The Totems of Ketchikan

Interesting tour
February 19, 2020
Great tour! We met the master carver who provided a wealth of info re: the art of totem carving; had a lovely tour of the beautiful totems and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional dances. All in all a lovely dat
Reviewer: Anita j. Frazer-Ramos
4 Stars
Totems were beautiful!
September 27, 2019
The totems were amazing. So were the people who performed for us. Our guide was good at explaining everything and showing us a lot of interesting cultural things. We made a quick stop to see salmon trying to swim upstream which was great.
Reviewer: Santy DiSabatino
4 Stars
September 27, 2019
What an exciting an informative excursion. Well presented and very enjoyable. A lot of information to take in but there were books available so you won't forget any detail. Allowed to wear ceremonial robes for picture. Truly a great excursion.
Reviewer: Carol Kinnear
5 Stars
Totem Poles and Native Culture
August 08, 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed this small group tour to Saxman Village. Our driver was a young native woman who shared a lot about living in that area. While it was not maybe as 'polished' a tour as others we've been on, the small size and authentic nature of the tour more than made up for it.
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Excellant tour, very informative
June 20, 2019
This was our first cruise and our first tour on the cruise. We were met by the guide as stated on our manifest. The directions were easy to follow and accurate. We were the only ones from our ship that took the tour, so it was one on one with our guide. It turned out she was the daughter of the eskimo tribe that the totems belong to. Very personable gal. Would highly recommend the tour.
Reviewer: Marcia Ardlen
5 Stars
Totems of Ketchican
June 13, 2019
Our Tligit guide drove us to Saxman, Alaska just outside of Ketchican. We enjoyed native dances in the clan house after observing a collection of totems, In addition we toured the Carving House where they carved the totems. We were also given amle time to make purchases at the Native Gift Sop. Excellent tour.
Reviewer: Bob Gentile
5 Stars
Story of these Totems
June 06, 2019
We were fortunate to have a guide who is a descendant of the natives tried to tell the story of each totem. that was very interesting. I found out that she has a pamphlet at her hand. If you could offer such a pamphlet (the tourist prepaid in the order), then he/she can mark it on the pamphlet and read more about it after. That will be wonderful!
Reviewer: yujun zhang
4 Stars
A plus for a Calmer, More Enlightening Tour
August 27, 2018
We really enjoyed our time with Al has he showed us Ketchikan through Tlinget eyes. Our time at Saxman Park was priceless especially when our group had an impromptu lecture with master carver, Nathan. Everything about this tour made for an excellent experience for those looking for a "calmer but enlightening" tour.
Reviewer: Katie
5 Stars
excellent tour
August 06, 2018
This was a very personal tour by someone who had grown up in Ketchikan, and had relatives in the dance troupe. It made everything so much more real and interesting.
Reviewer: meer
5 Stars
Native Guide is A Must
July 02, 2018
We had a wonderful time on this excursion. Our guide was a native and was able to give personal experiences while touring the city. Once we got to the Totems we were able to go places no one else could because he was a native. So much fun and having a smaller group by booking outside the cruise-line was fantastic.
Reviewer: Alycia Galli
5 Stars
September 30, 2017
This was very interesting tour of Ketchikan totems.Our tour guide was from here and was very knowledgeable in giving us some history of Ketchikan. were learned how they made totems and raise them, but also what each individual carvings meant. Also saw a tribal dance .the price was reasonable for this small tour.great job from guide.THANKS AGAIN
5 Stars
Outstanding excursion!
September 25, 2017
This is a must-see! Our guide knew the community and its history, and gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the art of totems. The smaller tour group size allowed us time to ask more questions and get more familiar with the town before having time to explore on our own.
Reviewer: Lindsey Horvath
5 Stars
The Totems of Ketchikan
September 15, 2017
We really enjoyed this tour.Our guide is a native long time resident. He was able to give us personal experience information about the culture and meaning of the figures on the totems and the long house. Alfred was an awesome guide!
Reviewer: Charles Blazier
5 Stars
August 16, 2017
The guide was very interesting man who shared a lot of cultural values. I learned a lot and have a greater appreciation of the native alaskans. Thank you.
Reviewer: Kathy Ebener
5 Stars
Great tour!
August 14, 2017
It was very interesting and our guide gave us personal information regarding his family. We met a few people who actually described, in full detail, how the totems are made. Worth it!!
Reviewer: William Lewis
5 Stars
The Totems of Ketchikan
June 19, 2017
I really good time, you get learn about the lives of these folks
Reviewer: Joe Siegfried
5 Stars
Terrific Tribal and Totem Tour
December 06, 2016
Really enjoyed our visit to the Saxman Village and learning about the history of the Tlingit Tribe, visiting the clan house and the woodworking shop where they make the totems. Learned a lot. Was a little confusion after the pick up and had to go back to the dock for a couple that turned out wasn't on our tour. Only complaint. Turned out we only had two in our group in a van...and was able to avoid having to go with the larger throng from the ship. Huge plus...and it was operated and guided by a memember of the tribe...even bigger plus!!! Thumbs up the Village gift shop!
