5 StarsAMAZING tour!August 18, 2019

Reviewer: Linda Hodges
Somehow, we were either the only ones who showed up for this or maybe the only ones who signed up for it. Either way, we got a private tour! Our tour guide, Linda, was phenomenal!! She was from the UK but lived in Mykonos many years. She drove us all over the island and showed us so many sights. The lighthouse was amazing - the view!! She taught us some Greek history and culture. Overall a spectacular time!

5 StarsBrian knows it all! July 03, 2019

Reviewer: Tregoning
A wealth of information. Be ready to get a brain full. Love the special places he took us. The van was comfortable. Loved the town of Mykonos and stories about why allies exist, the bakery and so much more. Lots of walking but fine for this Ole gal. Only suggestions. Bad directions as to where to meet up in the morning. That needs to be revised.

5 StarsExcellent Tour....and GuideJune 25, 2019

Reviewer: Angela Gemza
This was probably the best tour we took on our recent Royal Caribbean cruise. Our guide, Linda, who is a British ex-pat and has lived-in Mykonos full time for the past six years, was a font of knowledge about the island and was able to preempt most of the more obvious touristy questions with her description of things as we drove around the island. Speaking of the drive, we greatly enjoyed the fact that we got to see many different aspects of Mykonos, from the cliffs and lighthouse, a village, a popular beach and then Mykonos Town proper, with its winding whitewashed streets, and culminating at the windmills. If there is one regret it is that we did not have any free time to shop on our own, but we had fortunately done some of that between arrival and the start of the tour, so we were able to get a couple of mementos, but nothing more. Still, overall it was well worth the time and money and we recommend both the tour and guide highly.

5 StarsPerfect Tour GuideJune 12, 2019

Reviewer: Dianna & Mike
Michelle gave us the best tour of Mykonos! She's lived on the island for 30 years, and took us to experience many places, especially her favorite off-the-main-roads locations. My husband and I agreed this was an outstanding tour!

5 StarsBryan May 24, 2019

Reviewer: James Butler
Bryan was our guide and he made it the most enjoyable land excursion of our cruise. He speaks American English perfectly because he is an American expat. He has lived on Mykonos for decades and gives you not just the current information but explained how the place has changed. He went out of his way to accommodate my wife who has difficulty walking. Don’t miss this tour.

5 StarsHighlights of MykonosMay 13, 2019

Reviewer: Frank miles
Excellent. Tour guide was great. made us feel comfortable and tour was very good

5 StarsAn Amazing Piece of Greek HistoryMay 13, 2019

Reviewer: Sharon Norman
Our small guided tour of Mykonos was a wonderful experience! Our guide was very personable and kept us interested with stories and tidbits about the island as we toured the area in a small bus. The small group made it especially worthwhile, since she was able to ask questions about our preferences and cater our tour especially to us! She even took us inside her lovely family church and explained the history of the many “family” churches on the Greek islands. This was a trip well worth the time and I would recommend it to anyone!

5 StarsCharming cityMay 12, 2019

Reviewer: Cheryl Clark
We had a small group tour of about 8 people. Our guide met us and took the goup around the island of Mykonos. Because it was not the height of the tourist season, a couple of extra stops were included. We wandered the narrow , charming streets of Mykonos and had extra time for shopping. It was a wonderful day with an excellent local guide who even stopped briefly to have us see her family chapel.

5 StarsTour of MykonosNovember 08, 2018

Reviewer: Connie Morgan
Our tour guide was very knowledgable. She showed us Little Venice, Lighthouse, and Windmills. Also drove to a quaint little town for an authentic gyros and beer

5 StarsFantastic ExperienceOctober 04, 2018

Reviewer: Joseph O'Hearn
This excursion was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Our guide Brian was so passionate and knowledgeable about Mykonos. He offered so many pieces of information about things we would never think to ask. We saw everything that we hoped to see and even ran into the pelican! We definitely would recommend this to anyone visiting Mykonos and ask for Brian if you can.

3 StarsBeautifulSeptember 18, 2018

Reviewer: Nancy Pistilli
After getting on a very nice, air conditioned vehicle, we proceeded to drive around the island. We were driven to many different places and then were let off and walked back to the Harbor. Walking back was a little treacherous for some of the people in our party and the "streets" are not straight or level. It did give us a really good tour of where the people of Mykonos lived. The tour was a little too long.

