Highlights of Barbados

Barbados Tour -Feb 9, 2023
February 26, 2023
-Small group- comfortable van -Guide (Steve) very entertaining and knowledgeable. -Spectacular view from Cherry Tree Hill -Gothic church very interesting history and the view of coastline was beautiful -Rock formation at Bathsheba was beautiful and very unique.
Reviewer: Brian M Thompson
5 Stars
Great Overview of the Island
March 16, 2020
This was a wonderful driving tour which took us to an area of Barbados that we had not yet visited. We made several stops along the way to admire the view. The guide was informative and helpful. We enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer: Dale Peters
5 Stars
Tour of Barbados and beach time
January 27, 2020
Took the tour with my husband in January 2020. The tour was great. Our van driver named Dwayne was so knowledgeable, a good driver and so very nice. I would highly recommend the tour. Love from Texas.
Reviewer: R. Marley
5 Stars
Good Overview of Barbados
January 23, 2020
A nice ride around the island with numerous stops for photo-ops and bathroom breaks. Guide, Calvin, was very knowledgeable. Good tour for those who don't want a day at the beach.
Reviewer: M. S. Graham
4 Stars
Good tour
January 13, 2020
Professional tour guide, but no food/drink during the breaks. Overall good experience.
4 Stars
Very Nice tour
January 07, 2020
It was a very nice tour and we saw more than expected. The driver/tour guide was professional and informative. It would be nice to drive a little bit slower so that we could better capture what he pointed to us.
Reviewer: Yali Li Konig
5 Stars
Another Side of Barbados
January 03, 2020
We had been to Barbados many times and was looking for something a little different this time. We felt our time was well spent with Calvin our guide, and we got to see another side of Barbados. We also learned a lot about the history of the island. We look forward to going back to Barbados and touring with Calvin again!
Reviewer: Lesley
5 Stars
Enjoyable and Educational!
November 08, 2019
My husband and I enjoyed seeing Barbados in an air conditioned van. We saw the beautiful beaches, mountains, and the historic Catholic Church with such a lovely view. Stopped at several places where local citizens had stands to sell things they had made. Found out stores are not open on Sunday.
Reviewer: Barry Wampler
5 Stars
Excursion Barbados
October 18, 2019
This was a very great excursion. We had a great tour guide that gave us a lot of information about the Island. He brought us around Barbados. We have seen so much things and it was a sunny day. For shure we will go back for a next tour.
Reviewer: Reuben Craigg
5 Stars
Very good tour
April 23, 2019
Multiple stops on this tour gave us the chance to get a good feel for the island. Our tour guide was great at pointing out all the sights from the bus. Enjoyed our stops at Mushroom Rock, the Windmill, St. John's Church. Interesting to hear about George Washington's house in Bathsheba and the chattel houses.
Reviewer: Laura Fallon
4 Stars
The island of Barbados
April 03, 2019
Enjoyed this excursion very much. We got to see a lot of the island & its attractions. Very nice driver & guide. .
Reviewer: Dennis Mutter
5 Stars
Highlights of Barbados
March 30, 2019
Very informative, tour guide was very informative.
Reviewer: Jack Marshall
5 Stars
Good Tour
March 01, 2019
The Tour Guide covered the history of Barbados and we saw many beautiful homes. The highlight was Bathsheba beach. I felt sorry for the Tour Guide as she kept apologizing for the poor condition of the roads in Barbados.
Reviewer: Brenda Rezansoff
4 Stars
BKA and Barbados Tour
February 23, 2019
The tour guide and the tour itself were fantastic. The tour guides used taxi vans instead of buses so the tour was much more intimate than what you would experience with cruise line tours. As an amputee, I was able to participate in more than half of the stops. I stayed in the van a couple of times because of the uneven ground in a couple of places. The driver tour guide assisted me in getting in and out of the van. She knew the island and well. I would definitely recommend the tour for the amputee with a prosthesis.
Reviewer: Martin Homan
4 Stars
Barbados in 4 hours covers a lot of the island!
February 18, 2019
This tour was informative, giving us a good feel of the island in about 5 or so hours. There was a variety of stops which included a forested area with great views, awesome shoreline & St John Anglican Church which is impressive having been built in the 1600s. Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and also able to answer all of our questions.
Reviewer: Elisabeth
5 Stars
Wonderful tour with lots of stops
January 24, 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour on a small mini bus. We got some great scenic views and hand plenty of time at each of the stops to get out and walk around. The driver helped us get some great pictures. We saw a lot of the Island and learned a great deal about the history of the island.
Reviewer: Andrew Chisholm
5 Stars
Very good tour of the whole island
January 10, 2019
This starts with the downtown area then to a scenic overlook of the eastern shore then a windmilll , the eastern beaches (very nice),an old church with a good view and more island sights and history including George Washingtons house and back to the boat . This island is quite prosperous and the tour was well worth the money.
