Ultimate Shipwreck Snorkel

Great time
July 05, 2019
Had a great time. Saw sea turtles and puffer fish. Post excursion we had lunch and drinks at the beach. Highly recommend this one
Reviewer: John Kiefer
5 Stars
Snorkel and beach
April 25, 2019
The water was amazing. One of our party freaked out due to not being able to touch the bottom. Sort of sad, but now we know. The buffet was good and drinks were included so we got our money's worth. This location is very close to the terminal and we saw others who were on our boat, but the didn't get all the bells and whistles we did.
Reviewer: Chuck Vaughn
5 Stars
Ultimate Shipwreck Snorkel
April 08, 2019
The snorkel over the wreck was exciting. The snorkel boat was clean, spacious and well equipped and the two man crew was friendly and efficient. The tour ran on time.
Reviewer: Phil Hollenhorst
5 Stars
Best excursion on our cruise
February 04, 2019
Snorkeling was good with only a short boat ride to destination; lots of fish and sea turtles. Lunch with steel band music was great. Beach club afternoon was best on our trip.
Reviewer: David Bakke
5 Stars
Jolly Rodger snorkeling team was great
January 29, 2019
Calm waters to snorkel, but too many people from other trips all in the same location. Good viewing for beginners but wouldn't quite call it Ultimate. Staff was very accommodating and friendly.
Reviewer: Susan Jane Story
3 Stars
Swim with the Turtles!
January 07, 2019
All in all, a great adventure. Some minor confusion at the start, but Olga came through! Swimming to see the wrecks was fastenating, but the turtles stole the show! Rinaldo helped my friends that had trouble with health problems by taking shots with their GoPro. The crew were first rate! A must see!
Reviewer: William Kosoris
5 Stars
December 18, 2018
this tour was the highlight of our 12 night cruise. Pick up at the cruise ship terminal was smooth, van to the location was clean. The location was Pirates Cove and the staff were polite, organized and explained everything very well. We were given wrist bands which gave us access to drinks, food and snorkeling tour. We had a short wait for the snorkeling boat to return. Once we boarded the boat, Renaldo and John explained safety and what to expect. It was a short boat ride to snorkel location which was a ship wreck. Equipment was good, water crystal clear and both John and Renaldo kept a very close watch on all. The ship wreck was BEAUTIFUL. Lots of sealife, and visible to ocean floor. We then moved over to snorkel with turtles. While you could not approach the turtles, they willing swam right up to you. HIGHLIGHTS- boat was not crowded, fantastic snorkeling
Reviewer: Sheryl Dueck
5 Stars
Great crew and service
June 11, 2018
Loved the Tranquility crew. They are true pros. We did see turtles, stingrays, and a host of fish. However, the snorkeling is not out in some beautiful remote reef area; rather, you are fairly close to the beach line and there are a bunch of competing boats and snokel tours crowding the same area. High praise for the crew, their organized approach, and fun attitude. Just a bit disappointing we were just off the shoreline amongst so many other snokel adventure tours.
Reviewer: Gene Gunderson
4 Stars
Exciting and professional snorkeling tour
March 16, 2018
A beautiful and very interesting tour with 2 dives, 1 seeing turtles, and 1 seeing the nice shipwreck. Very competent guides taking care of the guests and the security. Also free bar and a nice local lunch. Consider to bring your own fins - current is strong !
Reviewer: Christian Pein
5 Stars
Nice excursion
February 17, 2018
This boat is boarded off the beach and the crew was amazing helping us all on. Very nice boat with slid right off the back and easy climb back on. The only concern was that we thought it was a small group excursion and in fact they blended a few groups which was disappointing. All in all a great experience, clear shipwreck to view and lots of turtles to see! Good for all ages and skill levels
Reviewer: Rhonda Misener
5 Stars
Enjoyed this Snorkel & Beach day
February 07, 2018
The van picked us up at the port gate and took us to Pirates Cove where we boarded the new snorkel boat at the beach. From there we took the short ride to the first snorkel stop to see the turtles. We only saw a few but there was turtles. The next stop was at a sunken tug boat. The water was very clear. Lots of fish in and around the sunken boat. We snorkel often but not usually around sunken boats so I enjoyed it. After the snorkel they served some rum punch for the short ride back to Pirates Cove. The Boat crew was excellent. Back at the Cove we had about 2 1/2 hours of beach time with wristbands for lounger chairs, drinks and a excellent lunch. The beach was fantastic.