Reviewer: Todd Howell
4 Stars
Loved Ketchikan
December 02, 2016
This was a wonderful and educational excursion, We were picked up at the ship without any problem. Our guide was a native and gave us complete history and opened a work shop used by the people working on the totem poles. We also saw dancing by the people. I would do it again.
Reviewer: Ann McCarthy
5 Stars
Totems of Ketchican
November 29, 2016
I really liked this excursion which was led by a local Tlingit ( Raven / Beaver clan). We were picked up in two vans and driven a short distance south which was a pleasant scenic ride in itself. We went into a lodge, studied the totems poles in the Saxman Village which is currently inhabited by Tlingit natives, and viewed the making of a totem pole. The guide told of the cultural ways of his people, and donned his clan dress for us. We were also given a pamphlet which told the history and story of each of the totem poles we viewed. I was very impressed with this excursion.
Reviewer: Clare Strohman
5 Stars
Would recommend
November 29, 2016
Michelle did an excellent job with a fantastic tour! My husband and I were the only ones on the tour so it was truly an individualized tour. She went out of her way to adjust the tour to our time schedule.
Reviewer: Linda Phillips
5 Stars
November 15, 2016
Our tour was a small intimate group led by a Native woman, Michelle, who took us through her village and told her personal story. We loved the fact that our tour was conducted by the Native Americans and we learned so much more about totem poles, which was our goal. Thank you!
Reviewer: Robin Hanks
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
November 10, 2016
The tour guide was very personable and gave us great info and history. Would recommend everyone do this excursion.
Reviewer: Kim Holcomb
5 Stars
Well Worth the Price
November 04, 2016
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. We were very happy we chose the tour that allowed us to experience the inside of the Clan House and the building where the carvings took place. A memorable tour.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
November 01, 2016
Since there were only my husband and I and another couple in the group we were able to ask questions freely. Our guide was a member of the clan/tribe which made it feel very authentic. She did a good job sharing her people's story. We enjoyed this beautiful and cultural excursion.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Totems of Ketchikan Tour
October 07, 2016
We loved the Totems of Ketchikan Tour. Our tour guide, Michelle, was great! She was well informed and friendly. A nice surprise was when Michelle and some other locals performed an unplanned native dance. It was excellent! I would definitely recommend this tour to others.
Reviewer: J. Graham
5 Stars
Good Tour
August 24, 2016
Our tour guide was raised in the area which helped the overall experience. We were the only two in our tour group, which made for a nice private tour. The totem area was fantastic.
Reviewer: Brad Lindeberg
4 Stars
Totem Poles
August 05, 2016
This was a very interesting and informative excursion. The totem poles and clan house were great, and the guide was so good. Being a native clan member herself, she was full of wonderful information!
Reviewer: Matt Limbaugh
5 Stars
Totems of Ketchikan
July 23, 2016
We had a wounderful guide my mother needed to be pushed in a wheel chair and the driver pushed her up the hill to see the dance that the tribe put on. Without her help we would not have been able to go on this part of the tour.After it was over she brought the van up to where we where. She went beyond the call of duty,she made our tour extra special and explained everything very well we were very impressed. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Fabulous Fun
September 16, 2014
Our guide met us exactly on time. He was so nice and wanted to show us his city. We were the only ones on the trip, so he went out of his way to do everything possible for us. He knew his material and showed us the main attractions as well as others that added up to a most interesting experience. My husband has walking issues, and he was understanding and helpful. We loved our experience.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
Real totems
August 28, 2014
The Saxman tribe owns and runs this tour.
Reviewer: Big Bear
5 Stars
Our Own Private Tour
October 15, 2012
We were the only 2 people that signed up for this particular excursion so our guide (Frank) gave us that extra special customer service touch to make this excursion great! We saw many interesting things and met Nathan Jackson (the master carver) and learned about totems. I highly recommend Frank and this excursion!
Reviewer: Dawn
5 Stars
September 28, 2012
The totums were beautiful
Reviewer: Eva the explorer
4 Stars
great native experience
August 08, 2012
loved learning more about tlingit tribe, their culture, beliefs, customs. How the totems tell their stories. wonderful unique experience
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
May 30, 2012
An informative outing. It was very pleasant to be in a small group of 5, visiting the clan house, totem carving area, totems, and beach/forest area. Our guide Linda answered all our questions thoroughly. I learned many things about the aboriginal culture and the area in general.
Reviewer: First cruise
4 Stars