like a tourist tried to go into someones bag. I am a New Yorker and didn't feel shy to yell across the street so everyone could hold on to their bags. we were told that this happens everyday. But this being said it was worth the trip everything was beautiful in Lucca and we had a great lunch in the small town.
Reviewer: xenia
5 Stars
Lucca great from Livorno port
June 16, 2019
I had read 3 books about Lucca, Walls of Lucca etc. Coincidentally we were on Norwegian Epic cruise that had a port visit in Livorno. It was easier and less hassle to do this tour of Puffs and Pisa. Clean bus, good info got us to Lucca. Walked around, lunch on own then rented Bikes to ride the Walls. Enjoyable, historic and beautiful. Not crowded like Pisa our next stop. Highly recommend Lucca, Pisa crowded in June. I'm 82 my wife 73 easy walking for us.
Reviewer: Richard Dunstan
5 Stars