5 Starssmall group tour. GREAT! September 17, 2018

Reviewer: Mark Lupton
Guide was great! Mykonos was great! Information was good, language was good, transportation was great. Many cool places and facts. One of my favorites of the week!

5 StarsIts a must!August 20, 2018

Reviewer: Natasha
This tour is a must! Our guide Brian was brilliant and brought every spot from history to life. His knowledge and passion about Mykonos blew us a way. Highly recommended!

5 StarsThe best tour ever!August 20, 2018

Reviewer: Natalie R.
After reading all the reviews about a guide called Brian, we were really hoping we will get him on this tour. As it turned out all the reviews about Brian were spot on! He shared his phenomenal passion for the island through great story-telling and quaint stops during our tour. At each stop, he brought to life the location with unique insights and stories. His unending energy and passion was contagious and left us wanting to plan another visit to the island. The group size was small which was another plus and we all got a bottle of water before starting our tour. One of the best tours ever. Highly recommend!

5 StarsWhat an incredible tour!August 06, 2018

Reviewer: Paul and Ommi
So funny-my wife and I were considering pulling a no-show for this tour. That would’ve been the worst mistake in the world. This turned out to be one of the highlights of our entire trip-I think mostly because of the tour guide Brian, his insights, and his many years On Mykonos. It was so enlightning to hear his stories, anecdotes, and personal touches With so many of the places on the island. I am really glad we got Him for our guide. By the way-make sure he takes you to the centuries-old bakery which was close to the end of the tour!

5 StarsGreat Tour!June 25, 2018

Reviewer: Jullian
This was one of the best shore excursions we had. Our guide Andrea was very lovely, knowledgeable and entertaining. Everything about this tour was just perfect. Thank you.

5 StarsBeautiful MykonosApril 23, 2018

Reviewer: Alina
We loved our day in Mykonos and thanks to this tour we learnt a lot about this beautiful island. Thank you for the lovely tour and great guide!

5 StarsWould do it againFebruary 08, 2018

Reviewer: Veronica Martinez
This tour was excellent. Smaller group size, great guide (Brian) and everything about it was spot on.

5 StarsLoved this tourFebruary 05, 2018

Reviewer: Jose F.
We absolutely loved this tour and so happy we booked it. Thank you.

5 StarsWonderful February 02, 2018

Reviewer: Sue Richmond
We were pleasantly surprised that this tour was a smaller group size (unlike many others we took) and our guide Brian was so entertaining with great stories of all the place we visited. I presumed Mykonos was just another holiday destination for rich and famous but now I see it completely differently thanks to Brian. So glad we took this tour.

5 StarsAmazing Mykonos!December 29, 2017

Reviewer: Alica
We loved this tour and will recommend it to all our friends visiting Mykonos. Thank you.

5 StarsHighly recommended!December 18, 2017

Reviewer: Brenda
I would highly recommend this tour of Mykonos. Pur guide was kind, polite and fun, one of the best we had on our Cruise Ship journey. Smaller group comparing to other Shore Excursions we took.

5 StarsExcellent TourDecember 11, 2017

Reviewer: Robert
Our guide was very experienced and knowledgeable. It was aprox 3 hours on the bus & 1 hour walk through town which gave us plenty of time to see the Windmills, Little Venice and Paraportiani church. So glad we booked it and highly recommend this tour.

5 StarsBest TourDecember 11, 2017

Reviewer: Paola D
This tour was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Small group comparing to other tours we took, the guide was respectful, kind, prompt, knowledgeable and fun! Highly recommend this tour!!

5 StarsGreat GuideDecember 11, 2017

Reviewer: Donna L
Excellent tour! Thank to out guide Brian who showed so much passion for Mykonos and took great care of the people in the group!

5 StarsSaw the highlights!November 15, 2017

Reviewer: K. Lopez
Explored very scenic locations and even gave us the chance to dip our feet into the (cold) Aegean! Finished the tour with a walk through town. Only down side was that this was more than a moderate rated walk.

4 StarsGood tour!October 26, 2017

Reviewer: Joanne Crane
While this tour was smaller than tours given thru the cruise ship (which I enjoy), it was a bit more walking than expected and my mother-in-law had some issues with hills and steps. But for myself, it was a good tour. The tour guide was great!

