Best of Palma de Mallorca
October 18, 2019
Excellent tour with our tour operator being extremely knowledgeable. We were met promptly at the appointed hour and place. Our tour began with a visit to Bellver Castle, which afforded us an opportunity to take great photos of the city below. Our next stop was the famed Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. Note that this particular stop requires a great deal of walking to and from the cathedral. You will be given an opportunity to enter the cathedral at a cost of 8 euros/person where additional commentary is offered by our tour guide. You will also be given an opportunity to take photographs inside as well as outside from an advantageous location. We next visited a pearl museum and were able to purchase genuine pearls at our discretion. Our next stop took us to a hillside village of Valldemossa where we enjoyed free time for shopping and relaxation. Our tour concluded with a coastal view of the city where an additional opportunity was had to take photos.
Reviewer: Michael T. Porter
5 Stars
October 23, 2017
Decision to go to Valdemossa first was key. Enjoyed wandering this neat village before the throngs arrived. Also good tour of Palma
Reviewer: Kenneth Lavoie
5 Stars
Outstanding Exlcursion
October 06, 2017
Our Tour Guide was exceptional and very knowledgeable. The tour was very informative and beautiful area to explore.
Reviewer: Ray Collins
5 Stars