Reviewer: Richard Maker
5 Stars
Charles made the tour
December 26, 2018
Our guide answered every question we had, and gave us a indepth look at the island. He was also the safest and best driver I have had. He made it interesting and fun as we toured around the inland and beached of Barbados.
Reviewer: John Rivers
5 Stars
Good tour
December 18, 2018
enjoyed the tour
Reviewer: Elizabeth Schimpf
4 Stars
Absolutely amazing
September 25, 2018
We had an amazing day touring around Barbados. Ryan shared so much knowledge of the culture and history of Barbados with us. We saw beautiful beaches. Stopped so we could have a VERY cold Banks beer (local and outstanding) at a woman-owned beach bar. Shopped for local artisan treasures. All the activities we were looking for!
Reviewer: Julia Stegman
5 Stars
Beautiful island
July 09, 2018
Our 3rd trip here. Saw some different sites.Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly
Reviewer: Kathy Link
4 Stars
Great Tour
April 23, 2018
This tour is worth it! Jacquie was a wonderful and funny tour guide. The island was beautiful. I especially enjoyed touring the house and then the beach. I certainly regret not ordering the lobster at the beach lunch. It looked sooo good but the food we had was delicious.
Reviewer: Mrs. H
5 Stars
Nice Tour
April 02, 2018
We enjoyed seeing the sites in a small group bus. Driver was excellent and gave us plenty of time for photos and a welcome poddy break. I especially liked the rock formations.
Reviewer: Greg
4 Stars
March 04, 2018
It is always good to see sites that you can't see at home when you visit places on a cruise. The persons entrusted to our tour were great and helpful - answered all our questions.
Reviewer: C. Richards
4 Stars
Hilites of barbados
February 13, 2017
A relaxing auto tour of this beautiful island, with stops at several local businesses, churches and scenic viewpoints. Not pressed for time at any stop, and the guide had sufficient knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject to really bring the subject matter alive. I found this to be the best of four other private tours we took during this cruise.
Reviewer: Henry Sommer
5 Stars
Barbados is just beautiful
January 19, 2017
We had a wonderful tour guide on this excursion. The west side of the island is spectacular.
Reviewer: Judith Reese
5 Stars
January 14, 2017
Excellent tour, beautiful island. Very great staff and everything awesome. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Gordon Evans
5 Stars
Acceptable tour
December 31, 2016
This tour was an average sightseeing tour. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: ShirleyBraun
3 Stars
Great tour
December 26, 2016
Our guide was outstanding and took us all over the island. He explained everything to us and showed us even more than he had to.
Reviewer: Gary Lorenz
5 Stars
Highlights of Barbadoes Tour
December 23, 2016
The tour was great and the guide Chris was excellent! We had a teacher on board who asked a ton of really good, thoughtful questions on Barbados and the guide rose to the challenge and gave very thoughtful answers. We toured the day the children were circling the island celebrating the 50th Anniversary of independence, an added treat. A tour worth doing!
Reviewer: Clarke Kirkland
5 Stars
shore excursion
December 03, 2016
Great guide. Great excursion.
Reviewer: Gail Chapman
5 Stars
Highlights of Barbados
May 11, 2016
This tour was quite interesting and our guide was very informative. We were allowed sufficient time at each stop for pictures and wondering around on our own.
Reviewer: Dee
4 Stars
Highlights of Barbados
April 25, 2016
Reviewer: none
5 Stars
Excellent guide, Christopher (Chris)
March 04, 2016
Excellent tour guide.
Reviewer: The Canucks
4 Stars
Good way to experience the island. Would do it ag
February 14, 2016
Relaxing drive with stops at hillside overlooking sea, at a church with ambo construction information, also a stop at a working windmill on a hillside farm and finally a drive-by look at President G.Washington vacation residence. Return to ship in adequate time. Lovely day. Good driver/guide. A good introduction to the island.
Reviewer: j
4 Stars
Great Tour, Well Worth the Price
December 27, 2015
Very interesting and rewarding tour. Excellent and knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: SAC17L
5 Stars
Excellent tour!
December 22, 2015
Guide (Naren?) was very friendly and extremelyknowledgealbe ablout the island and its history - and told the stories in a very interesting way - engaged everybody and really made the trip fun!
Reviewer: Judy
5 Stars
I would buy a tour from this group again
December 14, 2015
It was easy to find the guide and she was informative.
Reviewer: Ruth
4 Stars
Good overview of Barbados
March 01, 2015
Our cruise ship was only in port on Sunday which is not a good day to explore anything related to downtown. It is also more difficult to tour churches. Our guide was very nice and was not at fault for our bad timing.
Reviewer: Dinocruiser
4 Stars