4 StarsMykonosSeptember 26, 2017

Reviewer: Larry
Tour guide was great Lots of knowledge and history Group size was great Made sure everyone was getting and seeing what they wanted Only negative was directions to find guide was off

5 StarsThe views and history were breathtakingSeptember 21, 2017

Reviewer: Karen Devonshire
What a great excursion. We were delayed in getting into port due to high winds but Bryan and his crew waited for us. Bryan was so amazing that he not only took great care of us but he gave us the true history behind the sights. The windmills were outstanding and all the pathways we walked showed us a side of Greece that we never thought we would ever see. Stopped at a fabulous Greek Bakery and sampled their food and learned so many customs of Mykonos. The church we walked through was so rich in culture and history that to this day I still am truly amazed by its beauty. Being of Greek heritage I wanted to see where my grandparents came from and all I can say is Wow - I would move there in a minute. Great excursion and truly am thankful for Bryan.

5 StarsExcellent!August 30, 2017

Reviewer: Lana
We were in a group of 10 people and we loved our Tour in Mykonos! Guide was great and driver as well. The bus was spotless.

5 StarsAmazing IslandAugust 30, 2017

Reviewer: Karen
Thank you Brian for your passion for Mykonos, we truly enjoyed the island and are coming back!

5 StarsBest of the Shore Excursions!August 29, 2017

Reviewer: Anna
This excursion was the best of all the Shore Excursions we took during our trip. Highly recommended.

5 StarsIts a must!August 29, 2017

Reviewer: Brent
Brian was fabulous host on this tour and we felt so comfortable and welcome. No other Shore Excursion can even come close to this one!

5 StarsBrian was great! Mykonos is my favorite islandJuly 05, 2017

Reviewer: shelby conrad
Brian was a great tour guide! He was born in Canada and has lived on the island since the 1970s. He had a great perspective of the island and their people. We were the only 2 on the tour and had the small van to ourselves with the driver and the tour guide. We were able to see the entire island and visited unexpected places. This tour is not to be missed.

4 Starsenjoyed it!June 26, 2017

Reviewer: Cecilia
good guide and driver. good knowledge of culture. caring guide.

5 StarsMykonosJune 24, 2017

Reviewer: Dave Wilhelm
Went on a 21 day Mediterranean cruise and took excursions in 13 out of 16 ports. This was one of the best. Brian, (our guide) was the best we had during our trip. He has been living there for 47 years and really knew the island and people well. I felt like a relative was showing me around the island. They are a small company, so if you go on this excursion you may get lucky and get Brian

5 StarsExcellent TourFebruary 20, 2017

Reviewer: Stuart
This Tour was fabulous - so entertaining and knowledgeable, unlike many other tours we took. The bus was spotless, driver kind, and our guide was one of the best we ever had! Everyone in the group seemed they enjoyed themselves.

5 StarsTruly Great TourFebruary 20, 2017

Reviewer: Kathryn
Our Guide was born in Canada and lives most of his life in Mykonos, so his English was perfect. His stories were entertaining and filled with amazing knowledge of this beautiful Island, its culture and locals. Everyone seems to know him there. We felt as we were part of the island too. Thank to him we will go back to Mykonos!

5 StarsHighly recommended!January 27, 2017

Reviewer: Michelle
This tour was the best of all the tours we took during our Cruise Ship travels!

5 StarsExcellent tourDecember 27, 2016

Reviewer: Pat M
The tour was excellent. Our guide was very knowledgeable and professional. We enjoyed Mykonos very much.

5 StarsMykonosDecember 12, 2016

Reviewer: Jan
The best tour possible! Loved every minute! Had a fabulous,passionate local artist, Brian,as our guide,gave us more than an extra hour of tour time. Highly recommend.

5 StarsGuided tourDecember 11, 2016

Reviewer: Toni Sack
We had a fantastic tour. Our driver was great and our guide was extremely knowledgeable. We covered both Island and town all in all saw a lot.

5 StarsFantastic!November 20, 2016

Reviewer: Laura
Of all the Shore Excursions, this was the best one yet! They greeted us with a smile and kindness. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. They took care of each and every one of us. I highly recommend this tour!

5 StarsHighlights and History of MykonosOctober 07, 2016

Reviewer: Mary Menic
Exceptional tour, because of the outstanding guide. Brian was an avid tourist guide, and true advocate of the history and incredible beauty of the island. He took us to historic places of interest, beyond what was described in the Expedia trip notice. This inspired us to consider taking a future trip to the Island as a stand alone vacation. Wonderful adventure that day of the tour. Best tour of our 10 day cruise vacation.