A Full Day of the Lord of the Rings

behind the scene experience not hobiton
March 06, 2023
was a great tour, as the other couple couldn't make it we had a personal experience. our tour guide knew his Lord of The Rings and gave us a lot of insights into the making of the films as he had been an extra. the lunch venue was perfect and we had a tour of Wellington with a lot of insightful information. my only downer was we had thought we were going to hobiton for some reason but was great anyway.
Reviewer: Douglas Abraham
5 Stars
Take this tour With Liz!
December 27, 2022
This tour was wonderful. Driving to Rivendell, stopping at Helm’s Deep definitely got us ready for the amazing Weta Workshop! Liz was so fun to spend the day with and was happy to share her city with us. Lunch was included and delicious. You will not regret booking this.
Reviewer: Mary Gorski
5 Stars
Full Enjoyable Day of Lord of the Rings
November 28, 2022
This tour was excellent. Our tour driver had actually been an extra in all three of the Lord of the Ring movies and the Hobbit. He not only drove us to many of the filming sites, but shared entertaining stories about the filming along the way and while there. Was a very enjoyable day.
Reviewer: Mary
5 Stars
Lord of the Rings comes alive
January 19, 2020
When we got off the boat, we wondered how we were going to find our guide and driver amidst all the many people going every which way but John held up a sign with our name and that of another couple on it and we were off to see the beauty of New Zealand we had seen in the movies. We walked in the footsteps of many of the characters and could picture the scenes playing out in front of us. The forests are singularly beautiful and haunting. We Went to the Weta Cave and an artist explained how the the characters and props used in the Rings movie were created. We had a very tasty lunch included in the tour, passed Peter Jackson's home, saw the harbor from Mt. Victoria, and drove back to our ship through Wellington which gave us a flavor for the town. This was an excellent excursion and John, our guide, so easy to talk with had so much background information about the areas through which we traveled. I truly feel like I have been to the country of The Lord of the Rings.
Reviewer: Deanna Carman
5 Stars
Amazing Day! Worth every dime!
December 12, 2019
The tour from the cruise line was just for the Weta Cave and a couple local spots it was only 3 hrs. This tour was personal with only 4 of us with the tour guide rather than being part of a big bus group. We went to Mt Victoria, then the Weta Cave for a tour & a short film. From there we were taken for a Wonderful lunch (included) before proceeding to the location where Rivendell was filmed. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Evonne Schneider
5 Stars
Great LOTR tour
December 11, 2019
Our tour guide Kelvi was excellent - very knowledgable and really made this tour special. This was a very personalized tour with just one other couple. It's important to understand that the Lord of the Rings sets are no longer there and the filming sites have been restored to their natural setting. Even if you are not a Lord of the Rings fan, the natural beauty of the filming sites makes this a worthwhile tour. But seeing where some of the filming took place was a great experience for fans of the LOTR movies.
Reviewer: Richard Henke
5 Stars
LOR & Much More
December 31, 2017
Not only was this a full day of touring the Lord of the Rings (LOR) filming sights, but it was a custom private tour. There was ample time to see all the sights and the tour operator was willing to guide us to any other spots we wanted in Wellington. Lunch, snacks and water were included.
Reviewer: Helen
5 Stars