Reviewer: John Volkerding
5 Stars
Great tour
July 24, 2017
The two snorkeling spots on this tour was amazing! The water was beautiful. I got to swim with the turtles! Which was fantastic! The two shipwrecks were awesome. The tour guides feed the fish by the wrecks. The feeding frenzy that the food created was so spectacular and beautiful with tons of colorful fish which made the perfect photo op. The only downside was, I was expecting rum punch on the boat but they only had the punch :( The upside to that is when you get off the boat you can go to the beach bar for unlimited rum punch and lunch!
Reviewer: Tee
5 Stars
Fabulous Day in Barbados
May 25, 2017
The two guys on this small snorkel tour boat (10 people) were great. Equipment supplied! They feed the turtles as we hovered over their location. As we swam to and over the two large wrecks (captivating) they through food attracting a wealth of colored fish. Rum punch on the boat right after. My wife is still talking about the wonderful experience as she was initially nervous. This followed with a great lunch, great music, open bar and covered beach lounges on a spectacular beach with turquoise water. Shopping within a block in Bridgetown. We stayed until our ride arrived to deliver us back to the cruise ship. Change rooms, showers and friendly staff.
Reviewer: Jeffrey Boylin
5 Stars
Tough Snorkeling, Lovely Beach
May 19, 2017
Overall, the excursion is really well done. Our driver was super friendly. John and Peter on board the pontoon, were really great! The stop for the sea turtles was a busy place... so many excursions stop there but you could still see the turtles and that was pretty amazing. For the shipwreck, the pretty deep water and there was a bit of a current. My young son & I stayed on board, but my husband came back just wiped out from fighting the water. They did not provide any flippers. A few other people had brought their own. This is definitely an excursion for stronger swimmers. Then we returned to the beach which was amazing! The buffet lunch was tasty and we had vouchers for several drinks per person (local beer, rum punch, soda, juice, or bottle water). The beach was incredibly clean, had clean restrooms, and shower areas. There was no one trying to sell you anything. The sand was so soft and the water clean & warm. It was so relaxing. I would go back just for the beach!
Reviewer: Nickie
4 Stars
An improvement
May 05, 2017
We did this excursion a few years ago and enjoyed it so chose it again and this time they leave you at the Pirate's Cove beach and you can stay and sit on beach chairs and enjoy the white sandy beach for a while before returning to the ship! A great improvement!
Reviewer: Patsy E.
5 Stars
Great tour
May 02, 2017
We did this same excursion previously and now they leave you at the Pirates Cove beach area, which is such a great improvement! We stayed and hung out at the gorgeous beach and loved the excursion!
Reviewer: Patsy E.
5 Stars
Turtles, turtles, and more turtles!
January 29, 2017
The small group and basically a private boat and tour couldn't have been better. Tons of turtles and cool shipwrecks. Free unlimited rum punch. Very good food. Atmosphere was fun and everyone was friendly. Wish we had more time in Barbados.
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Absolutely fun
December 26, 2016
Never snorkled in my life, but this was so much fun. Loved this tour
Reviewer: Patti Nelson
5 Stars
Great snorkel
December 01, 2016
We had a great boat captain and guide, Blondie. Snorkeling with the sea turtles was amazing and he made sure we had private time at the shipwreck and waited for the bog boat of people to leave the shipwreck. Answered all of our questions. Gave a great tour.
Reviewer: Jen the traveler
5 Stars
Turtles and wrecks
August 15, 2016
If you are expecting to go out a ways from shore to see what is promised, it won't happen. The wrecks and the turtles are just a few hundred feet from the beach in shallow water. MANY boats congregate here. Turtles are chummed and they get stuffed then go to deeper water to digest and escape all the noise. I saw 1 small turtle. Three wrecks had LOTS of fish. Did see ""sea horses""! RIders took their real horses into the ocean for a swim! Rum punch on the way back to the restaurant for lunch. Very good punch 'n lunch! Had grilled Ahi tuna! Also includes alchoholic bevs! Easiest way to see the wrecks! Fun crew! Book this tour!
Reviewer: Mark Schuelke
4 Stars
Super Excursion
March 19, 2016
This excursion was wonderful. Instead of booking through the ship with 30 other people, we did this one and there were only 4 of us on the excursion. It was stated that it would not be more than 8, which we thought was great this was even better. My wife is not a strong swimmer so one of the guides stayed with her, which made her very comfortable.
Reviewer: RN
5 Stars
This was a great trip.
