Deluxe Rotorua Geothermal Wonders with Kiwi Orchard, Redwood Forest and Lunch

Fabulous Day at Rotorua
April 16, 2020
We thoroughly enjoyed our day and our time at Rotorua. The village and show were fantastic. It was interesting seeing the kiwi orchard and redwoods though perhaps a bit too much time was spent there than needed. It would have been nice to get back to Tauranga while stores were still open. Our guide was great. We would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Sharon Cameron
5 Stars
Deluxe rotunda geothermal wonders with Keewee orch
April 14, 2020
Very good. We enjoyed it
Reviewer: Very good. We enjoyed it.
5 Stars
Rotorua Geothermal Wonders with Kiwi Orchard,etc.
March 27, 2020
What a wonderful experience! Great for all ages. The guides were so knowledgeable and I learned so much about the Maori, kiwis and the forest. The time at the Maori village gave us all such an insight into the history, traditions and customs of this living village. Everyone was terrfic!
Reviewer: Mary Anne S.
5 Stars
Geothermal wonder
February 28, 2020
This was probably the most interesting excursion I’ve taken. It’s a Must if you’re in this area.
Reviewer: Phyllis Hunter
5 Stars
Rotorua with Kiwi Tour
February 24, 2020
Guide was great, lunch was very good, tour was excellent. Best tour on our cruise. Tour bus was full so it made it hard to see out if your were in the back. Got back to the ship in time, but tour was a longer that advertised. Highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Sam Young
5 Stars
Dream factor trip
February 23, 2020
Absolutely fantastic excursion Wow factor all day most amazing experience the meal included was worth every penny. Only negative was the day had to end
Reviewer: Linda James
5 Stars
A great "taste" of New Zealand!
February 22, 2020
One of my favorite tours. A nice introduction to three different natural and cultural experiences New Zealand has to offer.
Reviewer: L Warnecke
5 Stars
Above day triip
February 17, 2020
This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to New Zealand. Its content was cultural and our guide very knowledgable about topic. The food we ate at lucnch was pleasant . The Maori culture proved to be very cultural, and involved tourist participation.Our guide was very helpful and informative. Trip to Kiwi farm also of interest, although we could have done with a talk or demo about how fruit was harvested and a bit about its production ..
Reviewer: Hilary Thorn
5 Stars
Excellent Rotorua half day tour
February 10, 2020
We drove to a Maori village ( Whakarewarewa) where they have steaming geothermal vents & geysers. The people still cook their food in hot pits in the ground & bag up their veggies in cheese cloth & dip the food in the 110 degree bubbling water for 2 min. & it's cooked! They sampled some cooked corn for the tour group. We headed to a Kiwi Orchard & sampled juice, honey & bought kiwi ice cream cones. You will love the walk thru their Redwood Forest. Wished we had way more time to explore the suspending walk way in the trees! We really recommend this tour. It was very organized & enjoyable.
Reviewer: Nola Klempner
5 Stars
Iris Panasiuk
February 08, 2020
This was the best tour we had!! The tour company was great, the bus driver/ tour guide excellent. Very knowledgeable. Kiwi orchard amazing and the Kiwi Ice Cream the best ever. Lunch was paid for and actually a real dining room in a hotel. The food was excellent, the driver had taken our orders before we got there so it was all ready. He had water for us on the bus. This was just an great tour.
Reviewer: Iris Panasiuk
5 Stars
Deluxe Rotorua Geothermal Wonders with Kiwi
February 08, 2020
Excellent driver and guide for a full minibus group. Very knowledgeable guide, who did not miss anything.
Reviewer: Sue O'Loughlin
5 Stars
rotorua tour
January 19, 2020
great tour, took about 7 hours, the maori experience was incredible. definitely recommended. we had 2 kids , 6 and 8 yo , both enjoyed it
Reviewer: daniel tanase
5 Stars
very good
January 12, 2020
very good excursion
Reviewer: ben
5 Stars
Maori Culture / Thermal Secrets
December 26, 2019
This was a great tour to learn how a Maori group live in the midst of a Geothermal area. Learning how they have harnessed the heat and steam to support their lives in the Villiage. I cannot say more without spoiling the experience for you. You will love it. Being in the Redwood forest is like standing in a beautiful scented Cathederal. The serenity and silence completes the scene. Haven't felt that calm for a long time. The Kiwi Orchard was a good finish to the day particularly the Kiwi Ice cream.
Reviewer: Kevin Hunter
5 Stars
Great tour!
December 03, 2019
Our guide Natalie was awesome! This tour was excellent. She took us to so many beautiful places. She was very knowledgable. Loved the whole Maori experience, especially the show put on by the Maori people. What an amazing place. Lunch was quite unexpected at a very nice restaurant; the food was delicious! We just saw so many amazing and beautiful places and things. Absolutely loved it. Thank you Natalie!
Reviewer: Lynn
5 Stars
Geo Thermal Tour
November 09, 2019
We had an excellent tour guide (Andrew) He was very knowledgeable of the whole area. Gave us information about all of New Zealand as well as info on the specific areas we went through. Had a great guide in the geo thermal village as well as a great cultural show and nice meal at the end. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Richard Dougherty
5 Stars
An excellent way to spend a day
May 23, 2019
This was a great tour, lasting 8 hours, with a great guide, Andrew (and the mini bus was new so had great shocks). The visit to the Maori visit was excellent (the small group helped). Actually saw Kiwi growing just at harvest time.
Reviewer: Wendy Gerhard
5 Stars
Rotorua Tour
April 02, 2019
Highly recommend this family business.
Reviewer: FG Canada
5 Stars
Great excursion at a reasonable price
April 01, 2019
We were very happy with this excursion. Our host was very competent and we liked the places that we visited. I would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Mary Pritchard
5 Stars
March 08, 2019
Loved it. Great medium exploration of each area. Particularly enjoyed the performance and history at the Moita village. The entire area was fascinating.
Reviewer: Gwendola Thomas
5 Stars
Deluxe Rotorua Geothermal Wonderland with Kiwi etc
March 05, 2019
My selection for this particular tour was based on the temp. for that day. I wanted an outside tour to be pleasant and sunny; I made a good choice for weather and sights. The tour guide was exceptional with knowledge of area and afforded the opportunity for us to see the very special sights and a great lunch. Loved it!
Reviewer: Gladys Ford
5 Stars
Cultural experience
March 02, 2019
Beautiful cultural experience learning about the Maoris and how they live with the land. Based on the tour description, I was expecting to try the geothermal spa, but this wasn't included in the trip.
Reviewer: EJ
4 Stars