Best Of Barbados

Nice tour & lunch!
May 22, 2019
We enjoyed our tour especially Harrisons Cave. Super interesting! Seeing the City was also good! Lunch was at Copacabana and it was quite nice! The snorkeling adventure on this tour we were quite disappointed. We got on a boat to barely go 100 feet out from the resort and were snorkeling with literally hundreds of people. Got kicked in the face and body and eventually just went back to the boat. The area was nice with the ship wreck but miserable with the amount of people! We also were disappointed with the litter in the water at Barbados!
Reviewer: Carla Ferrel
3 Stars
Awesome Day!
April 15, 2019
We loved this tour! It captured the breathtaking scenery and waters of this beautiful island. The snorkeling was a blast thanks to the crew who made the trip unforgettable.
Reviewer: avcookie
5 Stars
Great way to make the most of your time
March 10, 2019
Bathsheba was gorgeous. We got to swim and snorkel with turtles and see a ship wreck. There was even a slide on the cruise. Lunch at the beach was rushed. We got to do a lot in one day - Harrison Cave in the morning and the gully afterwards to see monkeys (tour guide was really good - showed us different plants like bay leaf, nutmeg, explained how Barbados is one big dead coral reef). It would be nice if we had a little more time so that it didn’t feel so rushed. Because we got done late at the cave, the tour guide had to drive quicker, which can be dangerous. There was WiFi on the van, which was nice. There were only 9 of us in our group, which is a good size. Overall we had a really good time and recommend this excursion if you want to make the most out of your day in Barbados on a cruise.
Reviewer: Pieng Lee
5 Stars
Nice location and good tour
November 30, 2018
Nice tour, as described on the website. Barbados was one of our favorite islands in the Caribbean.
Reviewer: Julio Romero
4 Stars
Best of Barbados
September 20, 2018
This was the best tour out of all the islands and port stops. It made the island so much more memorable, and it was so much fun. The tour company did great with both the land and sea portions in hospitality and any necessary accomodations needed. We got to swim with turtles and all kinds of colorful fish. The sunkin' ship was really neat. I highly recommend this tour for adults and children.
Reviewer: Dina Wang
5 Stars
Great day with lots of variety
March 31, 2017
We loved this day. It had lots of adventure. Quamee was great. It was relaxing. No worries. Quamee took care of everything. Lunch was great. The beach was beautiful. And the two guys who took us out to swim with the turtles were super fun! Loved the small group size.
Reviewer: Bev
4 Stars
Best of Barbados
January 11, 2017
Went on the 7 hour tour in early December while on the Norwegian breakaway cruise. Quamee was an informative and fun tour guide. Went to Welchman hall gulley, Harrison's cave, then after lunch waded thru waist high water for a quick boat ride to swim with turtles. Lunch was delicious fish at a beach area. Also got a tour around the island in air conditioned van. Arrived in port 8am /Tour met at 8:30 /got back to ship in plenty of time/all aboard was 4:30 and left port at 5:00. This tour covered more spots and was cheaper than those on board the ship. Will use them again for sure.
Reviewer: Janet
5 Stars
Really Great Day
December 23, 2016
Even though we got a late start, the day was wonderful. Our guide/driver was very knowledgeable and friendly. We learned a lot about the island, and culture. Very enjoyable day! Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Allison McFarland
5 Stars
Informative and Entertaining
April 01, 2016
We had my whole family with us and they all enjoyed our experience. Great enthusiastic tour guides
Reviewer: Nikki
5 Stars
Good Excursion
March 28, 2016
We really enjoyed this tour. The caves, the wildlife reserve and swimming with the turtles were a great combo. lunch was okay, nothing exotic or extravagant - as they say in Australia ""it filled the hole"". only real complaint was that lunch was served at 11:30 AM, a little early for my taste.
Reviewer: mdk
5 Stars
Great excursion.
December 30, 2015
We do not have time on the beach. The caves were closed in the morning. If you had previously requested, would have been enough time. So we could not rest on the beach, unfortunately. :(
Reviewer: Traveler
4 Stars
Awesome excursion to see and do it all!
October 22, 2015
This was such a great way to see the highlights of the island. The guides were fantastic...made sure we were able to see monkeys, swim with TONS of turtles, see the caves. Each part of the excursion was fantastic!
Reviewer: Misty
5 Stars
Worth every penny
May 18, 2015
This excursion was well worth it. There was a lot to see and do. Our guide was wonderful. If you want the best of the Barbados in one trip this is the one for you.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Good Experience
April 26, 2015
We enjoyed this excursion for the most part. The lunch was fantastic - excellent food and lots of it. We also got to see a good deal of the island. The journey into the caves was also really great. The only downside was that the tour guide would not stop talking for even a minute. He seemed quite knowledgeable about the island, but many of his historical references were questionable and much of what he shared had to do with which celebrity had been where which I don't really care about. His continual monologue was exhausting and a little quiet time to talk with my family would have been welcomed. Overall this excursion was good value for the money and I would recommend it.
Reviewer: CaribKat
4 Stars
Nice variety
February 09, 2015
This was a nice variety. The caves and the turtles were the highlight of the day. The scenery and sightseeing were ok. We did not get beach time because the waves were too rocky so we only were able to snorkel off the boat. Only about 3-4 large turtles swimming around the 6 of us - but was exciting to see them. Guide refunded us $15 per couple for not getting beach time - I think this should have been a bit more.
Reviewer: Holly D
4 Stars
Comprehensive Island Tour
April 03, 2014
Efficient method of experiencing Barbados
Reviewer: LC
4 Stars
Good variety in Barbados
February 07, 2013
The guide knew the area and was informative. Unfortunately some fellow guests were very rude, especially to the guide. The cave tour stop was too rushed. We didn't get to browse the shops. Swimming with the turtles was great. We didn't see any monkeys at the wildlife stop so our guide stopped at a local shop with a monkey. Overall a good tour!
Reviewer: tour veteran and a newbie
4 Stars
Great Time - Good Value!
December 26, 2012
This was a great trip. We met up with Kwame - who took us and one other couple in a Lincoln Town Car, all around Barbados. We stopped at a Nature Preserve first - which was full of monkeys and turtles. Then we went to Harrison Caves. We're from MD, so we've been to Luray Caverns and other such places. If you've never seen a cave before, you will probably find this interesting. Kwame then took us to a roadside eatery and we had awesome authentic food. Lastly, we went on board a boat to do some snorkeling. It was such a good time and Kwame was so much fun. There were only two negatives - The directions to get meet up with Kwame were not clear. You have to pass through border patrol to get to the meeting area. Allow 15 minutes walking from the pier to do this. The other negative is that the invoice/admission slip never had the excusions written on it, so when I booked this months in advance, I completely forgot what we would be doing - It only shows ""Best of Barbados."" So we did not have swimwear or towels for the snorkeling portion. Otherwise, fantastic time. I highly recommend this one.
Reviewer: The Odd Couple
5 Stars
Really Fun Tour
September 12, 2012
We had a great time on this trip. Guides were super helpful and the caves and monkeys were great to see. Way better value than anything on the cruise.
Reviewer: husky2
5 Stars