March 14, 2016
This trip was great. The instructions on where to meet the bus were crucial and adequate. We were grouped with a bunch of people who had booked something similar through the cruise line for roughly 20% more than this cost. We were divided up and the cruise people got on a big fake pirate boat with loud music and about 100 people. For is, we were coralled off to the side and received a different wristband. The result was that we had a boat all to ourself, with a driver and one snorkel guide. We made it to all the spots before the hordes and got a much more intimate experience. When the booze cruise kept sailing we were back in port with linch and still had a couple of hours to explore. It was the perfect blend of excursion and time to explore. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Holy Diver
5 Stars
Amazing experience
March 06, 2016
Was promptly picked up and taken to snorkel location. Found another group of 5 had cancelled. I was the only participant remaining on the morning trip. I was given a menu to choose my (DELICIOUS) meal afterward so it would be ready when I returned. The captain and his mate took me out and provided a great individualized tour of about 6 shipwrecks. We also saw, fed and swam with many green sea turtles. The water was perfect also. I couldn't have been a better day with such personalized attention.
Reviewer: Seadate
5 Stars
I would recommend this adventure.
February 19, 2016
Loved this adventure. The guides were knowledgable and made sure that we were comfortable and had the best opportunity to snorkel in good areas.
Reviewer: Scilla
5 Stars
If you want to swim with the turtles this is the t
February 16, 2016
Great crew great fun
Reviewer: Herb
5 Stars
Great Price and Great Tour
February 09, 2016
Only four of us in the boat. Our guide Randy was so fun. The snorkel sights were pretty crowded but we managed to see several turtles and fish plus the wrecks. The meal included was excellent as was the rum punch. We would do this again!
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
Very Fun and organized
February 06, 2016
We had a blast, really enjoyed swimming with the turtles. Would have liked to have longer excursion in the water with the turtles.
Reviewer: Amb3r
5 Stars
Awesome Experience
February 05, 2016
The spots were went to for snorkeling were great. We were able to spend a ton of time seeing turtles and exploring the shipwreck areas.
Reviewer: Kayla
5 Stars
Worth repeating
January 09, 2016
Well-organized trip that took us to two different snorkeling spots. First was to see sea turtles and the other shipwrecks. The guides were knowledgeable and fun. The lunch, at a small shop near the dock, was a major surprise. The food was great and all the local draft beer that you could drink. We finished well before the shuttle bus was due to return for the trip to the dock, so we waited 90 minutes or so. Didn't realize that we could have easily walked back to the ship.
Reviewer: skigjc
4 Stars
December 11, 2015
Swimming with the sea turtles was a blast! We had three ship wrecks to view. Lots of time in the water and was a bit tiring, but worth every minute! Guides were knowledgeable and made sure we had a fabulous time. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: crazycoz
5 Stars
March 16, 2015
Our captain Randy was amazing! The assistant (sorry I can't remember his name) was exceptional as well! We would do this tour if we returned. The Sea Turtels are beautiful!
Reviewer: Olyrao621
5 Stars
Love snorkeling
October 26, 2014
We got some awesome pictures of sear turtles, up close and personal. Some time is wasted getting to and from the start site. Our guide of great and took us to 2 snorkeling sites then back to see the turtles again. Only 8 of us so that was very nice. Not at all like the cruise ship excursions. I would do this one again.
Reviewer: I love cruses
4 Stars
Ultimate Shipwreck Snorkle
September 28, 2014
Great Guides! Went above and beyond their duty!
Reviewer: Cruiser couple
4 Stars
Good trip
September 24, 2014
The small boat was nice, so we had a smaller group. Only problem was they did not provide snorkel gear, i.e. fins. I did not bring any so had a hard time on the second stop at the sunken ship with a strong current.
Reviewer: snorkel grammy
5 Stars
Great snorkeling!
June 07, 2014
Although we had an excellent time snorkeling in Barbados the boat that we took to the snorkeling sites was a bit dated and the group was very small; only 4 total. However all in all the snorkeling sites were great, we swam at a site that had large turtles and plenty of colorful fish. The shipwrecks were awesome as well. I would definitely do it again!
Reviewer: Caribbean queen
4 Stars
Great tour, perfect for a family
May 01, 2014
We were a little worried when we arrived because it was attached to the party cruise. But not the case. Our group of four were the only ones on a pontoon boat with a guide and we had a wonderful time snorkeling. On our cruise back we were also given the same rum punch they had on the party boat! At the dock we were given a nice lunch.
Reviewer: South Haven Family
5 Stars
Get an underwater camera.
April 02, 2014
We never expected this much fun. Our guide was wonderful (forgot name).We are older 54 and 62. Our only complaint was on ourselves. We didn't BUY AN UNDERWATER CAMERA. Do yourself a favor and get a camera. The trip was a blast. We will do this again !
Reviewer: mary2533
5 Stars