Bucket List Day!
July 12, 2019
This excursion was amazing! The actual hunting was fascinating and the 5 course truffle meal was delicious!! Our wonderful guide took us to a small Tuscan village. She explained a lot about the places we passed on the way. In Luca, a 3 generations old family of truffle hunters introduced us to their prize truffle dogs. We drove out to the forest edge. The hunter let the dog go and he meandered around in the woods as we followed. All of a sudden the dog caught the scent and took off. We spent 20 minutes watching him dig up black truffles. Then we took them back to the farmhouse where they prepared a five course meal for us using some of the truffles we had found that day. The meal was amazing and there was so much explanation about truffles and the dogs and the history of truffle hunting. It was one of the top experiences of my life. Because you do walk through the forest, be in good health and able to walk uphill, and step over logs. Wear long pants and good walking shoes.
Reviewer: Arianne Thompson
5 Stars