Chilkoot Lake Wildlife Kayak Tour

Kayak Trip
September 01, 2019
This was a fantastic excursion. We were in the kayaks very quickly and went quite a distance on the lake. The guides took us to a place where you could see thousands of salmon spawning. Very enjoyable. Would definitely reccomend this trip.
Reviewer: Brenda Frahm
5 Stars
Chilkoot kayaking
August 23, 2019
The guides were very knowledgeable and friendly and we felt safe the whole time. While we paddled a good bit to view different sights, it is a huge lake and we never left sight of the dock. It would've been nice to see what was around the bend.
Reviewer: Anne
4 Stars
Fantastic experience
July 04, 2019
Our first Kayak experience in Alaska. The tour guides Paterson and Aly were very helpful. They led us to the beautiful scenic area and we saw many wild animals including bald eagles. The sandwich lunch was perfect after a great workout on the lake. Paterson is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Great excursion and we are so happy that we had this memorable trip for our life.
Reviewer: Vicky Hu
5 Stars
Kayak tour chilkoot
August 27, 2018
The guides were terrific!
Reviewer: Lauren Rich
5 Stars
Gorgeous Day on the Lake
July 16, 2018
We were very fortunate that it was an absolutely beautiful day in Haines upon our cruise ship arrival. The meet-up was close to the dock and the shore coordination was excellent; we were met by friendly team, signed in, and ready for short drive to the lake. Our guide, Zephyr, was cordial, very informative, ensured we were each safe, comfortable with equipment use, and felt included (no one was left to dawdle). Very good, not overly-worn safety equipment. Not too strenuous a day rowing in absence of wind or current. And my wife especially appreciated not being rushed -- this was, after all, a day far, far away from the office. Our guide did good job making up for absence of wild animal sitings -- 2 or 3 weeks prior to salmon running for bears and eagles to be on the lake. Still a great experience -- Thank you, Zephyr and team and our fellow kayakers.
Reviewer: Disaster Guy
5 Stars
A GREAT time in Haines
October 13, 2017
Allison took us out on Chilkoot lake, located about 15 minutes north of town. It was WELL worth the $. We were graced with a crystal clear sky and there were only about 4 other boats doing catch/release salmon fishing. We skirted the edge of the 3.5x1.5 mile lake then crossed across to the other side to check out a stream where the salmon were running. The most relaxed I have been in a very long time. A lot of fun and Allison was a very knowledgeable tour guide. Lunch was provided after the kayak tour and all was perfect! A highlight of our cruise/tour.
Reviewer: Kirk Antes
5 Stars
Chilkoot Wildife Kayak Tour
July 21, 2017
Love it! The tour guides did not tell us how to work the rudder in the kayaks but after we figured that out we really enjoyed all of the time on the water.
Reviewer: Leona Frost
5 Stars
Alaska Kyak
November 15, 2016
Miriam and Greg were great A lot of good information and fun
Reviewer: Daniel Lueck
5 Stars
Outstanding Great Outdoors!!!
October 03, 2016
This was our favorite excursion on our week long Alaskan Cruise. Our guides were year round residents of Haines and amazingly knowledgable on the wildlife and living year round in Alaska. We started having wildlife spottings (a porpoise in the bay, and mother bear fishing with her cub in the river) before we even got to the lake. Chilkoot Lake was beautiful and kayaking was exhilarating. Can't recommend this excursion and company highly enough. The town and fort are are also nice to stroll throw...especially the fort area.
Reviewer: Todd Howell
5 Stars
Help out the smaller local companies with this gre
August 07, 2015
Very pleased with tour. A tour guide was very knowledgeable & pleasant. Even tho we didn't see any bears during this experience kayaking around the lake it was nice to be part of a smaller group than the ones organised by the cruise ships. Sure we had a more relaxing & serine experience. We got to paddle further & for longer. Would recommend this small local company as a better experience than the big crowded cruise organised ones.
Reviewer: Looking for adventure
4 Stars