Beach and City

belize city tour and beach
February 21, 2020
in late January 2020 we took a cruise on Royal Caribbean to Belize and Mexico. The city tour lasted about an hour and was presented by a very knowledgable young local who covered all the areas of the city and its history. Really a wonderful tour. We then were transferred to a small boat 22' for a trip to some beach. To our surprise we joined another party doing a reef dive and were given a ride of about 20 miles to an off shore isle. Don't want to say where because it was awesome. Anyway, after a few hours of swimming with tiny needle fish, listing to island music and enjoying the local Beliken beer we were met to resume our trip back to Belize. What a trip. Also I have to mention that the young boat captain had some leftover sardines that he shared with us to get the protected Tarpins to leap up and feed from our outstretched hand.
Reviewer: wiscguy
5 Stars
Not an EASY tour as advertised
February 06, 2020
Arrived at meeting point, shuttled to first stop, was highly unorganized. 30 minutes was wasted trying to determine who was going where (meeting spot is for 3-4 different tours). Our group only had 10 people in it, and the fun began with boarding a SMALL CRAFT, with very choppy waters. Crew was fantastic and did their best to avoid a bumpy ride, but it was EXTREMELY hard on the back & bottom... both going and coming! Once on the island, it was BEAUTIFUL! A scene out of Gilligans Island! Water for $2/bottle, beer for $3 or less. LOBSTER TAIL - 3 for $10 with SIDES! Tour includes beach chairs... that do NOT RECLINE. They cost you $10. good rum punch. Again on the island the staff was super helpful and friendly happy to sit with you, take photos, or just talk. Snorkeling was OK... We reboarded the boat and after briefing went into the water. The current was VERY strong, which limited the amount we could do. Saw several different fish species.
Reviewer: joseph elster
5 Stars